TS: Punishment

 Apr 30, 2016     3     7297     238     Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
By:    Chapter III - Punishment by Adree    

Hi all! This OS is for the OS dhamaka competition. Plz read and let me know how it is. I will continue it very soon. Plz read and cmnt... I saw her. My life, my zindagi lying on the road blood soaked     

ArShi SS | Love Heals |

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By:    Chapter X - Love Heals by Adree    

Love can heal anything and everything. Will this saying be proved right this time either or will it fail??     

OS: The Day That Changed Our Lives

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Hi all! I am writing this OS for the OS Dhamaka competition. My topic is rain. Plz read it and leave ur precious cmnts. Rain! He doesnt know what is the connection between him and rain. It always rai     

OS: Blood....

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By:    OS: Destiny by Adree    

Hi frnds.... This is my first OS... I m not gonna continue this... Was being super bored so wrote this... Please read and cmnt... She just ran away. She ran as fast as she can. She was scared to face     

OS: Suicide

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By:    OS: Suicide by Adree    

"KHUSHI.... KHUSHI...." He screamed while checking through all the rooms. She is nowhere to be seen. Arnav opened a door and saw something which would be the last thing on earth he would wan     

A & K | OS: The Birthday Present |

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By:    Thank you note!! by Adree    

OS: Death. Result of love and trust?

 Mar 10, 2014     2     2892     32     Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
By:    Thank You Note! Peep in. by Adree    

A preqeul of my OS: Blood. Peep in to find out the dark truth of Arnav and Khushi's life.     

Beintehaa - Pyaar ya Nafrat ?

 Feb 21, 2014     2     2257     11     Beintehaa
By:    Update - 2 by Adree    

Welcome to my world of || Beintehaa - Pyaar ya Nafrat ? || A collection of my edits on ZaYa...     

Episode 37 - ZaYa pics

 Feb 20, 2014     1080     4     Beintehaa

Episode 37 - ZaYa pics     

My VM Collections

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By:    New VM ! by Adree    

I'll post all the links of my VM here... plz check it out     

Beintehaa - My thoughts on first episode

 Jan 2, 2014     2     2111     7     Beintehaa
By:    AGREE......!!!!!! by Hibakhan    

love story between two individuals who are poles apart from each other. Very few serials have caught     

Rang Rasiya - 3rd episode: Paro, the bride.

 Jan 2, 2014     1610     21     Rangrasiya

Rang Rasiya - 3rd episode: Paro, the bride.