Life After Marriage 2

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Jul 26

Chapter 58 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 202 times)


Payal is sitting in the cafeteria from the past fifteen minutes.. Truly speaking, she was surprised when Akash called her this morning and requested her for lunch.. He said he wants to talk something.. About what.. She is still confused.. Sighing, she sat there impatiently tapping her foot when she heard a “ Hi”

She looked up and saw Akash smiling at her which din’t reach his eyes..

“ Sorry for being late” said Akash..

“ It’s ok Akashji.. You called me. that is the big thing for me.. You know what I have been waiting from our engagement day that you will take me on date but it never happened.. I myself thought to take an initiative but as a girl how can I.. I was afraid what might you think and what your family thinks as I know how orthodox your family is.. Finally you called me today.. I am very happy” said Payal in a excited tone..

Akash hopes crashed down hearing this… Here he came to talk about her opinion about their marriage and she is super excited for marriage..


“Akashji.. What happened ?? Where are you lost ??”asked Payal..

“ Nothing” said Akash..

“ Well.. Why did you called me ?? You said you wanted to talk something” asked Payal..

“ N…Nothing” said Akash..

“ I know why you called me “ said Payal.. Akash looked at her shocked..

“ You wanted to talk about that day why I insulted Khushi naa.. I know.. I did a mistake Akashji.. I was very excited and happy for marriage.. But that day my friends teased me saying that you don’t want to marry me.. They asked whether you are marrying with your will or due to some pressure.. They said I won’t get your love even after marriage.. You are not interested in this marriage, so you din’t took me to dates and won’t talk with me over phone.. I argued a lot with them saying that you like me  a lot but very shy but they din’t listen to me.. Hearing all that, I was disheartened and angry.. I wanted to talk with you regarding that matter.. So, I came to your house, but you were not there.. In that anger, I din’t know  how I am behaving.. Trust me, I  never meant to hurt or insult Khushi.. She is like a sister to me..” said Payal with tears.

Akash din’t understood what to say.. He was in a big dilemma now.. How can he ask her whether she agreed to marry him with her consent.. It is evident that she is happy and excited about marriage.. If  he say that he doesn’t want marriage now, then  he will hurt not only his family but also this poor girl who had high hopes in him..

“ Akash” hearing the voice Akash looked startled and found his Bhai and Bhabhi coming towards him..

Arnav is looking at him confused while Khushi smiling to him.. They din’t saw Payal until now as her back is facing them..

“ You said you are going to meet a friend.. Then what are you doing……….” Arnav is going to say something when they both saw Payal with Akash..

Arnav’s  anger  raised  to peak seeing  Payal while Khushi’s smile went off.. Akash understood that his bhai’s mood is messed up.. Payal’s eyes lit up seeing Arnav.

 “ Bhai… woo..” Akash is going to say something but Arnav cut off “ This is your important friend.. You could have informed me Akash that you are going to meet your fiancée”

“ It’s not like that Bhai” Akash said but Arnav said “ It’s OK”

“ Hi Arnavji..” said Payal excited.. Arnav din’t even acknowledge her..

“ Hi  Khushi” said Payal but Khushi faked a smile..

“ Arnavji.. How are you ??”asked  Payal but Arnav din’t said anything.. Payal got angry with his negligence..

“ Let’s move Khushi” said Arnav and was going but Payal stopped him..

She went near Khushi “ Khushi.. I am sorry for my behaviour that day.. I am ashamed of myself.”

Khushi  just nodded her head while Arnav looked straight.. Payal felt humiliated by Arnav’s behaviour..

‘ Why don’t you join us for lunch ??”asked Payal still trying to get a glance from Arnav..

“ No thanks.. We need privacy” said Arnav and dragged Khushi along with him..

Akash sighed seeing it.. He messed up big time.. he very well knew his Bhai doesn’t tolerate lies  but still he lied to him that he is going to meet a friend.. How can he convince his Bhai ??



At one of the private cabin, Arnav and Khushi  seated.. No one are  present in the cabin other than them..

“ Why are no one here ?? “ asked Khushi but then frowning “ Don’t say me you have booked this entire cabin”

“ Sorry to disappoint you.” Said Arnav and Khushi glared at him..

“ Laadgovernor.. Are you mad ?? Why did you spend soo much money on this ?? You really need to know the value of money” scolded Khushi..

Arnav placed his finger on her lips..

“ Chup.. bilkul chup.. I am doing this for my wife.. And you don’t need to worry about  money.. Your husband is already earning a lot of money and can afford more than this” said Arnav and made her sit on the table..  She still sat sulking..

“ Still angry “ asked Arnav.

“ yes.. but not for this.. You lied to me.. You asked me to bring a file and when I brought it you said you don’t even need that file.. It is your plan to bring me to lunch..Laadgovernor .. Already you din’t allowed me to sleep yesterday night and now I thought to sleep you called playing a cupid.. “ blabbered Khushi..

“ Then even I too din’t sleep baby” said Arnav..

“ Don’t call me that.. Okay.. You slept until 8 o clock skipping jogging but I woke up by 5.30.. Rakshas” said Khushi..

Arnav had a teasing smirk on his face and Khushi realized what she blabbered ..

“ You are teasing me” said Khushi angrily “ Today you are going to sleep on the couch.. This is your punishment Mr.Raizada”

“ What the.. You can’t do that” said Arnav shocked..

“ I am going to.. You need to know what happens next time if you tease me” said Khushi..

“ Ok baba.. I am sorry” said Arnav but Khushi looked away..

The waiter came for order and they both stopped.

“ Order for both of us” said Arnav.. Khushi nodded and immersed in the menu.

Arnav sat there thinking.. He can’t believe Akash lied to him. He said he is going to meet a friend but here he is with Payal.. He can’t stand this girl.. Once, he had a soft corner for that girl.. He is  seeing her from many years.. But now he can’t even stand sight of that woman after she insulted his Khushi.. He thought to rethink about this marriage and talk with Akash about it.. But here his brother is happily having lunch with that woman.. What he have to do now ?? He can’t ruin his brother’s happiness and he can’t let any one insult Khushi.. Even Khushi too felt uncomfortable with  Payal’s presence  which din’t go unnoticed by him..

“ Arnavji.. Where are you lost ??”asked Khushi shooking him.

“ Hmm.. Nothing” said Arnav.. Khushi knew he is thinking about Akash and Payal.. She din’t want to ask him and ruin his mood..

“ I have ordered the food” said Khushi.. Arnav nodded his head..

“ Puji came to me today morning” said Khushi.. Arnav looked at her confused..

“ She came to talk with me.. She said she applied for a job in Mumbai.. After Akashji’s marriage is over, then she will shift to Mumbai along with Bhai.. “ said Khushi..

“ You din’t say anything” asked Arnav..

“ What should I say ?? As much as I want her to stay with me for more days  until she  totally recovers, I can’t do that.. She is  trying to be normal  for us but I can see how much she is suffering from inside. If she stays more, your family won’t like it.. Mamiji already asked her to leave indirectly after Akashji’s marriage the day she came to Shantivan.. Di too won’t like it.. And even Payalji too said she won’t  like  if  Puji will be in house.. I don’t want my friend to stay and get insulted by any one..” said Khushi sadly with out meeting Arnav’s eyes..

Arnav sighed hearing it.. He too din’t  know what to do..If he want, he can fight with his family but it  will result only his family hating Pujitha more..

“ I have a request “ said Khushi slowly hesitating..

“ What ??”asked Arnav lifting her chin with his thumb.

“ Before Puji moves to Mumbai, plz make sure that her jijaji get arrested.. There won’t  be any  problem for her from his side..I am afraid  of her safety after what he did.. What if he or his family try to do something again” said Khushi in a worried tone..

“ Shh.. Don’t worry.. I will take care of that.. Pujitha will be safe.. I will assure you that” said Arnav placing his hand around her shoulder while she leaned to him..

The waiter arrived and both straightened themselves.. Their food is served and both of them engrossed in it..



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Aug 16

Chapter 59 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 221 times)


In the night:

Payal is in her room thinking about afternoon.. She was totally surprised when she got Akash’s phone this morning to meet at a restaurant.. She was puzzled why he want  to meet her at this time.. Is it anything related to that day when she insulted Khushi ?? She knew how much Akash respects Khushi.. He will definitely be angry with her.. Keeping her thoughts aside, she went to meet him hoping for the best.. When Akash came and his smile din’t reach his eyes, she understood something big is going to come in her way.. So, before he could say anything  she blabbered how much she is excited for this marriage. Seeing his fallen face, she knew she got succeeded in making him not to utter for what he came for.. Then came her Arnavji but with that witch.. She can’t stand that Khushi for a minute.. Because of  that Khushi, her Arnavji is angry with her.. He din’t even spared a glance at her.. She even apologized to that witch even though she hates her form the bottom of her heart but still  her  Arnavji din’t budge and stood still.. Even though she is with Akash but her eyes are still with then not leaving for a minute..  Arnav was totally lost in her..  This was always like this  from the past.. Whenever that  woman is in front of him, he will forget  everyone  and everything…   She  just wanted to pull out Khushi from Arnav and be with him.. Soon that day won’t be far..




 It was the next day.. The day Raizadas are set to leave to Rampur.. There was a hustle bustle in the house.. They will return after one month… HP is loading bags into the car.. Arnav is at the car instructing them.. Akash came there.. He knew his Bhai is upset with him for lieing.. Yet he talked with him normally yesterday..

“ Hmm Bhai..” called Akash..

“ Haan Akash..  Did you brought your luggage down ?? “ asked Arnav.

“ I am sorry Bhai” said Akash.

Arnav looked at him frowning though he knew why he is apologizing..

“ It’s Ok Akash.. leave it” said Arnav.

“ But Bhai…” Aaksh is going to say something but Arnav cut him “ I said leave Akash”

Sensing his Bhai’s mood is bad, Akash din’t say anything and helped HP in loading the bags..



Soon everything and everyone  are ready.. Arnav gave the keys to watchman to look after the house.. JP and OP had already left for Rampur in the morning itself. HP too started taking leave from them.. The trio had to be in Rampur for wedding preparations..

Everyone arrived near the cars except Khushi..

“ You all sit in the car.. I will see Khushi” said Arnav.

That is when Payal too came there.. Arnav’s face turned into pure distaste.. Pujitha and Shravan sat in one car..

“ Payal!! “ screamed Mami with excitement.. Arnav and Akash rolled off their eyes seeing her excitement.

Mami went and hugged Payal tightly.. Payal took her blessings and then she took Nani’s blessings too who blessed her half heartedly..

“ HHBB.. I can’t wait for this marriage.. Finally by beautiful son is going to get married” said Mami jumping like a child.

Payal came to Akash who is standing with Arnav, Shravan and Pujitha.

“ Hi Akashji” said Payal.

“ Hi.” Akash faked  a smile.

“ Hi Arnavji.” Said Payal but Arnav din’t even acknowledge her..

“ Pujitha, Shravan go and sit in the car” said Arnav to them not giving an ounce of attention to Payal.

Payal was again insulted by Arnav.. Others who witnessed the scene to din’t said anything due to ASR’s famous anger.

“ Payalji.. Why did you come here ?? I mean Maasi said you will come with your parents” said NK..

“ Woo actually papa got some important work today.. So, papa and mumma will come after two days. But I couldn’t hold my excitement to go Rampur.. So, I asked Manorama aunty and she agreed “ said Payal.

“ Ok fine.. Let’s leave..” said nani..

“Payal.. Come. We will sit in that car” said Manorama showing another car. Nani, Anjali, Shyam, Manohar and Manorama sat in the car..

Pujitha, Shravan sat in one car.. Akash is going to sit in that car when Manorama called him..

“ Akash bitwa.. Sit with us.. You have to drive the car” said Manorama.

“ No Maa.. I din’t sleep well yesterday.. So, I have to sleep in the car now.. I can’t drive.. Nk will drive the car” said Akash.

“ HHBB.. Seems like my bitwa got nervous of marriage.. He din’t slept well..” said Manorama.

“ I will sit in that car then” said Payal and went towards other car..

“ What is this Khushi doing ??”said Pujitha.

“ She is coming” said Arnav looking at the door where Khushi is locking the main door..

Payal came to other car.. The back side whole is covered with luggage… In the second seat, Shravan and Pujitha sat.. In the front, beside driver, Akash is sitting.. Payal is going to sit beside Pujitha but stopped by her.

“ Khushi is here Payalji” said Pujitha blocking her from entering the car.

“ She can sit in that car along with Nani and others” said Payal trying to control her anger.

“ No.. Khushi will sit where we all sit” said Pujitha.

“ Ok.. We can adjust even four members” said Payal.

“ It is not one hour journey to adjust.. It is seven hours journey” said Arnav..

“ Payalji.. You go and sit in that car.. You will feel bored in this car” said Akash..


Khushi came near to them running..

“ Shall we leave ??”asked Khushi panting.

“ Slow down Khushi.. What is the need there to run ?? We all won’t leave you and go” said Arnav..

“ What were you doing actually ??”asked Pujitha.

“ I checked all the rooms and doors whether they were properly locked or not..” said Khushi..

“Ok.. Let’s move.. Sit” said Arnav and make Khushi sit beside Pujitha neglecting Payal royally..

“ Payalji.. Go and sit in that car before they start” said Pujitha. That is when Khushi observed Payal.. She faked a smile to Payal to which she reciprocated and left from there clenching her fist angrily..

The two cars started from Shantivan leaving for their destination..

“ I am excited to see Sheesh Mahal “ said Khushi “ Arnavji said it is very big palace”

“ Really ?? Then even I too want to see “ said Pujitha.

They both started to talk about some random girl talks.. The guys are getting bored by their talks.

“ Stop it you both.. “ said Shravan irritated by their talks” Talk something useful.. Always talks nonsense”

“ Ok Bhai.. What type of wife you want ??”asked Pujitha shocking them.

“ What the.. What are you asking ??”asked Shravan.

“ Bhai.. That’s my husband’s line.. You can’t copy it..He has patent rights on it.. And well you only asked to talk something useful, so puji asked about useful matter only.. What qualities you want in your wife ?? After Akashji, it is your number, as your sisters, it is our duty to search for a bride for you” said Khushi..

“ Haan Bhai.. Say naa. We will search a bride for you” said Pujitha.

“ I am feeling sleepy” said Shravan and closed his eyes.. Both the girls tried to wake him up but he turned to other side..



Soon they reached the outskirts of the Rampur when the car stopped suddenly..

“ What happened Akash ??”asked Arnav to Akash who is driving the car..

“ I don’t know Bhai” said Akash.. Both of them got out of the car to see what happened.. Shravan too got down..

“ Ohh.. Tyre is punctured” said Shravan..

“ Is there spare one ??”asked Shravan..

“ Yes..In the trunk.. I will fix it” said Akash and went at the back side of the car..

Khushi and Pujitha too got down from the car..

“ Why did you both came out ?? Sit in the car” said Arnav..

“ Arnavji.. See there is a temple on the hill.. We will go and pray until Akashji fixes it” said Khushi..

That is when the trio observed the other side of the road where there is a temple on the hill.. There are flower and coconut vendors at the down of the hill.. There are number of steps to temple..

“ There are a lot of steps Khushi” said Arnav..

“ Jiju.. There are hardly fifty.. We will come soon plz” said Pujitha..

“ Okay.. Be careful” said Arnav..

“ I will go with them” said Shravan.. The trio left towards the devimayya temple on the hill..





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Chapter 60 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 209 times)


Sheesh Mahal:

Everyone from the car got down.. Subadhra is standing at the door to receive them.. She came smiling to them..

“ How are you Devyani ??”asked Subadhra hugging her friend..

“ I am fine Sumi.. How are you ??”asked Devyani..

“ I am fine too” said Subadhra and went towards Anjali hugging her..

Shyam stood there with a wide mouth looking at Sheesh Mahal.. he heard about it from Anjali but now seeing it, his greed awakened..

Payal is in her own world looking at it.. This is the place where her plans were ruined.. This is the place where she lost her love.. This time she is not going to give up easily..

“ Payal!!” Manorama shook her bringing out of her thoughts..

“ Ji Aunty” said Payal showing her fake love..

“ What happened ??”asked Manorama..

“ Nothing.. I was just amazed to see such a big palace.. It is soo beautiful” said Payal..

“ yes.. Sheesh Mahal is very beautiful.. I am happy that my son’s marriage is happening here” said Manorama.. “ Now come.. Take Dadi blessings”

Payal faking a smile went and took Dadi’s blessings.. She is thinking why others still din’t came..

“ Devyani.. Where are Chote and Others ??”asked Subadhra..

“ They were behind us Sumi.. They should have come by now..” said Devyani and turned to her son, “ Manohar.. Call Chote or Akash.. “

Manohar went aside to call them while others entered the palace..


In the temple:

Khushi, Pujitha and Shravan stood in front of the devimayya idol closing their eyes..


“ Bade malik.. leave me..” said Sunaina trying to get off from Vikram malik’s grip..

Pujitha opened off her eyes jerking..


“ No plz don’t kill him..Leave him” Shravan saw Khushi pleading while she is in the pool of blood.

Shravan opened her eyes frightened..

Again same dream thought Pujitha and Shravan..


“ I will get what I want Sagarika.. Ayush ji is mine” said a woman and stabbed from behind..

Khushi opened her eyes frightened and confused.. This is the first time she is seeing such a horrible dream..

“ Are you new to this village ??” The trio heard a voice and looked at the pandit with aarti thaal in his hand..

“ Ji.. We came for marriage” said Shravan..

“ Marriage!! Whose marriage ??”asked Pandit..

“ Akash Singh Raizada’s marriage” said Shravan..

“  We came here for my devar, Akashji’s marriage in Sheesh Mahal” said Khushi..

Pundit’s eyes grew wide hearing it..

“ So, you are Subadhraji’s family” asked Pundit..

“ Ji haan.. I am her bahu, Khushi.. He is my brother Shravan and she is my friend Pujitha” said Khushi..

“ Oh.. She is the DIL of Maliks.. “ thought Pundit..

“ When did you people came ??”asked Pundit..

“ We are coming now.. But as soon as entered the village, our car tyre punctured.. So, we came to take maa’s blessings” said Shravan..

“Is it any coincidence??” thought the Pundit.. He closed his eyes for a while and opened..

“ Devimaa wants to give her blessings first before entering the village.. So, she must have done this” said Pundit “ You definitely need her blessings”

“ Yes.. We are glad we came here” said Khushi..

“ We will take your leave now” said Shravan but Pundit stopped them and gave them sacred threads..

“ Tie them on your hands, she will protect you and gives you strength” said Pundit..

The trio looked at the Pundit weirdly.. Shrugging off , they left from there..



When they came to the car, both the brothers have changed the tyre and were ready to go..

“ Done pestering your devimayya” asked Arnav to Khushi..

She hit him on his chest..

“ I am not pestering her.. I am praying her” said Khushi..

“What do you always pray her ??”asked Arnav..

“ What do you think I will ask her ??”asked back Khushi..

“ What will you ask ?? Please Devimayya.. Keep Arnavji safe always and keep my family happy ..ISn’t it ??”asked Arnav looking at her lovingly.. Khushi nodded her head lost in his eyes.. He kissed her forehead lovingly and both lost in each other..

Shravan cleared his throat bringing them out of their world.. They both looked at Shravan who is looking at them with raised eyebrows and Akash, Pujitha suppressing their smiles..

“ If your PDA is over, then shall we leave “ said Shravan.

Both felt embarrassed and they all got into the car starting to Sheesh Mahal..



Akash stopped the car before Sheesh Mahal.. Devyani and Subadhra who are tensed about their late sighed in relief..

Arnav and Akash went near Subadhra and took her blessings.. Shravan too wished her..

Khushi and Pujitha on the other hand stood looking at Sheesh Mahal.. They are looking at it without blinking..

“ It feels as if  I have a strong connection with this Mahal” said Khushi..

“ Me too. I think I have seen this many times and roamed here.. It feels as if I know each and every place of this palace” said  Pujitha..

“ yeah.. I too know each and every corner of this palace” said Khushi..

“ Khushi Bitiya..” Nani’s voice brought her out of her reverie..

Both went near others.. Khushi took Dadi’s blessings..

“ Come.. let’s go inside” said Nani..

“ Wait Devyani.. Khushi  is the bahu of Maliks.. She need to do some rituals before  entering into the house” said Subadhra..

Khushi nodded her head..

Dadi then called Chaturi, who came with a thali.. Dadi gave the thali to Khushi which have a new lehenga and jewellary..

“ These are the ancestors jewellery and bride should wear them while entering for the first time..” said Dadi..

“ Chaturi will show you outhouse where you should change and come” said Dadi and signed to Chaturi..

“ Come with me Chote  Malkin” said Chaturi and Khushi followed her.. Pujitha too left with her to help her..


After sometime, Khushi returned back to Sheesh Mahal.. Dadi looked at her and felt contented.. Arnav’s breathe struck in him.. Nani and Mami too looked at her smiling.. Payal as usual fuming in anger along with Anjali.. Anjali asked many times for  Dadi to give her jewellary but she plainly refused saying they are only for DIL..

“ Come.. Let’s start” said Dadi..

Khushi then first immersed her hands in vermillion water and imprinted them on the wall.. Then a rice pot was kept in front of her.. She tapped it and was going to enter but Arnav tried to lift..

“ Chote.. What are you doing ??’asked Subadhra.

“ Dadi.. It is the tradition naa that a husband should lift her wife at gruha pravesh” said Arnav.

“ It is Raizada’s tradition not Maliks..” said Dadi embarrassing Arnav.. Others suppressed their giggles..

Khushi entered the house and she was led to Mandir in the house where Devimayya’s idol is present..

“ Lit the diya beta” said Dadi.. Khushi lit the diya before idol and it went off immediately..

Nani and Dadi is shocked seeing it.. Even Khushi too was shocked..

“ HHBB.. This is inauspicious” said Mami..

“ It’s nothing like that Mami.. The window is open, so the diya blew off due to air” said Arnav and closed the window..

Khushi lit the diya again and it din’t went off.. Praying devimayya, they all came into hall..

Suddenly, Arnav started to cough.. The cough grew more by second.. Everyone rushed to him..

“ Chote.. What happened ??”asked Dadi rubbing his back.. He can’t answer anything and his face became red due to cough..

Khushi immediately ran into the kitchen and brought water.. She made Arnav drink water and he became normal..

“ Are you ok Arnavji ??”asked Khushi in a worried tone

“ I am fine Khushi” said Arnav assuring her..

“ Chote Malkin.. How do you that kitchen is there ??”asked Chaturi puzzling everyone including Khushi.. Even she too don’t know how and why she went exactly there..

“ I just felt soo” said Khushi..




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Part 61 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 220 times)


Sheesh Mahal:

In the hall, Sheesh Mahal:

“ Ok Chaturi.. Show everyone their rooms.. They will freshup and come to dinner” said Dadi..

“ Ji Malkin” said Chaturi and asked other servants to show their rooms..

“ Pujitha Bitiya.. We have arranged your stay in guest room.. Is it okay ??”asked Dadi..

“Ok Dadi.. No problem” said Pujitha

“ Chaliye … I will show you” said Chaturi..

“ No..  I will manage..” said Pujitha then turned to HP who is taking the luggage” HPji.. Put my luggage in third room from right in the first floor”

Dadi and Nani looked at her shocked..

“ Bitiya.. How did you know that is the guest room ??”asked Dadi..

Pujitha was blank..” I just felt it” she said faking a smile while she herself is confused…

“ Devyani.. How did she know about the guest room ?? “asked Dadi..

“ I don’t know sumi.. Even Khushi bitiya too know about kitchen” said Nani..

“ Don’t know what will happen and I don’t know why in the first place I agreed to arrange marriage here “ said Dadi..

“ Everything goes according to DM wish..” said Nani.

“ Ok.. Now you go and freshen up” said Dadi and Nani left from there..



Khushi entered  their room  and gasped seeing it.. The room is in the second stairs.. It is soo big and spacious than the one in RM.. There is big king size bed and different antique pieces of sculpture.. There is balcony where they can have better view of back side garden and temple.. She entered the washroom and was amazed by it’s spacious and modern things.. They had a sofa and chairs..

“ Wow Arnavji.. I love this room” said Khushi twirling around happily like  a child..

Arnav smiled seeing her childishness.

“ Did you love this room ??”asked Arnav..

“ Ofcourse I love this room..” said Khushi “ This is bigger than the our bed room in RM.. Are other rooms are also soo big”

“ No.. They are big  but not soo big as this.. This  is the master bed room Khushi.. It was once Dada-Dadi’s, then mumma –papa too stayed here.. Now we are staying.. I too like this room a lot.. I always asked mumma to give this room to me but she used to say when I grow up, she will  allot this room to me and my wife” said Arnav remembering her mother..

Khushi placed her hand on his shoulder..

“ Ok Now.. You go and fresh up.. “ said Arnav.. Khushi nodded her head and went to change..

Arshi bedroom:

Akash bedroom:


Pujitha's bed room:

Dining room:

Everyone arrived for dinner.. Khushi and Pujitha helped Chaturi to arrange everything on the table..

“HHBB.. Sasumaa.. I am getting confused in this big palace” said Mami “ I am afraid I will get lost”

“ Uffo Mano.. You are really unbelievable” said Manohar.. The dinner went well with Mami and Mama’s cute fights..


After dinner, Everyone sat in the hall and discussed about marriage preparations..

“Ok Now.. I will take leave..My legs are paining due to journey” said Nani..

“ That is why Devyani I said you to come by flight till luck now..” scolded Dadi..

“ But I want to come with my children” said Nani..

“ HHBB.. Even I am also tired.. I have to sleep early.. I have to look beautiful in my Akash bitwa’s marriage” said Mami and scurried away from there..

“ Will she ever change ??”asked Dadi..

“ I don’t except that” said Nani and left to her room.. Slowly others too left  to their rooms..

“ Khushi.. I need hot water to take meds” asked Shravan..

“ haan Bhai.. I will bring to your room” said Khushi and went into kitchen..



Khushi is in the kitchen boiling water and oil when Payal entered with water jug.. Payal smiled to Khushi who just faked a smile.

“ What are you doing here Khushi ??”asked Payal sweetly coming near to her.” Water and Oil.. Why ??”

“ Bhai needs hot water to take meds and Oil is for Naniji for her leg pain” said Khushi..

Payal din’t say anything and left  from there with water..

Khushi first took water for Shravan keeping oil on the kitchen counter.. When she returned she din’t find the oil.. She searched here and there but couldn’t find it.. she came out into the hall when her eyes fell on the water jug of Payal.. Something clicked in her and went to Nani’s room..

There Payal is applying oil to Nani’s legs.. Manorama is standing beside her impressed..

“ Payal Bitiya.. You care soo much for Sasumaa.. You heated oil and brought for her” asked Mami happily..

“ No aunty.. I din’t made this oil.. Actually  Khushi heated the oil.. She went to give hot water to Shravanji, so she asked me to take oil to Nani..” said Payal..

“ That is what I am thinking whether you really care for me and brought this oil.. So, it is Khushi Bitiya.. No wonder she is a gem after all” said nani praising Khushi..

Payal’s face turned into pure anger which din’t go unnoticed by Khushi..

“ But Sasumaa. I agree Khushi is a gem but even Payal too is trying her best.. She too will win our hearts like Khushi” said Mami..

Nani nodded her head as she doesn’t want to hurt her bahu.



When Payal came into the kitchen, she saw Khushi standing folding her hands..

“ When did I asked you to take oil to Naniji ??”asked Khushi..

“ Khushi.. Actually I thought you went to your brother, so may be you will return late talking with him.. I thought may be oil gets cold, so I took to Naniji.. Also, she is angry with me.. I thought this may be an opportunity to get into her good looks.. I even said you made the oil” said Payal..

Khushi left from there silently irritated..




Khushi was walking towards her room when she heard a voice.

“Sagarika!!” called out the voice.. She turned and looked back but found no one.. She continued walking thinking as her illusion when she heard the voice

“ Sagarika !! O Sagarika !! Are you deaf ??” came the voice.. She turned and found no one.. Fearing she started towards back looking for some one when she felt a hand on her shoulder.. She squealed out in fear..

“ Khushi.. It’s me” said Arnav..” What happened ??”

Arnav waited for Khushi to come to their room.. When she din’t came, he came to look for her thinking may be she lost her way.. But he saw her looking back and placed his hand on her shoulder..

“ Is there any one with name Sagarika ??”asked Khushi.

“ Why ??”asked Arnav confused..

“ I heard someone calling out that name’ said Khushi..

“ I don’t know.. I will ask Dadi” said Arnav and led her to their room..



 Payal is in her room.. She remembered how Arnav royally ignored her and how Pujitha din’t let her sit in the car.. She then remembered this village, this Mahal, the place where she was killed by the villagers..


“ You did all this to get me naa Manjari.. You killed my loved ones only for me.. Now see you too won’t get me.. I will never be yours” said  Ayush Malik and entered into the pyre of Sagarika killing himself shocking  Manjari.


“ No” Payal jerked up.. “ You can’t do that to me Ayushji.. I won’t lose you this time.. I won’t allow you to die this time.. You are mine.. Only mine”



Thank you @ Arshisarunmoon, @ Isabellaallan2108: Arnav still doesn’t remember anything dear, @ Merlin, @ Arshi95twilight, @ Londoner, @ Angelinarshi, @ reena, @ Dillirani, @ Lily30, @ sasi, @ Noordina, @ n, @ Nishal, @ Fffan123, @ Pindborg, @ Candie, @ Nupur, @ Madhu1210, @ sakhi, @ Tsrivalli for your valuable comments.

Sep 14

Chapter 62 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 221 times)


Next morning:

When Arnav woke up from his sleep, he din’t found Khushi.. Thinking his wife must be on the duty of  DIL, he went into washroom.. When he came out, his  mobile rang and it was from Aman.. He was talking with Aman when Khushi entered with his coffee.. She placed her coffee on the table and went to the balcony.. she saw the vast garden and the temple.. She can have a better view of temple from their balcony.. She was surprised to see no one in the temple..

Arnav came beside her sipping his coffee..

“ What are you looking ??”asked Arnav..

“ Arnavji.. Why is there no one in the temple ??”asked Khushi..

“ That temple is closed from decades Khushi” said Arnav..

“ What !! But why ??”asked Khushi..

“ I too don’t know about it.. I just know that who ever enters into the temple won’t return back..” said Arnav..

“ Why So ??”asked Khushi..

“ They say there is some curse.. That is the ancestral temple of Maliks.. See there, the door to enter into the temple.. Malik family will be entering from here while the village people from the other door outside.. Special pooja will be performing on few full moon nights.. There was a family who were servants of the malik family from many decades.. They will be staying there but now no one from that family is alive. On full moon day with eclipse , the daughter of those servant family will perform  dance in front of Devimayya. No one should be present at that time.“ said  Arnav showing a hut at the corner of the garden..

“ It sounds like a movie Arnavji” said Khushi.. Arnav just rolled off his eyes..

Then one of the servant came and said them everyone are waiting for them at breakfast.. So, they both left for the breakfast..



“ Sasumaa.. How is your leg pain  now ??”asked Manorama..

“ I am fine now..” said Nani..

“ What happened Nani ?? Shall I call doctor ??”asked Arnav..

“ No Chote.. I am fine.. Khushi Bitiya’s oil made me fine” said Nani..

“ Of course.. Khushi Bitiya made the oil for Sasumaa and Payal Bitiya massaged Sasumaa’s legs.. We are soo lucky to get such a nice and caring bahus sasumaa” said Manorama..

Nani din’t say anything..

Pujitha who is beside Khushi whispered to her, “ When you heated the oil, then how come Payal massaged Nani’s legs”

Khushi whispered what happened to her while Pujitha just roll off her eyes hearing Payal’s antics..



After breakfast, Arnav and Akash along with Shravan left into study room.. Everyone retired to their rooms.. Khushi and Pujitha entered to kitchen but Chaturi said they will prepare lunch.. They both were bored, so thought to take walk in garden..

They both entered the garden.. On one side, there were flowers and on other side all vegetables, fruits.. They both went towards flowers side.. there are varieties of flowers which they don’t even know..

“ Choti Malkin.. “ some one called and they both turned back.. They saw a boy of nearly ten years running towards them.. He came and stood before them panting..

“ Are you ok ??”asked Pujitha..

“ Ji.. I am fine..” said the boy and looked at both of them “ Who is Choti Malkin among you both ??”

Before they could say something, he only said looking at Khushi, “ You must be Choti Malkin right !! You are wearing Sindoor and Mangalsutra..”

Khushi nodded her head, ‘ Who are you ??”

“ My name is Chotu..  I am Chaturi’s brother” said the boy..

“ Oh.. Ok..Then why are running like this “ asked Khushi..

“ Oh.. I wanted to give you this “ said Chotu extending a beautiful flower to her..

Khushi took it from him and smelled it..

“ Thank you” said Khushi patting his head..

“ It’s smell is very good” said Pujitha..

“ I brought this form the back side of that hill temple.. There are lot of plants.. I will take you once there” said Chotu..

“ Ok.. Did you had your breakfast ??”asked Khushi..

“ Haan.. I had” said Chotu “ You are looking at these plants naa. I will say about them”

For another half an hour, Chotu explained them all about the plants and made them laugh with his antics.. They reached at the compound wall between Mahal and temple..

“ Did you see that tree there ??” Chotu showed them both the tree which is in the temple and it’s branches extended in to the Mahal garden.. It have small small leaves and few little red flowers..

“ From the past few decades, that tree was barren without any leaves, only from the past four months, the leaves are growing.. Every one in the village are afraid now  what will happen” said Chotu..

“ Why so ??”asked Khushi confused..

“ Choti Malkin.. They say this tree was planted on the burial of two lovers.. All these decades, it has been growing but without leaves, now it started to have leaves and came into life” said Chotu..

“ Lovers !! Burial !!’ said Pujitha with a weird face..

“ haan.. Those lovers loved each other but were separated on the day of their marriage.. I don’t know how.. They were separated in front of devimayya, so that girl got angry on devimayya and cursed who ever enters this temple will die.. Later, her lover too died and both were buried in the temple.. At that place, they planted this tree.. “ said Chotu..

Both were looking at him with blank expression..

“ Who said you all this ??”asked Pujitha.

“ I heard from elders.. I think that lovers may have taken re birth and met again. So, this tree is again having life.. You know the boy is the son of this Sheesh Mahal.. There are lot of secrets here.. I will tell you.. You still din’t visited the upper floor.. Did you ?? ( Both of them nodded as No).. There you find two rooms locked from decades.. No one entered until now.. Only Badi Malkin goes sometimes and cleans it.. Those two rooms were actually two brothers of this palace.. I once tried to go inside the room using my Di’s hairpin but she caught me and scolded me..” said Chotu..

“ Chotu..” they heard a voice and saw Chaturi coming towards them..

“ What are you doing here ??”asked Chaturi to her brother..

“ I am explaining to them about plants” said Chotu..

Chaturi looked at Khushi, “ Choti Malkin... I hope he doesn’t troubled you with his talks.. He is a big chatter box..”

“ No No.. He is soo cute.. He knows a lot of things” said Khushi pinching his cheeks..

Chaturi smiled and said “ Chote Malik is calling you”

“ Ok” said Khushi and left along with Pujitha..



Pujitha is going towards her room when she bumped with someone..

“ Sorry.. “ she said and looked at the person who is none other than Akash..

“ Sorry” said Akash too..

“ No Akash sir.. it’s not your mistake.. I just din’t saw you” said Pujitha.

“ Are you comfortable here ??”asked Akash.. Pujitha nodded her head..

Akash then hesitatingly asked “ I heard from Shravan Bhai that you got a job in Mumbai”

“ Yes Sir, I have applied few days ago and it is accepted.. They interviewed me through online and offered me job” said Pujitha..

“ Really !!” they both heard a voice and turned to look at Payal walking towards them..

“ You got a job” asked Payal to Pujitha to which she nodded..

“ Congratulations Pujitha.. So, where is the job location ??”asked Payal.

“ Mumbai” said Payal.

“ So, when you will leave ??”asked Payal..

“ After marriage” said Pujitha..

“ Oh..Ok” said Payal and turned to Akash “ Akashji.. Your mom is calling you”

Akash nodded his head and left from there..

Pujitha is going when Payal stopped her..

“ Thank god you got a job.. Otherwise I thought you will still live in my house.. Actually I don’t strangers living in my home.. I don’t have any intentions of running a charity house for orphans.. Leave as soon as this marriages ends” said Payal then turned to look at Arnav who is throwing daggers at her..

Arnav looked at Pujitha who have tears in her eyes and Payal who is gulping down.. he came forward to Payal..

“ I was always good in estimating people’s nature but you surprised me Ms. Payal Sharma.. I never doubted you to be such a double faced girl.. If next time, if I see you hurling abuses at my loved ones, then that is the last moment of you on this earth” warned Arnav. He then held Pujitha’s hand and took her from there..

Payal stood there cursing herself for being into bad looks of Arnav again..





Thank you @ Nupur, @ sasi, @ Arshisarunmoon, @ Arshilover, @ Londoner, @ Isabellaallan2108 : Arnav remembering everything will take time dear as he is the only one who knows what happened.., @ Sandy, @ Angelinarshi, @ reena, @ Archanasuresh : Really Is this scene there in Om Shanti Om movie. I have never watched it dear.., @ Merlin, @ sakhi, @ Arshi95twilight, @ arshigeet, @ n, @ Lily30, @ rereshmi24, @ Lazydoll : Nani and Dadi too doesn’t know entire truth dear.. This happened few decades ago, so obviously they don’t how Sagarika and others look like.. They only how Ayush( Arnav) and Vikram ( Akash) look like..@ Nishal, @ Fffan123: Hi dear, you asked me about my story “ I am nothing with out you”.. Actually, few days back I am in a very bad mood and I have just deleted that story.. I thought to delete all my stories but stopped some how.. I will try to post it again.., @ Arnavkushiarshi, @ I4arshi, @ Noordina, @ Khushali, @ Candie, @ Poojasweety for your valuable comments..

Oct 5

Chapter 63 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 208 times)

In the Night:

Everyone are sleeping peacefully in their rooms when Khushi heard some noise.. she woke up from her sleep and heard some music.. She was confused first and then understood that the sound is coming from the balcony.. She slowly got up and went towards the balcony.. She opened the door and looked here and there but found none.. The music is still coming.. She then looked at the temple and what she saw  shocked her.. There a girl is dancing in front of devimayya singing a song..

“ Who is this girl ?? Arnavji said no one goes into that temple.. “ thought Khushi to herself.. She got curious to  know who is the girl.. She saw Arnav who is sleeping peacefully.

Khushi came out of the room closing it behind her.. She slowly came downstairs and went into the garden.. She stood in front of the temple door.. It was locked and few  dried thorn branches are kept.. Khushi removed those thorns and looked here and there.. As it is full moon night, the moon light is coming so she found a stone and hit the temple lock which resulted in breaking it..

Soon, she opened the door and entered the temple.. She saw the girl who is still dancing in front of devimayya idol.. The girl is wearing red dress which usually the people who performs classic dances wear..  Khushi went and stood at the steps..

“ Excuse me.. Who are you ??”asked Khushi..

The girl stopped dancing but didn’t turned back..

“ I am asking you only.. Who are you ?? Why are you dancing here at this time ? How did you came here ?? It is locked naa” asked Khushi..

The girl din’t say anything and stood still.

“ Turn to me now” said Khushi and the girl slowly turned back showing her face..

Khushi stood there shocked.. Shock is a small word for what she felt.. The girl is none other than her.. She is exactly like her..

The girl smiled at her and then in the next minute tears formed in her eyes and she started crying..

Khushi couldn’t understand anything and soon she fell down unconscious..



Next morning:

Arnav came down for breakfast.. Chaturi and Pujitha are arranging dishes at the dining table..

 “ Jiju.. Where is Khushi ??” asked Pujitha..

“ Khushi!! She must be here downstairs.. she is not in the room.. I have not seen her from morning “ said Arnav..

“ Even I too have not seen her from morning.. I thought she is with you” said Pujitha..

“ No.. she is not in the room.. May be she went out” said Arnav too confused..

“ Everyone are in the house chote malik.. I came by 5.30 but I have not seen chote malkin going out” said Chaturi..

By then, others too came there and asked what happened.. Arnav informed them about Khushi missing..

“ Where will she go Chote ?? she must be somewhere here or may be lost in this palace.. let’s check” said Dadi..

Everyone started to look out for Khushi.. Soon all gathered at the hall after sometime..

“ Did anyone saw Khushi ??”asked  Arnav .. Everyone nodded as No..

“ Where did she went ?”Arnav thought to himself tensed..

“ Jiju” came Pujitha panting..

“ Pujitha.. Have you seen Khushi ??”asked Arnav..

“ Haan Jiju.. I went to terrace to check but I have seen a figure lying in the backside temple.. It is Khushi only.. she too wore same color dress’ said Pujitha..

Nani and Dadi’s eyes grew wide hearing it..

Before they could say anything , Arnav rushed towards the garden.. Others too ran behind him.. He reached at the temple door.. He can see Khushi lying down on the floor.

“ How did this door is open ?? It was closed naa” said Akash..

“ Haan.. “ said Arnav and was going inside but Dadi held his hand..

“ Stop Chote.. You can’t go inside” said Dadi..

“ What the.. Dadi.. leave me.. Khushi is there in the temple lying and why are you stopping me “asked Arnav angrily..

“ Haan Chote.. Don’t go..” said Nani too..

“ Nani.. What are you both saying ?? There Bhabi is lying and you are saying to stop.. Why ??”asked Akash too..

“ We are not talking any nonsense Akash.. This temple door was closed from many decades.. Who ever have entered the temple until now din’t return back” said Dadi..

“ We know that.. What do you mean by not to go now when Khushi is visible to us ??”said Arnav..

“ Chote.. I think that may be she is ( hesitating for a minute) no more” said Dadi..

“ Stop it Dadi… That can’t happen .. My Khushi can’t leave me” said Arnav and jerked off Dadi’s hands and entered into the temple leaving Dadi , Nani and servants shocked.. Payal is looking curiously..

Behind him followed, Shravan, Akash and Pujitha while others stayed outside the temple in the garden only.. As soon as they all entered the temple bells began to ring for the first time in the decades..

The villagers who are immersed in their works were startled by hearing the bell sound..

Arnav reached Khushi and took her in his arms patting her cheeks.. She is breathing.. They all sighed in relief seeing it..

Arnav lifted her up and came out of the temple..

“ My Khushi never leaves me” said Arnav looking at Nani and Dadi..



Arnav brought her to their room and made her lie down on the bed.. He sprinkled water on her face but she din’t woke up.. He was tensed now.. He started rubbing her one hand and while Shravan rubbed her other hand.. Akash had already called the doctor.. Everyone are waiting anxiously..Chaturi  came there running..

“ Malkin.. Panditji and other villagers came.. They all heard the bells ringing” said Chaturi..

Subadhra and Devyani went downstairs giving a last glance at Khushi who is unconscious and Arnav who is lost in his own world..

“ What happened Subadhraji ??”asked Pandit “ We heard bells ringing in temple for the first time”

Dadi explained what happened.. They were shocked hearing it..

“ Hey Bhagwan.. The doors of the temple were opened.. is it any bad omen ??”asked one of the man..

“ How is your Bahu ??”asked Pandit..

“ IS she alive ??”asked other man..

“ Yes.. She is fine but unconscious..” said Dadi..

The doctor entered the house and one of the servant led him to Arshi room..



The doctor checked Khushi and gave her an injection.. She came out of the room only to be questioned by ASR..

“ Doctor.. What happened to my wife ?? Is she Okay ?? Why did she faint ?? Is there any problem ?? Should we shift her to the hospital ?? What the hell ?? Why aren’t you speaking dammit ??”Shouted Arnav..

Doctor was scared seeing his anger..

“ Arnav.. Give her space to talk“ said Shravan and turned to doctor” Sorry Doctor.. What happened to my sister ??”

“ She just fainted due to shock .. There is nothing to worry.. I gave her injection.. She will gain her conscious in two or three hours” said Doctor..

All sighed in relief hearing it except Payal..

Asking  Pujitha to be with Khushi, they all came down along with the doctor.. They saw Dadi, Nani sitting along with some people..

The doctor left from there taking leave from there..

Mami informed Nani and Dadi what doctor conveyed… Dadi then introduced everyone to Panditji.. Panditji recognized Shravan as he saw him at the temple but he was just struck to his place seeing Arnav and Akash.. They both were exactly like them, Ayush and Vikram..



Thank you @ I4arshi, @ Malarun, @ Arshisarunmoon, @ amleburga, @ Fffan123, @ Isabellaallan2108, @ Merlin, @ Londoner, @ sakhi, @ Nishal, @ sasi, @ Twinkle_Alisha, @ Candie, @ reena, @ pindborg, @ Arshigeet, @ Angelinarshi, @ Lily30, @ llvashi, @ rereshmi24, @ Poojatweety, @ Noordina, @ Arnavkushiarshi, @ Nupur, @ lazydoll, @ Archanasuresh, @ n, @ sonal, @ Khushali, @ Miabindu, @ Tsrivalli for your valuable comments..

Oct 15

Chapter 64 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 207 times)


After two or three hours, Khushi woke up feeling her head heavy.. She opened her eyes and looked at her room.. She sat on the bed but she is feeling very weak.. She then held her head and tried to remember what happened.. She then remembered everything that happened last night..

“ Who brought me here ??”thought Khushi to herself.. She was lost in her own thoughts about last night..

“ Khushi!!” Arnav’s voice brought her to this world.. He rushed to her and engulfed her in a tight hug..

“ How are you feeling ?? Are you Ok ?? I am afraid Khushi.. Don’t do this again.. “ said Arnav bringing her out of the hug, “ You know how I felt seeing you lying there in that temple.. Who asked you to go there ?? Why din’t you wake up me ??”

Arnav came out of the hug and looked at her who is looking at him with tears.. She hugged him again and said “ I am sorry.. I won’t do this again..”

“ It’s OK.. You are fine.. That’s enough for me” said Arnav kissing her forehead..

“ I will go and fresh up” said Khushi..

Arnav helped her and she went into washroom..



When she came out of the washroom, she saw Arnav talking over the phone with someone.. She stood there looking at him adorably..

Someone cleared throat bringing her out of world.. She looked at Pujitha who is having a mischievous glint on her face..

“ Oogling at own husband.. not bad” said Pujitha giving coffee to Khushi..

“ Shut up Puji” Khushi hit on her shoulder lightly..

“ How are you feeling ??”asked Pujitha..

“ Fine” said Khushi smiling..

Pujitha hugged her surprising, “ Never do this again Khushi.. Do you know how frightened we were ??”

“ I am sorry” said Khushi coming out the hug..

“ But Khushi.. How did you reach there ??”asked Pujitha..

“ I don’t remember anything Puji.. I heard some noises from and got up.. It was coming from that temple.. I have seen some girl dancing in the temple and after tht what happened I don’t remember..” said Khushi..

“ What !!” they heard Arnav who listened to their conversation..

“ What are you saying Khushi ?? No one enters that temple and you are saying you have seen a girl dancing there.. You must have hallucinated..” said Arnav..

“ No Arnavji..I “ Khushi is going to say something but Pujitha said” Khushi.. I think jiju is right.. How can anyone enter into the temple which is closed from decades ?? “

Khushi looked at them irritatingly, “ Fine then.. Think whatever you want”.. She left from there angrily..



When Khushi came downstairs, everyone looked at her with an anxious and worried look..

“ Khushi Bitiya.. How are you feeling ??”asked Mami.

“ I am fine Mami.” Said Khushi.

“ We were afraid seeing you like there unconscious” said Mama.

“ Haan Bhabi.. Bhai was really terrified and shouted over the doctor who came to treat you” said Akash.

“ I am sorry.. I made you all worried” said Khushi feeling guilty for making them worried.

“ But Khushi.. Why did you go into that temple ??”asked Payal.

“ I don’t remember what happened and how I went there Payalji” said Khushi.. Payal sighed in relief hearing it.. She was afraid whether Khushi remembered everything that happened in the past as she went into the temple but nothing of that sort happened..

“ Khushi” Shravan who was outside came rushed to her..

“ Are you Ok ?? How are you feeling ??”asked Shravan and hugged her” Do you know I was afraid ??”

“ I am sorry Bhai and I am absolutely fine” said Khushi..

“ Don’t do this next time.. “ warned Shravan.

“ I won’t” said Khushi..

“ Ok Ok.. All happies.. Khushi Bitiya.. You go and have your breakfast” said Mami.. Khushi left from there..

In all these, Dadi and nani din’t say anything and are lost in their own thoughts..



Shravan sat in his room thinking about what happened.. He saw the same dream yesterday night where Khushi is getting killed by someone in that temple.. He got up with fear.. He couldn’t understand how they are related to that temple.. To his shock, they found Khushi missing and lastly founding her in the temple.. There is some mystery around this temple otherwise why will it be closed from years ?? Khushi is related to this somewhere that is why nothing happened to her.. Everyone said no one who enters into the temple won’t come back alive but Khushi is now fit and fine, so there is some connection with Khushi.. He has to find out it.. For that he have to know the mystery behind this temple.. but who will say him.. He then remembered elderly priest of the village.. He must know everything  about this..



Chotu brought Khushi and Pujitha to the top stairs of Sheesh Mahal..

“ Choti Malkin.. These two are those rooms which I said” said Chotu showing them two rooms which were locked up with  a huge lock..

Both of them went towards the rooms..

“ These two rooms are of the two brothers of this Mahal..  They were locked after they are died.. I think there is some mystery behind it.. “ said Chotu while they both were lost looking at the rooms..

“ Khushi!! Khushi!!” they heard Arnav’s shouting downstairs..

“ Hey Devimayya.. Arnavji is looking for me.. I need to go” said Khushi and rushed downstairs..

“ What should I call you madamji ?? I can’t call you Choti Malkin ki friendji.. It is too big” asked Chotu..

“ You can call me Friend then” said Pujitha..

“ Will you accept me as friend” asked Chotu extending his hand..

“ Yes” said Pujitha shaking hand with him..

“ Ok then will you help me to solve this mystery” asked Chotu..

“ Ok.. Even I am also curious” said Pujitha “But where do we can find keys for this rooms ??”

“ No problem.. You have hair pin naa. I will remove it..Give me your hair pin” said Chotu..

“ No not now.. We will see it later when no one are around” said Pujitha..

“yeah. You are right too” said Chotu and both left down..



Khushi came down running towards Arnav.. He looked at her frowning..

“ Where were you ?? Why are you coming from upstairs ??”asked Arnav..

“ woo.. I just went there.. Why did you call me ?? Do you need something ??”asked Khushi..

“ No.. you need rest.. come” said Arnav held her hand and dragged her to their room.

“ No.. I don’t need any rest.. I am fine” said Khushi trying to bring her hand out of his grip. By now they reached their room and Arnav locked it..

“ Arnavji.. I am absolutely fine” said Khushi..

“ You are weak Khushi and doctor asked you to take rest” said Arnav.

“ I am very fine and I am not feeling any weak ..I am very strong.. I am not sleepy..” said Khushi..

“ Fine then.. If you are ok, strong and not sleepy then let’s use this time for doing something more useful” said Arnav and lifted her in his arms..

Khushi understanding what he meant started to struggle but Arnav threw her on bed and soon both lost in their little world unaware of happenings in real world..



On the other hand. Shravan reached elder pundit house.. He was going to enter the house when he heard some voices from inside.. He peeped in through window and was surprised to see Dadi and Nani already present there waiting for pundit to arrive..



Thank you @ Merlin, @ sasi, @ arshigeet, @ Sandy, @ fffan123, @ Arshisarunmoon, @ Skalpana, @ Arshi_sri, @ Londoner, @ Arshi95twilight, @ Angelinarshi, @ Isabellaallan2108, @ Noordina, @ n, @ Nishal, @ priya, @ Poojatweety, @ Candie, @ lazydoll, @ Jelebigirl, @ Lily30, @ Nupur, @ Arch, @ Miabindu, @ reena, @ Khushali for your valuable comments..


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Oct 30

Chapter 65 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 215 times)

On the other hand. Shravan reached elder pandit house.. He was going to enter the house when he heard some voices from inside.. He peeped in through window and was surprised to see Dadi and Nani already present there waiting for pundit to arrive..

Soon the pundit came and the trio sat there down..

“ Pundit ji.. We were afraid by what happened today” said Dadi..

“What should we understand from this ??”asked Nani..

“ How is your Bahu /??”asked Pundit.

“ She is fine” said Dadi.

“ Is there anything abnormal in her behaviour ??”asked Pundit..

“ No.. Nothing ..She is behaving normally.. We asked how she reached there but she said she didn’t remember anything” said Nani.

“ Did you brought her Kundali ??”asked Pundit.. Dadi gave to him.. He sat looking into it for some time.. Then closing it, he closed his eyes..

“ What happened Punditji ??”asked Nani..

“ Your bahu’s Kundali matches mostly with Sagarika” said Pundit.

“ What !!” said both shocked while Shravan who is hearing it got confused..

“ That means the curse to the temple has ended.. It is Sagarika who gave curse and now if Khushi is Sagarika, then as she entered the temple, the curse must have broken.” Asked Dadi.

“ We can’t say any off now as she just happened to enter it.. We should see what will happen” said Pundit.

‘ Because of this, does any problem occur in Akash’s marriage “ asked Dadi.

“ Haan Pundit ji.. You know what happened in the past.. It was on the marriage day of second son of Maliks, everything bad happened and Sagarika was killed. Now, what if it repeats..” asked Dadi.

“ Yes.. You are right.. I will ask you both to keep an eye on your Bahu that day..” said Pundit.

The trio got alerted when they heard a sound and looked at the window.. Pundit came out and saw Shravan..

“ What are you doing here ??”asked Pundit.

“ Shall we talk inside  ??”asked Shravan and Pundit allowed him inside.. Both Dadi and Nani looked at him flabbergasted..

“ I heard everything you people were talking.. I want to know everything  about this matter.. Who is Sagarika ?? How is she related to my sister ?? Now, don’t’ say you don’t know, I came here to talk about it.. I am getting weird dreams that Khushi is getting  killed in that same temple and I couldn’t do anything to save her.. I was lying helplessly there.. I want to know plzz” said Shravan.

The trio were baffled  hearing when  Shravan he is getting images of Khushi getting killed in the temple.. Now, they got confirmed Khushi is Sagarika only..

“ Sagarika loved Ayush Malik, second son of Maliks.. She is big devotee of Devimayya. But on the day of marriage, she was killed in the same temple.. So, she cursed devimayya that who ever enters the temple will die.. She was angry as Devimayya made her loose her love when she whole life prayed to her..” said Pundit.

“ You mean to say that Khushi is Sagarika” asked Shravan. Pundit nodded his head.

“ Then Arnav is Ayush malik” asked Shravan. Pundit Nodded his head..

“ How can you be sure that Arnav is Ayush Malik only “asked Shravan.

“ Because there were the portraits of Ayush malik in his old room which is on the top floor of Sheesh Mahal.. From them only, we came to know that Ayush Malik has taken re birth.. Also Arnav’s Kundali  matches with Ayush..” said Dadi clearing his confusions..

“What happened to Ayush Malik then ??”asked Shravan.

“ He killed himself by entering into the pyre of Sagarika” said Pundit.

“ Who killed Sagarika ??”asked Shravan.

 “ I can’t reveal more than this.. You will come to know in right time” said Pundit.

“ But I want to know whole story..” said Shravan..

“ I am not saying anything more than this to you” said the Pundit sternly.

“ OK..I really don’t understand one more thing..” said Shravan turned to Dadi,” Dadiji.. You said on the marriage day of second son of Maliks, everything bad happened and now you are worried for Akash’s marriage.. But Akash is a Raizada not Malik “

Dadi and Nani looked at each other and then at Pundit who was also equally shocked..

“ Akash is a Malik beta.. He is Chote’s blood brother” said Nani.. Shravan’s eyes grew wide and he stood stunned for a moment..

“Devyani!!” Called Dadi..

“ Don’t worry Sumi.. We can trust Shravan beta” said Nani and started to say” After Chote, Ratna was again pregnant and Manorama was also pregnant at the same time.. Manorama already had lost two babies before during her delivery.. When Ratna was nine months and Manorama eight months, they were going to temple when their car met with accident.. They both were joined in the hospital.. Ratna delivered baby boy while Manorama lost her baby again.. The doctor even said she cannot become mother again.. We were afraid Manorama couldn’t take the news.. When we said the same to Ratna, she asked to give her baby to Manorama.. She already had Anjali and Chote but Manorama can’t bear if she hears the truth.. We too agreed and gave Ratna’s baby to Manorama and lied to her that Ratna lost her baby.. Even when we said to Manorama that she can’t have a baby again she was ok with it and said Akash is enough for her.. No one from the family knows about it except us and Manohar, Panditji.. Now only you knew..”

Shravan din’t say anything..

“ We will leave now” said Dadi to Pundit..

“ Wait  a minute.. I will give Prasad” said Pundit and went inside.. Shravan got a call and went outside excusing himself.

Pundit ji brought Prasad and while giving them said,” I din’t reveal him something..”

Dadi and Nani looked at him questioningly.

“ I don’t know whether you knew or remember it, but Sagarika had an younger brother, Somu.. He too was killed in that temple on the same day along with Sagarika.” Said Pundit.

Dadi and Nani were stunned hearing this.. By the time, Shravan came and the trio left from there taking leave from Pundit.

Pundit looked at the direction of their going, “ Hey Maa. What are trying to do ??”





When the trio reached Sheesh Mahal, Garima was in the hall..

“ When did you came Garima ? Where is Raj ?”asked Nani.

“ I came just now Maasiji.. Raj ji have some work, so I came here.. He will come in two days” said Garima..

“ Go and get freshen up beta.. Lunch will be served” said Dadi.. Garima left from there and Chaturi followed her to show her room.





Anjali’s room:

“ What can I do Shyamji ??”Anjali is shouting.. Mami and Payal who are going heard it and stopped.

“ I don’t know anything RS.. I want money.. I have to pay for my client” said Shyam.

“ I don’t have any money Shyamji.. Chote has blocked all of our accounts.. Where can I bring money ??”asked Anjali irritated..

Shyam din’t say anything..

“ We have to leave this house once this marriage happens” said Anjali.

“ We still don’t have money to look for a house and settle “ said Shyam .

“ We don’t have to worry.. I will get my property share, we can live then” said Anjali.

“ Now what should I do ??”asked Shyam..

“ I will give my jewellary.. You sell them and give money to your client” said Anjali and was going towards wardrobe when Mami stopped her.

“Don’t sell your jewellary Anjali Bitiya.. I will ask Akash..” said Mami..

“ As if he gives money if we ask Mamiji.. He is a loyal brother to chote” said Anjali sarcastically.

“ If not Akash, then I will give you Di” said Payaal.

“ What !! Payal.. You ”said Anjali surprised..

“ Yes Di.. I am going to be a member of this family in a week.. Then why don’t you take money from me.. Don’t you consider me as your sister” said Payal

“ No.. It’s not like that” said Anjali..

“ I will come just now” said Payal and went from there..

Within two minutes, she came with her cheque book and gave  a blank cheque to Anjali..

“Take this Di fi you really consider me as your sister” said Payal..

“Thank you Payal..” said Anjali caressing her cheek, “ Akash is soo lucky to have you in his life.. On one side you are helping me and regarding me as your sister and on other side is Khushi who fed my chote and separated him from me..”

“ Anjali Bitiya.. Khushi Bitiya is a good girl.. you are just misunderstanding her” said Mami..

“ Let it be Mami.. You won’t like to listen a word against that Khushi just like Chote and Akash” said Anjali and turned to Shyam giving him cheque..

Mami sighed hearing Anjali.. She is always against Khushi.. Even if they try to make her understand but she won’t listen to them..

Shyam left from there taking Cheque thanking Payal..

The trio left for downstairs..








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Nov 10

Chapter 65 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 221 times)


After one week:

The marriage preparations have started.. Within three days, it is marriage..Akash is feeling restless as the time is nearing.. Pujitha and Chotu tried to go into mysterious rooms but were caught by Arnav.. They were fed earful from Dadi.. Shravan is getting tensed as the marriage date is approaching.. He don’t know with whom he can share this matter.. He thought a lot and decided to Share the news with Pujitha..


In the evening:

Khushi and Pujitha along with Chaturi went to the temple.. They performed their puja and were returning back to Sheesh Mahal talking random things..

“ Oh No.. I forgot vermillion box in the temple “ said Khushi..

“ Let’s go then” said Pujitha.

“ Puji and Chaturi.. You both stay here.. I will bring it. “ said Khushi.

“ No Choti Malkin.. I will bring it.. You stay here” said Chaturi..

“ No.. I will bring it” said Khushi and rushed towards temple before they both could stop them..

Pujitha and Chaturi are in front of the old hut house in the village..

“ Chaturi.. Is there any jasmine plant near ??” asked Pujitha inhaling the powerful scent of  jasmine.. She never had ever smelt such a strong fragranced jasmine..

“ Yes.. They are from this house” said Chaturi showing the hut..

A Neighbor aunty called out for Chaturi..

“ I will come just now.. You stay here madam ji” said Chaturi and left from there..


Pujitha stood there looking here and there.. The smell from the hut is making her go crazy.. She feels like there is something which is calling her.. She wanted to go in to the hut..

Finally, she couldn’t resist herself and went towards the hut but it was fenced around.. She slowly removed the fencing and entered into the hut.. As it was closed from many years, it was all dusty and with spider webs.. She saw few things thrown here and there.. She couldn’t distinguish what those things are they were covered with dust.. But she was surprised to see things in the hut which was closed from years.. No one have taken them.. She felt as if she knew this hut.. She felt as if she lived there.. She saw a back side door and went towards it.. She opened the door and entered the small garden there..

There she saw the jasmine plant at the middle with flowers.. The flowers are bright white in color and its’ fragrance causing dizziness… But the surprising thing is how the plant survived when no one enters there and waters it..

Pujitha slowly went near the plant.. her eyes felt teary unknown to her.. With trembling hands she plucked  a jasmine and kept it near her nose to smell it.. With the smell going into her system, she remembered everything.. Everything that happened in her previous birth.. Everything that happened to her as Sunaina.. It was the place where she was buried alive.. That is why the plant didn’t died keeping her memories alive..



Khushi, on the other hand came back from the temple to that place.. Chaturi too came at the same time..

“ Chaturi.. Where is Puji ??”asked Khushi..

“ She was here Choti Malkin” said Chaturi and looked here and there.. Then her eyes fell on the hut.. The fencing was removed..

“ Choti Malkin.. Seems like your friend entered there” said Chaturi..

Khushi was coming towards the hut but Chaturi stopped her..

“ No Choti Malkin.. Don’t go.. No one goes into that hut” said Chaturi..

Khushi din’t listened to her and entered in to the hut while Chaturi stayed back fearing.. Khushi looked in the house and saw Pujitha’s dupatta flying.. So she went there..

“ Puji” called Khushi placing her hand on his shoulder..

Pujitha turned to her and looked at her with tears..

“ Sagarika” called Pujitha and hugged her tightly crying shocking as well as confusing  Khushi..

“Puji!!” called Khushi bringing Pujitha out of her trance.. She came out of the hug..

“Are you OK ?? Who is Sagarika ??”asked Khushi..

“ I am fine.. Sagarika.. I don’t know who she is.. I don’t know why I said that name” said Pujitha trying to cover..

“ Then why are you crying ??”asked Khushi..

“ Me!! No.. This is old house.. So, something went into my eyes” said Pujitha “ Ok..Let’s leave from here”

Khushi and Pujitha came out of the hut house..

“ Madamji.. Are you OK ??”asked Chaturi looking at Pujitha fearfully.. Pujitha nodded her head faking a smile to her..



As soon as they reached Sheesh Mahal, Pujitha went upstairs to her room.. Khushi looked at her worried..

She was going through the corridor when she bumped with Akash.. She looked at him with different  emotions of happiness, sad, pain and finally love above all. She wanted to rush into his arms but she can’t do it now.. Akash is confused seeing her behavior.. Even before he could ask something she rushed from there..

When she entered the room, she fell down on her knees crying.. She sat on the floor pulling her knees close.. She remember everything..

Sunaina.. She is Sunaina.. She loved Vikram Malik who is now none other than Akash Singh Raizada..



Vikram Malik is the elder son of  Malik Family.. They were Zamindars of around ten villages.. Pratap Malik had three sons.. Vikram, Ayush and Pramod.. Pratap Malik’s  wife died giving birth to her younger son Pramod.. With his wife’s death, Pratap Malik went into depression and he too soon died giving his elder son Vikram Malik the responsibility of his brothers.. Vikram Malik is three years elder to Ayush Malik and twelve years elder to Pramod.. He raised his brothers as his sons.. He is good even in public administration..  

That is when he met Sunaina, one of the servant in Sheesh Mahal.. Her parents died when she was a child and she had only her grand father..  Her grandfather was working for them from many years and he got ill suddenly and was bed ridden.. So, Vikram’s Dadi employed Sunaina to work in Sheesh Mahal.. Vikram Malik fell for her in the first sight.. Soon, he was attracted by her innocent, quite and happy go lucky nature.. Even Sunaina din’t miss Vikram’s stare on her.. His eyes always conveyed him what he feel for her.. Soon, she too fell for him but was afraid of the status difference between them..

One fine day Vikram Malik confessed his feelings to her and she denied right away saying their status won’t match.. But he was stubborn and finally made her confess her feelings to him.. From then, there is no going back.. They were deeply in love with each other.. No one are aware of their relation..Even Sunaina’s best friend Sagarika is unaware of  their love as she herself was busy with Ayush Malik..

Everything was going smoothly when Vikram’s Dadi brought an alliance for him.. She selected Manjari who is a daughter of one of the zamindars as Vikram’s bride.. Manjari was called to Sheesh Mahal for few days..

Vikram din’t know what to do.. His Dadi decided everything and he was helpless. So, he decided to talk with Manjari about his love for Sunaina.. It is the biggest mistake he did.. Manjari then din’t say anything but she had other plans..

Vikram and Sunaina met at their secret place behind the temple on the hill.. Vikram consoled Sunaina that Manjari will understand him and back off from marriage, then he will talk with his Dadi.. Sunaina agreed to it..

Then after next two days, Sunaina heard that Vikram’s marriage is fixed with Manjari.. She was shocked and went to confront Vikram.. They both met at the secret place and there Vikram made Sunaina clear that he can’t marry her and he is helpless.. Sunaina was shattered hearing it..

The marriage of Vikram and Manjari happened on a grand scale and at night, Manjari  left to Sunaina’s house.. She  doesn’t want to keep any enemies. If Sunaina is still alive, it will be risk to her plans.. So, she entered Sunaina’s house along with  other two men and  killed Sunaina and  her grand father.. Sunaina was still breathing and her grand father  died instantly but Manjari made them buried at the back of the house.. She planted jasmine trees on their burials..

The next day, everyone thought Manjari left the village along with her grand father.. But the reason is unknown to anyone..



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Nov 15

Chapter 67 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 193 times)


The door knock sound disturbed Pujitha’s thoughts..

“Puji!!” She heard Shravan calling her.. She wiped off her tears and made herself presentable and opened the door..

“ haan Bhai.. Do you need anything ??”asked Pujitha..

“ Are you Ok ?? Did you cry ??”asked Shravan looking at her doubtedly..

“No.. I am fine.. I am just having headache” said Pujitha..

“Ok. I will come later” said Shravan and was going but Pujitha stopped him..

“What happened Bhai ?? I am fine.. Say me what do you want to say”said Pujitha.

Shravan hesitated for a bit and entered the room, closed the door locking it.. Pujitha looked at him confused..

“Sit..” said Shravan while he sat on the sofa..

“ What happened Bhai ??Anything serious” asked Pujitha.

“ I want to say you something important.. No one should know this except us.. I trust you soo much, so I am saying this to you” said Shravan..

“ Now you are making me worried Bhai” said Pujitha.

“ First believe me and listen to me carefully” said Shravan and explained her about his talk with Pundit and elders..

Pujitha was stunned hearing the truth.. Sagarika too was killed that too on the day of her marriage with Ayush Malik.. Who killed her ??

“ Puji!!” Shravan shook her bringing her out of the trance “ What happened ??”

“Nothing Bhai.. I was just shocked” said Pujitha..

“ Even I am also.. Now I want you to be with Khushi always until this marriage is over..” said Shravan..

“Ok Bhai.. You don’t worry about that” said Pujitha and Shravan left from there..


Pujitha went and stood at the balcony of her room from where she can have better view of temple..

“ You have killed not only me but also Sagarika too.. You made me away from my love and Sagarika too.. What is our mistake ?? We both have served each and every day and this is what you gave us in return..”Pujitha stood there asking Devimayya, “ I don’t know what you do.. You have to make my love success this time.. You have to give me my Akashji now”


In the Night:

When Arnav and Akash reached dining table for dinner, they saw NK.. He went to Mumbai for some work the next day they all came to Rampur..

“ Hey Akash.. How are you man ?? Your marriage is in two days and you are not glowing.. You know what, I asked my friend to come on your marriage day for doing your makeup.. “ said Nk..

“ Thanks.. But I don’t need any makeup” said Akash..

“OK.. Your wish” said NK and looked at Arnav,” Nannav.. man..How are you ??”

“ I was fine until you came” said Arnav.. NK cared less and then his eyes fell on Pujitha..

“Puji!! Did you miss me ?? “ asked NK to Pujitha who faked a smile to him,

“ Why will she miss you NK ??”asked Shravan..

“But I missed her soo much.. I mean I missed everyone here” said NK..

“ OK.. Leave all this. Let’s have dinner first” said Dadi and they all moved to dinner..


“ I am sorry Sunaina.. I love you a lot but I can’t marry you.. I am helpless. I thought Manjari will understand my love and backoff from this marriage but she din’t.. She threatened me if I don’t marry her, she will kill my brothers.. I can’t let happen anything to my brothers.. You know I love them a lot..”

The girl Sunaina fell on her knees crying..

“Bade Malik.. You can’t do this to me”

“ I am sorry..  I know I am bring a coward.. We can’t be one in this life.. If possible forgive me Sunaina..”

“Bade Malik..” The girl shouted behind him but he went away from there wiping off his own tears..


Akash jerked off from his sleep and sat on the bed.. He looked around the surroundings and found himself in his room, on his bed.. Then why did the dream felt soo real..

The girl’s cries are reverberating in his ears.. He couldn’t see the girl as it was blur image but he came to know the girl name is Sunaina and he heard the voice somewhere, very close..But whose, he din’t able to recognize.. From the dream, it is evident that he loved the girl but couldn’t marry her due to some Manjari threatened him.. Who is this Manjari ??Why is Sunaina calling him Bade Malik..

“Akash !! You have lost it.. You are thinking about dream” Akash consoled himself and slept off again..


Next morning:

Khushi entered the old temple.. It is the first time she is entering after that night.. She looked around the temple which is very neat.. She went inside the temple and found a figure already standing there.. Hearing her anklets sound, the girl turned around..

“Puji!! You!!” Khushi sighed in relief..

“ Then who else you thought Khushi” asked Pujitha.

“ I was just afraid.. But what are you doing here..” asked Khushi.

‘ I came to Pray here.. But thought to clean it.. And seems you too came for the same” said Pujitha looking at the pooja thal in Khushi’s hands..

“Yes..” said Khushi..

“ Fine then.. let’s do puja” said Pujitha…

Both of them cleaned  Devimayya idol which is full of spider webs and made it clean.. Pujitha went and plucked the flowers…She felt it soo like earlier when they were Sunaina and Sagarika.. Even then too one of them cleans the temple and other one plucks the flowers for devimayya stitching them.. Then they both pray to devimayya..

Now too same thing happened.. Khushi and Pujitha decorated devimayya’s idol and prayed to her..


They both returned back to Sheesh Mahal.. Payal and Anjali were in the hall. There is Mehendi in the evening..

“ Where were you both ??”asked Payal..

“ We went into backside temple to pray” said Khushi casually.

“What !!Khushi .. Don’t you know the temple is cursed..What if something bad happens now ??”said Payal..

“Payalji.. Khushi already entered once but see nothing bad happened.. Now too, nothing bad happens.. You plz don’t take any tension” said Pujitha.

“ What if something bad happens ??”asked Payal.

“ Nothing will happen Payalji” this time Khushi said with a slight irritation..

“Why are you even saying to her Payalji ?? Did she ever thought about this family ?? She only knows to make my chote run behind her.. She separated cote from this family.. She only knows how to make everyone suffer.. If she had respected Nani and Dadi, then she wouldn’t have gone into that temple.. “ said Anjali angrily.

“ Di.. Why do you think I don’t respect Nani and Dadi ?? How can you think I will make my family suffer ?? “said Khushi with almost tears..

“ Now.. You don’t start this crying.. This will work on Nani, Dadi and Chote but not on me.. I know girls like you  very well. “ said Anjali..

Khushi din’t say anything and left from there.. She doesn’t want any arguments with Anjali now.. She is already feeling weak and irritated today..  Pujitha too followed her..







Thank you @ Arshisarunmoon, @ Isabellaallan2108: You will come to know how Vikram is killed in next updates and yes, Pujitha remembers well who killed her, @ Arshi, @ Rani, @ Malarun, @ Avni, @ Fffan123, @ reena, @ Merlin, @ Aathy12, @ arshigeet, @ Arshi95twilight, @ Nupur, @ Tparvaiz: You will come to know in the coming updates why Payal is behind Arnav and no, Khushi is not rich in the previous birth, she is also a servant just like Sunaina, @ lazydoll: Dadi and Nani made Arnav’s name as Raizada instead of Malik due to this past.., @ Londoner, @ Noordina, @ n, @ Candie, @ Pindborg, @ sasi, @ Nishal, @ Angelinarshi, @ Lily30, @ Miabindu, @ Gracy for your valuable comments..

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