My Message

Be somebody in the eyes of Allah, even if you are nobody in the eyes of people :) do you, love a ,lot be proud- Zayn

Who am I?

I am teen, tryin' to find myself :) I hat hypocrites, they sucks plus i try to be real!

What I love to do?

Crafting, writing, sleeping most importantly fangirling over ZAYN MALIK *_*

Where am I from?


What are my obsessions?

Fashion designing, i am a freak :P

Whom do I hate?

Hypocrites ;) some people make my stomach hard just by their presence..... -_-

What would I like to be called as?


What do I do?

Sleep :P

What are my aims and desires?


What is my favourite dream?

Dreaming about ZAYN :*

What is my dream holiday?

sleeping, reading, crafting, sketching

Elitists last part is up!