The Boy Under The Tree

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By:    The Boy Under The Tree... Part 30 by Taanihalai    

The Perfect Murder

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By:    The Perfect Murder... Part 51 ((Last Part)) by Taanihalai    

What would happen when Khushi would get to know about some secrets that had always been hidden from her? would she be able to deal with them?     

((OS)) U R My Jaan

Such a boring birthday it was for Arnav… Not even a boring one, it was just a bad birthday…     

((OS)) He lives in My Heart

I don’t understand why people say happy birthday, not everyone’s birthday is going to be a happy one, especially not mine.     

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin...

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By:    Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... EPILOGUE by Taanihalai    

Separated by an accident, how long will it take before they recognise each other? Love story, mystery, thriller... keep reading!     

Love Unplanned

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By:    Love Unplanned by Taani & Ojasvi... Part 50 by Taanihalai    

Hamari Adhuri Kahani...

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By:    Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 35 ((Last Part)) by Taanihalai    

Love? It Just Happens

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By:    Love? It Just Happens... EPILOGUE by Taanihalai    

Love... it can happen, anytime with anyone and anywhere... but what about the consequenses after that?     

Help please

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By:    To All Members.... by Medsuper    

Help please