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Mar 20, 2015

When We Met (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 110 times)

Hello everyone :)

This is a story of Arnav and Khushi. They’re studying in college. To know more peep in and read the story.

Character Sketch:

Arnav Singh Raizada : 23years old. Doing PG. He has a sister Anjali. A sweet boy only to his family and friends. Greek god in his college for the girls. Helps his friend. He is not arrogant person who hurt others feelings but when he gets angry no can control his anger but others think he is arrogant.He is not a talkative. His friend is Shyam Manohar Jha and Nk. Girls drool over him but he hate it totally. His Mom and Dad died in an accident when he was 10years old. He is living with Anjali and his Nani. He does not believe in god, because he thinks god has grabbed his parents lives leaving him and his sister alone in this world.

Anjali Singh Raizada : 18years old. She is a bubbly girl. Pampered by her brother Arnav. When their parents passed away, Arnav is the one who took care of the crying Anjali when she was 5years old. She is going to join in the same college where Arnav & Shyam are studying.Khushi is her classmate. She is going to do her UG. Living with Arnav and her Nani.

Nani : 65years old. She is the one who brought up Arnav and Anjali. A very sweet Nani. She will do anything for her grandchildrens.

Khushi Kumari Gupta : 18years old. A traditional girl. A very talkative girl. Always helps others. She is going to do her UG in the same college where Arnav & Shyam are studying. Anjali is her classmate. Her neighbor is Shyam. He is like her brother. She has no siblings.

Garima Gupta : Mother of Khushi. She is a good mom and good wife for her husband.

Shashi Gupta : Father of Khushi. A gentle man. He will do anything for his family. Khushi is apple of his eye.

Shyam Manohar Jha : 23years old. Doing PG. His cousin brother is NK. He is super cool. He never gets angry until he losts his temper. He can convince everyone easily by his talks. He has crush on Anjali, but he has never told about it to either Anjali nor Arnav.

NandKis**** Sharma : 23years old. Doing PG. He is talkative, a very naughty boy. He is in love with Lavanya. His parents are in Australia. Their business is established over there. NK loves India so he stays with Shyam..during holidays he spends his time with his parents..They come and see him or he goes to Australia, it depends upon the situation.

Lavanya Kashyap : 22years old. Completed her UG. She is in love with NK. As she has completed her UG, her parents are searching her a groom.




Here starts the story :

Lavanya’s parents has arranged her marriage. It is D-Day of Marriage. Lav tried to say about her and NK to her parents but everything went in vein. Her parents weren’t aware that she is already in love with NK.

Lav is talking with NK via phone.

Lav : Nk?!

NK : Lav, don’t worry

Lav : What don’t worry! Aaj meri Shaadi hai NK! That too with someone! What lover are you?? How will I be able to marry someone??!

NK : I will come there immediately Lav..please don’t worry.

Lav : I think there is no seriousness in your talk. Only two hours more for my marriage, but before the marriage takes place..I don’t know what I will do!? Got it?...No other girl will also marry you other then me got it?!..I’m not like other girls who say ‘After I’m getting married you should also marry someone NK..Don’t think I will say those words, never expect me to say those words also!’

NK : I’m coming there right now!

Lav : Arrey come fast..how much time I will also talk to you like I’m bold. Please come Nk..!!

Saying this Lav disconnected the call.

Nk : What will I do now?? How will I stop this marriage.

Arnav : What the? You are going to stop the marriage NK??

NK : Then what else will I do?

Shyam : You can’t do anything else but they would have spent more money for the marriage NK…!!?

NK : Will you both stop kidding me?!! Damn the money..Now my life is itself hanging..you both are worried about the cost?! Will you both help me or not varna mein..

Arnav : Varna kya?

Shyam : haan, what will you do?

Arnav and Shyam were smiling looking at NK’s childish talks.

NK : Varna mein…mein…hmm..

He went to the balcony.. ‘Haan..Varna I will jump from here and will kill myself’!!

Arnav : Why do you want to trouble others?? There’re lot more ways to do suicide. Hang yourself in the fan using rope.

Shyam : No Arnav, fan would fall if he hangs himself because of his weight. Then we will have to repair that too after his death. So its better he takes sleeping pills. So that without troubling anyone he can easily go and meet his ancesters.

Nk was thinking ‘I was just saying I would suicide so that these both will help me but its like these both will force me to do suicide and they themselves will push me off from any cliff..Very dangerous fellows..I should save myself from them’

Nk smiled sheepily and came back..

NK : ahh..um I have changed my decision.

Arnav : So which one are you going to try?

NK : What? I din’t get you Nanav..

Shyam : That only NK…Fan or sleeping pills..which one are you comfortable with??

Arnav and Shyam were compressing their smile looking at NK’s reaction.

NK : Nahinnnnnnnn….Its like you both will itself kill me?! Are you both my friend or my enemy?? Even my enemy wouldn’t do this to me yar!!!

Arnav : ‘Yeh dosthi hum nahi todenge’.. Arnav was singing..

Shyam : ‘Todenge dam magar, Tera saath na chhodenge’

Shyam also continued following Arnav’s lines..

NK : Yeh dosthi my foot!!!! Here I’m stuck between you guys and Lav..but you guys are singing cooly! You guys never thought me as a friend hai nah??

Arnav and Shyam hugged Nk.

Arnav : We were just kidding you dude.

Shyam : Ok we will do something like this..hmmm..Myself and Arnav will go and bring La. You convince her parents later.

Arnav : Yeah we will go and bring Lav..Hey but I don’t know how Lav will be..I have only spoken with her..

Shyam : I’m coming with you nah..I know her so, not to worry.

NK : Ok, you guys go and bring Lav..I will prepare to talk about myself and Lav to her parents.

Shyam and Arnav went to bring Lav from Mandap.

Shyam : Lets go in my bike itself Arnav.

Arnav : Yeah ok, otherwise we will get late if we go in car you are right.

Shyam : Ok, so as usual you itself ride the bike..Here you go the keys..

Shyam throws the keys and Arnav catches it. Arnav and Shyam were on the way to Mandap.

Arnav : Wait! But where are we going Shyam?!

Shyam : haaan to beach…! Oyi to Mandap only..

Arnav : Very funny, wait I will laugh and come..! you!!! don’t I know that we’re going Mandap?!

Shyam : Phir kya?

Arnav : Madap will have a name Shyam!!!!!

Shyam : Oh ****! We totally forgot about it! ,wait now itself I will call Nk and ask..

Arnav was driving, Shyam called Nk.

Shyam : Monkey!!

NK : What?

Shyam : Won’t you say the Madap name?

NK : You din’t ask, so I thought you both knew it already.

Shyam : God…say the Mandap name Nk, don’t make me angry!!!

NK : ok..ok..chill its Sheena Mandap..

Shyam : What?? I’m not able to hear..Say again

NK : Sheena..Sheena Mandap..

Shyam : Tk..ok bye!

Arnav : What?! What did he say?

Shyam : Some Sheeba mandap itseems..Go to Sheeba Mandap..


So now Shyam heard Sheena Mandap as Sheeba Mandap..

Precap :

Shyam : Khushi?

Arnav : Haan mein Khush hoon, Shyam. Even Nk will be Khush..Look I have brought Lav ;)

Shyam : That khushi nahin, I’m not talking about happiness, the girl whom you are carrying in your arms, She is Khushi not Lav!!!


   Hope you all liked it, If you liked it do comment and tell me how was it :)

Thank you :)


Good nyte :)

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Mar 21, 2015

When We Met (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 113 times)

Here comes the update :

Arnav : Get down fast Shyam, come lets go..

Shyam while getting down, he hurts his leg..His leg gets twisted and he falls down..

Shyam : Ouch!

Arnav : Kya hua..you’re ok hai nah? Come lets go

Shyam : No Arnav..

Arnav : What no damn it!?

Shyam : Do one thing, you go and bring Lav..I can’t move man!

Arnav : Oh Come on! I have no idea, how will Lav be?? Several times I have asked this Nk to show, but he used to say, directly only he will make me meet Lav..So I have no idea how she’ll be Shyam! Why don’t you just come with me!

Shyam : Ok fine, do this..Its obvious that in bride’s room only, Lav will be. So directly go to the bride’s room and bring her..Here take this handkie, don’t bring it near your nose..it contains chloroform..Bring her by backside, so that no one sees..ok?

Arnav : Should I do this?! Today I feel for having friends like you people!!

Shyam : Won’t you do this Arnav..? Yeah, you can’t do this..you are only good in studies! So how will you do this?!

Arnav : Arnav Singh Raizada can do anything! Look, now how I’m going to bring her!! Wait and watch!

Saying this Arnav entered inside the Mandap..

In bride’s room:

Preethi : Khushi..enough, how much will you make me ready?? And you are talking a lot today Khushi…Today you are not going to talk!! Meri Kasam!

Preethi is the neighbor girl ok Khushi. Khushi nodded in a ok with pout for not allowing her to talk..

Khushi replyed in sign language..

Khushi : Di..you are the one who used to say always 'in my marriage I will do like that, like this….' when I’m doing like this as your wish..why are you stopping me?? *pout*

Preethi : You are not my sister Khushi!!

Khushi : HAawwww???

Preethi : you are my sasuma!!, aacha tk..wait I will go to washroom and come..waise don't forget you have promised me that you won't open your mouth!!

Khushi : ok di :/..Go and fast and come..Obey your sasuma’s orders!! :P

Preethi went inside the washroom..

Arnav : What ****! , where the hell is Bride’s room?! ..

Arnav is searching the bride’s room..that time he notices someone.

Arnav : What is Shyam’s mom doing in Lav’s marriage..May be its because of this Shyam stayed away!? First I should move out of her sight..

At last Arnav escaped from Shyam’s mom..

Arnav : At last, the bride’s room..

He opened the door. A girl was looking at herself in the mirror and she was doing some sign languages..

Arnav : Ye pagal hai kya? Why is she doing some sign languages??..is she really Lav..?? hmm bechari Nk..

Arnav entered silently inside the room and he tricked Khushi somehow and he brought the chloroform near her nose and she fainted..

Arnav : Thank god..but why she isn’t talking?? Anyways, what did Shyam say?? I can’t do this?? I have already done it now! Shyam, here I come!

Arnav with lots of difficulty brought Khushi, esacaping from everyone..

Inside bride’s room,

Preethi : Khushi..Khushii…where did she go?? Hmm..may be she went down..

Back to Arnav : Arnav was carrying khushi like a baby..He some how managed to come out..

Arnav : What are you watching??

Shyam : Khushi?

Arnav : Haan mein Khush hoon…Shyam, even Nk will be Khush..Look I have brought Lav ;)

Shyam : That khushi nahin, I’m not talking about happiness, the girl whom you are carrying in your arms, She is Khushi not Lav!!!

Arnav : What the!

Shyam’s mobile ringed..

NK : Where the hell are you?

Shyam : Sheeba mandap only

NK : What’re you doing there?

Arnav grabbed the phone from Shyam.

Arnav : NK!

NK : What’re you guys doing there, Lav is shouting on me!

Arnav : We’re in Sheenba mandap only

NK : Sheeba? Voh kaun hai?

Arnav : Matlab?

NK : Lav’s marriage is talking place in Sheena Mandap, what’re you doing in Sheeba mandap!!

Arnav : Kya? Sheena?...wait now I understood who is behind all this, do one thing..you come directly to Sheena mandap..we will also come there..but before that I have got an important work to be done..Saying this Arnav gave a angry glare to Shyam.

Arnav disconnected the call.

Shyam : What?

Arnav  : Ye sab tumari vajse hua!

Shyam : dhyan se..Don’t leave Khushi..

Arnav : Khushi kaun!!

Shyam : The one you brought is only Khushi!! She is my neighbor!!!

Arnav : Neighbor? ..oh now I understand, that’s why I saw your mom..Is Khushi the bride??

Shyam : you saw mom??? And what??? Khushi is just 18 now Arnav..Now only she completed her 12th grade!!!..now I understand, today is preethi’s marriage!!!!!! That’s why Khushi is also here and my mom is also here…Thank god they din’t see you!

Arnav was happy hearing that Khushi is not the bride. Khushi was slowly gaining consciousness..

Arnav made here stand properly..

Shyam : Khushi..tum thik hoon nah??

Khushi did something in sign language..

Shyam : Kya?

Khushi showed her fingers towards Arnav..and she was cursing Arnav by just moving her lips..but no sound was coming..Shyam looked angrily towards Arnav..

Arnav : Whatt..I din’t do anything, I thought she was the bride..so I pressed her nose…while bringing the chloroform near it!

Khushi did something funnily in sign language went back angrily inside the mandap.

Shyam was scratching his head and thinking “what is she doing..why isn’t she speaking??”

Arnav : Shyam..When she is dumb itself she is scolding this much..what if she really speaks!!!

Shyam : Kya??

Arnav misunderstood that Khushi is dumb.

Arnav : Yes Shyam..when I went inside the bride’s room she was standing in front of the mirror and she was doing something..with her hands and she was talking to herself doing some sign language..that time itself I thought Lav won’t be mad like her..

Shyam : Excuse me! She is not mad ok..She is like my sister..and she is nottt

Shyam was about to say that she was not dumb..but he thought something Naughtily..and ignored to say it..

Arnav : What she is not??

Shyam : Kuch nahi..come we need to go to Sheeba mandap..I mean Sheena mandap nah..

Arnav glared looking at him..Then they both started going to Sheena Mandap and by the time Nk also reached there..

The three musketeers went inside the mandap..They planned to talk with her parents first..Arnav took the initiative..Arnav instructed Nk and Shyam to go to the Bride’s room and he will come along with Lav’s parents..

Arnav went to Lav’s parents…He told something to them..First they got angry on Arnav..

Arnav : App sochlijiye Uncle..app bhi aunty, but there is not much time..Your daughter has sacrificed her love for your respect..You wanted to see your daughter to be happy hai nah uncle…Your daughter is doing this much for you aunty..why don’t you want to see your daughter happy??

Aunty : We understand beta..but you are coming and saying at the last moment..you all could have told us before itself nah!

Arnav : We’re sorry for the inconvenience aunty..but at least we told now..I’m not forcing you..but just think about your daughter’s happiness and future..Its up to you now Aunty and uncle.We are ok with whatever you are saying, but we don’t want to hide it from you..so at least now you got to know about Nk and Lav..

Uncle : Beta..At least now you said….I think we should call off the marriage.

Aunty : Kya?..lekin..

Uncle : Its our Lav’s happiness, she has sacrificed her love for us..I would like to give her love back to her..What do you say?

Aunty : Lav’s happiness is our happiness..but now we have to answer others too for calling off the marriage..

Uncle : Don’t worry, I will see to it and Lav’s happiness is our happiness..

Arnav : Thank you so much Uncle, to you too aunty..

Uncle : Thanks to you beta..At least someone took initiative and informed us..otherwise after Lav’s marriage we would be thinking that Lavanya is happily living in her in laws house..

Lav’s dad first went and informed and talked about this to the groom’s dad..The groom's dad was ferocious..He even insulted Him..Then Arnav also came and supported Lav’s dad..Then the problem got solved and the marriage was called-off.

They all went to Lav’s room..

Lav ran towards are mom and dad..She hugged him..

Lav : I’m so sorry dad..its because of me you have to face these much insults…I’m really sorry.

 Lav was still crying..She came near her mom..

Lav : Maa

Lav’s mom gave her a tight slap in her cheek..

Lav : Sorry maa..she was catching her ears and saying..

Her mom also hugged and they cried.

Aunty : Why din’t you say me before itself Lav..Have we done anything against you?? If Arnav did not say me..then you would have spoiled your life itself beta..

NK came near Lav’s mom and dad..

NK : We’re sorry Aunty and uncle..

Uncle : Don’t call me as uncle and don’t call my wife also as aunty!

Everyone were shocked including Arnav..

Uncle : Why you all shocked..Are we looking that old?? Aren’t we looking young.. ;)

NK : Uncle…I mean not uncle..

Uncle : I was just kidding you beta..waise you are also not bad..

Aunty : Haan beta..Arnav told everything..about you..So only he was kidding you..

NK : Ye Arnav hamesha aisa hai..Patha nahin when he is in angry mode or when he is in naughty mode!!

Lav : Oyi..any ways its because of Arnavji, these all happened..So first thank him..Thank you so much Arnavji..

Arnav : That’s ok Lavanya..Arnav looked at Nk smirking..

Nk suddenly and hugged him giving a bone crushing hug..

NK : Muahhhhh..thank you so much bro!!

Arnav : Eikk…Keep your thank you with you itself…Stop wetting me!!

Everyone were laughing looking at Nk and Arnav..

Precap :

Khushi lying down in her bed..Khushi takes out a pic which was under her pillow..and she was speaking with it..

Khushi : You know what happened today..In preethi di’s marriage one man kidnapped me..I think he is Shyam bhai’s friend..Since I promised di that I will not open my mouth today..so I kept quite or else I would have!!!! Fine leave..I really miss you Gudda, I don’t know when I started loving you and I don’t even know where you are now or how you are now..please come back, if you were there then you would have not allowed him to kidnap me..

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Mar 23, 2015

When We Met (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 115 times)

Here comes the next update:

NK : Waise Uncle, I have told about Lav to my parents..They also liked Lav..They would like to talk with you..My parents are living in Australia and I’m staying here with Shyam bro..

NK introduced Shyam..                               

Shyam : Namaste Uncle and Anutyji..

NK : Maa and dad would like to talk with you..

Nk made international call..

Nk’s parents and Lav’s parents talked with each other and they liked each other.

Uncle : So Nk beta, so you complete your PG and your parents were also ok with Lav also continuing her studies..

Aunty : So after your studies, we can do marriage for you both…ok??

NK : Kyaaaa..Marriage after three years????? Nooooooooo

Shyam : Have some patience Nk..

NK : Three years uncle…how??...Hmm ok :(

Arnav : He is like this only uncle, madly in love with Lav..From now on you should also tolerate this alien creature!!

Aunty : Haha..be like this itself hamesha beta…

Saying this She kissed Nk’s forehead.

Arnav, Nk, Shyam helped them in clearing and packing all the things from Mandap..It became evening..Everyone went back to their home..Arnav came to drop Shyam in Shyam’s house with Nk.

Nk : Arnav..

Arnav : Kya?

NK : Don’t think I’m emotional but thank you so much Arnav..Seriously there’s no buddy like a brother like you Arnav..You know what sometimes being a brother is even better then being a super hero!!

Shyam : I think Nk is in full form Arnav..

Arnav : Nk, you are making me embarrass :P yar..

NK : You don’t want me to appreciate you?? :P tho tk..At least once in life I thought of being serious..but you guys never allow me to be so..

Arnav : Will you like to see a Monkey given more importance than you??

NK : Kya?

Shyam : So, if you are Nk..you should be like NK..and that serious type does not suit you!!!

NK : Ok, enough of the lectures!!

Arnav : Waise, today because of Shyam.. I kidnapped a wrong girl!!

NK : Kidnap?

Shyam : Haan, even I thought of asking it..How can you call Khushi as mad!! She is like my sister!!!!

NK : Khushi??...Now Khushi is also in this story??

Shyam : Haan Nk..by mistake, he came with Khushi..

NK : She started shouting hai kya??

Arnav : Being her neighbor don’t you know this also, that she is dumb..How can she shout??

NK : Khushi and dumb?? Kisne kaha??

Shyam : Nk…Nk, Khushi can’t speak..bechari hai nah voh..

Arnav : Haan..thank god she was dumb, patha nahin..if she would have spoke, I have no idea what all words she will use and scold me..In sign language itself she was scolding me!! Ufff..anyways I’m leaving..gtg..Anjali and Nani will be waiting for me..So see you guys on Monday..waise don’t forget to come from Monday..College is reopening for everyone on Monday..

NK : Tk bookwormji..

Shyam : Haha bye Arnav..see you on Monday, waise what about Anjali?? In which college is she gona join??

Arnav : Of course our college Shyam..hmm so ok bye gtg

Shyam & Nk : Bye…

Arnav went out..

NK : Hey Shyam, why did you say Khushi is dumb?

Shyam : I din’t say, he itself misunderstood like that..Anyways these things happens with Arnav rarely..So lets enjoy this..what say??

NK : Aacha idea hai..done!!..waise why were you asking about Anjali??

Shyam : Just a concern..kuch nahin..lekin that idea was good nah..

Shyam and Nk hifi-ed each other..Shyam felt relaxed when Nk, stopped asking why he asked about Anjali.

Arnav came out of Shyam’s house..that time he saw someone coming out from opposite house..She was looking familiar to him..

Arnav : So, she is here??..opposite house..

Yes, it was Khushi. Khushi also saw him..

Khushi’s thoughts “him??, how dare he kidnapped me!!, first I should ask about it to Shyam Bhai tomorrow…I thought of going out but looks like aaj mausam achi nahin hai!!”

Khushi twisted her lips doing something in anger looking at Arnav..and she went back inside her home.

Arnav : Pagal..hamesha ye aisa hai kya?..Why is she always talking to herself..Bahut ajeeb hai

Arnav went back to his home in his car.


Khushi in her home,

Khushi was lying down in her bed..Khushi takes out a pic which was under her pillow..and It was picture of a cute little boy..she was speaking with it..

Khushi : You know what happened today..In preethi di’s marriage one man kidnapped me..I think he is Shyam bhai’s friend..Since I promised di that I will not open my mouth today..so I kept quite or else I would have!!!! Fine leave..I really miss you Gudda, I don’t know when I started loving you and I don’t even know where you are now or how you are now..please come back, if you were there then you would have not allowed him to kidnap me..

Khushi : Even two hours back I saw him Gudda..Where are you now?? I’m daily talking with you, but Gudda do you even remember me??..Do you know that you hold a place in my heart that could be filled by no one else?? I love you and I wish you were with me..Why did you leave Lucknow?? Now I also left Lucknow..Now I’m in Delhi..kahan voh tum Gudda??..Its not same without you here..I still remember, we used to play in the yard..until that day came..hmm anyways good night Gudda..

Khushi kissed the the picture and she slept.

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Mar 24, 2015

When We Met (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 90 times)

Here comes the next update :


Khushi was still sleeping. The sun rays was disturbing her sleep. She was hiding herself from the sunrays behind her teddy bear.

Garima : Khushi

Khushi : mmmm

Garima : Khushi, wake up beta!! Its already late

Khushi : 5mins amma

Garima : No Khushi, you are going to wake right now..

Khushi : Amma aap bhi nah..you always disturb my sleep, now only I was about to see Gudda

Garima : Now in dreams also?? Khushi, I understand that you miss your best friend..and you very well know he hates it when you call him as Gudda (Boy Doll), he hates dolls nah Khushi..you love dolls so you pestered him to call you as Gudiya (Girl Doll) and he was calling like that as per your wish. You are really crazy Khushi, you call him Gudda, Duggu..bahut ajeeb hai!!

Khushi : Amma, stop talking about my Duggu!!! I really miss him amma..He was my only best friend..After he went I din’t even wanted to give that position of ‘best friend’ to anyone other than him.

Garima : I understand beta..but we don’t even know now where he is..But still you are thinking about him Khushi..

Khushi : Amma, please..Not in morning itself, you already know I will do anything for him..

Garima : But..Everyone will read/learn for their future because studies will only come with you till end..but when I asked you about it..what did you say Khushi?? You said you are reading for your Duggu…its because when you see him after some years..He should not feel disappointed that you are weak in studying because he was always the topper..

Khushi : Yes Amma, even now I’m joining in XYZ College because it is a reputed college and I can learn very well as well as I can increase my extra curricular activities there amma..When my Duggu comes back, I want him to be proud of me isliye!!

Garima : Khushi, you have to live your life for yourself also.

Khushi : Until I find my Duggu..I can’t amma. We din’t even know why he left..Even Duggu’s amma and papa also din’t say anything  and we din’t even know when/why they left Lucknow..Why did he leave us amma??

Garima : As you already know I even  tried to contact Anita (Duggu’s amma) also Khushi, but it was unreachable..Patha nahin where are they even or what made them leave Lucknow. Ok, don’t become sad now..Go first brush your teeth and come..Later ask the details about your college to Shyam..You remember nah, your college starts from tomorrow??

Khushi : No amma, don’t say to Shyam bhai that I’m going to join his college I wanted to give surprise for him..and I have an important work to do with Shyam bhai, why are you wasting my time amma??

Garima : Am I wasting your time??

Khushi : Haan

Garima : Pagal..chal

Khushi smiled sheepishly and she went to take bath.

In Raizada mansion,

Arnav was in Anjali’s room.

Arnav : The time is already eight and she is still sleeping that too she is covering her body fully from head to toe..Uff

Arnav came near Anjali who was covering herself under the blanket from head to toe..

Arnav : Anju..

No response

Arnav : Anjuuu…Wake up nah, its already late..

Still No response..

Arnav went inside the bathroom and he brought a bucket full of cold water..He poured it on her..

Still there was no response..

Arnav : What the! How can a person sleep even after pouring a bucket full of cold water?!!!!

Arnav with irritation removed the blanket and he was shocked!

Arnav : What the! Where did she go, yahan tho sirf pillows hai!!

Boooooooo “there comes a sound behind his ears.."

Arnav : Anju!!!!

Anjali : Buhahaha Bhai..!!! Kya hua? Why were you talking with the pillows?? Aap thik tho hai nah..kuch bath hai kya??

Arnav : Acting too smart eh…Look what I will do now..

Arnav was running behind Anjali and Anjali came running towards Naniji..

Anjali : Nani..Nani..dekho nah..How much years is Bhai old, now only he is playing catch and catch with me!!

Nani : Kya ye Chote..

Arnav : Nani, mein nahin..

Anjali went inside the kitchen..

Nanav : You have grown this old Chote..still you are running behind Anji beta..

Arnav : Nani, I swear I din’t do anything..Look she is coming..

Nani looked at her..

Arnav : That too without brushing she is eating Nani, you won’t say anything for this..but if she do any prank also I will get scolding..If I din’t do anything also I will only get scoldings??!!

Anjali : Kyunki..you are only Chote..Bade people won’t do any such things..Haha

Arnav : abb dekho nah Nani..please I have grown why are you still calling me Chote..

Nani : Tum duno bhi nah..I should blame myself  for everything..You both will fight now, later you will stick together as if nothing happened..So I’m not going to involve in any of your fights..

Nani went away..

Anjali : Kya hua Bhai..I think Channa did not Cook well :P

Arnav : Shut up!..First go and brush your teeth!!

Anjali : Bhai..

Arnav : No Bhai and all, first go and brush then let me say you how to behave in college tomorrow..ok?

Anjali : Kya? How to behave in college?? Bhaiya, I’m not a baby..

Arnav came near her..

Arnav : Lekin Anju, you are my everything..Mom, Dad also left us, and even I left her'    '..nothing forget it..

Anjali : Bhai..?

Arnav : I’m fine Anju..you go and get ready..

Anjali leaves the place and Arnav relaxes and tries to overcome his past..

Back to Khushi,

Shashi : Arrey, Khushi beta dhyan se..Why’re you running like this..You will fall nah

Khushi : Nahi babuji, ek zarrori Kaam..I need to go and meet Shyam bhai..

Garima : Ok you go..but eat and go nah..

Khushi : Nahi amma..I will eat later.

Shyam and Nk comes to Khushi’s home..

NK : Khushi..No need to eat later, you eat now.

Shyam : Haan, because we ourselves came here..So first eat.

Khushi : Huh, I thought of escaping from Mom’s food..tum duno bhi nah!!

Shyam and Nk brought a plate of rice and they feeded her like a baby..

Khushi : Bas..Bas..Then I will become fat!!

Shyam : Aacha? Nk she will become fat itseems..

NK : Very Good Humour Sense Khushi..You, that too becoming fat..If you eat continuously also you won’t become fat..

Khushi : Mein strong hoon!!

Shyam : Haan..haan that’s why it was very easy to kidnap you..haina NK?

NK : Haan..wahi

Garima : Kidnap?

Shashi : Khushi was kidnapped??

Khushi : Nahi Amma..aisa kuch nahi babuji..They are just kidding..haan haan hai nah..Come Shyam bhai, NK you also come..

Saying this she dragged them with her inside her room and Shashi and Garima did not understand what was going between the three..

Khushi : Tum duno pagal hai kya..

NK : Dekho nah Shyam, who is asking that question..

Khushi : Bhai, why did you say about the kidnap matter to Amma and babuji..they will get worried nah, so only I din’t say..

Shyam : That’s right, ok..and you should ask us why we came here now..

Khushi : I was about to come to your place, but to not make me stress you both itself came..am I right??

NK : Khushi, actually tum hamesha aisa hai kya?? Pagal jaise??

Khushi : Nk!

NK : Wait, I seriously have a doubt!

Khushi : Kya?

NK : Myself and Shyam are of same age..but you call him as Bhai and you give all respect, then what about me??

Khushi : Kyunki aap bhi meri jaise pagal hai nah..isliye..haha hifi..

Khushi gave a hifi and Nk also reciprocated as soon as she hifi-ed..

Shyam : Nk, may I know why did you hifi?

NK : She asked me to do so..isliye

Shyam : tum duno sach mein pagal hai..She is calling you also as mad and you are hifi-ing for that..Hey bagwan!!

Khushi gave a reaction to Nk like “Don’t care his words, he is not filmy like us..What we’re doing only is right” and Nk “Wahi wahi..Atlast you told something sensibly!!”

Shyam : Enough of your so called thoughts!!, Khushi..I came here to ask, which college have you applied??

Khushi : Voh Bhai..we will talk about it later..

Shyam : Khushi, its important more then other things!!

Khushi thought of diverting him and she remembered what she wanted to ask.

Khushi : Bhai and Nk, ek min..

NK & Shyam : Kya?

Khushi : Why did that friend of your kidnapped me?!!

Shyam : It’s a big story..

NK was narrating everything..Khushi was hearing everything like a story..

Khushi : You both can leave now and don’t ever meet me again!

Shyam : Kyun..what did we do??

NK : Khushi, whats wrong with you??

Khushi : Ask what is not wrong!

Shyam & Nk : What is not wrong?!

Khushi : Arrggg..Yahi tho bath! Sab meri galthi hai!! Please, leave!

Shyam : Arrey Khushi, kya hua?? I’m your bhai, will you not say to your bhai??

Khushi : Nahi! You din’t think me as your sister itself..:/

NK : Phir mein?

Khushi : How will Bhai think you as a sister Nk? You are a boy, so he can think you as brother and not as sister!!

NK went and hit his head himself against the wall..

Khushi : Bhai, what is he doing?

NK : Ye mental! I asked, then you din’t think me also as your friend..We are you best friends from the time when you came to delhi!! From that day, Shyam is your bhai and I’m your best friend and we promised to stay like this..but why are you speaking like this now, as if everything is over now!!??

Khushi : Looking at Shyam: If you've thought me as your behana then you would have told me about Nk’s problem which took place yesterday and Looking at NK : If you were my best friend, you would have told me yesterday itself and not today!

NK : Its not like that Khushi..

Khushi : Then like what?, how can you both hide this from me..when you think me as your sister and as close friend??

Shyam : We don’t wanted to trouble you Khushi, isliye..We din’t have any intentions like you are thinking..Thats why Myself, Nk and Arnav itself solved the problem..

Khushi : Arnav?

NK : Our friend, the boy who kidnapped you..

Khushi’s thoughts “His name is also Arnav?..Why did he keep Arnav has his name..huh”

Shyam shaked Khushi..

NK : Oyi kya hua??

Khushi : ah..haan

Shyam : What happened??

Khushi : Ku..kuc..kuch nahi

Shyam and Nk noticed that she was lost in her thoughts so to cheer her up..they thought of taking her out..

Shyam & NK : We feel like eating something..

Khushi : Lekin now only we ate nah??

Shyam : What about Golgappe Nk?

NK : Haan, come…ok then if Khushi’s tummy is full means what will we do..ok come let us both eat..

Khushi’s thoughts “Haww Golgappe’s without me??..How dare they..” Nk and Shyam left the place giving no chance for her to speak..they know that in next 5mins Khushi will be in their house, so they left..

Shyam went to change his dress to go out and Nk already changed..Khushi came to their house..

Khushi : Kya hua..why are you sitting here NK?

NK : Kyun Khushi..

Khushi : Ahh..voh Golgappe?? *puppy face*

NK was carried away by her innocent face..

NK : Aww my sweety, come here..will we eat leaving you alone??, wait Shyam went to change his dress..Till that lets watch Tv..

Khushi : Yaayyy..ok, we’ll watch..

Khushi and Nk were watching tv and they were watching songs..

Tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam was playing..

Khushi started humming along with it loudly

“Tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam

 Pyar hota hai divana sanam

 Tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam"

The landline started ringing..Nk went and he picked it up, he asked Khushi to reduce both the volume ie., tv as well her volume but she was not ready to hear him and she started singing wantedly lowdly..Nk was irked.

NK : Hello?? Kaun?

NK was not able to hear who was speaking..

Arnav : I’m only

NK : Here also I’m only!

Arnav : Bad Joke..

NK : Hey look, I’m not able to hear your voice clearly because of the loud noise..!!!

Arnav : Then reduce the volume monkey!!

Arnav heard some girl voice behind the call..

"Tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam

Pyar hota hai divana sanam

Abb yaha se kaha jaye ham

Teree baho me mar jaye ham

Tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam.."

NK : Arnav…there is a lot of disturbance here..isliye

Arnav : Wait..Kiska voice ye?

NK was thinking “Oh god, what if this Arnav find that Khushi can speak..hmm let me say something else so that he believes me”

Arnav : You there??

NK : Haan..haan..voh actually, songs are going on..actually the programme is like we can sing along with the song..So I don’t know who is singing it..Some girl is singing it in the tv..

Arnav : Ohh aacha..I was just bored so only called..Ok, anyways I’m not able to hear anything, damn your tv volume! ..will see you guys tomorrow bye.

NK : Bye.

NK “Uff thank god, he did not find and will this Khushi sing now only??..”

Shyam by the time came down..later they all went out and enjoyed eating and the day went like that..

Night,Khushi was lying in bed..As usual she took the picture..

Khushi : Duggu, I have got a news for you..That idiot who kidnapped me nah..his name is also Arnav..eh..why did he keep that name??!!!! waise tomorrow is the first day of my college..I have applied in the same college were bhai and Nk are studying duggu..I’m so excited to go tomorrow..patha nahi kyun..

Mean while in Arnav’s room, He was looking at the stars..

Arnav : Maa, paa…Tomo our Anju is going to join college..Days have passed very fast Maa..and after you both left, we also left from lucknow without even informing anyone..None of them in Lucknow knews that in the accident we have lost you both, everyone would be thinking that we shifted without informing no one would be aware of what happened..I miss everyone Maa..you, paa..even her..I hope I get back her one day..I have not told about her to anyone Maa..not even to Shyam & Nk..Only Anju knew about her..Hmm, life has changed too fast maa..You know what mamaa..I went back to Lucknow to meet her last year, but she has left Lucknow itself maa..Arnav was just talking his heart out talking with the stars.. 

Note : Nk & Shyam knew about Khushi’s Duggu but they don’t who is the actual Duggu..Khushi shares everything with them..So they know that she is doing all these things for her childhood friend…     


 Precap :

Anjali : Hi..I'm Anjali..Anjali Singh Raizada, friends??

Khushi : I'm Khushi..Khushi Kumari Gupta..Haha Of course Friends :)

Anjali : You did a great job Khushi..that seniors need it!! In the name of ragging they were crossing their limits, how dare they!


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Mar 26, 2015

When We Met (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 91 times)

Here comes the update :


Arnav’s house :

Arnav : Anju…Get up, get up..Today is your first day in college so wake up..fast..

Anjali : Bhai aap hamesha kyun aisa hai??

Arnav : Kaisa?

Anjali : Kadoos..

Arnav : Anju!

Anjali : phir Kya?! India got freedom long back but I din’t even get freedom to sleep!!

Arnav : Aacha aacha tk, I will hear your bakwass talks later..you first get ready and come down..

Anjali pouted and she went inside the washroom..

In Dining hall,

Nani : Kahan Anjali beta Chote??

Arnav : She will not come now Nani..For waking her up itself she was making a big fuss..

There comes a voice behind him..

Anjali : Bhai jooth mat boliye..Nani, look I’m all ready..

Arnav : What the!

Anjali showed her tongue..

Arnav : Pagal..

They were having breakfast..

Arnav : Anju waise, don’t worry if have any problem in college..your brother is there for you and no one will dare to tease my sister..

Anjali : Bhai..I’m not a child, I can take care of myself..

Arnav : No Anjali..I’m going to come with you till class and that’s final..

Anjali : Nani..you itself see nah..what bhai is saying, am I a child?? ..Even I told him that I will come with him to his class just to see his college when he was going for his first day to college.Did he accept it?

Nani : Anjali beta is right Chote..You did not allow her nah..

Arnav : Nani, she had exam on that day..to escape from that exam she asked me like that..you can’t compare like that now!!

Anjali : Bhai, We both will go together..I will see who will tease me!! So you don’t worry..I’m a brave girl because I’m Arnav Singh Raizada’s sister ;)

Arnav : Hmm ok..but if any problem means you should inform me!!

Anjali : Tk pakka..


Khushi’s house:

Garima : Khushi..Khushi..Where did she go??

Garima came to wake up Khushi..but Khushi was not in her room..

Garima came out in search of Khushi..

Garima : Khushiiii, now where did she go??...Shashi ji aapne Khushi ko dekha hai kya??

Garima : Now where did Shashiji go??

Garima was calling both the father and daughter..

Garima : Hey bagwan where did they both go??

Saying this she was about to open the door, there the both dad and daughter entered..Garima was shocked looking at them.

Khushi : Babuji..lagta hai, now we both will get scoldings from amma..

Shashi : I told you that time itself..don’t get nervous, but you did not hear me..So, only to make you cool we went to eat ice-cream..and now morning itself I’m going to hear your mom’s song..(Mom’s song is Mom’s scoldings :P)

Garima : What is going on here Khushi?? And Shashiji ye kya hai?? You are only teaching her all bad habits..will any one eat ice-cream during morning hour?? That too you are also eating and she is also eating..and which idiot gave you ice-cream in morning??

Khushi pointed Shashi and Shashi pointed Khushi..

Garima was angry..

Shashi : Arrey Garima, today is her first day in college nah..so I know she will be nervous so only I brought ice-cream for her yesterday night and I hid it inside refrigerator..

Garima : Then why are you also eating Shashiji when you brought it for Khushi??

Shashi : Khushi will eat alone nah..so to give her company I also brought for me..

Garima was now looking at Khushi to get answer from her..

Khushi : voh Amma..I told babuji that I won’t eat but he only insisted me to eat..We first planned to eat in my room only but if you came to know means you will scold us so only we went out and we were eating but you caught us..

Garima : Hey bagwan..What will I do with you both!!

Shashi : Arrey Garima..don’t worry, I won’t be partial I even brought ice-cream for you also..

Garima glared looking at Shashi..

Shashi : Khushi beta..you go and get ready..

Khushi went to her room..

Garima : It is not good to eat ice-cream in morning nah Shashiji..

Shashi : Khushi’s happiness is ours nah Garima..Thats why we named her as Khushi..So I will do anything for my beti..for our beti Garima..

Garima : You are becoming mad in her affection Shashiji..aap hamesha aisa hai..

Shashi smiled..

Garima : waise..Give her some advice too, for how to behave in college because in the very first day itself she should not fight with any of her seniors..

Shashi : Don’t worry I will talk about it to her..


Shashi : Khushi beta..

Khushi : Kya babuji..

Shashi: Don’t think that I’m speaking like a typical father but I’m saying it for your good beta..

Khushi : You are my hero babuji..So whatever you say is always right and I will just close my eyes and follow..

Garima : Opening your eyes and walking itself you will not walk properly, you will walk closing your eyes??

Khushi : amma..!!

Khushi pouted..

Shashi : Ok..ok jokes apart..See Khushi beta, if anyone pulls your leg/teases in your college today..don’t fight in the very first day itself beta..Have some patience and don’t start to fight with them and Shyam, Nk is also studying in the same college so they will guard you..So don’t show your fights skills to any of your seniors..ok??

Khushi : If they tease me..should I be quite???? No babuji..

Garima : We din’t mean like that beta..First after going to your class..you go and meet Nk and Shyam..You will only get problems so only we are saying..and we very well know about you..

Khushi : Hmm tk, but if anyone teases me I will teach them a good lesson..Fine I will not fight..

Garima kissed Khushi’s forehead..

Khushi : Love you amma..

Garima : Love you too beta..

Shashi : I’m also here..

Khushi & Garima : We love you too..

Shashi : Ok, come Khushi..Let me drop you in college today..

Shashi dropped Khushi in college and he asked her not to fight in the very first day..

Arnav also reached college with Anjali..

Shyam & Nk were on the way..Shyam was pestering Nk to get ready to go to college soon because he wanted to see Anjali..He was excited that Anjali is going to study in the same college..

Anjali : Bhai, you go..I will go by myself..

Arnav : Stubborn you are!!

Anjali : Bye :P

Arnav : you!! seriously mad…! Take care..

Shyam and Nk reached and they saw Arnav and they also come there..

NK : Anjuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


Arnav and Shyam closed their ears..

Arnav : Stop shouting you both!!

Shyam was looking at Anjali..

Anjali : Bhai is always like this only Nk..I feel pity for you both..Ok anyways I’m going now, got to find my class..

Shyam : Kyun? Arnav you are not going with her??

Arnav : She can find herself itseems!! And she don’t want to be dependent itseems..

Anjali nodded..

NK : Brave girl..Hmm that’s like my good girl..

Shyam was again falling for her braveness..Shyam smiled looking at her and Anjali also reciprocated smiling looking at Shyam..Shyam talked with Anjali through his eyes “Take care and all the best for your first day in college” Anjali smiled looking at him and she told bye to all the three..

Anjali was walking in the campus..

Khushi was also walking in the campus..10-12 steps behind Anjali..

There were some group of seniors..They were ragging the juniors..

Arjun : Oyi, you..

Junior 4: Me..

Karan : No your Daddy..hey pagal you only..come here..are you first year??

Junior 4 : No..I mean yes..

Looking at the other juniors..

Arjun : Now itself you are confused..then how will you read well in this college..Do you know who we are..

Junior 2 : Yeah we know you because we can see you, but I don’t know who you are!!

Karan : Back answering us?? Now you are going to do sit ups 100 times and not 50!!

Arjun : And you..Looking at the Junior 4, you are going to swim in the floor..

A girl was passing by their way.

Arjun and Karan started passing bad comments..Anjali who came there was fuming looking at their behaviour..Khushi who was coming back of her also noticed it but she remembered her father saying not to fight in the very first day..She saw Anjali’s reaction, she guessed that Anjali will blast them..So Khushi tried to stop Anjali but before that Anjali reached them..

Arjun : Hey Karan, look a girl herself is approaching us..

Karan : Arrey wah..Junior?

Anjali : (Sternly) HAAN!

Arjun : Karan..She is showing attitude..

Anjali was about to shout but before that she saw some girl giving signal behind Arjun and Karan..That girl is none other than Khushi..

Anjali’s thought “Why is the asking me to be quite??”

Khushi signaled her to wait and Anjali was watching what Khushi was doing..Khushi opened her bag and she quickly took out a fevicol which is used to stick for wood works..Since the Seniors were standing, Khushi poured the Fevicol in their place..

Anjali understood what Khushi was upto..Anjali guessed right..When Arjun and Karan sits on the gum then they won’t be able to get up unless they remove their pants…Anjali was giggling..

Arjun : Oh hello! Why are you giggling??!

Khushi appeared in front of them..

Karan : Did sun arise from west to east today..?? Girls are approaching us..

Khushi smiled looking at them..Anjali sensed what she was going to do..

Khushi : Seniorji..Ek request hai

Arjun : Senior'ji'??

Karan : Waise kya request??

Khushi : We’re juniors so we are standing but you are senior..and you are also standing?? We juniors should only give respect to you..So please sit down and its your juniors request..

Karan : (Looking at other juniors) Look how she is treating us..you all are also juniors like her nah..but look at her..

Arjun : Ok, so Karan..come lets sit..

Karan and Arjun sat down..

Khushi : Karanji..look something falled down..

Karan looked down..He was about to get up..but he was struggling to get up..Everyone started laughing..Seeing him struggling Arjun tried to get up and he was also not able to get up..Both of them were showing Circus and whole campus was laughing at them..

Anjali and Khushi escaped as if they din’t do anything..

Anjali : That was amazing..

Khushi : Haha..Lol yeah, I actually saw you getting angry..My parents advised morning only that not to fight in the first day itself, its like indulging ourselves in problems..So only I tried to stop you..

Anjali : Thank you..waise yeah your parents are right..but seriously what you did was awesome..ok bye gtg should search my class..

Khushi : Haha yeah that’s ok..fine bye, I also should go and search my class..Anyways we are in the same campus hai nah, will catch you later..

Anjali : Yeah, meet you soon..bye

Anjali left then Khushi also left..Khushi found her class first…

She went and sat in a two seater..She was looking at the door way..Suddenly she was surprised looking at the person entering..yes it is none other then Anjali..Anjali also saw her..Khushi waved her hand and Anjali also came and sat with her..

Khushi : Oh my god..you are also same class, we both could have searched together itself..and after leaving only I thought that I forgot to ask your name..

Anjali : My face became bright seeing you..seriously, god..thats what I was thinking, we both thought of meeting again but we din’t even say our name or department..

Khushi : At last we are from same class now..

Anjali : Haha yeah..hmm so hi..I'm Anjali..Anjali Singh Raizada :P , friends?? ;)

Khushi : I'm Khushi..Khushi Kumari Gupta..Haha Of course Friends :)

Anjali : You did a great job Khushi..that seniors need it!! In the name of ragging they were crossing their limits, how dare they!


Precap :

Khushi : Kidnapper!!

Anjali : Kidnapper?? Kaun?

Khushi : I mean bhai’s friend..

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Mar 28, 2015

When We Met (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 101 times)

Here comes the update :

Arnav : Hey what is going on there Shyam, why such a crowd?

NK : Wait let me go and check..

Arnav & Shyam were waiting and NK went to know what why there was crowd..

Nk : Hey guys whats going on here?? Waise why are these two doing circus..why are they not getting up??

 A Boy told what Khushi did.. “Karan and Arjun were ragging the juniors..They were passing bad comments, a girl got angry and she approached them..but some girl stopped her and she had put fevicol in their place..thats why they are struggling to get up..Unless they remove their pant they cant get up :P

NK : My god.. NK started laughing..

Arjun : Arrey yaar! Stop laughing!!

Karan : Why don’t you help us!!

NK : Never! you guys need it, between who are those two girls??

Arjun & Karan : Patha nahi!

Boy : Nk, don’t you know? One of girl is none other than Arnav’s sister..We don’t know who is the other girl

NK : KYA?! How dare you both ! to tease her!!

NK kicked them..

Arjun : Ouch…

Karan : Already we are struggling..please yar

NK : Chup!

Saying this Nk marched towards Arnav and Shyam..

Shyam : Kya hua NK?

NK was looking angry..

Arnav : What happened to him?? We both will only usually be angry..NK?? Whats wrong??

NK : Arjun and Karan!

Shyam : What?

NK : They were ragging the juniors..

Arnav : So, whats the big deal..they usually do that only..

Shyam : Yeah NK, they have no other work other then that..So why are you angry for that??!

NK : Its because they were ragging our Anju!!!!!!!! And one more girl patha nahin voh kaun!

Arnav : KYA?!

Shyam like a wind..He went in fullll anger towards them..

NK : Arnav, actually its you who should react like this..but look at Shyam..

Arnav : Come, lets go there first..

But before they could stop Shyam..Shyam already went..

Shyam : How dare you both!

Looking at Shyam’s anger Karan and Arjun din’t know what to do because now they can’t even run from there because of the Fevicol.

Shyam in anger directly went near Arjun first..In anger he just pulled him..


In his force, Arjun was successfully freed from the fevicol but his pant was torn..

Shyam : How dare you..He punched in his right..next his left..

Arjun was thinking ‘I’m alone getting all the puches?? He looked at Karan who was smiling silently looking at the torn pant of his..’

Arjun : Shyam believe me..Its that Karan who gave me idea to tease her..I swear, look even now he is smiling..

Shyam left him and he went to Karan..and same happened with him also..

Everyone were laughing looking at their pants condition..

Arnav : Shyam, stop it…

Shyam did not hear anything..

Arnav and Nk went near him and they both dragged him..

Arnav : I think this is enough for you both!! Don’t you even dare to tease any girl in this college!!

NK : If we see you or anyone of you doing like this with any other girls..You all have to face the same wrath from us!!

Arnav : We are warning you both!  Nikal jav yahan se!

Shyam, Nk and Arnav went from there and the crowd also moved..

NK : I am surprised..I expected this performance from Arnav but Shyam did it..

Arnav : We know about them and we know about Anjali too..She will not leave anyone who ever teases anyone..I was about to go but Shyam..I have never seen you in this much anger!!

Shyam : Leave it yar, first lets go and check Anjali..

Arnav : Come lets go..

NK : Wait guys, lets go during break hour..Already bell rang and Anju will be safe so don’t worry..

So all the three went to their class..

In Khushi and Anjali’s class,

Anjali : Khushi, seriously its like we have been friends for some long years..

Khushi : Haha yeah..you won’t believe it yar..I used to talk with everyone but I never used to be like best friend ..I used be friendly..

Anjali : But how did you accept my friendship Khushi??


Khushi : Patha nahin..After my childhood bestie..Its you who became close with me..that too very soon..

Anjali : Wow..Great me, haha love you Khushi.

Khushi : Haha love you too Anjali..

Two hours passed..

Khushi : I feel hungry Anjali..

Anjali : Me too..

Break hour..

Anjali : At last..come lets go to canteen Khushi..

Khushi : Wait Anjali, let me go and find Bhai’s class and come..

Anjali : Bhai? You have a brother..but you din’t say me??

Khushi : No No, Anjali not my own brother..He is like my own brother..He is my neighbor, he also studying in our college only but he does not know that I have joined here..I want to surprise him..So only, let me find him and come first..So you go to canteen..I will come soon..

Anjali : Yeah ok, come soon :)

Khushi went to search Nk and Shyam’s class..Mean while Anjali went to canteen..

Shyam, Nk and Arnav came to Anjali’s class..

Arnav stopped and asked a girl..Excuse me, do you know where did Anjali of this class go??

Girl : Oh well, she went to canteen with her friend..

Shyam, Nk and Arnav went to canteen..

Arnav  : She joined today only, now itself she got a friend??

NK : She is like me Arnav, not like you!!

Shyam : haha, but I still have a doubt..How did she be your sister Arnav??

Arnav : All fate..!! Her characteristic is like this Monkey!!

NK : Stop calling me and Anju as Monkey..

They reached canteen..

Anjali was sitting alone in the canteen..

Arnav : Anju..

Anjali : Bhai…aap

Arnav : I told you to say me!! if any teases you! Why din’t you say me????

NK : Hey Arnav, today only she attended her class..instead asking how were her classes today, you are asking about it now!

Anjali : That’s what Nk, he is always like this only!

Anjali was giving a cute expression twisting her lips..

Shyam : So how was your class today Anjali..

Anjali : Yeah, it was quite good..

Arnav : Waise, what are you doing alone in the canteen? Your classmate told me that you came with your friend..

Anjali : Yes bhai, I came with her only but she went to meet her bhai and her another friend.. and she is the one who poured that fevicol..She will come now

Arnav : Oh ok..

Shyam : Kya..seriosuly??

NK : But they need it Anjali..She did a great job..I think you got your partner in crime ;)

Khushi found no one in Nk and Shyam’s class so she returned to canteen dissapointedly..She was very excited to meet Shyam and Nk because after her Duggu she thought them only as friend..

Khushi entered the canteen..There was cool breeze..Her hair was dancing along with the wind..Arnav also felt something in his heart….He was feeling happy..

Anjali saw Khushi entering the canteen and she called her..

Anjali : Khushi..Khushi!! I’m here..She was waving her hand..

Shyam & NK : Khushi??

Arnav was like..now which Khushi is she??..I already miss my Khushi and nowadays I’m meeting a lot of khushi..

Shyam and Nk turned and saw who is Khushi and Arnav also turned….Shyam and Nk were shocked seeing khushi here and Arnav din’t know why..He was smiling a idiot looking at Khushi..

When Anjali called her..Khushi turned to her side and she was shocked seeing Shyam and Nk..So in happiness she shouted..

Khushi : BHAAIIII??? , NK :D

Khushi ran towards them..She was about to slip when she reached them..A two pair of hands catched her…She closed her eyes in fear..

Arnav : Open your eyes..you are safe

Khushi slowly opened her eyes..

Rabave Rabave..

Khushi : Voh..

Arnav made her stand properly..

Shyam : Khushi??

NK : Tum yahan??

Khushi : Surpriseeee, I applied in your college only Bhai, Nk..I was searching you both only, but you both are here..

Shyam & Nk : Voh actually, we came to meet Anjali..

Khushi : You know Anjali before itself??

Anjali : Khushi, I told nah..I have a brother, they are his friends..

Khushi : Haha waise ye meri Shyam bhai and my naughty Nk ;)

Anjali : So we all knew eachother…god it will be awesome..

Arnav was all while staring at Khushi..

NK came near Arnav.. Nk ‘oyi Arnav, why are you staring at her like this??’ Arnav ‘uh? I’m not staring at her’ NK ‘aacha??’ Nk smirked looking at Arnav.

Khushi came near Anjali..

Khushi : Kidnapper!! , what is he doing here Anjali?

Anjali : Kidnapper?? Kaun?

Khushi : I mean bhai’s friend..I mean voh ladka..

Anjali started laughing…

Arnav : Why are you laughing suddenly Anjali??

Anjali : Bhai, from when did you became Kidnapper???? :P

Khushi : Kya? Bhai?!

Arnav : Did you call me as a kidnapper??

Khushi : Haan!! You only Kidnapped me, so you are only kidnapper..

Arnav : Wait..How can you talk??

Khushi : Its my mouth I will talk, what bothers you??

Anjali did not understand why they were fighting..So when Arshi was fighting Nk and Shyam narrated the whole story till how Arnav misunderstood that she was dumb..

Arnav : What bothers me??? You can’t talk damn it!

Khushi : Why can’t I talk?!

Arnav : Because you are dumb!

Khushi : Kya? I’m dumb?? Who the hell told you!

Arnav : You were only doing some sign languages that day..

Khushi told why she did not speak that day..

Arnav : What? but even Shyam and Nk told me that you are dumb!

Khushi turned towards Shyam & Nk and she raised her eyebrows..

Shyam & Nk : Ahh....uh....well we need to go to library, we will catch you all later..bye

Anjali was thinking ‘they both are fighting..what will I do here??’

Shyam & Nk noticed Anjali..

NK : Anjali..like to join us?

Shyam : Haan, come..I will show you our Library…

Arnav : As is if you are going to show her Taj Mahal?!

All the three went from there leaving Arshi alone..

Khushi : If they say, you will believe them?? Don’t you have your own brain!!

Arnav : Give respect and take respect Khushi!..I have a brain that too more then you! And I’m the topper in this whole college!

Khushi : wow, nice joke but I don’t feel like laughing!

Arnav : You are such a annoying girl!

Khushi : Being topper does not make you a good person..Learn to speak nice with others!

Arnav : You need not have to take me lecture for how to speak!

Khushi : No one can teach you, because you yourself is god in your own world!

Arnav : Of course, I write my own destiny and there is no GOD!

Khushi : Stop talking against Bagwan!

Arnav : Who cares about him!

Khushi : him? Who?

Arnav : Your so called bagwan!

Khushi : Mind you tongue ! Anyways its waste talking with you and I hate you!

Arnav : As if  I love you?! I hate you too!

Khushi went in the right side and Arnav went in the left side..

After moving Khushi turned and saw Arnav..She was doing some funny facial expression looking at him..

Arnav suddenly turned and looked at her in that position (her facial expression) she stopped doing it and she just ran away as she was caught by him..

Arnav smiled cutely..

Arnav : Pagal..

Mean while Shyam, Nk and Anjali..

Anjali : Omg, they are fighting like they knew eachother for many years..

Shyam : Lol yeah..

Anjali : But they were looking cute together hai nah :P

NK : Wah Anjali, you guessed my thought..I was all while thinking about it only..

Shyam : But those two are like North and South poles..They hate eachother yar..

Anjali : Anyways we will deal with it later..Opposite poles attract each other Shyam..What say Nk??

NK : Yes..Give me a hifi

Shyam : but we can’t decide everything in one day..Lets keep an eye on them..Later we will decide..Ok?

Anjali : I think he is right..We can’t decide everything in one day..


I hope you all enjoyed the update, I think this update did not come up well..sorry for that, I'm not feeling well thats why I'm not able to type what i was thinking properly..and past two days i did not update 'When We Met'..So i myself wanted to give an update today..Will give a good update next time..

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Mar 31, 2015

When We Met (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 88 times)

Here comes the update :

College got over that day.

Anjali : Today our first day in college was awesome hai nah Khushi..

Khushi : Haan Anjali, I never thought I will be happy this much.

(Khushi was feeling happy because she saw her duggu, but bechari din’t know that Arnav is duggu)

Anjali and Khushi were waiting for Arnav, Shyam and Nk.

Shyam : Arnav, why are you happy a lot today??

(Arnav was happy because he saw his Khushi..but din't know that it was his Khushi)

Arnav : Matlab..

Nk : Matlab..you seem to be in good mood strings..

Arnav : Shut up yar..

Shyam : Kuch bath hai kya??

Arnav : Kya hua tum duno ko??

NK : Nothing happened to us..Something happened to you only Arnav..

Arnav : Mujhe kya hua??

Shyam : You should only say, how will we know??

Arnav : I don’t know!!

NK : (wink) But, we know ;)

Shyam and Nk hi-fi`ed.

Arnav : Unbelievable!

Saying this he walked fast..Shyam and Nk were giggling looking at Arnav..

They reached the place were Anjali and Khushi are waiting..

Arnav and Khushi were trying to give a disgusting look, looking at each other.

Anjali:  Shyam, NK..why you both are giggling??

Arnav : They became mad!

Khushi : That’s why I say Shyam bhai..and to you even Nk, stay away from some people!

Arnav : What did you just say now?

Khushi : Anjali, I’m talking with you three and not anyone else!!

Arnav : Haan Anju, even I’m talking with you three..waise I’m not interested in talking with any pagal!

Khushi : Kaun pagal?!

Arnav : The one who is asking it!

Khushi : (Innocence)I’m the one who asked it!

Arnav : So you should understand..whom I said!

Shyam, Nk and Anjali started giggling.

Khushi : Stop giggling!!

Anjali : Sorry..but why you both are fighting, always??

Shyam & Nk : Haan kyun??

Khushi : I’m not fighting with him..

Arnav : Then, am I fighting with you?

Khushi : You are the one who starts it!

Arnav : Stop blaming others, you are the one who starts the fight!

Khushi : Even you are doing the same, even you are blaming me now!

Shyam : Chup!! Ek dham chup!

NK : We just asked, why you both are fighting!

Anjali : For that also, you both will fight eh?!!!

Khushi and Arnav became silent..They turned the either side and they both stared looking at eachother turning slightly.

Shyam : Oh hello..!!

NK : First you both turn!!

Khushi : No! I won’t turn!

Arnav : I don’t even want to look at her!

Khushi : As if I’m eager to look at that Laad Governor’s face!

Arnav : Laad Governor?!

Khushi showed her tongue out and Arnav was irked!

Shyam : Hello!

Khushi : Kya?

NK : I think its better we leave now..

Anjali : Haan Nk, you are right!!

Khushi : Haan..voh bhi aacha hai..waise Anjali, you should come to our house as you promised..ok??

Anjali : Haan pakka..I will come..and you should also come as you promised ok??

Arnav : No, you are not going any where!!

Khushi : Kyun?

Arnav : I don’t want you to spoil my sister!!

Khushi : Aacha?? Then you should also not come to Shyam bhai and Nk’s house!!

Arnav : Kyun??

Khushi : You’re not allowing Anjali..so you are also not allowed!!

Arnav : She is my sister and they are my friends so I will come!

Khushi : Waise she is my friend and they are like my brothers!!!!

Anjali : Arrey, what is happening here!!!!!

Shyam : Please stop it yaar!

NK : Anju, you take Arnav with you fast and we will also take Khushi from here..then only they will stop arguing!

Anjali : Haan..thats the only way to stop them!

Anjali dragged Arnav from there and Shyam and Nk were dragging Khushi from there..

Khushi shouts back at Arnav when Shyam & Nk were dragging her “Laad Governor, I won’t leave you!! I will show you who is Khushi Kumari Gupta!”

Arnav shouts back “Oh really?! Lets see..I’m waiting!”

Anjali : Bhai..stop shouting, first come with me!!

Anjali started dragging him..

Shyam and NK closed Khushi’s mouth so that she will stop talking…


NK : Oyi..Khushi, why did you bite!

Khushi : You were closing my nose also, I was not able to breathe! I was trying to say but you were showing some actions that’s why I did like that!!

NK : Tu bhi nah!!!

Khushi suddenly shouted “Leave my hand first..Bhai you also leave, otherwise I will bite you also!!!” Shyam left her instantly..

Khushi started giggling..Khushi turned around..

Khushi : Anjaliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Anjali who was about to get inside the car..came out

Anjali : Kya????

Khushi : (puppy face) You won’t come to my house????

Anjali : (was melted seeing her like that) I will surely come today :D..

Khushi : Awww that’s so sweet of you..I win :P that Laad Governor lose :D yaaay..

Arnav came out of his car and he gave a look at Khushi.., Khushi din’t know what to do..

Khushi : Uh..eh..uh..Bhai, Nk come come lets go..why you both are standing here??

Saying this she ran away near Shyam & Nk’s car..

Shyam : She is crazy Nk :P

NK : When Arnav was near she din’t shout..When he is faraway she is shouting..After getting a glare from him she ran away :P She won’t change…

Arnav and Anjali waved bye to them and they assured that they will come there today..

Arnav and Anjali inside the car,

Arnav : Is she really mad Anju??

Anjali : Haha thoda..but she is cute bhai, look how she is behaving..She is different bhai..Its been a day and she is just behaving too kind with everyone and she became my best friend bhai..

Arnav : Yeah I accept that she is different..because she is a mad!!!!!

Anjali was giggling..

Precap :

Khushi : What are you doing here?! And why are you sitting here..!!!!!!

Arnav : My wish, I will do whatever I want!


I hope you all enjoyed the update

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Apr 4, 2015

When We Met (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 59 times)

Here comes the update :

Arnav and Anjali reached their house and Shyam, Nk and Khushi their house..On the whole journey

Khushi was cursing Arnav and Shyam, Nk were giggling.

Shyam : (Giggling) Khushi..please enough, he is our friend too..

NK : So at least give some respect Khushi..No one has even dared to speak like this about him, not even one girl/boy have dared to scold him as you did now :P

Khushi : I’m not afraid of anyone and especially him! He is a................

Shyam stopped the car and Nk spoke up to stop her from cursing him anymore.

NK : Not anymore..Bechari Arnav :P

Khushi : Bhai..why did you stop the car??..Did you stop the car because I was cursing your friend?? For that you will stop the car and ask me to get out of the car in the middle????

Shyam was not able to control his laugh, hearing her imaginations. He stopped the car because they reached home. NK was smirking looking at khushi.

Khushi : What? Why none of you is replying me?! And stop smirking looking at me NK!

Shyam : Look around Khushi…

Khushi was confused. She looked around. She felt herself as an idiot, she din’t even realize that she reached home but she was lost speaking about Arnav.

Khushi : So that’s why you stopped the car..

Shyam : Will I drop my sweet sister like that in the middle of the road?? How can you think about your bhai like that Khushi??

Khushi : I’m so sorry bhai..I..I...

NK : OkOk, just stop haan..I’m fed up with your brother~sister drama..waise Khushi I have a doubt.

Khushi : Kya?

NK : What is going between you and Arnav??

Khushi : Kya? What stupid question is this NK?!

Shyam told in NK’s ears ‘Hey why are taking this topic so soon NK? We need to observe them nah..’ Nk replied ‘I know Shyam..its just a start, so just chill yar’

Khushi : Oh hello! What is going between you both now, I’m also here!!!!

Shyam : Voh voh Kuch nahi Khushi..you guys carry on, I will go and fresh up..thats what I was telling to Nk..hai nah NK..?

NK : Haan haan Wahi wahi.

Khushi : aacha..even myself and NK also came now only nah, so we should also fresh up..so why you alone ?? Soemthing is fishy..

NK signaled Shyam to go inside..

Khushi : Arrey Bhai, I’m still talking but you are just going as if I’m talking with wall..Zarror kuch fishy hai!!

Shyam ran away inside the house as if he heard nothing..

NK : Haan Khushi something is Fishy..

Khushi : Haan NK, we should find it..

NK : Look, its coming from this side..I have found it!!

Khushi : Found what?

NK : Something Fishy khushi…Fishy..

Khushi : Matlab?

NK : Fishy smell is coming from that house only (He pointed some house)..Look the smell is coming from there, I think they are only cooking fish..

Khushi face palmed.

Khushi : Very Funny!! As if we eat Non-Veg!? you know all the smell!! I'm not talking about that fish, I'm talking about Bhai's behaviour.

NK : Phir kya? You are keeping on saying something Fishy-Fishy that’s why I said like that..

Khushi : Argg you will never change!

NK : As if you will change? , you are saying me..Waise still you din’t answer my question Khushi..

Khushi : Bakwaas question!! I’m leaving now, you and your bakwaas questions!!

Saying this she abruptly ran away.. Khushi’s thoughts ‘Kya hua hamae?..Something is wrong, I know this is also because of that Arnav’ Thinking this she ran away.

NK’s thoughts ‘Hmmm Khushi, let me see for how many days you will run away from the truth’

NK went inside his home and Khushi also went.

Khushi talking to herself : Eh..All because of that Arnav! I just hate him..I wonder why they kept my Duggu’s name to him..!! I hate him!!

Garima : Arrey Khushi kya hua? To whom are you talking??

Khushi : Khud se aur kisse??

Garima : Khushi..tum thik ho?? Why are you becoming mad day by day??

Shashi : Garima, how can you call my beti as mad..You come here beta..

Khushi hugged Shashi..

Khushi : Dekho nah Babuji, see amma itself calling me mad..

Garima: Then what will I call Shashiji?? She is talking to herself and if night comes, she talks looking at the photo of Arnav..

Khushi *pouted*

Khushi : Amma, why are dragging my duggu ???!!!!!

Shashi : Now only Khushi came, instead of asking her how was her first day in college..you are speaking like this Garima??

Khushi : Haan babuji..Amma is always like this…

Garima twisted Khushi's ears playfully.

Khushi : Ahhh amma..amma I’m sorry

Garima : hmm SO how was your first day in college??

Khushi was speaking-speaking-speaking..She was saying like Ramayan..

Garima gave a look to Shashi like ‘that’s why I din’t ask her anything..now see how much she is talking??..She is speaking non-stop, soon blood will find its way from our ears’. Shashi smiled sheepishly.

Shashi : Ok, beta..you continue it with your amma and I will be back soon..

Garima glared looking at Shashi for escaping alone, leaving her with Khushi. Shashi left. Garima was thinking how to stop Khushi from talking.

Garima : Khushi beta..go, change your dress..I will give you snack..

Khushi : Amma I din’t complete  stillll..wait

Garima : Khushi..I’m also a human being..How much you will talk Khushi..Being your mom, I myself is not able to bare you..I feel pity for your husband..

Khushi : Husband? Amma..not again!! Till I find my Duggu don’t take this topic, I know about my Duggu..He will also miss me..

Garima : Khushi..enough beta…

Khushi : Aacha tk..I told nah my friend Anjali, she will come here today amma..She is so sweet, she is not like that Arnav, amma!!

Garima : That Arnav??  Is it going to rain today..you are not taking your Duggu’s side and that too you became close with someone after many long years..and now you are calling your Duggu stating as Arnav??

Khushi : AMMAAAA

Garima : Kya?

Khushi : Amma, that Arnav..is not as you are thinking, my Duggu is sweet..but this Arnav is a Laad Governor..

Garima did not understand anything.

Garima : Matlab??

Khushi : Amma, Anjali’s bhai’s name is also Arnav like my Duggu!!! Who the hell kept My duggu’s name for him, argg..I just hate him Amma!!! I hate him..

Garima : Matlab, his name is also Arnav?? Khushi, what if he is your Duggu??

Khushi : NEVER! That can’t never happen amma..My Duggu is sweet..So don’t compare my Duggu with him..

Saying this she stamped her foot against the floor and she went inside her room.

Garima : Matlab, two Arnav?? Why am I feeling like that Duggu and this new Arnav is same..??

Thinking like this Garima went to bring snacks for Khushi.

Arnav’s house :

Nani : Chote and Anjali…you both came?? I have a good news for you..

Anjali was excited and she went near Nani..

Anjali : Kya Nani????

Nani : Manorama, Manohar and Akash are coming back to India….

Arnav : Kya???? Sach, mama and mami are coming..that too with Akash ??

Arnav and Anjali were happy because Mama and Mami took care of them as their own child, they never showed partial between Akash and them..

Anjali : Matlab, Akash bhai is also going to study with us???? :D

Nani : Haan beta and Chote, you should only get him a seat in your college..atleast somehow..

Arnav : Anything for Akash..Waise we are same age, I will talk to the college authorites explaining the situation so you don’t worry Nani..

Anjali : Naniiii when are they coming????

Nani : In two days beta..They are going to permanently shift from Australia and they will continue the business here and they will stay with us hamesha..

Anjali hugged Arnav.

Anjali : Bhaiii they are coming back :D

Arnav : Yes forever Anju..:D

Nani : Hmm so how was your first day in college Anju??

Anjali told everything till Khushi’s meet..

Anjali : Waise nani, I promised I will come to khushi’s house today, so shall I go??

Nani : I think khushi beta is good..There is no problem for me..

Arnav : What the! No nani..you should not allow her..

Nani : Kyun? Aachi ladki ye voh..phir kya?

Arnav : Anju, seriously..do you want to go to that Mad’s house??

Anjali nodded her head as yes and she left.

Nani : Chote..

Arnav : ji Nani..

Nani : I have a doubt..

Arnav : Kya nani whether that Khushi is mad or not??

Nani : Chote tum bhi nah..Is this khushi, the same Khushi..who used to play with you??

Arnav : Nani!! Please never ever compare my Khushi with that girl..I just hate her!!!

Saying this he went to his room..

Nani’s thoughts ‘What happened to him, Khushi beta seems to be good character as per Anju’s info but why is Chote behaving like this..’

Arnav and Anjali went to meet their friends.

Anjali forced Arnav to accompany till Khushi’s house so without no option he came there..

Anjali knocks the door. Garima opens the door..

Garima : Anjali??

Anjali : Ji aunty..Hello

Garima : Come inside beta..

Arnav was about to go..

Garima : Arnav?

Arnav : aunty?? How do you know my name??

Garima: Voh, Khushi only told me beta..you also come inside..

Arnav hesitated to come inside.

Arnav : Aunty, I have see you somewhere..but I don’t remember when..

(Arnav has seen Khushi’s mom in childhood nah guys)

Garima:  May be in market or while shopping beta..

Garima offered tea for both Anjali and Arnav..

Anjali : Aunty, where is Khushi??

Garima : She went out..she will come  now beta..You wait in her room..

Garima left her in Khushi’s room.

Anjali : Ji aunty..

Garima came out..

Arnav : Ok aunty, then let me leave..I have to meet Shyam and Nk.

Garima : Ok beta..have some snacks and go beta..

Arnav hesitatingly was having snacks..

Garima went inside the kitchen .

Khushi came back to her house..The door was opened so she directly came inside shouting ‘Ammaaa I’m backkkk..Arrey amma kahan voh aap’ Khushi without seeing Arnav she was shouting and she entered and Arnav saw Khushi entering and he cursed his fate..

Khushi did not see Garima..She was about to see the side where Arnav was sitting.

Khushi : Amma, where are you?? She started singing looking at Arnav's direction..Ammaaa Tera dhyan kidar hai? Tera hero idar hai…She was dancing as she is singing it for her mom.. She sung the line pointing her hand singing 'Tera dhyan kidar jai, tera hero idar hai'

That’s when her eyes met Arnav’s eyes..

Arnav : Mein hero? voh bhi tumari hero????

Arnav was thinking ‘Is is some occasion or she is always mad like this??’

Khushi : TUM?????

Arnav : Haan mein!

Khushi : What are you doing here?! And why are you sitting here..!!!!!!

Arnav : My wish, I will do whatever I want, any problem??


Khushi : Stop irritating me!! how dare you! You even took my amma to your side!! patha nahi what jadoo you did on my amma!!

Arnav : Aunty is sweet!! She is not like you..Even you did the same Jadoo on My Nani also!!


I hope you all enjoyed the update

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Apr 13, 2015

When We Met (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 67 times)

Here comes the update :

Khushi : What are you doing here?! And why are you sitting here..!!!!!!

Arnav : My wish, I will do whatever I want, any problem??

Khushi : Haan! Problem hai mujhe!!

Arnav : Aacha?? You have problem, ye tho aachi bath hai..Abb mein bahut Khush hoon..

Khushi got irked..

Khushi : Ammaaaaa..Ammmmaaaaa!!!!

Arnav was happily eating the snacks and he was smirking looking at her..

Arnav : Why are you calling aunty?? Why you also need snacks?? Here take this..

Arnav offered some snacks for her, smirking at her.. Khushi fumed in anger as he was continuously kidding her.

Khushi : Ammmmaaa!! Is there anyone in this house or not!!!!

Khushi started screaming…

Arnav : I’m there..Look even sofas are there..I think you have problem in your eyes, that’s why you are screaming (he imitated like her) ‘Is there anyone in this house or not’!! :P..Pagal!!

Hearing the scream, Garima and Anjali came.. Garima came from kitchen and Anjali from khushi’s room..

Garima : Ye pagli..why are you screaming like this??

Khushi’s thoughts ‘He is also calling me pagal, now even amma!!’

Khushi : Amma!! I’m not pagal!

Arnav chuckled..

Anjali : Khushi..kya hua??

Now only khushi noticed Anjali..

Khushi : Anjali…?? You came..Amma she is..

Anjali : Khushi..Aunty already knew me..So stop being formal..

Arnav : Ok anuty, I will leave now..Shyam and Nk will be waiting for me..

Khushi : Yeah ok ok..go out first!!

Garima glared looking at Khushi..

Garima : Tk beta..Whenever you come to meet Shyam and Nk, you should come here also..ok??

Khushi : Kyunnn????

Garima : Chup kar Khushi!!

Khushi started murmuring ‘Ye Arnav bhi nah!! Uski vajse amma is insulting me..that too Amma is insulting me in front of him!!’ ..Anjali heard her murmuring and she giggled..Khushi looked at Anjali and Anjali controlled her smile bitting her lips..

Arnav : Ok aunty..as you wish..I will come

He told it looking at khushi and Khushi rolled her eyes..

Garima : That’s like a good boy..Ok, Khushi send-off Arnav beta and lock the door and come..

Khushi : Nahi amma..you itself go..

Garima : Khushi!!

Anjali : Aunty, I will send bhai and lock the door..

Garima : No beta..Tum iss ghar ki mehman..Khushi I asked you to do!! And Anjali beta, you wait in her room..She will come after sending Arnav beta..

Anjali giggled looking at Khushi’s plight and she left to her room and Garima went to kitchen..

Khushi : What? What are you looking at??

Arnav : Kitna insults..Bahut maza aaya.. and what were you singing..Haan Tera dhyan kidar hai, tera hero idar hai ;)

Khushi : LEAVE!!!!!

Arnav smirked looking at her and he went out..

Khushi was about to close the door…Suddenly Arnav opened it, Making khushi jerk and she falled down when Arnav pushed the door on her face..

Khushi : Ouchhh!!

Khushi was rubbing her hip with pain..Arnav started laughing looking at her falling posture..Khushi gave an angry glare and Arnav suppressed his smile..

Arnav : I think its your day Khushi!!..wah wah!!

Khushi : Why did you return back??!! And whats the need to push the door in that much force!!

Arnav : I left my mobile..so I came back, but you were about to close so I just pushed..

He winked looking at her..Khushi was struggling to get up because of the pain.. Arnav gave his hand for help..Khushi was thinking whether to catch his hand or not..As she can’t get up herself, she needs someone’s help and No one is there right now other then Arnav..So she took his help..Arnav pulled her and She crashed in his chest… They were looking at eachother… *Rabba Ve*..Suddenly the door hit against the wall because of the wind and their eyelock came to an end..

Arnav : It was nice seeing you getting insulted Khushi!!.You are born to get insults..

Arnav clapped his hands to irritate her.

Khushi : Stop irritating me!! how dare you! You even took my amma to your side!! patha nahi what jadoo you did on my amma!!

Arnav : Aunty is sweet!! She is not like you..Even you did the same Jadoo on My Nani also!!

Khushi was confused..

Khushi : Nani?? I don’t even know your Nani!!!

Arnav : Before knowing her itself, you made some Jadoo!!

Khushi : Bakwaas bandkaro!!!

Arnav : Stop barking Khushi!!

Khushi closed the door on his face..And Arnav gave a weird look.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

Khushi opened the door..

Khushi : What now?!

Arnav : My mobile!!

Khushi went near the table catching her hip and walking like a pregnant lady because of her fall..She brought his mobile and gave it to him..Arnav started laughing looking at her walking style!!

Khushi : Stop laughing!!, you will not know my pain unless you fall like me..Take your phone and please just leave, just by seeing you inside my house itself..Look how much I have suffered!!

Arnav : But I have enjoyed..

Saying this he took his mobile from Khushi’s hand and left Khushi with open mouth by his reply..

Khushi started murmuring and she was walking in the same way rubbing her hip with her hands to to her room..Garima saw this and called her..

Garima : Khushi beta, why are you walking like this??

Khushi : Haan amma..haan now Call me Khushi beta but in front of that Laad Governor call me Pagli ok!!

Saying this she went inside her room..

Garima: Did she really became mad??

Anjali saw her inside coming in the same walking style..

Anjali : Arrey Khushi kya hua..Why’re you walking like a pregnant lady??

Khushi : All because of your Bhai!!!

Anjali : Kya? Pregnant because of Bhai??

Khushi was left with open mouth..As soon as Anjali said like that..khushi’s mind started imagining like being pregnant and That time also Arnav insulting her about her weight and the baby inside the womb was also kicking like saying yes ‘Mama you look fat..papa is right’ and baby was also supporting Arnav..

Khushi : Nahhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Anjali was startled..

Khushi : Your bhai pushed the door, when I was closing it..So I falled down!!!!!

Khushi sat on the bed, rubbing her hip..Anjali asked her, where has she kept the ointment/spray so that she can help Khushi..Khushi instructed where it was..and Anjali helped her with it..

Anjali and Khushi were talking for sometime..Khushi was talking about her family, Khushi was thinking to say about her duggu but she thought of saying it later.

Garima had a doubt that this Arnav and Khushi’s Arnav were same. She was lost in her own thoughts.Someone knocked the main door.. *Knock*..Garima opened the door.

Garima : Arnav beta?

Arnav : Aunty, bahut time hogayi..So I came to pick Anjali..

Garima : Come inside beta..I will call them..

Arnav came inside. Garima was anxious to ask whether about Duggu to him or not..So Garima thought of asking about his parents.Arnav noticed Garima’s reaction.

Arnav : Aunty..kuch bath hai kya?

Garima : Haan voh beta..(She was thinking what to say)..Beta, how are your parents??

Arnav face became dull and gloomy as soon as she asked about her parents..Garima came near him and she sat near him.

Garima : Kya hua beta??

Arnav : My parents are no more aunty..They are dead..

Garima was shocked..Garima was worried looking at Arnav.

Garima : I’m so sorry beta..

Arnav : Its ok Aunty..

Garima : No aunty..!!

Arnav : Matlab??

Garima : Call me maa..

Arnav was over whelmed hearing it..His eyes was sparkling..He was missing the motherhood..He had tears in his eyes.Garima wiped his tears..He made him lie on her lap..

Arnav : Thank you so much Aunty..

Garima : Phir se Aunty??!!

Arnav : Sorry Maa..No one has ever asked me to call them as Maa..I really miss my maa and papa..

Garima : Don’t worry beta..Now your this maa will take care of you..So don’t cry..

Arnav smiled while crying..

Garima : Ok, wait beta..I will go and call Anjali beta and Khushi..

Arnav nodded.

Garima while going to their room ‘Matlab, Duggu is not this Arnav, his parents are not alive?..Lekin still I’m feeling like he is our Arnav..but I’m happy seeing him calling me Amma..Don’t worry Arnav beta, don’t think there is no amma for you..’

Garima went and called Khushi and Anjali..both came down..

Khushi saw that Arnav’s face was gloomy..She was disturbed looking at him like that and Arnav avoided her eye contact..

Anjali and Arnav bid bye to Garima and Khushi and they left to Raizada Mansion.

Shashi arrived. Garima called Shashi and Khushi have dinner but after seeing Arnav like that..Khushi did not feel like eating..She refused to have dinner and she went to her room..

Shashi : Kya hua ??

Garima : Patha nahi..Don’t worry Shashiji, she had snacks..

Shashi nodded..

Khushi’s room,

Khushi took out Duggu’s picture..

Khushi : You know what Duggu?? Because of that Arnav, today I falled down you know..He was insulting me a lot and even Amma was supporting him Duggu, ye Anjali bhi nah, she was also eating my brain by seeing me walking like that and she asked me why I walked like a pregnant lady and she compared and talked about me and that Arnav, duggu..but patha nahi kya hua..Arnav was looking gloomy while going..He din’t even look at me Duggu…

Saying this she laid in her bed.

Arnav’s room,

Anjali : Bhai..don’t be sad..

Arnav : You know what Anju..I miss mama, papa a lot..I always see Maa in you..

Anjali : And I always see Papa in you bhai..

Arnav : You know what Anju..I was over whelmed when Khushi’s mom asked me to call her Maa after knowing about us Anju..Khushi’s mom is good..I understood it by looking at her..There was no fake affection..She showered me with pure-love affection Anju..

Anjali : They are good people Bhai..I told you nah…

Arnav nodded and Anjali left to her room..

Arnav was looking at the sky..

Arnav : I miss you all maa,papa..I don’t know why I feel happy seeing this Khushi maa..and Garima aunty asked me to call her as Maa..She showered me with all the care like you shower for me maa..

Saying this Arnav also went to sleep.


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May 29, 2015

When We Met (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 63 times)

I'm back now after the long back..I hope you all are fine :)

Here comes the next update:


Garima was saying about Arnav to Shashi..

Shashi : Kya? Even his name is Arnav..but Duggu parents were alive Garima..

Garima : Haan Shashiji..but I don’t know why..but something..

Shashi : Garima..What’s wrong ??

Garima : Patha nahi Shashiji..Arnav’s eyes were same like our Duggu..

Shashi : If he is our Arnav means he would have identified us nah Garima..

Garima : Lekin Shashiji..something

Shashi : Garima becoming old..you started behaving like a Fikar Minister (Worry Minister)

Garima : Kya?? I became old..Then what about you??!!!

Khushi comes down from her room getting ready for college and she heard Garima’s last conversation alone.

Khushi : Mere papa super hero hai Amma!!!

Garima : Lo aagayi, papa ki beti!!

Khushi comes and hugs Shashi side ways..

Shashi : Did you hear it, what my beti said, Mein uski super hero hai :’)

Khushi : Voh bhi hamesha..

Garima : Aacha baba tk..Your dad is the best..Why don’t you support for your amma also Khushi..

Khushi : Hmmm..Aacha tk

Shashi : Tk matlab? You are going to support your amma??

Khushi thoughts ‘Lagta hai..I’m stuck between them..I love you both Amma and babuji..Hmm, so let me do this..Let me know why are they arguing morning itself’

Khushi : Ok..First say me why you both are arguing morning itself??

Shashi : Voh Arnav..

Garima pressed Shashi’s hands indicating not to say anything..

Khushi : Kya?? I knew it..I knew it!! That Arnav is always a headache for me!!

Shashi : Khushi?? Tum thik ho??

Khushi : Haan babuji, mein bilkul thik hoon….That Arnav is only always eating my brain!!

Shashi : Garima?? Khushi is speaking like this about our Arnav like this?? That too first time she is talking like this..She scolds us if we talk about Duggu badly then how come??

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Matlab..they are talking my duggu and not about this Arnav..Huh mein bhi nah!!’

Khushi : No no Babuji..I will never talk bad about my Duggu..I thought something and I blabbered something..

Garima : Are you blabbering now alone?? Or is it a special occasion..You always blabber Khushi…

Khushi : AMMA *pout*

Shashi : Ok ok..Come lets have breakfast..

All the three had breakfast and Khushi bid-bye to them and she went to meet Shyam and Nk to go to college.

Shashi : Why is Khushi getting this vigorous on Arnav?? What did he do??

Garima : Why are you asking that to me?? Your daughter never likes any good people and she will yell at them only!! So ask it to your daughter itself!!

Shashi : As if she is not your daughter..She is our daughter and seems like Arnav has got a good impression in front of you..

Garima : Of coarse Arnav is a good boy!!

Shashi’s thoughts  ‘Mother is taking Arnav’s side and daughter is boiling if we take his chapter..Lekin Kaun ye Arnav??..’

Garima : Kya hua Shashiji?? Why aren’t you talking??

Shashi : Let me decide after seeing him..what character he is..Anyways I have also got to go for work, got lot of meetings today.

Shyam’s house :

NK : Hey Shyam, why is this Arnav always behind Khushi??

Shyam : Behind Khushi?? What do you mean??

NK : I mean why does they always fight..I meant that way Shyam!!

Khushi : Because he deserves only to fight!!

NK was shocked hearing Khushi’s voice..

Shyam : Arrey Khushi, got ready so soon??

Khushi smiled.

NK : She arrived at correct time Shyam..We are only delaying..

Khushi : Being a girl, I’m all ready but you both are not ready till now?!!

Shyam : 2mins Khushi..I will be back

NK was mean while having his breakfast.

Khushi : NK..Is this Bhai’s book??

NK : Yeah.

Khushi : Why din’t he keep it inside his bag?? Everything is scattered down like this??

NK : Do one thing..Keep it inside, So that it does get delay for college.

Khushi nodded her head.  She was keeping his books inside his bag..At that time she was keeping one of his book inside and a picture slipped down from it.. Khushi was about take it but suddenly Shyam came there and he took the picture.

Khushi looked at him weirdly.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘What was that?? Whose photo was that?’

Shyam was looking anxious. Shyam’s thoughts ‘Did Khushi see the picture??’

NK : Hey guys..what happened??

Khushi : Voh..A picture falled down, I was about to take it but bhai..

Shyam’s thoughts ‘Thank god she din’t see the picture’.

Nk guessed whose picture it was.. (I guess you all also have guessed it :P)

NK : He is like that only Khushi..May be picture might have falled from his s****book..

Khushi : S****book?? From when Bhai started having s****book??

Shyam glared looking at NK.

NK : Khushi its easy to ask question but its difficult answer..Aren’t you getting late for college??

Khushi nodded as yes..

NK : Go out and wait near the car..We will also come after locking the house.

Khushi marched out. Khushi was thinking ‘Something weird..I should find it’

NK : What why are you glaring at me Shyam?? I’m the one who saved you now!

Shyam : For that will you blabber as S****book eh?? From when did I maintain a s****book?!

NK : Same words for you also Shyam, its easy to ask questions..

Shyam : Wait! First say me, how did Khushi take my books??

NK looked here and there.. NK’s thoughts ‘I only asked her to take his books..If he know that he will bang me..Its better if I don’t say it..’

NK : Your books were scattered down so she herself was arranging it inside your bag..Whats the big deal..

Saying this he left. Shyam locked the door and all three got inside the car.

Mean while in Raizada Mansion,

Breakfast :

Nani : Chote ,Anjali..

Anjali and Arnav : Ji Nani..

Nani : Today night your Mama, mami and Akash are coming :)

Anjali : AAjjj???? Omg Im so excited Nani :)

Arnav smiled looking at Anjali..

Arnav : Ok then, myself and Anju will buy a cosmetic set while coming back for mami..

Nani and Anjali giggled.

Anjali : Ok Bhai lets start for college.

Anjali after bidding bye to Nani..left for college.

Shyam, Nk and Khushi already reached the campus and they were waiting for Arnav and Anjali.

Shyam : Khushi I din’t check..Did you keep all those books inside my bag nah??

Khushi : Yeah I kept all the books even Nk saw it..In fact he only asked me to keep it inside.

Shyam glared looking at Nk.. NK’s thoughts ‘Did anyone ask to Khushi whether I asked her to keep the books..patha nahi, whose face did I see this morning’

Shyam was about to blast him..Suddenly Nk took out his mobile..

NK : Hello..Hello, I think network problem..Hello

Saying this he was walked fastly..Looking at this, Shyam ran behind him..Seeing Shyam, Nk ran..-to save himself from Shyam.

Khushi : What happened to these both?? They only said, we should wait for Anjali and Arnav but they are running now..

That’s when Arnav and Anjali came there..Arnav was locking the car mean while Anjali reached near Khushi.. Anjali tapped Khushi’s shoulder..

Khushi : Hey..

Anjali : How is your pain now..

Khushi : Better Anjali..

Anjali : Waise why Nk and Shyam are running like mad??

Khushi : Who knows?? That’s why I asked them to avoid Arnav’s friendship..

That’s when Arnav reached there and he heard what Khushi told.

Arnav : Excuse me?!

Anjali looked at both Arnav and Khushi.. Anjali’s thoughts ‘Baapre..Phir se fight??’

Khushi : You are not excused Mr!

Arnav : Seriously are you mad??

Khushi : Nah..I don’t anchor Mad show!

Arnav : Kya?

Khushi : Rob only Anchors mad!

Anjali looked at Arnav and Khushi weirdly and she left the place..Arnav and Khushi were busy in arguing.

Arnav : Rob? Kaun Rob?! What rubbish?!

Khushi : M.A.D wahi programme..which is telecasted in pogo! Rob only anchors M.A.D!!

Arnav : Its conform you are mad!

Khushi : Oh really?! Then you are Dam!

Saying this she went from there..Arnav shouted back “What? Dam matlab?! What do you mean!”

Khushi : Reverse the word! You will know the meaning!!

Saying this she ran away..And that’s when Arnav got what she meant..

Arnav : What the! She is calling me as mad!!


Precap :

Khushi in Arnav’s house.



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