My Message

Live well. Love well. Sleep well. Get inspired when trying to inspire others. Treat others not as,, a 'thing' but a 'something'. normality is such an absurd thing. Everyone is considered to be ab,normal. But if being normal is such a normal thing, then what is the definition of normal? In tim,es of calamity friends pity you, best friends laugh at you, but a sister prays for you. The world, does not revolve around money r love, but solely on competition and rivalry.

Who am I?

I am Ishika Gupta. My favorite colors are lime green and aquamarine. I have been to 28 countries ,,and every continent except Australia and Antarctica. I am a little crazy at times. My favorites ,p,laces to be are school, the airport, and just my bed at home. I am 17 years old and have a twin, sister named Ananya.

When did the heaven cry for losing me?

Never, because I am the best. Hahaha, just joking!

What I love to do?

I love reading quotes and biographies of famous people, watching and writing about IPKKND, talkin,g about complete nonsense, standing up for my beliefs, and hanging out with my friends.

Where am I from?

I live in Louisville, Kentucky. However, I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. I have also lived in Chi,cago before. The total amount of times I have moved is seven.

What are my obsessions?


Whom do I hate?

No one, because I am not a hater.

What would I like to be called as?

Ishika, Ishi, FishyIshy, or Ishu.

What do I do?

In my free time I red, watch/read/write IPKKND, cook Indian food, watch movies, and sleep.

What are my aims and desires?

To get a full scholarship to John Hopkins Univerty, which the best medical school in the USA, bec,,aome a famous and well-known doctor, and raise a good family.

What is my favourite dream?

Me meeting the cast of IPKKND. (especially BARUN!!)

What is my dream holiday?

To go to Australia, since that is one of the two continents I have not been to. I am not so sure ,,that I want to go to Anarctica. BRRR!!

Live life and love life.