Appreciations for Khushisingh96

You're an awesome writer!! I love reading ur stories, they always make me happy ur stories has the magic to change someone mood, it's even dangerous to read ur stories near someone they will think I'm mad :D, but that's a sign that you're excellent at what you do!!! Keep writing :)

If u want to bash me for this blabbering i welcome it with my open arms I know I'm very much talkative . and a request don't stop ur writings for anything even god cannot be good to all. OK enough of my pricking let me give u some peace bye take care if possible do some reply not a pressure if possible alone I don't want to stress u Ok if I continue I will go on and on and u will definitely lose ur peace so I stop here before I receive any cheppal from u once again bye luv u

thanku very much for all ur stories and I also take ur forgiveness not that I used any hurt words to u but for my view on ur stories. What I ment is if we do something to express something but in times it will turn up in different way to observers .so if u tried something to express and I got to something else from ur stories and in any means it hurt u I m sorry. I too know how it feels when we expect our observer to get things but they got in different way than what we expected

Hi frnd im here to just share my view about u.u know I found u unique becz u always write ur every stories without any villain or to say the villain be self one. Really ,we ourself is great villain for us there is no need for any one form outside to destroy us . we yourself a threat to us by not giving head to heart in times and performing battle between mind and heart .I found in ur every story the characters will struggle for realizing their own feeling and how they come over it.

Please reply for my message I sent u some time before either good or bad what do u felt I don't have any regret for that

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Hey Didu its your crazy sister here... This one was a surprise for you for your special birthday... Hope you like it.. A very Happy Birthday Kaarunya Di...

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