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By:    Help with the image... by Sameea    

Get all sorts of help here!     

**Important Post** Xpress - To Impress !

It may surprise you to know what Xpress can do ... Read on ... thanks!!     

OS : The Last Letter ( Awareness on Suicide )

 Nov 30     2     5650     86     LitDuniya
By:    Thank you note ! Do read :) by Dhakshi    

Who knew a letter could change people's life ? CASTING : Arnav and Khushi      

**Imp Post** FAQ's : To get started on HTA !

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By:    need suggestion by Asu29494    

This post answers all the queries on how to get a my Diary.     


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By:    Song by Arnav: My fair Pearl by Dhakshi    

This cafe serves the most delicious poems on IPPKND. Take a healthy dose of this, sit back and enjoy     

SS : Perfect Match ( COMPLETED )

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By:    AUTHOR'S NOTE - Very Imp by Dhakshi    

Sometimes it takes more than being perfect.... it takes being imperfect!     

SS : Perfect Love

 Mar 21, 2016     13     19897     1070     Teri Meri Love Stories
By:    Chapter 11 by Dhakshi    

Third book in 'Perfect' series. "Second chances may or maynot work..."     

SS : Dear Darling

 May 14, 2015     2     1772     24     Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
By:    Chapter 1 by Dhakshi    

She loved him, but she didn't know how to tell him. And, so, she sat and wrote.      

SS : Perfect Couple ( Completed )

 May 14, 2015     21     37083     2408     Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
By:    The third Book in the Series by Dhakshi    

Sequel to "Perfect Match"     

Five Shot : Kiss of Death

 Nov 14, 2014     2     3251     87     Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
By:    Second shot : Kiss of Death by Dhakshi    

'Kiss of Death' is a place where you kiss someone and you can say goodbye to the world forever...     

Is there something...? Xpress urself!!

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By:    TO MED ADMINS - From Ilovearshi by Dhakshi    

Is there something you want to tell to any member in med? DO IT HERE!     

COMPETITION - Summer Special

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By:    Contestants...calling on to you ! by Dhakshi    

Summer special competition for every serial fan on TYPOGRAPHY     

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