Ek Veer Ki Ardaas - Veera Episode Recaps

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Jan 12, 2013

Ek Veer Ki Ardaas - Veera Episode Recaps (By Meena12) (Thanked: 4 times)

Kartaar decides to keep Nihal as his tenant

Episode : 54

Veera blackmails Gunjan when she does not help Ranvijay with his class notes. Kartaar meets Nihal in a dhaba. Nihal claims that he is Sampooran's friend. Kartaar plans to find Sampooran's whereabouts with his help, and decides to keep him as his tenant. Ranvijay suffers from eye pain. Veera asks him to close his eyes, holds his hand and leads him to the house. Ratan tells her that Ranvijay has been lagging in his studies because of her. Veera asks Ranvijay not to sit in her class hereafter.

Veera and Ranvijay welcome a stranger into their house

Episode : 53

Ranvijay and Veera meet a stranger named Nihal Singh outside their house. Chaiji invites Nihal into the house when he claims that he is Sampooran's friend. Ratan does not believe that Nihal is telling the truth. Veera serves lassi to Nihal. Ranvijay rebukes Nihal for imitating Sampooran. Ranvijay teaches Veera to put cover on her books. Veera and Ranvijay defend each other when Ratan scolds them. Ranvijay goes to Gunjan's house to copy class notes. Bansari dislikes Veera's presence in her house.

Veera seeks blessings from Ratan before going to school

Episode : 51

Veera asks Ranvijay to carry her as she is afraid that the earth will swallow her. Later, while Ranvijay feeds Ratan, Veera makes her smile. Veera asks Ratan to put the handkerchief in her pocket as she does to Ranvijay. She irritates Chaiji with her questions. Veera seeks blessings from Ratan before going to school. She asks Ranvijay to accompany her to the class. Ranvijay asks her to hold one end of the thread, while he sits outside holding the other end.

Ratan forbids Kartaar to enter her house

Episode : 50

Ratan becomes upset when Veera asks her if she had gotten her fair complexion from her. She tells Chaiji about the rumours regarding Kartaar and her in the village. Chaiji convinces her to sign Veera's school admission form. Ranvijay buys ribbons for Veera. Kartaar goes to Ratan's house. He blesses Ranvijay and ignores Veera. Ratan forbids him to enter her house. Chaiji advises him to take care of Gurpreet. Bansari and Bakhtawar confront him. Baldev is accused of theft. Ranvijay defends him

Ranvijay and Chaiji buy school uniform for Veera

Episode : 49

Ratan postpones signing Veera's school admission form. Gurpreet becomes hysterical on learning that she cannot have a baby. Kartaar calls Ratan and asks her to come to the hospital to comfort Gurpreet. Ratan takes Veera to the hospital with her. Gurpreet blames Ratan for her misery. She asks Ratan to stay away from Kartaar and her. Ranvijay and Chaiji buy school uniform and stationery for Veera. The shopkeeper commends Ranvijay for carefully measuring the uniform before buying.

Bansari and Bakhtawar insult Ratan in front of the village people

Episode : 48

Chaiji berates Ranvijay for going to the city by himself to buy a kitchen set for Veera. Bansari accuses Ratan of coming in between Kartaar and Gurpreet. She criticises Ratan for staying with Kartaar at the hospital all night. Ratan defends her honour. Bakhtawar and his wife insult her. Ratan comes home upset. Ranvijay and Chaiji leave Veera at home, and go to the city to buy school uniform for her. Gurpreet regains consciousness. Veera asks Ratan to sign her school admission form.

Chaiji rebukes Bansari for defaming Ratan

Episode : 47

The Principal interviews Veera for her school admission. Veera tells him that her mother's name is Ranvijay. Ranvijay shows her the wall on which he had written her name. His friends give Veera gifts for her first day at school. Bansari gossips about Ratan and Kartaar's relationship. Balwant and Chaiji rebuke her for maligning Ratan's name. Ranvijay asks Chaiji for the meaning of humanity. He teaches Veera to write her name. He panics on realising that he did not buy school uniform for Veera

Kartaar breaks down on learning that Gurpreet cannot have a baby

Episode : 46

Veera tells Ranvijay that she is afraid to go to school. Ranvijay reassures her that he will take care of her in school. He trains her for the interview. The villagers bless Veera for her school admission. Bansari gossips about Ratan and Kartaar's relationship to the village women. Bakhtawar spreads rumours about them. The doctor informs Kartaar that they had to remove Gurpreet's uterus due to infection. Kartaar breaks down on learning that Gurpreet cannot have a baby. Ratan comforts him.

Veera gets locked in her room by mistake

Episode : 45

Kartaar asks Ratan if she is certain that Sampooran will return home. Ratan tells him that she will wait for Sampooran until her last breath. Gurpreet undergoes a surgery. Veera gets locked in her room during a power cut. Ranvijay puts his finger through a hole in the doorknob, and asks her to hold onto his finger for courage. He tells her stories about Sampooran to comfort her. Chaiji comes home and breaks open the door. Ranvijay gets Veera ready for her school admission the next morning.

Ratan and Kartaar take Gurpreet to the hospital

Episode : 44

Kartaar comes home injured after fighting with Bakhtawar. Gurpreet asks him to stay away from Ratan because of the rumors about their relationship. Kartaar, Chaiji and Ratan take Gurpreet to the hospital as she falls ill all of a sudden. The doctor tells them that Gurpreet has a cyst in her uterus. Ratan stays at the hospital with Kartaar and sends Chaiji home. Ranvijay and Veera are left alone at home during a power cut as Chaiji's vehicle breaks down on the way. Veera gets locked in her room

Ratan becomes emotional on reminiscing about Sampooran

Episode : 43

Chaiji encourages Ratan to live her life on her own conditions. Ranvijay decorates the dupatta he had brought for Ratan and asks Veera to make a drawing. Ratan becomes emotional on reminiscing about Sampooran, when Ranvijay presents her the dupatta and Veera shows her the drawing. Ranvijay shouts at Veera when she takes ice cream from the vendor for free. Kartaar fights with Bakhtawar for misbehaving with Ratan.

Ranvijay buys a dupatta for Ratan

Episode : 42

Ranvijay and Veera play hide and seek. Veera cheats in the game. Ratan plans to offer a rumala to the Gurudwara. Ranvijay buys a dupatta for Ratan to thank her for Veera's school admission. Veera bargains with the shopkeeper. A man from the neighbouring farm offers to repair Ratan's motor pump. He misbehaves with her. Gurpreet complains to Bansari that Kartaar has gone to meet Patwariji regarding Ratan's property papers instead of taking her to the doctor. Bansari poisons her mind against Ratan.

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