SS: Why is it always me ?? (Season 2) (DISCONTINUED)

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Nov 9, 2016

SS: Why is it always me ?? (Season 2) (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 195 times)

Hi I am again here  with this short story.. I know I am not giving regular updates but I can’t stop penning down this..




Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada is sitting in the train.. Even though she is staring out of the window but none is registering in her mind other than the betrayal..

Why is it always me ??

Why is it always me who have to sacrifice for others ??

Why is it always me who will be betrayed from the person whom she trusted more..


No this time she can’t fell weak.. She want to be selfish for the first time in her life.. She din’t let others betray her once again.. That is why she is here..In the train to Mumbai going far away from the people who doesn’t care for her..

She was lost in her own thoughts when she felt a a pull on her sleeves.. She turned and looked at the baby who is pulling her sleeves.. Khushi looked at the baby who is smiling at her.. She couldn’t help herself and smiled back patting her cheeks.. The child’s mother looked at her and smiled too..

“ how many months ??’asked Khushi..

“ Nine months” said the lady..

“ She is soo cute.. What’s her name ??”asked Khushi..

“ Pari” said the lady..

“ The name suits her well” said Khushi.. The lady too smiled… Khushi played with the baby sometime forgetting all her worries.. Soon the baby fell asleep..

The lady’s mobile rang.. She lifted the call.

“ ji.. we are coming” said the lady.


“ Haan.. Your princess is sleeping”


“ Haan baba.. I know..”


“ Ok.. Bye”

She then looked at Khushi and smiled.. She said” It is her father calling.. Pari is his princess. He loves her a lot.. Doesn’t even allow  scratch on here ?? He won’t even let her cry… From the time I am pregnant, he keep on said that he want a little princess  but I want a prince.. But god gave us Pari first.. You should have seen his happiness when I delivered Pari, he distributed sweets in the whole hospital.. You won’t believe it but I feel jealous of my own daughter seeing my husband’s mad love for her..”

 Khushi faked a smile at her… The lady turned to other side talking with other lady.. Khushi turned to window..

“ Wish Arnavji too loved our baby” thought Khushi caressing her four months baby bump wiping off a lone tear the trickled down from her eye..



 I will continue this in story in December…My health is not good.. So, I am updating my stories..I need rest

Jul 3

Chapter 1 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 184 times)

Hi all, I know I said I will update this in December but it is july now.. Sorry for late.. Before going into the story, let me clarify somethings..

1.     Here  No Sheetal track happened..

2.     Arshi second marriage happened with out any fuss even though Shyam and Dadi tried to create a lot of problems..

3.     Garima is not the second woman in Arnav’s father life..

4.     Anjali’s miscarriage happened due to shock  when she came to know true face of Shyam..

Part 1:

In Mumbai:

Khushi reached Mumbai station in the evening.. She got off from the train and  stood  there looking here  and there.. Sighing, she then sat on the bench waiting for the person who will take her.. She was lost in her thoughts when she felt a hand on her shoulder.. She jerked off and turned to the person..

“ Khushi!!” called a girl who is in her mid twenties..

Khushi recognized the girl immediately..

“ Maya Di” called Khushi with a little smile.. Maya hugged Khushi immediately to which she reciprocated..

“ Sorry.. I was late.. woo actually my scooty troubled first then the traffic jam” said Maya..

“ It’s ok Di..” said Khushi…

“ Now come..let’s go” said Maya and they both started out of the station…




Maya took Khushi in her scooty and they stopped before an apartment.. They took the lift for second floor..

“ This is my flat” said Maya and opened the door.. Khushi entered and observed the house.. It is two bed room flat with a hall and kitchen..

“ come.. I will show your room” said Maya and led her to the guest room… Khushi entered and saw it… Maya kept her luggage in the room.

“ Hope you like it.. If not then we can switch our rooms” said Maya..

“ No Di. There is no need.. I am fine with this room” said Khushi..

“ Ok then fresh up and come.. I will heat the dinner by then” said Maya..

“ No Di. I am not feeling hungry” said Khushi..

“ You may not be feeling hungry but the little one must be hungry..” said Maya..

Khushi caressed her baby bump with tears.. Maya came and took her hands in hers..

“ Khushi.. I know everything that happened… I know it is not easy for any woman to face this betrayal  but  be happy they din’t get success in betraying you.. You and your baby are  now safe and away from them.. Now think only about your baby” said Maya.

Khushi hugged her and cried out.. Maya din’t stopped her from crying and kept on soothing her back..

After few minutes, Maya brought her out of the hug and wiped off her face..

“ Now go and freshup.. Be strong Khushi.. I am there for you” said Maya..

Khushi smiled and left into washroom…

Maya sighed and took out her mobile to inform the person who gave her Khushi’s responsibilities..



IN RM, Delhi:

Raizadas returned from the temple.. They all got down from the car when they saw another car stopped.. Arnav and Akash both got down from the car..

“ Chote.. You are coming now” asked Anjali.

“ Haan Di” said Arnav “ Is your puja over ??”

“ Yes but din’t I say you to come home early.. Khushiji would be alone Chote.. She is pregnant.. What if something happens to her ??” said a panicked Anjali..

“ Relax Di… Nothing will happen.. The meeting went late than expected..” said Arnav..

“ Haan Anjali Bitiya.. HP is there naa.. Nothing will happen” said Nani.

They all entered the home..

“ Chote.. See I have brought this raksha dhaga..I will tie it on Khushiji’s hands.. It will protect her and my  baby” said Anjali..

Arnav nodded his head.. Payal fisted her hand in anger.. Everyone sat in the living room when Arnav asked HP to call Khushi..

Hp went upstairs and came back..

“ Arnav Bhaiya.. Khushi Bhabi is not in the room” said HP..

“ Check at poolside” said Arnav..

“ I have checked Bhaiyya and I found this letter.. The back side door is open” said HP..

Arnav frowned hearing it.. He took the letter and opened it.. His eyes grew wider as he read the content of the letter..

Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada,

                                  I am leaving.. I am leaving from this house and from your life forever along with my baby.. What did you thought  I am a fool not to guess what is going behind my back ?? I know everything what you and your so called family is planning.. I  heard everything  that  day  how  you planned  to give my baby to your Di after he/she is born… I even saw how you people treated my jiji when she threatened to say me.. You people even made her swear on me and my baby.. I saw how my .jiji is dying inside knowing what .you are going to do... You can think why I din’t confronted then… If I had then I bet you people would have definitely arrested me in the room not allowing outside.. Why did you do this Arnavji ?? I trusted you and your family soo much… I know you all love Anjaliji a lot and can do anything but never thought  for the daughter of the house, you will all hurt DIL of the house…I thought you love me all these days… but no… You never love anyone other than your Di and family.. For you first priority is your Di and then your family in which wife and child is not included… You may  think how can I take decision of leaving you.. It is simple… Just like how you love your Di more than anyone  I also love my baby more than you and anyone… My baby is my everything and I won’t even think of giving he/she to anyone even in my dreams..

I hate you Mr.Raizada… I hate you.. You have broke my trust completely.. One more thing, by your this act you have lost  all the rights on my baby



“ Chote.. What happened ??”asked Anjali as she took the letter from his Hands…

“ Anjali Bitiya …What happened ??”asked Nani..

“ Khushiji left Nani.. She left from this house with my baby” said Anjali crying..

Payal took the letter from Anjali’s hands… She read it and slumped down on to the sofa crying hugging the letter..

Arnav stood there immobile trying to digest the fact that Khushi left him..

Nani and Mami looked at Anjali who is crying.. They went near her and started to console her…

Akash looked at Payal who is crying and went near her…

“ Payal.. Do you have any idea where can Khushiji go ??”asked Akash..

Payal din’t say anything..

“ HHBB… How can Phati saree do this ??  She always hurts my Anjali Bitiya.. This Gupta sisters are good for nothing… From the time they entered brings problem in our lives” said Mamiji..

Payal looked at Akash who inturn went and consoling his mother and sister.. A rage build in her…

“ Maa.. Please.. Don’t cry… Be calm” said Akash.. Payal turned away her face angrily..

“ “ How can I be calm Akash ?? See because of Phati saree  Arnav bitwa and mostly Anjali Bitiya have to suffer now… Why did she do this ?? What shortage she have here that she left ??”  said Mami..

Payal stood up and looked at her Maaji… “ You really din’t know why my sister left maaji ?? She clearly mentioned in the letter  why she left ??”

Everyone looked at Payal now but she continued “ Oh I am soo sorry.. you don’t know how to read naa after all you are illiterate..”

Everyone looked at Payal with wide eyes for her mocking.. Manorama is looking opening her mouth widely….Before any one could say anything, Payal continued “ No problem .. I will say why she left ?? Because of  this family’s love towards this stupid, dumb and weak woman ( looking at Anjali), my sister left.. The family and her husband ( looking an angry glare at Arnav ) whom she trusted more have betrayed her , she felt heart broken and left this house.. “

Then turning to Arnav, “ Why Mr. Raizada ?? You said you love my sister a lot ??  Where is your love now ?? Didn’t you felt my sister’s pain ?? Oh Why will you ?? Other than your weak sister’s pain, you won’t see anyone’s pain.. For you, the whole world can go to hell but your sister should be happy.. Isn’t it ??”

“ Payal Bitiya !!” Naniji was going to say something when Payal stopped her showing her hand…

“ Don’t call us Bitiya Naniji.. You never mean it.. This house never treats DIL as daughters.. This house and people cares only for one person and it is your grand daughter.. If she is happy, all are happy.. if she is sad, then no one have a right to be happy…” said Payal..

“ Payal.. You are talking too much” said Akash gritting his teeth…

“ Truth always hurts Akash” said Payal  and  left to her room before anyone could say anything…

Arnav went out of the house taking his car keys.. Nani, Mami and Akash took Anjali to her room consoling her..



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Chapter 2 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 187 times)

Payal locked the room and checked her mobile.. She had some missed calls.. She immediately called the person..

The person on the other line lifted the call..

“ Maya….Did Khushi arrive ??”asked Payal..

“ Haan Payal.. She came, had dinner and now sleeping “ said Maya..

“ Did she had her meds ??”asked Payal..

“ Yes, I made her have them” said Maya..

“ How is she ??”asked Payal..

“ she is fine… Don’t worry” said Maya.

“ Thank you soo much…. I don’t  know how to pay off your debt” said Maya..

“ Don’t talk big words Payal.. Even you people too helped me when my parents left…. So, in real I am paying off your debt now..” said Maya “ How is everything there ??”

“ Everything is fine here… All came to know Khushi left and are shocked.. I lashed out at them.. No one doubted on me..” said Payal.. “ Ok.. I will keep the phone now.. If possible I will talk tomorrow with Khushi”

“ Ok.. No problem… “ said Maya and disconnected the call..

Payal, on the other hand sighed in relief…. Enough of her being a loyal bahu and wife.. Now it is the time to be a best sister too.. Her little sister  sacrificed soo much for her and now it is her turn to protect her sister and her baby from these Raizadas… How dare they even too think snatch her sister’s baby from her ?? She won’t allow it.. So, she send her sister to her childhood best friend Maya who is living in Mumbai.. Now half of the sister’s duty is over and now it is time for daughter’s duty too… She have to help her family financially until now which Khushi did through her dabba service..

She soon dialed a number and when the phone was lifted..

“ Hello Shuklaji….”



Arnav on the other hand driving on the lonely roads.. He still can't digest that Khushi left him.. His mobile rang and it was Aman.. He lifted the call and heard what Aman said.

"Cancel all the arrangements Aman.. Khushi left the house "said Arnav and disconnected the call.


Next morning:

Khushi woke up from her sleep.  Realising surrounding she sighed and came into hall.  Maya is working in the kitchen.. She went and wished her.

" Good morning Khushi.. Go and get ready.. I will make breakfast "said Maya.

" No Di .. Let me help you "said Khushi

" No need to help me.. I am almost done with breakfast " said Maya..

Khushi nodded her head and went to take bath.


After breakfast,  Maya was getting ready for Office when Khushi went to her room.

" Khushi.. I am leaving for be careful. I asked Asha aunty to take care of you " said Maya..

" Asha aunty!! "Khushi frowned..

" Oh I forgot to tell you.. .Asha aunty is our neighbor.. She lives with her daughter in the next flat..  She will take care of apartments kids until their parents return from office.. In the evening she will say tuitions to children" said Maya.

The door bell rang and Maya went, opened the door.. A lady in her fifties entered the house.. She smiled at Maya who reciprocated.

" Aunty. She  is Khushi, my  friend's  sister whom I said "said Maya to Asha.  Then turning to  Khushi,  she said " Khushi..  She is Asha aunty"

Khushi wished her keeping namaste while Asha smiled and patted her head..

" OK.. Now I have to go for office.. Khushi if you need anything ask Asha aunty don't hesitate "said Maya and left for office..

Khushi and Asha talked for sometime..  Then Asha took Khushi to her home.. Home is filled with 12-15 little children.. There were months babies to three year children.. A maid is there to help Asha. Khushi sat there playing with children forgetting all her worries.


In RM:

Payal  was coming downstairs when she saw Arnav coming from the main door. Seeing him, she can see he is in distraught.. He din’t return whole night.. He looked at her and stopped  on his tracks.. She  turned  away her face angrily.. Arnav started to climb stairs…

He is going into his room  when  Akash, Nani and Mami came near him..

“ Chote. Plz come with me” said Nani..

“ What happened Nani ??”asked Arnav in a tired voice..

“ HHBB… Arnav Bitwa. Anjali Bitiya is not eating anything… Yesterday we made her eat with a lot of difficulty but now she is too stubborn.. She won’t eat until her baby come back “ said Mami crying..

“ Bhai.. Plz come and console Di.. I am thinking to arrange for private detectives to search for Khushiji” said Akash..

“ No. I will take care of it” said Arnav..

“ Now come to Anjali Bitiya” said Nani but Arnav din’t say anything.. He entered his room and closed the door on their face shocking them..

Payal who is watching all this laughed.. MAmi saw that and became angry..

“ Khoon Bari tang.. What is there to laugh ??’asked Mami..

Payal came near to them and stood infront of Mami..

“ Payal !! That’s my name.. Call me with that name from  now onwards” said Payal in a strict tone..

“ And why I laughed  ?? Seriously, you people are too much.. Arnavji din’t came to house  whole night… He  din’t eat anything whole night..  No one are concerned for him but your Anjali Bitiya  din’t  eat now and making fuss over it.. Atleast see his condition.. Why I am  saying this to you people ?? Other than Anjali Bitiya you won’t see any other person.. I really feel pity for Arnavji.. He is earning for this family working day and night but his family never cares for him..” said Payal in a mocking tone..

“ Payal!!” said Akash angrily..

“ Don’t shout Akash.. Whatever is said is true.. You are caring and worrying for your Di but what about Arnavji.. He is your brother too.” Said Payal  and left from there..

Arnav who heard Payal’s talks slumped on the bed closing his eyes..

“ Khushi!!” He murmured..



On the other hand,  Khushi became friendly with Asha within evening… She liked the children too.. Some are obedient and some are naughty… A maid is there to assist Asha in looking after the children..

Asha too liked Khushi soo much… She is looking soo innocent and good girl.. She came and sat beside Khushi…

“ How many months ??”asked Asha placing her hand on Khushi’s stomach caressing..

“ Four months” said Khushi..

“ When will your husband returns ??”asked Asha.. Khushi looked at her confused..

“ Maya said he is abroad due to his job” said Asha..

“ No aunty… Maya Di lied to you.. I left my husband and sasural” said Khushi..

Asha looked at her puzzled for few seconds..

“ I don’t want to lie to you.. SO, I am saying truth aunty.. Due to some reasons I have to leave that house to save my baby.. No one from my husband’s family should know about me” said Khushi..

“ Ok Beta.. But what happened ??’asked Asha..

Khushi din’t say anything.. Asha understood that Khushi doesn’t want to say anything.. Ofcourse which person will say about her/ his personal life to the person whom they barely know for  a day.. It is more that she said about leaving her husband..

“ Don’t think otherwise aunty I can’t say anything” said Khushi..

“ It’s ok..I can understand “ said Asha caressing Khushi’s cheek..

“ OK..Won’t you knit sweater for your little one” said Asha and went inside.. She brought wool and other things..

“ I don’t know how to knit “ said Khushi..

“ No problem.. I will teach you” said Asha and taught Khushi who learned easily.. Then she herself started to knit while Asha sat there looking at her fondly.. She I getting a motherly affection seeing  this girl..


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Jul 29

Chapter 3 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 188 times)



It was in the evening.. Arnav and Akash entered the house.. They saw Nani, Anjali and Mami in the living room.. Both the elders are trying to console a crying Anjali.. They both din’t even realize when both brothers came..

Arnav saw his Di crying and din’t feel to go and console her.. He was going to upstairs when Akash asked “ Maa. Where is Payal ??”

“ HHBB.. Why are you even asking Akash bitwa ??? That Khoon bari taang went in the morning from house and din’t return until now..” said Manorama..

“ Where could have Payalji went ??”thought Akash aloud..

That is when Payal entered the house at the exact moment.

“HHBB… Khoon bari taang.. Where  are you whole day roaming ?? “ asked Mami.

Payal neglected her and turned to Arnav , “ Any news about Khushi ??”

Arnav nodded as NO.. Payal sighed and was going when Akash held her hand..

“ Maa is asking you something Payal” said Akash..

Payal freed her  hand and said “ She asked some Khoon bari tang.. My name is Payal.. I am not any Khoon bari taang to answer her question”

Manorama and others looked at her wide eyed..

“ Ok Fine.. Where did you went ?? Maa is saying you went in the morning and returning now” asked Akash..

“ From today, I am taking care of Khushi’s dabba business.. I  have to go for work” said Payal.

“ What !!” almost shouted Mami..

“ I said I am going to take care of  dabba business” said Payal..

“ Then who will do the house c****s” asked Mami..

“ There are servants maaji.. “ said Payal..

“ But as a daughter in law it is your duty to cook and take care of your family” said Manorama..

“ Oh really.. Then you are also Daughter in law of this house maaji, but I have never seen you doing  any household  c****s before or after my marriage.. So then why should I do house hold c****s.. “ said Payal..

“ HHBB.. You are comparing yourself with me.. You  middle class girl” said Manorama gritting her teeth..

“ Maaji.. Don’t talk as if you are born with silver spoon.. You were a servant in this house.. After getting married to papaji, you became rich.. Likewise I am also rich after married to Akash.. “ said  Payal in a mocking tone..

Manorama opened her mouth widely as her bahu talked with her..

“ Payal.. This is not the way to talk with my mother,, “ said Akash angrily..

“ Then say how to talk Akash.. I am vexed up with your mother and her tantrums..” said Payal..

“ HHBB.. You really got a big tongue to talk..  If you dare to talk with me in this tone again, I will….” Manorama is going to say something when Payal, “ haan.. You will.. What will you do ?”

“ I will kick you out of this house” said Manorama..

“ Who are you to kick me out of this house ?? I am also bahu of this house and I have same right s as you.. And Do you think I will get afraid if you say you will kick me out.. I won’t.. I am not a lazy person like you.. Even if I go out, I can search some job and work.. But you can’t even do it.. “ said Payal..

“ Payal!! You are crossing your limits..” said Akash..

“ Really !! What will you do now ?? Say something to your mother too.. I  am silent doesn’t mean I will take everything  she throws on me.. Even I too have some self respect.. If you really have problem with me talking to your mother in this way, then say me, I will leave this house.. As I said, I am not afraid to go out.. “ said Payal and was going but stopped, turned to Manorama “ Maaji.. if you again try any of tactics or throw tantrums, I will directly go to police station and lodge a domestic violence case on you.. Mind it”

Manorama and others looked at her flabbergasted.. IS she really Payal ???



In the evening:

Maya returned from office.. She came to Asha’s house to take Khushi.. All the children were left.. Khushi and Asha are having their evening tea..

“ Hi” Maya entered the house..

“ Maya Di.. Come” said Khushi..

“ How are you Khushi ?? I hope you are not uncomfortable here..” said Maya..

“ No Maya Di.. I really like being here.. The children are too cute.. But I am bored when they all left” said Khushi pouting..

“ Wait for few months and your baby will be with you 24*7” said maya..

“ yeah.. I am waiting for that day” said Khushi caressing her bump..

“ Mamma” a girl entered the house..

Khushi saw the girl confused.. The girl must be nearly 14-15 age.. She too looked at Khushi confused..

“ Khushi.. She is my daughter, Muskaan.. “ said Asha then turning to Muskaan “ Muski.. She is Maya Di’s friend..”

“ Hi Muskaan” said Khushi smiling at the girl.. She stole her heart..

“ Hi Di” said Muskaan to liking Khushi..

“ Mamma.. I am very hungry” said Muskaan..

“ Go and freshen up.. I will bring snacks” said Asha and Muskaan left from there..

After sometime, when Muskaan returned, the four members had their snacks talking with each other happily..

Khushi observed Muskaan well.. She resembles someone but who.. She can’t say.. Muskaan is studying ninth standard and she is 14 years old..



Khushi and Maya came to Maya’s apartment… Maya came out freshened up.. She saw Khushi standing in the balcony lost in her thoughts.. Maya placed her hand on Khushi’s shoulder..

“ Khushi.. Missing your family” asked Maya.. Khushi nodded her head..

“ Di.. Can I ask you something ??”asked Khushi..

“ Ofcourse Khushi” said Maya..

“ Can you help me to search for a job ?? I can’t just sit and eat” said Khushi..

“ Khushi.. You should think about your health first..” Maya was going to say something when her  phone rang and she looked at the caller..

“ It’s Payal’ said Maya and lifted the call. She talked with her about Khushi and gave Khushi the mobile.. She left inside giving privacy to the sisters..

“ How are you Khushi ??”asked Payal..

“ I am fine jiji” said Khushi “ How are amma, Babuji and Buaji ?? Did you say them about me ??”

“ They are fine Khushi.. Today morning after talking with Shuklaji, I went to lakshmi nagar.. I explained to them what happened.. They were hurt and angry. Especially Buaji, she started to come RM and lash out everyone for thinking like that.. Amma and me stopped her.. Then the trio made a fuss to come Mumbai to look after you but stopped them.. I convinced them and made them agree to go back to Lucknow.. They are leaving for Lucknow in two days” said Payal..

“ Did anyone suspect you ??”asked Khushi..

“ Nope.. no one.. Today I lashed out my sasumaa.. I came back in the evening.. I informed them that I am taking charge of your dabba business. But as usual my saas made a fuss.. She doesn’t want me to work.. I made her shut up with my answers.. I even threatened them that I will leave this house.. “ said Payal..

“ But jiji.. What if they throw you out ??”asked Khushi.. She doesn’t want her sister to suffer..

“ let them then.. I won’t fear for them now.. Because we are soft and form middle class, they can’t always take us for granted.. We too have some self respect..” said Payal angrily.. Khushi was surprised by Payal’s strong answer..

“ Ok jiji.. Be careful..” said Khushi..

“ I will.. You don’t worry about that.. Now you say about what I am hearing from Maya.. You asked to look for a job “asked Payal..

“ yes jiji.. I can’t be burden to Maya Di.. She is already giving me shelter.. How can I just sit and eat.. Also now my medicines, hospital bills are there to lookafter. “ said Khushi..

“ Do you think your jiji is dead ??”asked Payal angrily..

“ Jiji.. What are you saying ??”asked Khushi shocked..

“ Then what.. Why do you even think you are being burden to Maya.. You are not.. You don’t need to work.. You are sharing house with her.. I will take care of your expenses.. Why do you fear when your jiji is independent now ?? Don’t think you are burdening me now.. The money I am spending is ours Khushi.. From your own dabba business.. Also even if I send these raizada money, there is no problem.. You and the child have right to spend his/her father earned money.. What will Arnav Singh Raizada do with all these money ?? “ said payal..

Khushi din’t say anything..

“ Also there is another problem Khushi.. Arnavji hired private detectives to search you.. What if someone see you and inform him ?? So, It will be problem if you work.. I also suggest you to not to go out of house unless  it is urgent” said Payal in a concerned tone..

Khushi sobbed hearing it” I never thought I have to hide like these during my pregnancy to save my baby”

Payal too had tears in her eyes” Even I too din’t thought I have to stay away from my little sister at her crucial stage of life”

Hearing some foot steps, payal got alerted..

“ Khushi.. I will call you later” said Payal and disconnected the call.



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Aug 21

Chapter 4 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 148 times)


Khushi stood at the balcony watching stars lost in the flashback.. Their remarriage happened with out any fuss.. Even though Dadi tried her level best, she couldn’t stop.. So, she left back to ashram not acknowledging Khushi as her DIL.. Shyam is still in the picture.. Anjali is in her last month.. She still consider that man as her god.. She literally worship him..

But one day:

Anjali was coming downstairs when she saw NK with his laptop nervous.. Anjali reached him..

“ NK Bhai.. What happened ??”asked Anjali.

“ Di. I need to send a mail to my friend and now my laptop is struck” said NK..

“Oh.. Try another time Nk Bhai” said Anjali.

“ I am trying from the past half an hour Di.. Even Nannav and Akash are not there. I would have taken their laptops” said Nk..

Anjali then remembering something” NK Bhai.. Shyamji left his laptop in the home.. Wait.. I will bring it.. You can use it”

“ Di.. Say me where it is .. I will bring” said NK.. Anjali said him the location and he left from there..

Nani and Mami too came into the hall sitting beside Anjali.. Nk returned with laptop and opened it but it asked for password..

“ Di.. It is asking for password” said NK “ Do you know what is the password ??”

“ Password!! I don’t know NK Bhai” said Anjali..



In the meanwhile Khushi came there with Anjali’s juice.. She too heard what happened..

“ HHBB.. Anjali Bitiya.. Call damadji and ask for password “said Mami..

Looking at Khushi, Nk said “ Maasi.. I think I knew the password”

Khushi looked at Nk frowning.. The door bell rang and Payal opened the door only to find Arnav and Akash back from the office..They came into the hall..

NK typed the password and it opened..

“ It got opened” said Nk with anger..

“ What ?? What is the password NK Bhai ??” asked Anjali..

NK looked at Arnav and Khushi.. They understood what might be the password.. Khushi’s eyes grew wider while Arnav clenched his fists..

“ NK Bhai.. say naa” said Anjali..

“ Let me send this mail first Di” said NK and engrossed in it.. Khushi looked at Arnav who is controlling his anger.. If shyam would have been in fornt of him, he would have dead by now..

“ Is it over Nk Bhai ??”asked Anjali. NK nodded his head..

“ What is the password ??”asked Anjali.

“ Di.. leave it “ said Arnav.

“ No Chote.. How can I leave it ??  I don’t know my own husband’s laptop password and NK Bhai knows it” said Anjali then turning to NK demanded again but Nk stayed mum and searching for something..

“ Give me laptop” Anjali snatched Laptop from NK.. In that she pressed some buttons and they all heard Arnav’s sound from the laptop..

Anjali looked at the screen..Her eyes grew wider in shock.. NK took the laptop and placed on the table.. Everyone surrounded him including Anjali..


Scene 1:

Arnav is tied with ropes and he is shouting who kidnapped him..

“ It is the place where I was kept when I was kidnapped “ said Arnav.. Anjali and others looked at him shocked..

 “ But what is this doing in Shyamji’s laptop ??”asked Anjali..


Scene 2:

 Shyam is seen talking with goons.

“ Keep an eye him.. He shouldn’t run away.. He is a very clever man.. After all he is ASR..” said Shyam..

“ Yes Boss” said the goon..


Scene 3:

Arnav was blindfolded and Shyam is beating him.. Anjali’s eyes held pain, fear..She couldn’t believe her Shyamji beating her chote..


In the next scene, it is shown that Shyam is instructing goons to kill Arnav..


Scene 4

Shyam is talking with Khushi who is at the place where Arnav is kept.

“ Waah Khushiji.. You cheated me” asked Shyam angrily.

“ yes I cheated you Shyamji.. What did you thought that I will love you ?? Never.. “ said Khushi.

“ You din’t do right Khushiji.. I love you truly but what did you do.. You cheated me.. how could you ??” asked Shyam..

“ You don’t talk about cheating Shyamji.. You are cheating raizada parivar from the past four years.. They all respect you and love you soo much but what you are doing.. Anjaliji worship you as god and you are cheating her.. “ said Khushi..

“ I don’t love that limp woman.. She is just my trump card to get Raizada property.. Today my wait is finally going to over.. Today Arnav Singh raizada is going to die.. Then I will get this whole property and throw them all out of the house” said Shyam wickedly.

“ Until I am alive, I won’t allow you to hurt my Arnavji and anyone of the family” said Khushi..

“ Ohh really.. let’s see.. I thought to make you mine after throwing raizadas out of the house and killing ASR but you love that Arnav too much.. Fine then, I will send you with him.. Go and make your love story successful in heaven” said Shyam..

Khushi looked at him wide eyed..

“ When I can’t get you, no one can get you Khushiji.. If you can’t be mine, then you can’t be anyone’s” said Shyam and dragged Khushi along with him..


Scene 5:

Shyam is shown entering Anjali’s room and changing her medicines..

“ I am sorry RS.. I don’t want this baby anyway, So if this baby won’t be in this world, then you will go into depression and your family will call me back “ said Shyam changing medicines wickedly..


Scene 6

Shyam is throwing glass particles on the carpet in Anjali’s room.. But that day Anjali escaped from falling stairs as Akash held her in the mean time..


In the next scene, it was Arshi’s marriage day.. Their wedding night..


The Raizada family especially Anjali stood shocked seeing it.. The man whom she worshipped all these days is a big snake.. Soon, she fainted and was going to hit the floor but Nk held her..

Akash called the doctor while Arnav lifted Anjali to her room.. Soon the doctor came and checked her.. He advised them not to stress Anjali more, injected her and left from there..

After sometime, Anjali got conscious, she opened her eyes and looked at her family. She remembered what happened and cried.. Arnav hugged her tightly rubbing her back..

“ I am sorry chote.. I din’t believe you” said Anjali.

“Shh  it’s ok Di.. Now you know that man’s real face before it is too late” said Arnav..

“ What should I do now Chote ?? “ said Anjali crying

“Di.. We are all with you.. Your whole family is with you.. And above all your baby is with you… Your baby is new ray of hope” said Khushi consoling Anjali..





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Sep 2

Chapter 5 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 180 times)


Then HP arrived there to inform Shyam came home.. Everyone came into hall including Anjali… Arnav is holding Anjali securely..

“ RS.. What happened to you ??”said Shyam coming towards Anjali but Arnav held his neck not allowing him near Anjali..

“ Sale sahib.. What are you doing ?? RS.. See” said Shyam choking..

Anjali came out from Arnav’s arms and turned towards Shyam..

“ Why Shyamji ?? Why did you betray me ?? I have always worshipped you as my god.. But you crushed my trust.. Why ??”asked Anjali..

“RS.. What are you saying ??”asked Shyam fearing..

“ Don’t call me that.. I came to know your true colors” said Anjali then held Shyam’s collar..

“ Why did you betray me ?? Why did you fake your love to me ??”asked Anjali shaking me..

“ haan I did this.. I never loved you.. I loved only your money.. You are just my trump card.. I thought to kill your chote and make this whole property mine but all my plans failed.. Now, even I am vexed up with this acting.. Also more than your money, I am here for my own revenge.. “ said Shyam angrily and pushed Anjali to the floor.. Anjali’s stomach hit hardly to the floor causing everyone rush to her.. she was wincing in pain.. Shyam too din’t expected this and tried to run away from there but Nk held him fastly.. The police arrived at the same time.. Anjali is taken to hospital while Shyam to the jail..



In the hospital, Anjali is immediately taken to operation theatre.. Everyone are pacing in front of the theatre.. No one expected the things turns out to be like this..After nearly two hours, doctor came out of the theatre..

“ Doctor.. What happened ?? How is my Di ??”asked Arnav..

“ Your Di is fine ASR but…” hesitated the doctor..

“ But what ??”asked Arnav..

“We couldn’t save her baby” said the doctor..

“ What the hell you are saying ??”Arnav held doctor’s collar angrily..

“ Calm down Mr.Raizada” said doctor frightened by ASR..

“ Arnavji.. Leave him” said Khushi and made him leave the doctor..

“ I am sorry doctor..” said Khushi on the behalf of Arnav..

“ It’s ok Mrs. Raizada.. We can understand ASR’s action.. But trust me, we tried a lot to save the baby too” said Doctor and left from there..

“ How should we inform Di this matter ?? She has kept all her hopes on the baby” said Akash..

“ We all are there for her Akash.. We will bring her out of this” said Payal assuring him..

Soon Anjali is shifted to ward and kept under sedatives.. As everyone expected, Anjali couldn’t take the news of her baby death and fainted two times.. Later, when she came into conscious, She became hysterical and cried out loudly wrenching the Raizadas hearts..



It was after two days, Anjali is brought back from the hospital.. She settled in her room. Nani and Mami are beside her consoling.. Arnav and Akash looked at her helpless..

Khushi entered the room with a juice..

“ Di.. Here take this juice” said Khushi giving the glass to Anjali..

“ No need for any juice.. Let her rest” said Mami..

“ But Mamiji, she can rest after having this juice.. I made it for Di.. She is very weak” said Khushi..

“ Stop faking your concern Phatisaree.. This is all happened because of you.. You are the reason behind Anjali Bitiya’s pain.. From the time you gupta sisters came into our lives, everything is going bad.. Stay away from Anjali Bitiya.. Don’t remind her how her life is destroyed because of you..” said Manorama angrily..

“ What the hell you are saying Mami ?? “ asked Arnav angrily.. Khushi had tears in her eyes listening Mami’s words..

“ I am saying the truth Arnav Bitwa.. This girl is reason for Anjali Bitiya’s spoiled life.. If she haven’t seduced damadji, he would have never left my Anjali Bitiya..” said Manorama and was going to say something but Arnav shouted “ Enough”

“ Enough Mamiji.. Not a word more against my wife.. Whatever happened, there is no mistake of Khushi.. She din’t seduced that Shyam.. That sick **** tried to cheat Khushi.. Din’t you saw the video how he kidnapped me and tried to kill me ?? If not for Khushi, he would have gone behind any other woman.. He just want his property nothing more.. He never loved Di.. Next time, don’t accuse my wife unnecessarily.. I won’t take it” said Arnav angrily..

Manorama left from there being insulted.. Nani made Anjali sleep and left for her room..

Arnav held Khushi’s hands and left to their room.. It was only Akash and Payal..

“ I don’t understand why Bhai shouted over Maa.. Whatever she said is right.. Everything happened because of Khushiji” said Akash.

Payal looked at him dumbstruck..

In the Arshi room, Arnav is consoling crying Khushi..

“ Arnavji.. I din’t seduced Shyam.. I never wanted bad for Di” said Khushi crying..

“ Shh.. Khushi.. I know .. Don’t cry” said Arnav hugging her and patting her back..

“ Don’t take Mami’s words to heart.. I know what you are and you don’t need to explain anyone” said Arnav kissing her forehead..

Khushi came out of the hug and wiped her tears..

“ But I think it would be better if I stay away from Di for few days” said Khushi..

“ No need of that Khushi” said Arnav..

“ No Arnavji.. I think it is good idea” said Khushi..

“ Oh.. Then how will you stay away from Di” asked Arnav..

“ I will go to Buaji’s house for few days” said Khushi..

“ What the.. No way..” said Arnav..

“ Arnavji.. Try to understand.. It will be better for Di” said Khushi..

“ And what about me ??”asked Arnav..

“ Arnavji.. I think you too need to spend more time with Di.. She should not think that you have changed after marriage..” said Khushi..

“ Stop it Khushi.. You are not going anywhere.. For how many days, you will hide from Di.“ said Arnav then cupping her face “ You are important to me as Di.. You both are like my eyes.. Even if anyone of you both be sad, I can’t bear it”



On that day when Arnav supported her, she was on cloud nine.. She felt as luckiest girl on this earth.. But he crashed her hopes mercilessly..

“ Khushi” Maya entered the room calling her..

“ You still din’t sleep” asked Maya..

“ Yeah Di.. I am going to bed now” said Khushi.

“ Don’t be awake for too much time” said Maya and left from there..

Khushi laid down on the bed closing her eyes..


Next morning:

Payal is in the kitchen making her coffee when she heard voices from hall, so she came there..

Arnav is standing there with luggage.. Akash, Nani and Mami are present..

“ Bhai.. Is it necessary for you to go ??”asked  Akash..

“ yes Akash.. I have to go London” said Arnav..

“ But  Bhai.. Khushi ji…” Akash stammered..

“ I have asked detectives to search for her.. I will deal with that matter..” said Arnav..

“ I don’t like what you are doing Chote.. You are leaving Anjali Bitiya at this stage” said Nani..

“ I can’t neglect my business.. Also I have said a solution for Di and you are not ready to accept it” said Arnav..

“ What is it ?? A Psychiatrist.. Anjali Bitiya is not mad.. “ said nani angrily.

“ then I can’t do anything.. I already had a lot” said Arnav..

“ I can’t believe this sasumaa.. Arnav Bitwa changed soo much.. He is not caring for his family” said Mami..

Arnav left from there not caring for their words.. Payal stood there confused.. Arnav just left like that but what he said about Anjali is correct.. She needs a psychiatrist definitely but this family won’t understand..




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Sep 11

Chapter 6 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 190 times)


“ What !! Jiji.. Are you sure ??”asked Khushi..

“ haan Khushi.. Arnavji left for London due to some business work” said Payal..

“Ok” said Khushi and disconnected the call..

“ He doesn’t care for me” Cried Khushi thinking about it..


It was  after one month of Anjali’s miscarriage.. Anjali is coming out of her trauma slowly.. She will talk with everyone but still whenever she sees any baby she will cry remembering her baby.. All are trying to bring her out of this..  Mami din’t allowed Khushi near Anjali for few days but Arnav’s stern warning  stopped her even Anjali doesn’t have any problem with Khushi..

It was one of the day when Khushi is in the kitchen.. Anjali entered the kitchen..

“ Di.. Do you need anything ??”asked Khushi..

“ I just came for water Khushiji” said Anjali..

“ Ok.. I will give” said Khushi and was going but Anjali stopped her..

“ I will take Khushiji.. You continue your work “ said Anjali and walked towards refrigerator.. When she filled her jug with water, she heard a thud sound.. Anjali turned and looked at Khushi lying on the floor unconscious..

“ Khushiji “ shouted Anjali and rushed to Khushi.. Hearing her scream, others too came and saw Khushi.. Nk who is the house lifted Khushi and took her to Arnav’s room.. He made her lie on the bed.. Payal called the doctor..

Anjali called  Arnav who is in the meeting.. hearing about Khushi, Arnav left for home asking Aman to handle the meeting..

When he reached the home, everyone are standing outside their room.

“ Di.. Khushi” said Arnav “ What happened to her ??”

“ Don’t know Chote.. She fainted in the kitchen.. Doctor is examining her” said Anjali..

Arnav stood there worried when doctor opened the door.. She smiled to them and went towards Khushi.. Everyone went inside her.. Arnav rushed to Khushi.

“ Doctor.. What happened ??”asked Payal..

“ Congratulations.. Mrs. Raizada is pregnant” said the doctor smiling..

Everyone stood shocked for  a while and their faces beamed in happiness. Khushi’s happiness knew no bounds..

“ Really doctor ??”asked Nani..

“ Yes.. she is pregnant.. May be nearly two months.. I will inform correctly after checking her..Bring her to clinic tomorrow” said Doctor..

“ Ok. Doctor.. we will “ said Nani..  In all this, no one observed Arnav other than Khushi.. He doesn’t seemed to be happy..

Anjali came and hugged, Arnav, Khushi and congratulated them.. Nani kissed Khushi’s forehead.. Akash and Payal too congratulated them.. Soon ,everyone left leaving the couple alone..

Khushi turned to Arnav who is lost in his own world..

“ Arnavji.. Are you happy with the baby ??” asked Khushi.. Arnav din’t say anything..

“ Don’t you want this baby Arnavji..” asked Khushi with a lump in her throat.. Arnav sensed she would cry in  a minute and hugged her..

“ It is not that Khushi.. I am just confused.. I din’t understand how to react to news.. I din’t expect this.. I mean it is only three months we are married and it is too early..Above all, You know I don’t mingle well with kids. It will take time to digest this fact” said Arnav cupping her face..

Khushi sighed in relief hearing it..

“ No problem Arnavji.. We have seven months to understand and bond with the baby” said Khushi..

Arnav nodded his head and  said “ What if there are any complications in the pregnancy ??”

“ There won’t be any Arnavji.. Trust me” said Khushi..

“ But what if there are “ asked Arnav..

“ What can we do ??”asked Khushi..

“ We can go for abortion” said Arnav shocking Khushi..

“ Arnavji !! How could you think to kill our baby ??”asked Khushi angrily..

“ Khushi.. I am saying only if any complications arises.. “ said Arnav trying to convince her..

“ But still how can you think for abortion ??”asked Khushi hurted..

“ Because you are important for me Khushi.. I can’t bear if something happens to you.. I love you Khushi.. It is not that I don’t love our baby but I love you more than the baby..” said Arnav hugging her.. Khushi din’t understand what to say hearing his words..

Next day, they consulted the doctor.. She checked Khushi and said everything is well and there are no any complications.. Arnav sighed in relief seeing it.. more than Arnav, Khushi sighed hearing it.. Otherwise her over possessive husband will have aborted their baby by now.. She really din’t understand to be happy or sad.. Happy for his love and sad that in his mad love for her, he is even ready to loose their own baby..



It was after a month .. Everyone are taking good care of Khushi.. Anjali is talking in good terms with Khushi and taking care of her..

Arnav, on the other hand is trying to digest the fact of pregnancy.. Whenever Khushi  talks to their baby, he will look at her weirdly.. But one thing he repeatedly says is he loves her more than baby..

Khushi is watching TV after dinner when Arnav came and placed his head in her lap hugging her.. She understood something is bothering him.. Switching off the TV, she ruffled her hairs..

“ What happened Arnavji ??”asked Khushi..

He looked at her and said “ Will you give me a promise Khushi ??”

“ What ??”asked Khushi confused..

“  You will never neglect me if the baby comes” said Arnav..

“ Why do you think I will neglect you ??”asked Khushi surprised..

“ Today I went to restaurant for a meeting.. When I was waiting for my clients, I heard two men talking.. One of them was saying that his wife is not taking care of him   properly like before after the baby is born..Most  of her time will be dedicated to the baby.. He is feeling lonely..” said Arnav..

“ So, you thought I too will ignore you after our baby comes” asked Khushi cupping her face..

Arnav nodded his head.. Khushi kissed his forehead and said “ I won’t Arnavji.. I won’t neglect  you..”

“ You better be” said Arnav in a threatening voice..

“ Laad governer” Khushi pinched his nose.. But inside she is getting worried seeing his possessiveness for her..



It was after another month.. Khushi is in her fourth month now.. her baby bump is little visible now.. Many changes took place.. Arnav is now excited for the baby but sometimes, he will get afraid whether he can be good father or not.. When he raised his doubt before Khushi, she always assures him, he will be best dad and their  kid loves him.. He is taking care of mood swings  too without a complaint.. he will never get angry even if she wakes up him in the night with her weird demands..

When they went for an ultrasound for the first time, he was very much excited.. When the baby is shown on the screen, he was happy and his eyes were moist.. Khushi squeezed his hands assuring him.. He kissed her forehead and thanked her in front of the doctor who felt embarrassed seeing ASR’s PDA..

At the night, while going to sleep he kisses Khushi’s forehead and then her baby bump..

“ I love you baby but I love your mother more than you.. Even your mother loves me more than you.. Ok.. You have to understand this.. Don’t worry.. we will be good parents for you.. Now don’t disturb mumma and sleep peacefully.. Good night”  This is the dialogue which he says to their baby every night.. Khushi rolls off her eyes seeing him..

But the behaviour of Anjali is changing. She is feeling different from past few days.. She is not talking with her like earlier.. Something is going on.. What is it !! She don’t know..




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Sep 28

Chapter 7 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 169 times)

It was the day before she left Shantivan.. These days she is too sleepy.. Half of the time, she is sleeping..She woke up from her sleep and saw the time.. It is seven in the evening..

“ Hey Devimayya.. I slept late again” thought Khushi and caressed her tummy “ Baby.. You are troubling me too much.. See again I slept late.. Your possessive father might now think I neglect him.. He is being a kid these days.. Always needs my attention”

She got up and saw Arnav’s laptop bag on the recliner..

“ Oh.. Laadgovernor came..Where is he ??”Khushi pushed the quilt and got down from the bed.. She looked at the poolside but couldn’t find him.. She thought he must be at Anjali’s room poolside.. So, she went there..

In the Anjali’s room, she saw Arnav, Anjali, Nani, Mami and Akash.. She frowned and was going but she heard Anjali’s voice “ I have  a plan Chote”

Khushi stopped on her tracks.. Plan.. What plan.. Are they trying to give me any surprise..  Let’s hear  it thought  Khushi  and hid herself  behind   the curtain.. No one observed  her and  Arnav’s  back is facing her..

“ What is it ??”asked Arnav..

“ Actually Chote.. Me, Mami and Nani move to Lucknow saying that I need a change in the environment.. Akash said there is some deal in Mumbai, so he and Payalji will go to Mumbai… You alone take care of Khushiji here until she delivers.. When she is in the final month, we will say her that I am going to adopt a baby from orphanage.. We will still be staying in Lucknow saying adoption procedure is taking time.. Then when Khushiji delivers baby, you take your baby from her and  give to us  while she still din’t get conscious.. It will take two or three   hours to get conscious for her.. When  she get conscious, you inform her that  your   baby died during delivery.. I know she will cry  and get hurt but she will come out of it… I will send Nani and Mami back to Delhi after hearing it.. I won’t come, I will be with my baby saying that adoption procedure is still going.. After three months, I will come back with your, I mean my baby saying he is the one whom I adopted.. We will even change the birth date of him/her a week before otherwise  Khushiji will get doubt..” said Anjali..

Ground slipped beneath Khushi’s feet hearing Anjali’s words..

“ Waah.. What a planning ??”They heard someone clapping.. They all looked at Payal who is standing at the door..

Payal came near Anjali and shook her “ Are you mad ?? How dare you even to think to separate my sister’s child from her ?? I won’t let it happen.. I will say to Khushi now”

Payal started towards door but Akash held her hand and pushed her closing the door.

“Dare you to say a word about this Payal” said Akash angrily.. Payal looked at him with his disbelief..

“HHBB.. Akash Bitwa.. Didn’t I say these gupta sisters can’t see my Anjali Bitiya happy ??”said Mami..

“Haan Maa.. You said it right.. They can’t see Di happy” said Akash..

“Happy !! You want your Di happy.. How ??At the cost of others happiness.. By snatching other’s child from them.. If your Di want  a child, then she can go for adoption.. there are many orphans in this world who lacks parent’s love” said Payal..

“ It is not possible Payal Bitiya.. How can we adopt a baby from orphanage ?? Don’t know whose blood it will be.. “ said Nani.. Payal looked at her with disbelief..

“ Sasumaa is right.. Why to go for unknown blood when our own blood is there ?? Khoon bari taang.. Why are you making  fuss for this simple matter ?? Your sister’s baby  will be in front of her but the baby will call her Mami.. That’s it.” said Mami..

“ Payalji… plz try to understand.. I need a baby.. I can’t come out of this trauma.. Chote will give his baby to me..” said Anjali then turned to Arnav “ hai naa Chote.. You will give your baby to me naa”

“ Ofcourse Anjali Bitiya.. Chote will give you his baby..” said Nani..

“ Haan Anjali Bitiya.. Arnav Bitwa loves you more than anyone in this world.. he will do anything for you” said Mami too.

“ Thank you Chote..” said Anjali hugging Arnav “ I know my chote will do anything for me.”

“ Payal !! Don’t say about this to Khushiji” said Akash..

“ What if I say “ said Payal..

“ You have phati sadi’s swear” said Mami shocking her ..

“ How could you ??”asked Payal with disbelief..

“ Let’s go downstairs for dinner” said Nani and everyone left from there.. Payal slumped down on the floor crying..

“ Jiji” said Khushi and Payal looked at her shocked..

“ Did you hear everything ??”asked Payal with a hope.. Khushi nodded her head and hugged her sister..

“ Don’t worry Khushi.. I won’t allow anyone to snatch your baby.. This is my promise..” said Payal..

“ Even I too won’t allow anyone to snatch my baby” said Khushi..

“ Let’s go downstairs before they get doubt” said Payal and both went down..


That day she was hurted beyond anything.. How can they all think to separate a baby from her mother ?? and above all that Anjali is saying she will come out of it soon.. How mean and selfish ??

“Khushi” Asha’s voice brought her out of her thoughts..

She looked at the woman in front of her and smiled to her..

“Where are you lost ??”asked Asha..

“Nothing aunty “said Khushi and went along with her to be with Kids.. She is loving this time with the kids..

“So Khushi beta.. Where are you from ?? I mean your native place” asked Asha..

“I am from Lucknow aunty” said Khushi..

“Lucknow!!” asked Asha with a smile

“Yes.. Do you know anyone there ??”asked Khushi seeing her excitement.

“I am also from Lucknow. ”said Asha.

“Really!. Where did you stay at Lucknow ?? Why did you settle here then ??”asked Khushi excited hearing she too is from Lucknow.

“I used to stay at XXX place..Something happened few years ago because of which I have to leave that city and came here.. I can’t go back there now” said Asha with pain in her voice trying to control her tears. Khushi saw this..

“Aunty.. Are you Ok ??”asked Khushi..

‘ Yes.. I am fine” said Asha smiling to her..


Thank you @ Nupur, @ Angelinarshi, @ Sandy: Arnav is just insecure dear.. He thinks that if baby comes most of the time will be given to baby and it is quite natural.., @ Arshi Indonesia, @ Fffan123, @ Arshi fan, @ lesh85, @ Londoner, @ Lily30, @ Merlin, @ Pindborg, @ Nishal, @ reena, @ sakhi, @ Candie, @ sasi, @ arshigeet, @ lazydoll, @ rereshmi24, @ Arnavkushiarshi, # rag1 for your valuable comments..


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Oct 10

Chapter 8 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 183 times)


After three months:

Payal entered the house tired from her work.. She has extended the dabba service with the ideas of  Khushi.. She is now supplying to other companies too.. She became very busy these days.. When she entered the house, the sighed seeing scene in front of her..

Raizadas are sitting in the hall laughing over something that Nisha is saying.. Nisha is the long distance relative of Mami.. She came back two months ago.. Everyone are fond of her bubbly nature especially her husband.. She can see him distancing from her.. He is not talking with her normally.. He will always be with Nisha.. The way they both look at each other and their little eyelocks ..

Initially she thought may be she is over thinking.. Akash never betrays her.. He is just angry with her and so he is moving closely with Nisha.. But her bubble broke out when she saw her husband and Nisha kissing  senselessly in Nisha’s room lost in their own world.. She can easily guess that her marriage is at stake.. But seriously, she din’t want to do anything to save her marriage, she was vexed up with these selfish people.. That day she understood there is nothing left in her marriage..

They both always go out for dinners, parties and long drives..  Nothing had missed from her eyes.. Her Mother in law is the happiest one seeing the change in her son and his interest for Nisha.. Why not ?? She always wanted a rich bahu and want  to get rid of her.. She is just waiting for the day Akash asks her for divorce.. And she knew that day won’t be soo far.. Arnav still din’t return back from London.. Anjali is very well now.. No one can say she is the same woman who is in trauma before.. That is not even trauma.. It was all planned by her mother in law..

She remembered the day her mother in law is feeding Anjali’s ears..

Payal went to give juice to Naniji when she stopped hearing their words..

“ What are you saying Mamiji ??”asked Anjali..

“ Haan Anjali Bitiya.. I am saying after thinking a lot “ said Mami..

“ But Manorama.. Do you think Chote will agree to this ??”asked Nani..

“ Ofcourse Sasumaa.. Arnav Bitwa loves Anjali Bitiya a lot.. he will never deny any her wish.. “ said Manorama..

“ Is it fair to ask Chote ??”asked Anjali still not sure..

“ Ofcourse it is fair. You have full right to ask Arnav Bitwa.. Your life will be settled by this..” said Mamiji and was going to feeding Anjali..

After sometime, “I think you are right Mami.. I will ask Chote. He as to accept it.. He doesn’t have any other option” said Anjali determined..


Payal that day couldn’t understand what they are talking.. She couldn’t understand what Anjali is going to ask Arnav but everything came clear to her later.. So, it is all on her sasumaa’s feedings Anjali asked Arnav for his baby..


Payal, entered her room , freshened up and sat on the sofa lost in her thoughts again..In these two months, she has extended the dabba service.. Now, she is not only supplying dabbas to AR, but also to other companies.. Her work is being appreciated by everyone.. If this goes, soon she is thinking to open a restaurant after Khushi’s delivery.. Khushi is unaware of what is happening in RM.. She doesn’t want her sister to take any stress at this time of pregnancy..

Her mobile rang bringing her out of thoughts.. She saw the caller id and was confused seeing the name..

“Hello Rahul ji” she lifted the call..

“Payal” said the man on the other side” I am sorry to disturb you at this hour”

“No problem Rahul ji.. Say what you want to say??”asked Payal..

“ Actually I have a proposal for you.. You are supplying dabba to our Mehta textiles and the quality, taste of the food is very good.. My employees and I am very satisfied by your work..So, I want you to supply dabbas to my company in Mumbai too.. “ asked Rahul Mehta, owner of Mehta group of companies..

“ What !!” Payal was shocked hearing it.. She never expected for this offer..

“ Haan Payal.. Is there any problem ??”asked Rahul.

“Rahul ji. I don’t know what to say.. I din’t expect this.. I have to think about it.. I  will talk with Shuklaji regarding this and inform you” said Payal still not sure.. 

“ Ok Payal” said Rahul and disconnected the call..

Payal sat there thinking about Rahul’s proposal.. It will definitely benefit them but she has to think carefully.



On the other side, Rahul Mehta is standing at the window lost in his thoguths about Payal.. He was attracted to her there is no doubt in that.. The day he saw her in his office, he fell for her deeply.. Her smile, her innocence attracted him but he was deeply disappointed when he saw Mangalsutra and Sindoor.. She was already taken.. But he always find some unknown pain in her eyes..

“Papa” a voice brought him out of his thoughts.. He turned and looked at her four year old daughter Amrita.. She is not his own daughter.. She is his brother’s daughter.. His brother and Bhabi died in an accident when Amrita was only months old.. From then he is taking care of her..

“ Ammu baby.. You still din’t slept” asked Rahul taking her in his arms..

“ I couldn’t sleep papa” said Amrita..

“ Why ??” said Rahul putting her on the bed..

“ I miss Dadi.. When will she come ?? She daily narrates stories to me while putting to sleep” said Amrita..

“ Dadi will come tomorrow..Now I will say you stories” said Rahul..

“ Tomorrow, I will come to office.. I want to meet Payal aunty” said Amrita.. She became very fond of Payal within few meets..

“ Ok Princess” said Rahul and put her to sleep.

In London:

Arnav Singh Raizada is sitting at the window of his room looking at the vast city in front of him when his mobile rang.. He looked at the caller id and sighed..

“ Haan Nani” said Arnav lifting the call.

“ When are you returning Chote ??”asked nani directly..

“I can’t say Nani.. There are lot of works” said Arnav.

“What is this Chote ?? Here your Di and family needs you and there you are in London abandoning us” asked Nani angrily..

“I din’t abandon anyone Nani. I am busy with office works. I have a business to run and god knows what your favourite grandson Akash is doing. I am hearing that he is very irregular to office and not concentrating on work.. Regarding Di, You are all there for her.. What should I do coming there ??”asked Arnav.

“ Any news about Khushi Bitiya ??”asked Nani.

“No” said Arnav.

“How many days you take to find Khushi Bitiya Chote ??Ask your detectives to wokr fast and found her.. She must already be in seven months now. What if she delivers the baby ?? Then it will be difficult to separate baby from her.. Anjali Bitiya is daily praying for Baby Chote.. She want a baby to become normal” said nani.

Arnav’s anger raised hearing it, “You are always concerned about Anjali Bitiya.. If Di wants a baby then ask her to adopt a baby.. Even if I find Khushi, she won’t give her baby to anyone and I don’t force her”

“Chote. How can you say that ?? Your wife and Baby became more important for you than your Di. “asked Nani angrily.

“If baby became more important for Di, then for me also my wife and baby became important Nani.. “said Arnav.

“She is a woman Chote.. Like every woman she too is craving for a baby” said Nani.

“Then Khushi too is a woman Nani.” said Arnav “ I don’t want to get into all these.. Ask Akash to concentrate on work or else I will have to look for some one else to fill up his place”

“ You have changed Chote..” said Nani and was going to say something but Arnav cutoff the call.

He threw his mobile on to the bed angrily.. His family one of those blood sucking parasites..

He came here for some peace and still they don’t leave him in peace.. He stood in front of mirror and looked at his replica..

“ Arnav Singh Raizada.. You are very successful man in business. You are the King of Fashion world but you are a loser.. A Big loser you idiot. No one loves you.. No one in this world loves you.. You have born alone and you have to live this whole life alone.. You are a big fool to think that your family loves you.. You are a big fool to think that Khushi loves you. No one loves you and it took too much time for you to realize.. Don’t trust anyone.. Keep this in mind no one loves you.. Everyone just show you sympathy or pity or fake love.. Don’t trust anyone.. You are ASR.. ASR should never trust anyone but you made a mistake trusting your family.. So, from now there is no need to trust or love anyone just fulfil your responsibility.. You loved your Di, what happened.. She loved her husband more and now a baby.. You loved Khushi.. What happened ?? She din’t even trust you once even when you gave her assurance that you love her more than your Di and left you.. So don’t love anyone and don’t trust anyone..“ Arnav mocked himself in mirror..

He sat on the bed and tears flowed form his eyes..

“ No one loves me.. Am I that bad ?? I got a lesson now.. I shouldn’t trust anyone.. No one understand me but everyone want me to understand them.” thought Arnav to himself.

He went into the memory lane after the day Mami asked Khushi to leave RM for few days and how Khushi was adamnant to go to GH..





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Oct 27

Chapter 9 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 170 times)


Arnav went into the memory lane after the day Mami asked Khushi to leave RM for few days and how Khushi was adamnant to go to GH.. ( Refer part 5)


Arnav insisted Khushi not to leave for GH..

Next morning:

When Arnav woke up, he din’t find Khushi in the room.. He saw the time..It was already late.. He looked for Khushi and Thinking her to be in the kitchen, he went into washroom to get ready for the day.. He was gelling his hair when Payal entered with his coffee.

“ Arnavji.. Your coffee” said Payal..

“ Where is Khushi Payal ??”asked Arnav..

Payal hesitated for a bit and said “ She went to Buaji’s house for few days”

Arnav’s eyes grew wide hearing it.. How dare she to leave even when he denied ??

“ Did Mami said something to her ??”asked Arnav..

Payal nodded her head..

“ Today Khushi came down a little late for Puja.. Maaji scolded her and reminded her to go away.. Then even Dadiji too asked to go GH for few days and not to come in front of Di as she will be sad” said Payal..

Arnav fisted his hands in anger and rushed out from there.. Anjali, Nani and Mami are sitting in the hall.. They saw him almost running..

“ Chote.. “ Anjali called but Arnav went off from there neglecting the trio..



Arnav entered the house angrily.. Buaji and Garima who were talking about something stood up looking at him surprised..

“ Arnav Bitwa.. “ called Buaji..

“ Buaji !! Where is Khushi ??”asked Arnav angrily..

“ She is in the room..” said Garima,”  What happened bitwa ?? IS there…” Before she complete the question, Arnav stormed into Khushi’s room..

“ Hai re NK.. What happened ? Sankadevi is looking sad and Arnav babua is angry..” said Buaji..

“ I am afraid jiji” said Garima and both of them sat down on the sofa waiting for them..


Arnav opened the door with a jerk making Khushi who is sitting on the bed hugging her knees.. She looked up at Arnav with wide eyed.. she immediately wiped off her tears but Arnav’s hawk eyes seen them.. He locked the door and she gulped with the amount of anger in his eyes.. He took predator steps towards her.. She got down from bed and lowered her head..

“Why did you come here Khushi ?? I clearly asked you not to come GH..” asked Arnav gritting his teeth..

“Ar..Arnavji.. I thi..nk this is best..” said Khushi stammering..

“ And who said you this is the best ??”asked Arnav folding his hands.. Khushi din’t say anything. She din’t even look at him once..

“ Nani and Mami!!” asked Arnav.. Khushi look up at him baffled and soon covered it.

“ No.. No one “ said Khushi..

Arnav clutched her arms tightly, “ Why are you lying ?? I know that Mami and Nani asked you to come here”

Khushi din’t say anything and took a deep breathe..

“ It doesn’t matter who said Arnavji.. But whatever Nani and Mami said is also right.. I am responsible for everything.. If I will be away, Di will be fine..She will be OK” said Khushi controlling her tears..

“ And what about me ?? Do you think I will stay away from you ?? And dare you to say you are responsible for everything” asked Arnav..

“ Arnavji.. It’s just for few days” said Khushi.

“ Fine then.. I too will stay with you here” said Arnav.

“ No. Di needs you Arnavji” said Khushi..

“ Don’t you need me Khushi ??”asked Arnav.. Khushi looked away..

“Ok.. Leave all that.. Answer me one question.. Why were you crying when I came ?” asked Arnav..

“ Me !! No.. NO.. I am not crying.. Something went in my eyes” said Khushi.

“ Is it ?? Look into my eyes and say that” said Arnav forcing her to look at him.. Khushi looked into his eyes and in the next minute she hugged him tightly crying..

Arnav too hugged her and said “Why Khushi ?? Why are hurting me and hurting yourself ?? I have asked you not to pay attention to others words..”

“ But Di…” Khushi is going to say something but Arnav “ Shh.. Di will be fine.. You are equally important to me Khushi.. Your happiness is important to me Khushi.. Only to keep Di happy, I can’t hurt you”

“ I am sorry” said Khushi still in his hug smiling..

“ OK then.. let’s leave” said Arnav coming out of the hug.. There was fear in Khushi’s eyes..

“ Don’t worry.. No one will say anything” said Arnav..

Soon they both  came out and bid good bye to Garima and Buaji who sighed in relief..


Khushi and Arnav reached RM.. Khushi is still apprehensive to enter but Arnav held her hand and assured her with his eyes.. She smiled to him and they entered the house..

Nani and Mami are in the hall along with Akash.. Payal is in the kitchen.. The trio got up and looked at Arshi..

Nani came near Khushi, “Khushi Bitiya.. I asked you to stay away from this house and Anjali Bitiya for few days.. Then why did you come back ?”

Khushi din’t say anything.. Payal who heard this came out..

“ Talk with me Nani not Khushi..And why should Khushi go out for few days ??”asked Arnav coming in front of Khushi..

“ HHBB.. Arnav Bitwa.. You are talking as if you don’t know anything..Isn’t it because of  this Phati saree  Anjali Bitiya is suffering ? It is because of her damadji left our Bitiya.. This low class girls should not be in the house.. They are just home wreckers..” said Mami.

“ Enough Mami.. I don’t want to hear a word about Khushi.. What ever have happened with Di, it has nothing to do with Khushi.. It is not her mistake that ****  lusted over her.. She too is a victim like us.. He cheated her family staying in her house as a paying guest and portraying himself as bachelor.. If not for Khushi, Shyam would have gone behind any other woman.. Then what would we have done.. It is just Khushi is DIL of this house you are blaming her.. “ said Arnav and then to Mami,” Mamiji.. What did you say ?? Low class girl.. Then what you are ?? You are also a low class woman.. Remember, you were a servant in this house..”

Mami gasped hearing it from her Arnav Bitwa..

“ Bhai.. You can’t talk about my maa like that” said Akash angrily..

“ Then ask your mother to talk about my wife with respect..” said Arnav too angrily..

“ Stop it right now.. Chote.. Try to understand.. Anjali Bitiya feels uncomfortable seeing Khushi Bitiya.. She will always make her remember her husband’s betrayal..” said Nani..

“Why will Di even feel uncomfortable ?? All these days, Khushi tried to save Di from that monster in one or other way.. And how many days Khushi will stay away from this house so that Di forgets what happened..” asked Arnav.

“Just for few days Chote” said Nani..

“I won’t allow it Nani.. Khushi stays here and Di has to get accustomed seeing her.. She is my wife..If you have any problem, then say me, I will also leave with Khushi for few days” said Arnav.

Everyone looked at him stunned..The most was Khushi..

“ You have changed Chote.. Once you couldn’t see tears in Anjali Bitiya’s tears, now you are making her sad.. You don’t love her anymore” said Nani with disbelief..

“ No Nani.. It is not me, it is you who changed.. I still love Di and I don’t need to prove it to anyone.. But Khushi is also integral part of my life, I love her too as equally as Di.. Di and Khushi, both are like my eyes for me.. To make one eye happy, I won’t make another to shed tears.. To make Di happy, I won’t make Khushi sad and suffer” said Arnav clearly..

Arnav took hold of Khushi’s hands  to go his room but he turned back and said, “ I don’t tolerate if anyone says a word to Khushi or blame her unnecessarily.. Anyone means anyone in this house, I won’t spare them..”

 He then went to their room along with Khushi..






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