My Message

Life is very limited and we have much more tasks to do ahead... so along with tasks we must also ,,,live our life as we like and enjoy every moment of life...

Who am I?

I am a very talkative girl. love to make new friends a lot. Sometimes become a very silent girl....

When did the heaven cry for losing me?

17th November,1999

What I love to do?

I love reading suspense, adventurous & romantic stories & poems. I love reading Shakespea,,re's books.I am crazy about Romeo & Juliet & "The Half girlfriend" by Chetan B,h,agat.

Where am I from?

I am from A'bad, Gujarat.

Whom do I hate?

I hate d people who backbite me..... I like people who tell truth on my face and not on my back...

What would I like to be called as?

U can call me anything u like to.... I m comfortable with every name...

What do I do?

I am now in 11th class and biology group...

What are my aims and desires?

I wanna be a Doctor ( cardiologist/gynecologist/oncologist)

What is my favourite dream?

To always be with my loved ones & also to meet Barun-Sananya

What is my dream holiday?

Australia to meet my bestie Aashi...She is like my life. My only friend who knows me in and out....

It's me Star aka Princess aka Chatterbox aka Sweetie aka Teddy aka Riya aka Ladoo aka Doll aka Gudiya aka Guddi aka Shreya