Posting new myView

Display Name: This will appear nor non members. It should be minimum 3 characters

Title: The heading for the myView

Preview: The myView preview as it appear on the main page listing

Preview Image URL: The preview image appears next to myView on the main page listing. The image url normally end in .gif, .jpg, jpeg, .bmp, or .png.

Message The details of the myView. All links except images and video will be removed.

Preview Button You can view how the myView would appear after submitting. It is important to check the preview if you are adding links in the myVIew to view how it will appear.

To Add Image links in the myView: You can provide the url of the myView by clicking button.
To upload images from your computer, please first upload it on image sharing website like, or and then provide the url.
The image url normally end in .gif, .jpg, jpeg, .bmp, or .png
To get the URL from an image on the webpage, right click on the image and click on 'copy image URL' or properties to get the URL of the image.

To Add Video Links in the myView: You can provide youtube/dailymotion/vimeo links by clicking button

If you provide any other link in the myView it will be removed.