Appreciations for Apopinion

i love all your teri meri love stories series . Your stories have great strength of characters and strong love.And to say you a little secret i fell in love with all your MR perfect heroes. Eagerly waiting for your next series

Eagrly wtng 4 nxt updt of tmls.. Plz updt soon... N if der is any oder writng of urs excpt tmls n wntr brds,plz let me knw..i rly wntd 2 read ur wrtngs.. Tnx agn...

By Arshi_Admirer (Oct 3, 2015)

Sry ranveer n sur,rajveer n ruhi.i luvd both pairs..but abhay n amrit,dey stolen my its eklavya n nikki

By Arshi_Admirer (Oct 3, 2015)

Hi apopinion,am new here.just registered now.just becoz of your stories.Hats off dr.i read ol ur writngs-TMLS series 1-10,n winter brides series too.i liked,no i loved your each n evry i just wait for u 2 updt Tmls part-10 evry day.i jst fell in luv wid ur wrtngs.i just felt ol emtns wen i read each n evry line of it.i rly cnnctd to evry pair 4 eg:-abhay n amrit so adorable,ranveer n sur,eklavya n nikki.I rly rly appreciate ur skill.Tnq so much. With lots of love-Ur admirer.

By Arshi_Admirer (Oct 3, 2015)

I really like ur writing skills nd d way u express d feelings of d characters... I like reading bit ur short stories hav made me fall in love with d characters nd actually believe dat they do exist. Love ur writing...

By Nehal94 (Nov 11, 2014)

Hey Apopinion! Although I am a new member on this page bt I am enjoying your stories from last years...........I have read your all stories of this series ............The description of Characters as well as plot is fantastic makes u realise that u r the part of that life.....All characters including supporting characters play crucial role....All the best fr more beautiful stories....

By Suafar (Nov 9, 2014)

hey di lng tym after.luv d dings u pstd n dis morn.both sia one n sur.hap day .bye.take care

Your stories are very soulful. The way you express the emotions, the moments are very touching. It makes you feel alive and so connected with the characters and so much in that wonderful feeling of Love. Your stories are mesmerising and so I really wish you can create your blog so that they reach more people. All the best and hope for more wonderful stories from you.

By Abigail (Aug 11, 2013)

apopinion di ur story on ruhi and rajveer is boost of mine.i luv it moreeeeeee.i used to read the sty whenver i'm bad in mood. n d proposal of him to her stole my heart...thks u for d wndrfl stys.,,,

DEAR APOPINION , I am Arshinandhu and you may know me. I am a big fan of your Teri meri love story –part3.Ruhi and Rajveer are the people whom I like the most, I inspire the most in my life. The way Ruhi had outcome the hurdles and past is a lesson for youngsters.Rajveer, men should learn how to behave as a man from him. Your story has ended, not their journey. I am late in complimenting your story, I knew it. But I couldn’t stop myself from doing that.

I remember very clearly when you had first posted your story of Arjun and Mahi...and till date they remain my most fav.....i have to tell you have a very good way with words....just reading your works :)

Thanks Apopinion for the excellent stories. Your every story is so different from each other. Be it Arjun-Mahi, Ranveer-Sur, Rajveer-Ruhi or the latest Ronak-Suhasini and Rudra-Suhani all are different from each other in most of every aspect if we ignore that lead man always saves the woman, just kidding... Thanks for these amazing and awesome stories and looking forward for more wonderful stories from in you in future. Lots of Love and God bless you. Ron