My Message

Let the universe conspire for you... all you have to do is wish hard!

Who am I?

Robot maker turned glorified clerk... (such is life)

When did the heaven cry for losing me?

The heavens cry till date!!

What I love to do?

You mean apart from performing a private Opera for my hand-shower...?

Where am I from?

Earth.... but I could be from Caprica!

What are my obsessions?

Anything that can capture my mind for more than a day... I obsess about everything

Whom do I hate?

My obsessions.. hehe!

What would I like to be called as?

How about 'Starbuck'??

What do I do?

Told you I was a glorified clerk...duh!

What are my aims and desires?

#Error! Question does not tally with database! Try another!

What is my favourite dream?

The one I see in vivid colors ... You see I was given a B/W TV for dreaming :D

What is my dream holiday?

Too many on my bucket list... I am a traveler at heart.