Who am I?

I am Kiran

What I love to do?

I am totally mad about Beintehaa and ZaYa, HarshTika ......I love watching Beintehaa and making v,,m's...I am a creative person so i make lots of edits and vms of ZaYa...I am also mad about Bolly,w,ood ....Overall i love two things...1:Beintehaa and 2:Bollywood

Where am I from?

I am a Pakistani (Muslim) and i live in the UK

What are my obsessions?

Beintehaa and Bollywood

What is my favourite dream?

To meet Harshad and Preetika and Bollywood stars...SRK,ARJUN KAPOOR, KATRINA KAIF, DEEPIKA PADUKO,NE AND RANVEER SINGH