Appreciations for Jasquerade_X

jas thanks for the super cute certificates!Hey! a small token for your brilliant work in MED .. i may have missed commenting or thanking your updates but let me tell you i love your work!

You are a great writter and appreciating you in a few lines are next to impossible

By Pallavi2601 (Dec 24, 2013)

Jasquerade Mam,You are the most wonderful writer.I always loved ur all the episodes. You are such a creative,innovative and amazing writer as well as nice person. Ab lafzon main itni taakat kaha ki woh aapki theek se tariif bhi kar have given us marvellous stories. Thankyou very very very much to you.

By Vibhuti (Mar 23, 2013)

Hi! This is an invite for you....if you have any more ideas please contact in here

Hello ! this is an invitation for you it and if you have more ideas for these special days please contact me here

Jas;she is such a fantastic person that whenever you talk to her,you can't help but forget all your worries and smile.She is that one soul who can touch your heart with her caring nature,loving words and excellent writing skills.What more is left to say other than,you always compliment me,MashAllah!SubhanAllah!You are a precious creation of Allah!For me, the definition of being a marvelous human being in all aspects is Jasquerade. Thanks for being a beautiful person,awesome writer,friend&admin!

Jas is one of a kind. Incredibly sweet, caring, talented, creative, positive, accommodating and innovative. She is the reason why this site is magical and beautiful. You are awesome, Thank you for being such a great friend, Jas!

Jaas you are a sweetheart.. Not only a great friend and a fabulous writer but also an awesome Admin.. :)

Jasquerade_X - hats off to your creativity and dedciation to make MED a fun place!! KUDOS... Keep the good work - cheers :))

You are the best admin

By Admin (Feb 10, 2013)