Iss Payaar ko Kya naam doon?

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Sep 15, 2012

Iss Payaar ko Kya naam doon? (By Meena12) (Thanked: 11 times)

Iss Payaar ko Kya naam doon?

Dear all ...i watch ISPKND and DABH and i have to say that every person is diff and every person's way of doing things is diff... many people say there is no romance in DABH and i have just highlight some of the sences which show beautiful love and romance - TLC (tendor love and care moments ... ) booming to love between this couple whose relationship was forced into a marriage ... so please sit back and enjoy and think with me

Iss Payaar ko Kya naam doon?

over time i have noticed that most of the SurYa scenes that we get are unique and they never get repeated after they go on air, but we were lucky to witness the repeat of Tug-of-War or say Tug-of-love scenes twice, once with the bedrolls (gadda) and another with the mopping cloth (poncha). Though I won't say it is a repeat as both the situations were different, but I will firmly focus on this two scenes just because we get to see some nice and sweet SurYa moments afterwards which are neither interrupted by Chotu, nor by Bhabo or anyone else. So, I have tried to imagine the upcoming SurYa scenes revolving tug-of-war in them and asked myself Iss Payaar ko Kya naam doon?

Some short synopsis of the two scenes before my imagination takes center-stage.

Act 1

Action Area: Bedroom and Pillow fight

Action occurred: SurYa returned after delivering sweets and with Vikram angry on Meena, has already taken away one Bedroll (gadda) to sleep alone. SurYa with just one bedroll, tugs and pulls, with both volunteering to sleep on the floor and not climbing down from their decision, manages to have a tug-of-war and tear the bedroll into two exactly equal halves, throwing cotton balls everywhere.

Consequence: SurYa end up pn the same bed for the first time, and Sandhya, while asleep, puts her hand on Suraj's neck. SurYa moments completely go undisturbed and unhindered.

Act 2

Action Area: Courtyard (Aangan)

Action occurred: In the absence of Chaturi, Sandhya was mopping the floor. Suraj tries to show her the right way to do it, After Sandhya understood everything, she tries to take back the mopping cloth and do it herself, but with Suraj in no mood to give it up, again a tug-of-war results. The mopping cloth gave itself up in the face of intense pressure from both sides and SurYa fell down once again in opposite directions.

Consequences: We got to see a lovely palm-kiss of Suraj on Sandhya's palm. SurYa scenes again passed off peacefully, unhindered and uninterrupted.

~~~~~~Imagination starts here~~~~~~~

Act 3

Action area: Roof of Rathi Mansion.

Action occurred: It's Makar Sankranti (Festival of Kites) and Suraj comes with Chotu in tow, to fly kite. Chotu is really excited. They are busy flying them when Sandhya comes to the roof to bring some refreshments. A friend of Chotu calls him from the road, asking for some help in arranging the threads and he goes to help him out. SurYa in roof, with Suraj teaching Sandhya how to keep the kite balanced and steady while it is up. Sandhya learned the pyrotechnics and is eager to handle the kite, but Suraj fears that her hand may get cut because of the Manja (thread), so refuses to hand over the thread of the kite. Sandhya started tugging and pulling, and the kite started losing height, with Suraj having a tough time to make the kite steady. Eventually, a mini tug-of-war results, with the usual SurYa convo (like Sandhya ji aap chor dijiye and Suraj Ji mujhe dijiye) and the thread suddenly snaps, and the kite is gone. Sandhya cries out in pain as she has hurt her fingers.

Consequence: Suraj immediately puts her finger in his mouth and tries to stop the blood-flow using his saliva (which has thromboplastin and so helps in blood clotting). Later tends her finger and gives her finger a bandage, and Sandhya gets no work from Bhabo and we have some sweet SurYa moments. (Leaving that to imagination)

Act 4

Action Area: On the road

Action occurred: SurYa returning from delivering sweets in scooter. Suddenly the scooter develops snags. Sandhya tries hard to fix it but is unable to do so this time. They go to a service center and Suraj has to keep his scooter for the night as the mechanic was unable to find the spare-parts. Eventually, they has to walk the rest of the distance to reach home. Suddenly it started raining heavily, and Sandhya has an umbrella with her. She had taken it as the skies were overcast when they got out from the house. Suraj takes it from her hand and opens it in an instant. They walked for fifteen minutes and Sandhya now thought she should hold the umbrella. She asks to Suraj to let her hold the umbrella, and Suraj refuses to give it. Sandhya says how lomg will he hold that, his hand would start paining. Suraj says he is fine and continues walking. Sandhya now started snatching the umbrella, with usual SurYa conversation taking place, again a mini tug-of-war ensures, and the handle of the umbrella snaps, with the top part in Suraj's hand and the bottom part (stick) with Sandhya. A strong wind blew away the upper-half of umbrella from Suraj's hand and it lands on the roof a car, and disappears. SurYa returns home completely drenched.

Consequences: SurYa returns home and they are changing clothes. Sandhya has not bolted the door, and Suraj suddenly remembers he has forgotten to say something to say and suddenly rushes towards the room, thinks whether to knock or not (Rest is up to your imagination)

Act 5

Action Area: At an open place, reserved for tree plantation.

Action occurred: Sandhya is busy planting trees and tending them. She is helping an NGO worker in raising awareness about tree plantation. Suraj comes to the spot later, scooter in tow, and tries to help her. Sandhya says it is okay, she can manage, and Suraj insists on helping. They had a good tug-of-war with the hosepipe resulting in the bursting of pipe and spewing water everywhere. SurYa leaves the scene.

Consequence : SurYa had a lot of free-time and went for watching a movie

~~~~~~Imagination ends here~~~~~~~

~~~~~~Song Imagination~~~~~~~

Imagine SurYa singing this song:

Suraj>koyee nahee hai kamre me, kya hasin mila hai pal aaj shararat karne do, kam bakee karenge kal

Sandhya>jao baba jao, aise naa behkao hosh me aa jao, pagal naa bano tum

Suraj>naa satao tum yu muskurake, chum lo sanam baho me aake

Sandhya>achcha lo chalo, haree mai haree, man lee sabhee bate tumharee

Suraj>bato hee bato me, pal gujar naa jaye aao ek duje me, ho jaye kahee gum

I hope you will be in SurYa-Land imagining the song and the scenes, DABH-ians

but asking myself this question - Iss Payaar ko Kya naam doon??

Sep 16, 2012

ISPKND - DABH - love matures and blooms~:)) (By Samina)

In recently shown beautiful episode, we saw Suraj and Sandhya wildly twirling around each other.... I shall imagine and tell u what their gestures, movements, misty eyes, tender body spoke each other and to us... their silent language of romance and love...

Sooraj- Sandhya, my love, my darling...stretch your wings and come to my arms...I'm wild and mad at you...let me hide myself behind those curly, long, rain-cloud like hairs...let me get drenched in their raindrops...let us leap insane over those and hills of love... let us drown in those waters of passion...come to me like rain clouds falling over red hot aurum...cooled me with your lotus arms and warm my with those cozy hugs...let us be two sweating roses in the wine yards of love...melt my winters to springs...let us lose in each other and turn mid-nights to mid-days and thorns to blossoms...

Sandhya- Sooraj, my beloved, my sunshine... I realise I'm nothing without are the one my soul has been waiting for all births and ages; my true mine and only mine man, don't let me go away from you anymore...hold me so closer to you like a lace that forever adorns your chest...let me be the smell that sweetens your body...holding hands, let us walk in the mist falling over wild romantic mountains...the night is falling...come, take me in your arms...cuddle me all around like ocean waves...sweeten my lips with the kisses of your mouth...let us wander in each other till the stars are awaken...and we shall breath and melt into one soul...

The caress of your lips,

The fragrance of your breath,

The warmth if your embrace,

Being with you...feels like a dream...

I Love You.

Here is nice songs dedicated for their love!!

I carry your heart with me .....I carry it in my heart

I am never without it ...anywhere I go you go, my darling

I fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet)!

I want no world...for beautiful you are my world, my true

Here is the deepest secret nobody knows

Here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud

and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows

higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide

and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

I carry your heart ....I carry it in my heart....

I love you Sandhya says Suraj!!

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