Appreciations for Anushree

Dearest anushree, You are a dear friend and sister. I have always looked forward to your writting and work. I am in fact, glad to know a writer such as you. I can the more thankful. Please always keep up the good word and I consider it as an honor to know u! I knw some day you will be very famous and I will tell my freinds, children, hubby that this is a girl I knew! :) I live u loads, always remember that! I also, love your writing so please continue to write the FF. Love Aneesha

You are a brilliant writer with extraordinary narration and an entwined,thrilling,plot in every OS or FF that makes the reader gasp for breath. Whenever you write,we drown into the depths;be it romance,pain,confusion or anger.You grip the reader to the extent of addiction.You are a writer who I,always,look forward to learn and read.Brilliant! I have read your conversations and you are a person with warmth in your heart.May you always be the same;a fantabulous writer&a lovely person. Thank you.

By Charmingallaround (Mar 21, 2013)

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"Far beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field... I'll meet you there."-Jalal-ad-Din-Rumi