My Message

Hi guys! i guess im supposed to put a message here but idk what to say so ya....

Who am I?

I'm Sharan and im 14 live in California, USA

When did the heaven cry for losing me?

Cuz im such an awesome person lol:)

What I love to do?

I love to relax, watch tv, be with friends, and go shopping

Where am I from?

I'm from Punjab, India but live in the US.

What are my obsessions?

I don't have any obsessions

Whom do I hate?

I hate everyone that hates me

What would I like to be called as?

I liked to be called Sharan

What do I do?

i dont really do anything beside go to school lol.....

What are my aims and desires?

My goals in life are too become successful.

What is my favourite dream?

I have no favorite dream

What is my dream holiday?

My favorite holiday is Christmas and I wish someday my birthday can become a holiday too:)

MriAra For Life!!