Hey Again :)

 May 18, 2015     704     1     Qubool Hai

Its been far too long since I was here.      

Questions regarding Ramadan.

 Jul 7, 2014     3     2395     21     Qubool Hai
By:    my thoughts by Zikra    

Hey guys, so first time observing fast during Ramadan and after quite some searching, I still have a few questions. So please do help me out.     

FF: Jo bhi kiya, Tujh se Kiya... Beintehaa

 Mar 28, 2014     4     5914     42     Beintehaa
By:    My Apologies by Sim777    

Their slow blooming love,is just the silence before the storm of their Beintehaa Nafrat..for only after they have been through the hate, can they truly move towards Beintehaa Mohhabat.     

Always and Forever.

 Mar 17, 2014     36     25122     646         Qubool Hai
By:    Asad's body is found by Sim777    

AsYa-“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”      

Goodbye Asad- You will be missed.

 Dec 29, 2013     1001     5     Qubool Hai

The show must go on... but i don't think i can be it's viewer anymore. My view on KSG's departure.     

Check this out...

 Sep 23, 2013     883     4     Qubool Hai

After clinging to my brain cells and watching this (A preview of tomoro's episode) ...i want to kill someone (and yes that someone is Gul Khan)      

Sorry guys...My patience is running out!

 Sep 21, 2013     1064     7     Qubool Hai

After yesterday's episode ... I have hardly 1% faith left in this show...Zoyaan will be the death of this show!     

We come! We Rant! We Rave!

 Sep 20, 2013     845     6     Qubool Hai

All of us are pretty much on the same page with QH right now...so like many others i suggest we keep it up and make sure we are heard! Here's my suggestion!     

This is enough!

 Sep 20, 2013     946     8     Qubool Hai

Today's episode just killed me! Its come to the point were we have to asad drag away his zoya to be his brother's wife!! Its just Nonsense!     

We need a petition too!

 Sep 18, 2013     793     8     Qubool Hai

Reading the post about a petition in UK, I think we need one too...especially after today's episode     

Tomorrow it is!!

 Jul 26, 2013     1188     7     Qubool Hai

This is a precap WE ALL have waited for, for far too looonnng!! And Tomorrow it comes!! :) :) :)     

Will tanveer ever leave?

 Jun 24, 2013     1692     6     Qubool Hai

Will Asad really slap her? will the ajmer track really be her end...I have some serious doubts!