Arshi SS MAD LOVE previously named as "My Possession"

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By:    Mad Love epilogue is up by Farakhan    

What if Shyam kidnapped Khushi instead of Arnav? Continuation from airport scene ; -)      

The Great ASR

"I would trade myself for her she is that good..."      

Arshi 3-shot: HOME

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By:    HOME SHOT 1 IS UP :) by Farakhan    

What if arshi had naughty kids like khushi? @Kiddo_arshi and everyone this is the sequel of "All of me loves all of you"      

Arshi-FF Beautiful Pain

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By:    Beautiful Pain. Next chapter is up by Farakhan    

Married to Pirate

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By:    Hey you all! by Farakhan    

what if a beautiful and naive girl married to a Pirate ASR, she is fragile and beautiful flying butterfly. will she be able to live with a pirate will they fell for each other if yes the      

Dark FF- Elitists

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By:    Elitists next part is up ;) by Farakhan    

Love can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime, it has no limit. khushi has fallen in love with her demon, a devil. he hit hr and it feels like a kiss. ppl do crazy things wen they r in love      

Please help this lost soul

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By:    Not To Lose Hope In Tough Times by Medsuper    

Somehow, I think this is the place where I won't be judged.      

Arshi OS: Amnesia

Story of Arshi. .. for @asu29494's maza competition!      

My Index :P :* *updated*

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My intro+my NOT whole work at one place+my appreciations      

My dear readers, please peep in!

It's important if you have five minutes, you know, maybe you would like it....     


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By:    Thank You Note!!! by Farakhan    

I don't speak, the language that you speak There's some words, I know I'll never reach When I see, you smiling back at me Somehow, somehow I know exactly what you mean     

Dominated Love#2 *Completed*

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By:    Dominated love2 next part is up by Farakhan    

ASR is a dominated husband and a obsessed lover and khushi is a submissive and beautiful wife...he love her she knew it but he dont trust her, she dont know why? will ASR change?