Ek hazaroon mein meri behna hai ~ kaisi hai yeh khamoshiyan

Jan 2, 2013

Ek hazaroon mein meri behna hai ~ kaisi hai yeh khamoshiyan (By Arshi_Someone) (Thanked: 12 times)

Hey Guyz its been a massive long time i have began to write a story i stopped writing mid-way between my other story and i dont want to continue that so i decided i want a fresh start. I think i have introduced myself but anyways my name is ifra and i am 13 and i live in the UK. I am a uslim and a huge fan of ipkknd which has ended and ehmmbh .... Here is my new story hope u like it.

My story is basically about jeevika and manvi being seperated after she had been released from jail. They both had children .. girls whom are yearning to meet each toher and the story follows... (it will all be in english)

Chapter 1

Jeevika: my sweety cutie daughter what shall we name you.

Viren: Jeevika ..... my hardworking wife stop the work now ...

Jeevika: oh so on such a important day you want me to stop my work ...its our daughters name ceromony.

Viren: Ok come on lets think of a name.

Viren goes to his daughter ....

Viren: so what is your name going to be.. er

Jeevika: Mann...

Viren stops and looks and Jeevika...

Viren: see you havent forgotten her then why WHY not go to her see her ..

Jeevika: I promised her that .....never mind i cant meet her

Viren: So you live on the same house as her but you ..

Jeevika: I know this might b known as foolishness but i cant look at her it doesnt matter if we live under the same roof .

Viren: As you wish Jeevika but remember that when our and virats and manvis daughter grows up they will not forgive you for keeping the two of them far from each other.

Jeevika: I...

Viren: yes they are little and unknown of this but stil somewhere in there they know that they share a deep bond like u and manvi .

Viren leaves the room leaving jeevika thinking.....After a few hours she comes out ready for the pooja and suddenly se says mannu but then finds heself without her sister. Viren looks at her trying to make the meeting of the two sisters convincing to jeevika.

Swamini: Jeevika.....why dont you want to meet manvi

Jeevika: i just.....

Vanshika: didi just forget it im sure Jeevika has taken this decision very thoughtfully.

Jeevika: lets start the pooja.

The pandit/priest reads the mantra and finally asks what name will be kept....

Swamini: lets keep her name modern afterall she is our first granddaughter and i dont want to make her too holy so..

Everyone laughs and then jeevika says

Jeevika: i think we should keep our small models name shanaya..

Viren: great

Vanshika: jeevika Shanaya is perfect

Swamini: Yes it is

Jeevika: so final

Everyone says yes and the priest says that now the babys name is Shanaya...

Hope you liked it everyone i will do chapter 2 soon and please tell me any ideas and comment thanx

Jan 3, 2013

Continued (By Arshi_Someone) (Thanked: 11 times)

Chapter 2 - Manvi reacts and her daughters name ceromony:

Jeevika: Shanaya say mama

Viren; not fair she is going to say papa first

Jeevika sticks her tongue out and copys viren in a joky way

Jeevika: Not fair she is going to say papa first I dont think so

Viren: huh one minute

He carefully holds the baby and begins to act all sweet and says papa again and again.

Jeevika: oh viren ji she said anything i think i dont need to waste my time and tell beccause she is going to say mama first..

Viren: Jeevi...

Baby: b-uu-aa

Viren; Bua meaning manvi..

Jeevika becomes emotional and tears begin to roll down her face. She tries to make manvi seem inconsequential to her but still viren understands her and says that she cannot hide anything from him even if it isnt clearly said to him.

Jeevika: Manvi i love you ...

Viren: watch the first word our little niece is going to say is bua...too

Jeevika: (shakes her said saying no) Uh uh she is going to say badi maa ...... afterall i am mannu's big sister and hher mother

Viren laughs and the 2 share a hug.

In manvi's room

Manvi: virat tell me whats her name going to be.

Virat: haha i thought stayed awake last nght looking for a name. Sadly a man is always needed.

Manvi: virat stop messing around only if jeevika di was talking to me she would have thhouhgt of a name instantly.

Virat: then why its so unusual you dont see her and you are living in the same house..

Vanshika: Manvi... Virat come on

Manvi: forget this come on lets go....

Virat and manvi go downstairs.

The priest says all the mantras and finally asks for the childs name...

Manvi: hmmm i think shanaya virat how is it

Virat: errrr is our daughter gonna be modern..

Manvi punches him..

Swamini: Manvi Jeevika has kept that name

Manvi: oh

Virat: Manvi..come on dont think too much

Vanshika: Why dont we keep her name ashlesa

Virat: MOM noo way i think leena

Manvi: shut up virat i say isha

Virat: i say aditi

Swamini: i think we should join all the first letters of the names you have given... alia a= ashlesha l=leena i=isha a=aditi.

Virat: swamini bua ur a genius..

Manvi: her name is going to be alia.

After the name is confirmed everyone is sent into there rooms.

-jeevika's room-

jeevika: What must have manvi kept my sweetus name...

Viren: jeevika i asked virat they have named her alia

Jeevika: really it means shanaya and alia .....

Viren: ummm good choice..

-Manvis room-

Manvi: please bagwan ji forgive me its nly this time next time for sure

Virat: hey what u doing

Manvi: first time ive done pooja without di obviously its a big mistake...

Virat: manvi calm down dont worry im sure bhabhi must be doing the same i know you both love each other....


Virat hugs manvi .....

Thanx guyz and i hope i will get to chapter 3 or 4 by tomorrow bye and comment luv you all xxx.

Jan 4, 2013

continued (By Arshi_Someone) (Thanked: 11 times)

I really appreciate all comments thnx guyz ...

Chapter 3 ; Manvi decides a patch up


Swamini: Virat , Viren its been 2 years you havent eaten with your wives ... what promise have they kept.

Virat: Bua ive been asking manvi like crazy and she doesnt reply.

Viren: Correct

Vanshika: didi just leave them how they are im sure they will oonce again bond ....

Viren: maa wrong they have such a bond that no one can break and as far as they not meeting they suffocate everyday.

Swamini: thats right i think we should let time heal things up ..

Viren: oh yes i forgot dadaji will be coming tommorrow.


Vanshika: what about inder and kadambari

Viren: they will come after 2 weeks because inder chachu has some work thats why

Vanshika: oh

-Dinner is over : manvis room-

Manvi: virat has di ate ....

Virat: juliet has your sister ever eaten with us for the past 2 years she only eats after you have so hurry ...

Manvi: ok im going.....

-Jeevikas room

Jeevika: viren ji has manvi ate.

Viren: shes eating go check if shes eating properly.

Jeevika: yes

Jeevika hurrys but then forgets she steps back and says she cant go she has some work.

Viren: sigh Oh so here is my darling shanaya

Shanaya Baby: b-au-aa

Viren: umm mom and bua have had a long time break from seeing each other.. have you heard anything

Shanaya baby: gu -gu gu

Jeevika: Shanaya be quiet dont say anything to papa

Viren: huh

Shanaya stops the noises

Jeevika: Good girl..

Manvis room-

Manvi: i ate.... wheres alia

Virat: doing susu

Manvi: hahahahahaha

Virat: Manvi dont you think you should patch up with jeevika ...

Manvi: virat you dont understand the promise...

Virat: is this promise bigger than your sister..... is it bigger than the love between you...

Manvi: No it isnt but...

Virat: manvi listen to me you yet havent let no one touch your no one affect your relaitionship with her why

Manvi: but...

Virat: this promise has tried to break your bond with bhabhi for the past 2 years .....dont you think you should fight and front it like you did when you had cancer....

Manvi stands up from her bed confidently and wipes her tears.

Manvi: your right virat how can i become so selfish ..... im going to di right now...

Manvi stops..

Virat: now what happened my grandma..

Manvi: its difficult to palacate di she myt .. lets do this make plan..

Virat and Mani think for a whole 3 hours when ..

Virat: IDEA

Manvi: what

Virat: Tommorrow dada ji is coming and what if we ..

Manvi winks at Virat and they both shake hands happily...

Manvi: Di get ready t see your manvis face tommorrow i did tell you that i will meet you before my hair is white not oe hair has changed but its time that our fate changed ... Our bond isnt so weak that a fate or promise can break it...

Virat: man...

Manvi; No virat today in front of you i promise that i will meet di before my hair falls white....i promise...


Thanks guyz i will post chapter 4 tommorrow or tonight ..

Jan 5, 2013

Continued (By Arshi_Someone) (Thanked: 10 times)

Sorry for not updating yesterday : i will try my best to update every day

Chapter 4 ~ Dadaji helps....


Swamini: Bhabhi y r u worrying

Vanshika: didi today babuji is coming

Viren: Maa and Badi ma my question is why you two are worrying so much dadji will come with all preperations ready in this house... YES

Dadaji: oh stop worryiong everyone

Swamini: bauji u

Vanshika: Tarun get the pooja plater

The 2 ladies seek there blesings and vanshika does the veneration (aarti)

Dadji: be happy ..... where are manvi and jeevika

Everyone gulps...

Viren: dadaji u must be tired ill take you to your room

The 2 leave....

Virat:Manvi i think dadaji has come...

Manvi: virat i told you tell me ... idiot..

Virat: see alia your mom is calling me a idiot..

Manvi: y u telling the little kid coward ... now hurry and tell me when dadaji is alone...

Virat: ok hes alone resting in his room

Manvi leaves and as she enters she sees viren with him and runs out the room possibly trying not anyone noticing her being noticed when she went inside the room.

Virat: y did u come back u went after screaming and then come back

Manvi: are ur eyes eyes or buttons....

Virat: what can u see ...

Manvi: nothing are u blind jiju was in the room ....

Virat: so isnt bhai meant to be in the plan because hes a lawyer and he can help u much

Manvi: ur right

Virat: eeeeeee are ur eyes eyes or buttons... go now and hurry

Manvi goes to dadaji and he says hello to her along withher taking his blessings...

Viren: Manvi virat told me the plan so i brought dadaji on his own...

Manvi: thnx jiju...

Dadaji: yes manvi viren told me everything before i came...

Manvi: dadaji i swear i didnt mean to shout at di i know it was my mistake but....

Dadaji: no manvi just tell me what to do...

Manvi: ok listen .....

Manvi tells dadaji that he wil have to go into jeevika's room and ask why she never came for dinner and if jeevika says no dadji will have to make her give a swear on him so then she will come if she says yes all is well...

Viren: Manvi i dont think everything wil happen straight away but dont u thin....

Manvi: jiju trust me after asking di she will say no so then dadji will come bqack to us and i will tell the ahead plan...

Dadaji: oh yes where are my 2 little granddaughters....

Manvi: alia is mine and shanaya is di's they are both by virat now i think.....

They all go downstais..

Virat: namste dadaji hru..

Dadaji: bless u son...hello my 2 angels ..

He holds them both and virat gestures manvi she thumbs up and they both smile.

Manvi: (in her head) di tonight will be a important night...

Sorry guyz if you feel ive done a short uppdate thnx for comments and a small note what happened between the 2 sisters hasnt been revealed yet so dont get in a confusion

Jan 9, 2013

Another Chapter (By Arshi_Someone) (Thanked: 7 times)

Chapter 5 - The plan is excuted

Manvi: Dadaji ready

Dadaji: Yes

Virat: oho will YOU ask me

Manvi: What ???????

Virat: If you want to go on a date with me......

Manvi: hehe SHUT UP

Dadaji: I'm going Jeevika is in her room

Manvi: yeh now go

-Jeevika's Room

Jeevika: My Radha come on lets change nappy nappy .....

Suddenly, theres a knock

Dadaji: Can i come in?

Jeevika: Dadaji come in why ask

Dadaji: Jeevika dear please come to dinner on time ... swamani has told me that you come out of time....

Jeevika: No dadji im not hungary today...

Dadaji: (In his head) What did Manvi say ???????


Manvi: Make her take your oath


Jeevika: Dadaji

Dadaji: dear you are under my oath please come.

Jeevika: -hesitant- Ok da-da-jii

Dadaji: Bye dear ill see you at dinner....


Manvi: dadaji is back

Virat: what happened..

*****Dadaji act sad*******

Dadaji: she said no

Manvi: what

Dadaji: she said no ill come

Manvi: ***************HAPPY****************

Virat: YES YES YES....


Swamini: Tarun open the door

Viren: Hello

Manvi: JIJU di agreedddddddddddd

VIren: Wow ... but dont you think thnx goes to dadaji....

Manvi turns around

Manvi: Dadaji thank you sooooooooooooooo much

Dadaji: NO manvi i will make my family proud all im doing is trying to make the bond oof you sisters maintain again..

Virat: Ok if this emotional thing is finished can we have our free time before dinner

Viren: hmmmmm come on lets go ... err wheres alia...

Manvi: shes by mom

Viren: ok im going there ...

-Manvi's room

Virat: manvi

Manvi; mmmm

Virat gets closer....

Manvi: Virat what are you doing

VIrat: Manvi .......shuuuuuuuuuuu

Manvi and virat have no space to breathe there lips got closer when manvi suddenly spoke

Manvi: virat ....i

Virat: manvi dont say anything.....

*Manvi comes forward and grabs virat they botth came to the same position as before and then no disturbances...

They both kissed as they forwarded there lips .........


Virat: huh Was i dreaming

Manvi: Yes U were

* It was all a dream


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