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Written Updates/Synopsis

22nd May 2015 Qubool Hai

Episode starts with Aahil talks to Jannat about Sanam and Sanam says that it is like her own story. Just then Shaad comes in. Shashi Kapoor comes to meet her brother and it turns out to be Saif. Shashi slaps Saif for getting engaged to Nawab's sister. Shahsi calls Aahil and fixes a time to meet him for Saif and Naziya's wedding. Shashi gets Tanveer's Voice mail and gets shocked. Sanam tells Shaad that she feels there is a distance between them. Shaad tells Sanam that he too has to confess something to her and tells her that they aren't married and he met her for the first time when he recused her from the riots. Suddenly Shaad realizes that Sanam is asleep and has not heard anything. Shaad finally tells a sleeping Sanam that he loves her and wants to marry her. Latif and Gazala light candles in front of new Sanam's picture thinking that she is dead. Later new Sanam is shown and a flashback shows how new Sanam escapes from being hit by the car. New Sanam wanders on the road and suddenly sees Sanam and gets shocked. Aahil tells Sanam that his wife's picture is behind the curtain and when Sanam opens the curtain, a mirror appears. However, new Sanam stands in front of the mirror.

15th May 2015 Qubool Hai

Episode starts with Sanam faints when Aahil asks her questions about her past. Aahil advices Shaad to bring Sanam to Bhopal as there are good doctors there. Someone informs Shaad that Shashi Kapoor is in Bhopal for a dangerous mission. Shaad agrees to Aahil and they all go to Bhopal. Aahil, Shaad and Sanam go to a dargah in Bhopal. A priest tells Aahil and Sanam they will also remain together so Sanam gets shocked. All three of them pray to the lord for their own needs. New Sanam is outside the dargah begging for food. Sanam tells Aahil that they should feed the poor and begins to approach towards new Sanam. Aahil sees a shooting star and holds Sanam's hand and Shaad is shocked to see this.

14th May 2015 Qubool Hai

Episode starts with All the things in new Sanam's house start getting sold and the people tell new Sanam that all the things in the house belong to Aahil so she has no right on them. New Sanam comes back to wearing clothes like a poor woman and thinks that she tried her best to make Aahil love her but he once again brought her back to her old life. Sanam asks Aahil about his wife. Aahil is about to tell Sanam that she is Sanam herself but Shaad interrupts him and takes Sanam away. Later Aahil asks Sanam about when she first met Shaad but she is boggled by his question and is speechless. Aahil thinks that his question might help Sanam to regain her memory. New Sanam gets ridiculed and thrown out of the house by the new buyers of the haveli. Aahil keeps asking questions to Sanam about her past. Sanam gets dizzy so Aahil tells Shaad that they should take Sanam to Bhopal.

13th May 2015 Qubool Hai

Episode starts with Aahil finally sees Sanam and gets overwhelmed to meet her. However, Sanam does not recognise Sanam and instead rushes to greet Shaad. Aahil is shattered to see that his Sanam is now with some other man. New Sanams distraught as she has no money. Her mother comes and tells her that she was the one who sent Aahil away from her and also tells her that she deserves these problems because of her evil nature. Sanam tells Aahil that she lost her memory and so she does not remember anything. Aahil asks Sanam whether she was married before or after her memory loss so she says before. Sanam asks Aahil that who is Sanam as he kept repeating her name. Aahil gets very emotional and does not answer. Aahil tells Sanam that his ladylove looks just like her. New Sanam is thrown out of the house.

11th May 2015 Qubool Hai

Episode starts with Shaad thinks about the sketch and wonders who is waiting and searching for Sanam. Shaad thinks that he will never let Sanam go away as he loves her too much. Some goons attack Shaad and demand for money but Aahil saves him. However, one goon hits Aahil on the head with a rod and Aahil faints. Shaad brings back Aahil to the hotel room as he is unconscious and tells Sanam that Aahil tried to save him from goons but got beaten up himself. Sanam feels some kind of connection with Aahil. Sanam says her prayers while Aahil lies on the bed unconscious. When Sanam goes near him, Aahil holds his hands and Sanam gets overwhelmed and suddenly starts remembering some things about her past. While New Sanam and Saif are about to get close, the door bell rings and Naziya comes in. Naziya is unwell and insists on sleeping in new Sanam's room. New Sanam is scared but when Naziya enters the room, Saif hides under the bed. Later new Sanam tells Saif that Aahil has blocked access to his money. Aahil and Sanam come near the same temple to pray but don't see each other. The lawyer tells new Sanam that her house will get auctioned away in 5 days time.

18th March 2015 Qubool Hai

Episode starts with Shaad apologizes to Sanam and Sanam accepts his apology. Shaad feels bad for using Sanam to get to his friend's murderer. Shaad's father apologizes to Misbah and his mother and says that Misbah will live in his house till he does not find another better groom for Misbah. The doctor checks new Sanam's x-ray report and finds s knife in her chest. New Sanam appears in a devilish form and tells the doctor that she is dead and does not have a heart. Seeing all this, the doctor gets a heart attack and dies. Aahil comes to the hospital and takes the reports from new Sanam and Sanam gets tensed as she thinks that if Aahil sees the reports then he will know the truth. Shashi Kapoor reaches Shaad's house and looks at Sanam sleeping. Precap of Qubool Hai Written Update: Aahil opens the report and is shocked to read it

7th November 2014 Qubool Hai

Episode starts with Aahil misses seeing Sanam but Sanam continues to follow him in an auto. Seher is thinking about Rehan. Rehan wakes up after seeing a bad dream and feels that he should give Seher another chance. Seher's car comes in the remote control range and Tanveer presses the button of the bomb. Haya does not believe Faiz so Faiz gives her the evidence against Rahat. Haya is heartbroken and she screams and she realizes that her hearing and speech has been restored. The car that has Seher goes up in a blast and Aahil is shocked. Sanam is gagged and taken away again by Razia's guards. Tanveer is happy to get Sanam out of her way. Precap: Razia tells Sanam that Seher is her twin sister.

6th November 2014 Qubool Hai

Episode starts with Razia tries to contact Seher but does not get through. The guard calls up Razia and informs her that Sanam has escapes. Tanveer presses the button for the bomb but it does not work as the bomb is out of range. Sanam runs in a disheveled state and Seher's car is about to collide into her but take a turn and bangs into a boulder. Seher steps out and Sanam finally sees her identical twin. Faiz talks to Rahat and records his words and thinks of an evil plan. Faiz goes to Haya and bad mouths Rahat and says that he is betraying her as he is doing a halala nikah. Aahil sees Sanam from the rear view mirror as she runs behind his car to grab his attention. Precap: Tanveer finally presses the button of the bomb when Seher's car comes in range.

5th November 2014 Qubool Hai

Episode starts with Faiz is in rage after Rahat's confession. Rahat and Haya hug each other and Faiz looks at them with jealousy and thinks that if Haya cannot be his then he will never let Rahat have her too. Faiz asks Rahat to meet him outside as he wants to talk to him. Tanveer tells Aahil to come with him in the car as she wants to plan out his wedding. Tanveer tells Aahil that Sanam can come in another car. Azhar's parents give Seher a gift and the gift box contains a bomb. Rehan helps Sheer to put the gift in the car and the two of them have an emotional talk. Sanam escapes from bondage. Razia overhears Tanveer's talks about how she is going to end Seher's life. Precap: Seher's car meets with an accident. Sanam comes from the other side and sees Seher.

4th November 2014 Qubool Hai

Episode starts with Flashback shows that Razia agrees to Seher's demand for 2 crores and Seher agrees for marriage with Aahil. They find the hidden camera and think of a plan. Tanveer is frustrated as Seher manages to spoil her plan again. Tanveer tells Azhar's parents that she wants to kill Sanam. Tanveer explains the plan to Azhar's parents. Razia gets sweets for Sanam and tells her about Haya's marriage with Rahat. She also tells her that no one cares about her absence and Sanam is upset by this. Rahat tells Faiz the truth about his relationship with Haya and Faiz is extremely upset. Faiz vows that he will never let Rahat and Haya be together. Precap: Azhar's parents put bomb in Seher's car. Sanam escapes from bondage.

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