Madhubala: A Review - 14/02/2013

Feb 15, 2013

Madhubala: A Review - 14/02/2013 (By ShaliniRobinson) (Thanked: 3 times)

I think the fans of Madhubala must be jumping on their seats to see RK missing his biwi.

RK, old chap! If the wife calls and the man answers even though he is unconscious or asleep, he is a certified husband and there can be no conversion to the blessed bachelorhood anymore. You're done for and your mum is right the sooner you accept it, the better!

A word about performances:

It seems the makers are distributing treats: From Vivian, to Pallavi, to Drashti, to Shama ... cheers to the whole lot for delivering awesome performances.

I have to commend Shama! She was awesome in the scenes where she confronts RK.

I have to commend Drashti. I LOVED the shot where she prepares tea. She got me to relate to Madhu. Such expression of feelings needs a serious insight into this situation. The actor, writer, & director deserve applause.


I'm so glad Radha begins the confrontation with the one question that worried me: if he was play acting with Madhu, then howcome he holds onto the relationship with his mum. He hasn't given a clear answer to that. I LOVED that she asked him point blank if he never loved her, and when he denied, she saw through something that he probably didn't intend to let her see.

When RK checks the mirror after she leaves, I wondered if he is checking to see if his face betrayed his thoughts or if he is defiantly facing himself.

If nothing bothers him, then why does it seem to start bothering when his guards are down!?


She's holding so much inside that it is now becoming difficult to utter a single word; as though she knows that if she opens her mouth, it'll be a scream. Madhu is talking, but she is lost. She is trying to encourage Padmini, but there's no life left in her.


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