The resurrection of Di: A short story

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By:    The resurrection of Di: Epilogue by Dhalia    

Anjali woke with a stifled scream, drenched in sweat. She sat up, heart racing and panting heavily. Thankfully Shyamji was still fast asleep. The wall clock showed the time to be 3.00 am. Feeling very     

Khulasa Times

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By:    Hum Bane Chirkut by Dhalia    

OS: How dare you Khushi?

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By:    Thank you...... and some off track thoughts by Dhalia    

ASR roughly dragged Khushi to his room and yelled, "How dare you Khushi?"Khushi tried to calm him down, "Please listen to me Arnavji"ASR, seething with anger, clenched his teeth: "How could you Khushi     

OS: Yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti

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By:    Thank you……and What the…. by Dhalia    

RUKO, Dadi's voice rang out loud and strong just as Khushi and Arnav were about to exchange garlandsBoth were jolted out of the sweetest Rabba ve yet as they froze with horrified shock and swung aroun     

Dhalia’s Index of Stories based on IPKKND

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Dhalia’s Index of Stories based on IPKKND     

Hark ye serious writers!

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A free online course on storytelling - still open - I think!     


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By:    ITEM GIRL OF GUPTA GHAR by Ramyya    

Presenting Arshi OS stories, Ramya ki zubani, in Dhalia-land!      

A couple of more parallels….

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By:    Emergency ( cont) by Ramya    

Hello readers, kaisan ho, aur sab kushal mangal? Toh hum kahan the.....haan the MD parallels...just in case you are interested, found a couple more....but just a quick recap (don't worry only the bare     

Some Random (and possibly unpalatable) Thoughts….

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By:    Last& final by Ramya    

Anyone watching Devon Ke Dev Mahadev (MD)? Well ever since DM answered my prayers and directed to watch MD, I have been religiously following the serial and often helps to soothe my jangled nerves aft     

Anjali's miscarriage: A postmortem

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By:    Hoping for a positive spin in this show. by Lilly    

Anjali's miscarriage seems to have stirred the Myeduniya folks back into action and sharply divided them. Here I will attempt to summarize (with inputs and interactions from Sankadevi, Ramya, Milady,      

How to kill a serial

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By:    ...Watch this..... by Dhalia    

Anybody could teach you how to make a serial....have a story to tell duh...but how to kill a serial, nah...this one's special, so pay attention people. Take a story, preferably a romance, fill with we     

What the….

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By:    Alas! Yet again.... by Sanka Devi    

Unbelievable is all I can say. I was personally not at all for the kidnapping track, yet the drama unfolded so excitingly that I was happy to go along, so what if a few creative licenses were taken. H