KyU DaRD haI iTNa TeRe IsHQ MeIN......

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Mar 22, 2013

KyU DaRD haI iTNa TeRe IsHQ MeIN...... (By Arshi007) (Thanked: 40 times)

HI !!!!!!!!!

i am arshi007.......

i have always wanted to write a story so today i am writing.......

love is a sweet poison....

LOVE is a chewing,it tastes sweet in the beginning and bitter at the end!!!!!!!

but its the best feeling anybody cud feel maybe they hurt u but if they r meant to b with u they will come back!!!!!!this is a story which not only defines and describes love but also the pains but finally all the pain can be erased with just a hug!!!!

beginning with love but in my story it all begins with a hate bond,2 souls together but apart.......


NAFRAT PAAS aane na de..........


he had married her but not exactly......

he married khushi but she was not his khushi,the bubbly girl!!!!!!!

he felt he longed for her but the terrace scene forbade him..........

afterall his di needed him and for that he had forcefully married her and made her an ORPHAN.....

luckily her family forgave her but she cudnt fogive herself for breaking their trust on her.she didnt know the reason for the marriage but she thought it was useless to question him.......

this story revolves around love and hate.......

Mar 23, 2013

KyU DaRD haI iTNa TeRe IsHQ MeIN...... (By Arshi007) (Thanked: 43 times)

khushi was no longer the same though all of them forgave her and arnav she was changed........

she no longer talked to arnav,yes,she did talk with him in front of family but alone,NEVER!!!!!!!!!!

she was d same but she seemed changed to arnav bcoz in front of him she never did any mischiefs like she used to do.......but with family she was the old KKG:bubbly and chirpy!!!!!!!

ARSHI ROOM:morning

she slept on d poolside though it killed her bcoz some of her sweetest memories with her arnavji lived there..

khushi woke up and went inside.her gaze fell on the sleeping arnav.a lone tear fell off the corner of her eye remembering his memories....she controlled herself and went to take a bath.after 20 mins she came to find arnav glaring at her angrily.

A:how many times have i told u not to leave this on the poolside??????(showing her the blankets)

K:i i......

A:what u????di came here and i had to lie to her for u thet we spend the night near the poolside and bcoz of the cold i brought this.....i cant imagine saying things abt US!!!!!dont know when this 6 months will end aur mai tumhe apni life se baher phekdu taki mujhe......

K:bas mr.asr i know u hate me....but to tell u i myself dont love u...

A:let me tell u dont deserve anyones love,who wud love a third class person like u??????

K:kis tarah ke insaan hai aap??????u dont know what is love and u r telling me i dont deserve it?????

A:ha tum jaise ladkiye to kisi ko bhi fasa lete aur phir....

she cudnt believe the man she loved was saying this when the only mistake she did was love him to d core.tears rolled down her cheeks listening...

A:yes and dont waste your tears on me,it doesnt effect me!!!!!!

saying he flung the blanket on the bed and banged the door shut storming out.

K:yes u r right,what is the use of wasting tears for a stone.

she wiped her tears and walked she headed downstairs two pairs of eyes looked at her with was shyam who didnt knew the secret of her marriage.

Mar 23, 2013

KyU DaRD haI iTNa TeRe IsHQ MeIN...... (By Arshi007) (Thanked: 35 times)

as he looked at her anjali called her

K:are anjali ji....

An:kuch nahi...

K:kuch hua,di...u look worried.

An:i will tell u but on one deal(sharth)

K:(to herself)le!bhai to aisa hai hi par behen bhi....everytime deals and deals

An:kuch kaha..

K:nahi to par deal kya hai?

An:aap hame di bulengi,bhabi!!!

K:theek hai par aap pareshan kyu hai?????

An:i dont know why shyamji is behaving like this?i mean he is angry all d time.

khushi knew the reason but she didnt dare say it....

K:lets go di and make food.

after setting the table all sat for between morsels shyam looked at khushi.arnav also saw this but cudnt help as he cant yell at khushi in front of he just thought it wud be better to leave

K:aap jare?

A:so...(he looked at the family)yes,i will be back soon(he faked a smile)

MAMI:so wat u wants phati sari humra matlab extra bahurani????buy 1 get 1 free...

NANI:manorama...koi baat nahi khushi bitiya,aap ka haq hai...

she started clearing the table and went to her room.

K:now what to do????arnavji is not like this kuch to hu,now i cant tolerate i will ask him why he changed.

she started recalling her scenes with arnav.


(she went near the poolside)


(when he tried kissing her on diwali night)


(the rain hug)


(when he kissed her cheek and she did the same)


(her broke down scene on wedding night)


just then she saw arnav coming inside

K:i thought he went to the office.....why wud i care???(to herself)

she ignored him and went and stood near the mirror and started combing her hair.but the next moment arnav hugged her from behind.she felt her pain evading and closed her eyes wondering he hugged her but she didnt care bcoz she was in his arms she turned herself and hugged back tightly,but happily......

why did he hug her?has he found the truth??did he ask shyam abt d truth and he told???

Mar 28, 2013

KyU DaRD haI iTNa TeRe IsHQ MeIN...... (By Arshi007) (Thanked: 31 times)

they hugged tightly,she felt in heaven.....suddenly she heard a knock,she tried to break apart and opened her eyes,but........found herself near d poolside.she got confused!!!!!!

K:did I imagine him?but why wud I imag...

there was another knock,she went to open d door and found herself face to face with shyam.....

(nani's room)

N:anjali bitiya,i called u to discuss something


N:i think theres sumthing fishy about chote and u remember when we teased chote before marriage,he got lost,but now he tries to change d topic or ignores it.if they did love marriage they shud have been like akash payal but they behave differently.i think they talk only before us,is sumthing forcing them???why r they like this????

A:i also think so,and now we need a plan

N:yes a big plan.....

(arshi's room)


S:why u did this?why did u marry arnav?did I do sumthing wrong?

K:this is my life I can do whatever I want u don't have d right to ask!

S:i know sumthing is fishy between u and arnav and I,ll find that out.son.very soon!!!!!

he leaves

K:(in mind)I don't know myself what wud I tell u????some days back he was so nice with me but can he do this to me????????I think that was arnavji but this is ASR but I wonder what I did wrong to deserve such....









(she recalled all her sweet and sad memories)

she controlled herself and went down to do c****s


arnav akash came home,they have food in silence.arnav thought before their  marriage the table was filled with khushis laughter but now.......he went to his room infact their room to console his guilt.....

N:khushi bitiya,go and see whats wrong with chote,he looks tensed


(arshi's room)

he was sitting on d recliner

K:wo...nani said u look tensed,any problem?

A:why wud u care?anyway its my problem I told u not to interfere in my...

K:I was just....just bcoz u were tensed I...

he gets angry and comes near her and shakes her shoulders roughly

A:dont u understand....LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

K:u r hurting m...

A:i'm hurting u??do u even know how much u hurted me,everytime??????

K:when did I hurt....

A:dont act innocent know well,i know everything about case of hurting eveytime I see u with....

there's a knock on d door.he leaves her and she opens d door.....nani and Anjali stand there

An:we thought a lot about this but it was of no use...

N:and we reached to this conclusion...

K:what r u talking,di?????

A:tell us directly

N:this (and shows some papers)(sternly)

An:have a look.(both tensed)

they shuffle thru d pages and r shocked

what r those papers?why r arshi shocked??r those divorce papers???

Apr 2, 2013

KyU DaRD haI iTNa TeRe IsHQ MeIN...... (By Arshi007) (Thanked: 36 times)

as they surfed the papers they found it to b......

N:ha chote,they r honeymoon tickets to shimla

A&K:what the.....

and they looked at each other

An:we thought after marriage u never got time to spend with each other so now u r going

A:but di I have a lot of work in office so I .....

An:i knew my busy chote wud say that so I already told akash about it so u don't need to worry.

K:but di we just got married and....

An:u and chote r alike but,but,but....

N:now we did the decision u r going so start packing u r leaving tomorrow noon

saying they leave

A:yeh mai kaha phas gaya,i don't want to spend honeymoon with u

K:i also don't have the desire to spend it with u (angry)

suddenly there is a power failure.khushi gets scared


A:i'm here khushi.dont b afraid i'll just get d candle.he brings 2-3 candles,lights them and keeps them on d table.

A:i will go and see if theres light outside....

K:arnavji plz don't leave me alone

Apr 5, 2013

kyu dard hai itna tere ishq mein (By Arshi007) (Thanked: 16 times)

wanted to thank all of u who liked and commented on my story,i'll update ASAP

Apr 6, 2013

kyu dard hai itna tere ishq mein (By Arshi007) (Thanked: 32 times)

A:its okay,i'll b back soon

K:but arnavji i'm afraid of d dark

he turns to leave but she grasps his hand

A:just close your eyes and imagine d person u love d most is with u,i have to just go and check everybodys room

she agrees.

she closes her eyes and finds herself in a park and someone is holding -her hand,none other than arnav,suddenly she feels a tap on her shoulder and finds arnav.

K:u came back so soon?

A:i think theres power failure in our room only,there is light outside but d others slept,wat will we do?

K:wat will we do?KKGSR is here to help u,find a spare bulb.

he gets one from d drawer

A:i had thi one,but khushi r u sure?

K:look whos scared the great ASR,i'll do it

saying she grabs d bulb,takes the stool and stands to fix it

he saw  her thiss cheerful first time after marriage,he  admires her-RABBA VE

she is busy fixing and does it..

K:see i did it,u were scared na?

she pouts her lips,seeing that he smiles 

she also smiles and r staring suddenly the stool breaks,khushi loses her balance and is about to fall but arnav grabs her hand but cudnt help but fall,she also falls on top of him-RABBA VE

they r lost,the breeze is fanning them,a strand on khushis forehead is disturbing him to admire his love

he cudnt resist and tucked d strand behind her ear

Apr 14, 2013

kyu dard hai itna...... (By Arshi007) (Thanked: 21 times)

he tucks d strand behind,both r staring suddenly his phone rings and their trance is broken........

he gets up and offers his hand to her,she grabs itand as he pulls she crashes against him.....RABBA VE

they remember all their good memories,d phone rings again.....they sraighten and he walks out

K:why is he like this,i saw love in his eyes just now and sometimes anger,wat does this mean????

outside room....

A:i feel her love for me then how come that day....and why wud this innocent eyes lie....wud they chjeat someone???now i have to find out d truth


A:khushi u sleep od bed today and i'll use d recliner..

K:no dont do me any favour i'll sleep on d recliner while u use d bed

A:do as i tell u!!!!!

K:ok,afterall u r my husband

they sleep


shyam enters d room and arnav is asleep he moves near khushi and is about to stab khushi when

arnav shouts: NO!!!!!!!leave her..u....

but he finds himself tied to d bed

shyam nears her more and stabs her


due to this she wakes up and goes near her and caresses his forehead

K:arnavji wake up!!!!!!!

he wakes up and finds her sitting by his side...

Apr 17, 2013

kyu dard hai itna........ (By Arshi007) (Thanked: 18 times)

A:run...khushi .....he will ...he will ....hurt u!!!!!

K:who arnavji???

K:i'm fine..ssh....

he hugs her tightly,she gets confused

A:promise me u wont leave me....


A:i was so scared

he starts caressing her back and hair

now she also hugs him back tightly

K:Look im fine

he calms down

she tries to break d hug but he is in no mood to do that

they felt  each others warmth after so much time

after some time he breaks d hug but immediately starts kissing her face

she closes her eyes in anticipation,he moves near her lips












but suddenly the alarm rings

she comes out of d trance but he is still in d position of kissing her

as he is about to do it she backs off......

K:ill get u water

she gives him water without even looking at him

he pulls her near him

A:khushi im sorry...i didnt mean...

K:actually i feel sleepy so lets talk tomorrow

she walks and lays on rec and he lays on bed

but sleep was far away as they lay wondering......

K:(mind)what just happened??why did he???

A(mind)why i did that??but how cud she betray someone her eyes speaks that she loves me

in a chain of thoughts they sleep

Apr 19, 2013

kyu dard ........... (By Arshi007) (Thanked: 17 times)


khushi woke up and saw him sleeping peacefully

she cudnt resist and ends up placing a kiss on his forehead

she shrugs a bit and slowly his lips curve a smile

it reflected the old arnav in him,her arnavji....

tears swelled in her eyes as she remembered how she had that smirk everytime he teased her

unknown to her a tear drop fell on arnav..

she felt d pain inside her but ignored it and went to bathe

arnav who had woken up with the wetness of her tears cudnt understand and in his heart he felt khushi was his..

he was in his thoughts when she came out clading a navy blue saree

she looked simple yet elegant......

she was applying sindoor by looking in d mirror

arnav felt sumthing pulled him towards her and came and stood behind her

suddenly his body felt an urge to hug her and he did that from behind

holding her tiny waist he placed his head on her shoulder

khushi was beyond shocked but arnavs hand around her made her to anticipate

but then he started placing kissess on her neck which send electric sparks in her body

he turned her and her heavenly face made him to near her lips as he was abt to touch them.....















there was a knock on d door and she pushed him aside

arnav stood there bewildered

she went to open d door and found anjali standing


An:khushiji i came to remind that u r going to honeymoon today at noon,so r u done with d packing???

K:yes....just little remaining

An:ok complte it and down

she leaves

khushi walks near d wardrobe and stars packing hers and arnavs

A:u do urs khushi,i'll do mine

K:no i can manage

after finishing she keeps d bags aside and starts to leave

all this while arnav had been staring her

but then he grabs her hand,nears her

A:i'm sorry,ididnt mean to do that what i did ju...

K:i have to go down we'll talk later

A:KKGSR ur not going anywhere until u listen

he pulls her even more closer and helds her wrist behind her

A:(huskily)i just wanted to say sorry for d night and now,i shudnt have as i dont have d right to do that

but .....i'm sorry

K:(avoiding his looks)its ok

she leaves...

A:i need to find out what is right

out d room

K:can sumone be like this????

eveyone has thier breakfast and its time to leave

 they sought blessing from eveyone and khushi has tears in her eyes

A:khushiji u know u r the first person crying while going to honeymoon

all burst out laughing...

they leave


 they do all checking and bord d plane

as they sat khushi gets d window one and arnav next to her

as d plane soars into d sky khushi feels awkward and arnav senses that

he holds her hand tightly making her comfortable

after some time they land

khushi helds on arnavs hand tightly as they reach MANALI

they see a board displaying mr and mrs raizada

A:there d driver ,di told me she booked everything lets go

they get seated inside


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