OS#Let Her Go

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By:    Didu!!! by Kiddo_Star    

Well you only need the light when it's burning low Only miss the sun when it starts to snow Only know you love her when you let her go Only know you've been high when you're feeling low      

Arshi teen SS: Iss Dil Ka Kia Karun?

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By:    iss dil ka kia karun. next part is up :) by Farakhan    

When introvert fall for extrovert. It's romantic teen fiction. Unlike my other fiction :)      


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By:    Thank You Note!!! by Farakhan    

I don't speak, the language that you speak There's some words, I know I'll never reach When I see, you smiling back at me Somehow, somehow I know exactly what you mean     

OS#Back To December *Edited 29/6/018*

peep in!! no previews ;) OS with happy ending coz i am happy too :D     

IS IT LOVE? *Completed*

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By:    Thank you everyone :) by Farakhan    

peep in to know more.......     

My Life Turn Heaven....is it?

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By:    plzz vote for OS if you like it... by Farakhan    

for med week compition by Tainer.....starts from when arshi spend night in hut during kidbapng scene.     

OS_iTs YoU

OS about two love birds...living away from each other! https://youtu.be/2hffbFKHJS4     

SS_One More Night *completed*

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By:    One more night. Last part is up by Farakhan    

SS about arshi contract marriage for those who want strong khushi....      

My Index :P :* *updated*

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By:    Helllo alll! by Farakhan    

My intro+my NOT whole work at one place+my appreciations      


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By:    translation by Farakhan    

ok my first OS plz peep in to know more.. :-)     

Hi everyone :) issa personal thing.

 Aug 27, 2017     810     12     Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

I want to share this important moment of my life with you all.     

You Are Mine KHUSHI!!! *Completed*

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By:    loving him/her or each other by Farakhan    

the story start from the time arnav said khushi to marry him for six month.What if Arnav become abcessed lover?What if she confessed her love to him?plzz peep in to know more.     

Elitists last part is up!