Who am I?

hey guys..my name is ackburally rumeyha...

When did the heaven cry for losing me?

21 february 1997

What I love to do?

i love watching arshi love scene...i talkig with my frnds..crackin jokes with them...sleeping is ,,,my very favourite..txing my sweet bby:*

Where am I from?

mauritius the island known for its warmth.calm...my favourite..maurtius,proud to be a mauritian

What are my obsessions?

passing my sc exams this year!!

Whom do I hate?

those who hate me!!hhahaha

What would I like to be called as?

asr's lover

What do I do?

am a student...am not a writer but as i love arshi so just writing how i wanted it to be...my ver,,,sion of ipkknd

What are my aims and desires?

excell in whatever i do!!to love and to be loved

What is my favourite dream?

meet asr!!one kiss from him...one hug from him:* and yah if barun is no more in love with his wif,,,e..and sanaya too not in love with that mohit..i would seriously love them to be a real life co,u,p,le..i keep on dreaming of this now...if only they dont love their current partners ok..i dont, w,an,t their relationship to brea huh

What is my dream holiday?


chennai express