My Message

Keep a positive attitude towards life and follow the quotation, "People say that I have fail,ed 100 times but I would say that I have discovered 100 ways that can cause failure."

Who am I?

I am a crazy and chirpy girl who strongly believes that nothing is impossible.

When did the heaven cry for losing me?

Oh! That was years back, 25th May, 2000

What I love to do?

Write and read.

Where am I from?

I am from Nainital but currently I live in Ajmer. A patriotic Indian, I am.

What are my obsessions?

I am not obsessed to anything.

Whom do I hate?

Pople who can't respect their own mother, women.

What would I like to be called as?

I have a beautiful name, isn't it? Anu would do, actually. ;)

What do I do?

What students usually do, study, of course.

What are my aims and desires?

My aim is to become a neurosurgeon and stay connected with the supreme.

What is my favourite dream?

Ughh...In which I am sleeping.

What is my dream holiday?

Wherever I get to be with the people I love.

"Far beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field... I'll meet you there."-Jalal-ad-Din-Rumi