What Makes You Lose Readers?

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By:    Dear Viewers by Karmachameleon    

Dive in, read, learn, apply and see the results!      

An Idiot's Guide to Commenting

What should you comment and how.      

*Important post* -Wave your Magic Wand !

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Want to Improve your Writing ? Take Tons of needed tips here !      


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Are you by any chance interested to be the leader of Kreative factory? If so, let me know.      

The Creative Factory # 2

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By:    To yehlsa by Arshiforever92    

A Place where you can always request for banners, footers and signatures for own use.     

Hogwarts School- The Slytherin Common Room

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By:    21 Reasons You’d Be Better Off In Slytherin by Invisible    

Welcome to Slytherin!     

A Quick Announcement *Important*

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By:    Sharan's Banner.... by Kalai    

A quick announcement for creative factory team.      

The Kreative Factory Forum

Jump in, I need your suggestions and ideas!      

~~ The Creative Factory ~~

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By:    Ian's banner. by Yelhsa    

This is the place to request if you want a banner or signature pic , Feel free to drop by !      

Friendship Competition !

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By:    Are you going to continue! by Samiha    

Bonjour people ! I've see many people having competitions here so I decided to have one myself But its different !Here you will be paired with the friend you want !Editing and writing and much more It     

Story Index of IPKKND Section *Important Post*

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By:    VOLUNTEERS LIST by Angelina    

We need you to help us for Story Index -Are you ready ?      

...and I found ALL of them !

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Remember imagination has power that can turn into life ? Well you gotta see this !      

SaRun are one in million and once is lifetime. *Sigh*