Appreciations for Dhalia

Congratulations Dhalia on your 150th update. Thanks for taking us on a pleasant family ride of Arshi. We are happy for their new guest and the way Arshi made progress in their respective areas learning the realities and lessons of life from each other.

Dhalia, the way u work with ur pen has drawn us to SS but your flawless ways in addressing ur readers, never missing even a punctuation or a well deserved emoticon is superb. I understand how tough it is to build such rapport in spite of your busy schedules. I love your punctuality and discipline in giving us regular time specific updates. I cannot demand more from u but I love you for whatever you are. Thank you Dhalia for giving this experience.

Hey dude waiting for ur update badly...misd u yesterday also...pls update soon..pljjjj bitiya

Congratulations centurion! The journey through silver streaks was pleasant and effortless. We revived some memories of IPK while trying to tie the open ends, settled some old scores welcoming the new entrants. Collided with the crisscross paths of our Arshi accumulating many more Rabbaves and adding OOlalas and Ankhaves to it. Learnt many lessons from kkgs kitchen to the bedroom lessons by anya.

Sorry for filling up ur this page.

Fabulous work Dhalia, you are reeling out each character in its true form from the mess that was left behind by ipk. Iam glad you have given these strong characters their own needed space and time to be drawn from fiction to reality and from practical impossibilities to near practicality. The depth and intensity of these delicate situations are sensibly handled. no emoticons to support.

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You got a free flowing pen that twirls in almost any direction. Long way to go Dhalia.

Hello Dhalia ! this is an invitation for you it and if you have more ideas for these special days please contact me here

Dhalia, absolutely wonderful! l wait for your updates, you write so beautifully! The ASR and Khushi in your story fires my imagination, that is the way they should have been portrayed in the serial. The redemption track is so good, I wish you use this story with new names and send it for publication.