My Message

I got nothing to say at all! Just treat me well il do d same in return!

Who am I?

Am a girl obviously lol... Okay my name's Taani as you all can see.. age 20... wt else ma fav col,or luminous green..

When did the heaven cry for losing me?

i dont know... i dont think it ever cried...

What I love to do?

i love many things... firstly editing Barun's pics... m just drooling over him damn... i love wri,ting... dancing singing although m very bad at dat but it makes me happy and yes dats all

Where am I from?

Kenya... oops that's in Africa and in a city named Nairobi

What are my obsessions?


Whom do I hate?

No one actualy i just dont like people... hating isnt my cup of tea

What would I like to be called as?

okay i would love any gud nick name.. i dont really mind call me anything!

What do I do?

i work as an accountant now if you are looking at my age then let me tell you as am an indian plu,,s i live in Kenya getting a job here isnt hard!

What are my aims and desires?

havent thought about that yet... hell no m just not serious about life hehe..

What is my favourite dream?

i have no idea... maybe i got a favorite dream come true... that was meeting Barun! hugging him w,,as like heaven on earth!!

What is my dream holiday?

well Paris and Switzerland are d places i want to spend my holiday in... *dreams*