My Message

live and let live. i solely believe in listening to everyone and then doing what you want. no nee,,,,d to offend other and no need to feel offended even if some one does say something, just enjoy, ,l,ife.

Who am I?

i am a tom boy so to say with no such girly habit except reading the beautiful love stories on th,,,,is site, if t is considered girly. i love creative working and most importantly studying , you, ,s,e,e i am kind of a nerd not the full nerd but still now-a-days i am on a vacation so could fu,lf,il,l ,my dream of writing a story which i always used to think in bed before i sleep.. :)

When did the heaven cry for losing me?

the heavens did cry this is what my mother says, it was the 18th of feb. you know GOD HELP THE EA,RTH........

What I love to do?

i love listening to music, dancing, reading, painting, many outdoor games.[br]

Where am I from?

i am from India

What are my obsessions?

my obsessions are mye duniya, studying and music. i do not wish to keep to many obsession you, se,e, difficult to handle..............

Whom do I hate?

i hate people who show off, think studying is a waste of time and love to party endlessly, wastin,,,,g money which could be used in sooooo much more better ways......

What would I like to be called as?

due to my personality i do not have many nick names but always my friendS have the right to call ,,,me whatever they want, (like khushi na..........)

What do I do?

i relax and chill, most of the time i am reading either my textbooks or stories on mye duniya, no,,,t a very outgoing person you see.

What are my aims and desires?

my aim is to become a successful heart or neuro surgon and i desire to open a fashion boutique of,,,, my own and design clothes, very varied you see.

What is my favourite dream?

my favourite dream was to meet Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani and work with them, really silly na, ,,,,but what to do can't help........... hihihihi........

What is my dream holiday?

not a very traveller sort of a person but would love to go on treaking on some snow capped mounta,,,,ins like in yeh jawani he dewani if any one has seen it.

be happy and enjoy life, the best medicine to any problem