Appreciations for Nakshu_Haya

Med and tell ne how can i post i have jst one frnd here n i wish to make more... Bwill u be my frnd

By Coolqueennaina (Jun 11, 2015)

Nakshu haya didi... If u r elder dan me or just nakshu if u r younger.... U havent completed the dare i gave to u. Den how can u claim that but srsly... Prank was super awesome... Can we be freindss as u r vid arshi shreya sankadevi and farakhan... Just like that and ur stories and os are just so freakingly awesomw that i cant tell u... U r a superstar but u mst understand dat how badly i wanted to participate in d med week but wasnt ableto as i didnt know how to do dat... Pls guide me thrugh

By Coolqueennaina (Jun 11, 2015)


I didn't know how to contact you so I'm writing in this page.

Ranting of an old lady and forgive me. God bless you all!

Sorry for unnecessarily hurting you and creating a controversy. Please I would request you to read my comment once again. I have not blamed the admin. At all. I only said I felt bad..... And suggested you add a word of appreciation. I dont think anybody had voted for me but still my story was mentioned, so in that light I had commented, I did not in any way tried to find fault with the work you are all doing. I'm much elder to you all so take my comment as a mistake and a ranting of an old l

hope u like it witchy

Congrats dear... hope u like my Certificate....

Hi didu... You know when I read your first story, I never thought that you would be a newbie... Intact I thought you would have been here since long time.... & then when we had our first conversation, it was like wow... I got someone who is else to me & also can guide me. That time I had only Starmuski as my friend... & sister... Tnx for d support & ur panky style of writing... Live u loads... Muahhh....

Hello di.....I like your works very m such and I was on cloud we had our first conversation through a message u send me(.I don't know if u remember that) but anyways I love u so much........