My Message

Be urself no matter what cox thats what makes ppl love you!:)

Who am I?

Am i gurl!:p

When did the heaven cry for losing me?

Guess heaven was jus happy in loosin a devil like me!:D

What I love to do?

Eating(ofcourse i need to survive rite), readin, listenin to music n most of al fightin wid ma br,others!

Where am I from?

City of silk!

What are my obsessions?

Hvent figured out yet!

Whom do I hate?

No one in particular!

What would I like to be called as?

By my name ofcourse which is annie aka ann!:)

What do I do?

Im studyin even though i dislike doin it!

What is my favourite dream?

I dont dream much!

What is my dream holiday?

Wel since i dont dream i dont hve a dream holiday!

Adrain <3