division between Arnav and Khusi is great for future love

Feb 21, 2012

division between Arnav and Khusi is great for future love (By Christine)

sorry to says dis to all advent fans of ipkknd today was a stepping stone to a relationship that can transcend through every obstacle of life. everyone might not like it but the writers have laid a perfect foundation that will make Khusi to transform frm a demure person to a strong woman. i weep for the pain but her experiencing today will make her learn to control her emotions and although we might not like to see it her being unfeeling about arnav will make him drawn to her cos he believes he can read her and control her so if he feels confused about what she's feeling and thinking he will want to know the workings of her mind. in regards to the gupta family and raziad they will very soon regret their actions i think slowly dadji and anjali will slowly come around i really don't care payal she's the most stupid person sorry to say not once did she try to fight for her sister i know she's now married atleast she should understand that kushi will never intentional do anything that will jepordise her family's honour also dissapointed with garima can't wait for all of them to come and apologise. from the route of this track we can safely see that through this ordeal no matter the anger arnav feel he will secretly have tremendous respect for kushi as we can see from Friday and monday's episode as not once did she utter a word about why she married him and i think we all know that with time he will realise his mistake i sincerly don't believe that they will get divorced i think after six months she quietly leave by then all the secret of shaym will be out and arnav will go through the pain of loosing her probably he will find her and i hope she'swith him and lets him suffer a little while for the pain he has caused her ever since the day she met him. so fans don't lose hope wouldn't we like to see kushi making a stance for herself cause i don't think the cv will be so stupid to prolong alll this crying sence they might last for this week but am getting ready for next week when they settle into their married life and they start counter acting each other it's gonna be mind blowing and spell- binding

i sincerly apologise if my comments offend anyone they are just my opinon pls comment

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