My Message

In my diary u all can read my ffs on Arshi. These are my original fictions, and don't copy or pos,,,,t this in any other page without my permission. Please read and enjoy.

Who am I?

Hi, I am Katty, well not my real name but u all can know me as Katty. I am fan of Arshi and I hav,,,,e read many ffs on Arshi. That's why I want to put down my thoughts about Arshi. Ipkknd must h,a,v,e, ended but it will be forever in my heart.

When did the heaven cry for losing me?

February 16 , 1999.

What I love to do?

Watch tv, read ipkknd ffs, drawing and playing.

Where am I from?


What would I like to be called as?

Katty, cat eye, babu.

What do I do?

I am a student.

Happy New Year