My Message

YOLO - So Enjoy Your Life To The Max <3

Who am I?

Hey Everybody, I'm X_SweetSuprise_X and I'm new to this but i love it a lot. i find it really fun,, and i love how so much people are devoted to this site. I am the admin of the Ek Boond Ishq sec,tion so please visit this site often for updates on your favuourite serials.:P

What I love to do?

In my free time I love playing candy crush, Reading spoilers about new movies, listening to music,, and dancing. I love writing new entries for this site. :L

Where am I from?

Well, I live in England:'D That's all I'm going to say Xx

What are my obsessions?

Ek Boond Ishq <3 Lol, Sorry but that is my faviourite serial on TV at the moment and I am in l,,ove with it. I love knowing whats going to happen next:'D

What are my aims and desires?

When I'm older and I have left my education, I want to go into journalism or be a film critic. So,mething along those lines...