My Message

Love and care those who cares for you, Don't cry for things which don't deserve your tears, devel,op the will that you can do anything you desire and aim for, Stand against Male Domination, Prove, the world that Female is as good as Male :)

Who am I?

Me? I am nothing but a girl of 15 who love what she does but hates what other impose me to do.

When did the heaven cry for losing me?

on 17th of October in 1999, Heaven gave a boon to my mother, to have me :)

What I love to do?

I love reading Fan Fictions, Novels, books, Writing stories, playiing shuttle, Loves to skate and,, watch TV. I love making other's happy at times too.

Where am I from?

India, The not so great but not less pride country. Great from one side and a mess from the other.

What are my obsessions?

I love Ice creams and Arshi :) :) Crazy for both, Love Kim Hyun Joong (K-pop Idol), Jung So Min (,Korean actress) HyunMin (Hyun Joong and Somin) and Darshan Raval, (India's Raw Star)

Whom do I hate?

I hate people who back stab and who impose things on me against my will (except my parents)

What would I like to be called as?

Nandhu, Nandu, Arshi, Nandy Anything you guys wish since many people call me with different names,, the list goes on.

What do I do?

I am a student, studying of course, Online writer in Myeduniya, IF (just re post in IF) and Asian,fanfics.

What are my aims and desires?

I aim to be a writer and Engineer may be, I just hope i won't end up as a doctor!

What is my favourite dream?

My favorite dream is that I am in land filled with people who truly love and care for me, being I,n a Ice cream land and Being with the person who values and loves me :)

What is my dream holiday?

Being back with MeD active like before and chatting, enjoying with everyone and also my old Frien,ds is my dream Holiday like a break, wish that comes soon. If something about my destination, two, choices - One, a beautiful hill station - Two, My most favorite place in my world "My Room&,quot;

AK, Ash, Linaya, Nandhu