My Message

Make Someone Smile Whenever You Can, You Never Know How Much Difference You Could Be Making In Th,eir Life At That Moment...

Who am I?

A Girl...

When did the heaven cry for losing me?

In The Month Of June...

What I love to do?

I Love Reading Quotes And Sayings Whenever I Get Free Time

Where am I from?

Planet Earth~~~Sub-Continent :- India.

What are my obsessions?

My Best Friend And Her Interests...And Songs

Whom do I hate?

Not Actually Hate But I Strongly Dislike Those Who Hurt Others And Their Feelings

What would I like to be called as?

Whatever My Friends Like To Call Me

What do I do?

I Am A Student

What are my aims and desires?

To Become A Chartered Accountant

What is my favourite dream?

Didn't Have Any Such Till Now...Will Tell Once I Get Such Dream...