Linaya's Edited Photo Gallery ~ Request and Learn!

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By:    Update 5! by Diamond123    

Peep in to see the photos I edited!      

Linaya's Index of work in MeD!

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Where passion meets imagination..     

Share the story behind your Username!

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By:    story of my username! by Arshiliciousmegha    

You have a story about why did you choose your username to be..? Then share it with us!!      

ArShi SS: The Wall.

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By:    Chapter 3 by Diamond123    

My dad loved his balcony. My mom loved her garden. And Me. The Wall. The Wall was my world!      

My Poems: The Bleeding Ink

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By:    Poem 12: The needy, the sad and the depressed. by Diamond123    

My Poems: The Bleeding Ink     

Famous Book Quotes.

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By:    The Tale Of Two Cities Quotes by Nayasa_Khan    

I am always, always and always inspired by specific quotes from books I read. This is a library of them.      

ArShi OS: I wanted him to be happy. [PART 1]

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By:    Thank you so much everyone! by Diamond123    

He wanted her, not me. He wanted to see her smile, not mine. She was his everything, not me. But I just wanted him to be there, laughing and happy!     

ArShi OS: I wanted her to be happy. [PART 2]

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I wish I wasn't a coward, Khushi. I wish I could confess. But you seemed happy. And all I wanted was to see you happy.     

F&F Game4: Marry, Kiss or Kill?

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By:    my turn:)::)):):):): by I4arshi    

My favourite game, this one! :D     

ArShi TS: It's Okay to let go..

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By:    Part 2. :) by Diamond123    

She had hope. She knew he would come and tell her, it's okay to let go.     

OS: Yours, Proud Papa

 Jun 22, 2015     1755     23     Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Thank you for making me proud, my little princess.     

Extremely excited!