My Message

Hey guys i will write storys for all of you and i will try to make them really intesting ang and ,,,,,,nice. If you have any requests or complaints about me or my storys let me know.!!!!!!!!!!!!!,!,!,!,!,!,!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who am I?

I am always looking for nice friends:)

What I love to do?

I love to watch Ipkknd and Hindi movies

Where am I from?

I am from the U.S

What are my obsessions?

I Love ASR aka Arnav Singh Raizada and I love watching movies I also like Rk aka viven Dsena

Whom do I hate?

I hate annoying guys and i hate girls who think they are all that and most of all i hate girls w,,,,,,ho talk bad about me or my friends

What would I like to be called as?

I would like to be called as wat ever people want to call me

What do I do?

u usually watch tv serials on star plus or zee rv

What are my aims and desires?

my desires are to do something big

What is my favourite dream?

My favorite dream is to meet Barun sobti and sanya Irani