My Message

The Principle of the Path: Direction, not intention, determines destination. - Andy Stanley.

Who am I?


When did the heaven cry for losing me?

Oh! I am very much still in heaven and intend to be here for the rest of the eternity! :)

What I love to do?

write, read, solve puzzles[br]Blogging @[br]Facebook @ https://,,

Where am I from?


What are my obsessions?


Whom do I hate?

no one

What would I like to be called as?


What do I do?

I write

What are my aims and desires?

Write more, Get published ... and hopefully onwards from that.

What is my favourite dream?

hmm... to sit in the mountains, with a coffee and a good book - writing it :)

What is my dream holiday?

in the mountains with a coffee and a good book - reading it :)

'Calling it as I see it