Appreciations for Yelhsa

My Dear favorite writer and my crazy cute lovely friend and sister Ashley, HI. I just love the way you write your own quotes in your story and your each concept is unique in your story, Thank You for your awesome stories and Thank You for being a lovely friend and sister of mine. Happy Myeduniyan Day, All the best for studies, Thank You.

Hey ashley! Its appreciation wednesday and i really appreciate having a friend like you.You are such a sweet person and a great writer! Talking to you has been so much fun and reading your work has been pure joy.Keep going gal.Love you,riya.


Thank you shoooo Much Di

ash i luv ur creativity very much dear... u r so creative... i must say luv ur works.... <3

Ashley/Yelhsa ji what should i say about you ! I mean i remember our chatting in comments box for hours, everything we used to do on IPK page & i went offline for abt 2 months. What i see on coming back here is you have progressed so much ! Making banners, edits, OS, stories, everything ! From a starter to expert & still stepping up...

Hey! Tym to celebrate! U did it!! Dat story is deleted! I sreached bt bt its not thre! YayYay! "rejoice! Rejoice! And again i say rejoice!" lol! Im jus too happy i guess! Luv u! *lots n lots of flyin kisses*

thanks for the wonderfull banner!! and could u make me another on with nk,payal,lavanya and akash? only if u dont mind! thanks again!! luv u!

hey ash thanks for club....luv u

Ash i don't understand what you mean in the fan club thingy..could you explain it to me..reply soon!Love, Yuna :)

Ash you had send me i wanted so say that i would surely join after all iam great fan you writers and ARSHI~!!Anyways thanks you so much for inviting me!Love you!


OMG! Ash di, I have fallen in love with your story "ArHi FF: When A Devil Falls in Love With An Angel !" So sad that it will end with one more thread! We felt to give you thousands and thousands of air hugs and flying kisses. With all love we can give, Linaya


Gone forever. All my work REMOVED.