Khushi..!!! just khushi..!!

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Feb 24, 2012

Khushi..!!! just khushi..!! (By Kriya) (Thanked: 7 times)

i thought of putting my thought into a short story... hope u all will like it..!! thank you much

14th august... today is the last day of this "marriage" my marriage. From tomorrow i won't be Mrs Arnav singh Raizada, nor will I be Khushi Kumari Gupta... I'll be khushi just khushi.. There was so much craziness going on in her mind... she just sat on the couch wot seemed like forever... all the events of the six months and before rolled up in front on her..!!! She went back to very first time she fell into his arms... she should have known that he came from her personal hell just to make her life a living hell.... She didn't realized when she fell in love with him while fighting with him... she was on a verge of expressing her feelings... for some reasons she thought that he loved her... but how wrong she was to think such a thing... he was and still is just a shrewd businessman. Who understands nothing but business.. No emotions..n love huh.! Well he has love only for his sister..!! I don't know what I have ever done wrong to... I never lied. Not cheated...nor I'm greedy.., needy... I only needed love in life.. But I guess.. Love only comes to those with money and parents..!! n I m unfortunate who has none of the above..!!

I married him just for the sake of my jiji... because I wouldn't be able to live a day with the guilt that her marriage is broken the second time becoz of me... everyone says wotever happens it happens for good... so I agreed to the 6 months contract marriage just for her..( that was my first step back from him,, because he blackmailed me to marry him without giving me the reason)... so good came to her n wot I got in returns... a husband who hates me... I'm orphan again... my in laws hate me... because they don't have the power to stand up to the almighty ASR and ask him questions.. So all the hatred was for me..!!! The day of the wedding in a girl's life is memorable.. Unforgettable because that day she becomes.. Someone's.. Wife..bhabhi...bahu..mami..chachi..jethani..devrani.. So on n so forth... my first day was full of accusations.. Fingers pointing towards me from all directions.. And he left me all alone to face everyone... (tht was my second back from him.) I had nothing to say to them as I myself was unaware of the reason...why all this was happening...!!

Buaji I loved her... when she yelled at me when I was kid.. I loved her when she preferred payal jiji to sleep with her... I loved her when she called me all those names.. loved her even when she forced me to get engaged to shyamji.. n thn she called me bad blood.. once again.. thn I could feel the walls rising around me!!... amma.. she loved me.... Fed me..took care of me... she did everything but trust me..!! she left me when I needed her support..!! the walls around me grew higher...

Babuji I will always love him... he is on a wheelchair just because he was trying to save me... I know he would have supported me... n I saw the pain n helplessness in his eyes when everyone was blaming me.. whn buaji called me bad blood.. whn amma slapped me.... I wish my babuji was fine at the time..m sure he would have defended me..!!

Jiji I loved her with all my heart and soul... I grew up with her... trusted her and ruined my life for her by tying knots with the heartless man... and she turned her face from me when I needed her the most.... She promised me tht she will always be by my side but she just left me....???i don't think I did anything wrong to deserve ..!!!

Well after tht night I cried n cried n cried till my tears dried... n there were no tears left..!! I went to face my worst nightmare Mr Arnav Singh Raizada... I needed my answers why am I being subjected to all this torture... wot is my fault???? So I stood up and walked upto his room... he was sitting like a statute.. I entered and closed the door behind me... walked upto him n asked him the simple question... why?? Arnavji.. Why u did this to me..??? wot were you thinking??? He said nothing... n the anger strted to rise up n my body started to tremble and I couldn't control myself n yelled his name Mr Arnav Singh Raizada.. Each word loud and clear... he looked up at me with the hate tht could burn u...... he stood tall in front of me n said... I don't owe to any explanations.. u got wot u deserved and walked out the room..!!! I was stunned... shocked... tht was my last step back...!!! N I closed myself from everything and everyone... I understood tht I am defenseless... n no one is going to defend me or fight for my honor.. so I have to save myself from this cruel world and this so called my home..!!

Feb 24, 2012

Khushi..!!! just khushi..!! (By Kriya) (Thanked: 11 times)

Chapter 2

I was sitting on the floor in his room when someone walked in and sat beside me on the floor and put his arms on my shoulder... I looked up and saw nanheji with tears in his eyes... I could see the reflection of my pain in his eyes...!! He said nothing.. Asked me nothing.. Accused me of nothing... just sat there besides me..!! And in that moment I found a friend... tht I know will never turn his back towards me... that was the only good thing ever happened on that unfortunate night..!! We sat there which looked like forever... then he went away.. But while leaving he just said one thing.. khushiji.. I trust u... and I know wotever happen is not ur fault..!!! n I just sat there... no reaction... no tears...nothingness was growing in me..!!!

I didn't know when the sun rose..!! HP came and said that anjaliji has called everyone in the hall..!!! So I went down... n thy asked to do grahpravesh n all the raizada rasams..!!! I bowed and did all that I was asked to do..!!! Because I had no choice..!! I knew I had time of six months to think wot I'm going to do for myself in future..!!

After all the rasams n riwazzz I was dolled up and once again send in his room.... This time it was decorated with candles and rose petals on the bed...!!! As soon as I entered the room I was full of disgust and anger on the very thought of him touching me.... Just because he married me it doesn't give him the right to touch me..!!! So I went in.... got my dress changed and went to bed...!!! I had no intentions of sleeping on the floor or couch.. Because the khushi that thought about everyone else above her was long dead and gone..!! so I went to bed..!! I didn't realize when he came or where he slept... I woke up in the morning n saw him sleeping on the couch n anger started to rise in me..!!!

I just sat there looking at him.... N thinking why does he hates me so much that he decided to ruin my life.... I was trying to think all our encounters... where did I made him so angry that he decided to take his revenge this way and I came up with nothing...!! So I gave up and went to freshen up because I have my daughter in law duties to perform...!! So I wore the green saree which I was given to wear for the aarti..... I walked out drying my hair and he was still sleeping.. I didn't know if I should wake him up... I knew nothing about being married..!!! I will keep my side of the bargain.. I will be a good wife n daughter in law n sister in law.. for the world..!! But behind the closed doors of this room we were nothing more than strangers..!!!

Feb 24, 2012

Khushi..!!! just khushi..!! (By Kriya) (Thanked: 8 times)

I stood in front of the mirror getting ready wearing my bangles.. n keeping an eye on him from the mirror... my bangles noise seems to irritate him.. so in order to wake him up without talking to him... I started making noise while getting ready.. He tossed n turned on the sofa... n finally fell down... well done khushi I thought to myself..!!! Enough mr raizada... I have had enough of ur tantrums.. Now its ur turn to be treated miserably..!!!

He got angry and glared at me... I avoided his gaze n kept myself occupied with other things... after that night when he walked out on me without giving me my answers... I decided then and there that he will beg me to talk to him...!!! N I was determined to see him begging..!! So he went to bathroom n i went down.... they all looked at me... just stared and nanheji welcomed me by saying good morning khushiji.. opps I mean bhabhiji... I had to smile at that..!!! n went n touched naniji's feet.. She gave me blessings n mamaji was kind and smiled... mamiji... just walked away... (oh well saved me from bending n touching her feet) ... we waited for arnavji to come down...

when he came down we did our aarti as a couple first... thn followed by jijaji n jiji. and arnavji went back to the bedroom saying that he had to make some calls.!! Then as a tradition jiji n I was to prepare something sweet for the family...irony of my life I m married to someone who can't eat sweets..!! So I made kheer n jiji made halwa..!!! I made sugarless kheer for him..!!! I knew he would refuse it... but still I did my job..!! Everyone sat at the dining table n they started to eat....

then I saw shyamji coming down with this nasty smile on his face...!!! It was repulsive to see this shameless man n sharing the same roof with him was a torture in itself..!!! after sometime arnavji came down n sat for the breakfast and anjaliji asked to serve him kheer he looked at me with disgust n anger... n I just looked at him.. Still trying to figure out the reasons for the hate..??? So I served him kheer.. And as expected he refused and naniji forced him to eat it..!!!

But seems like these raizadas like to torture me... so anjaliji said that first morsel I had to feed him.... We both were stunned and immy looked at each other... our expressions mirrored exactly..!!! so I reminded myself... in front of everyone I have to do my wifely duties... so fed him the first morsel... n he just looked at me... this time without the disgust and anger...!!! N I just turned my face away.... Then shyamiji started praising the kheer... I felt like throwing the jug of cold water on his face... but I controlled myself..!!!

Naniji gave me a necklace after the breakfast as a shagun .... N thn anjaliji gave me her mother's kangan.... Mamiji gave me a ring..(which ofcourse half heartedly) and mamaji gave me gold chain...!!! Same things were given to jiji..!!! as an elder bahu.. naniji gave me the keys of the house and tht boiled mamiji's blood.....!! n I was amazed tht these rich people have really little hearts..!!!

Feb 24, 2012

Khushi..!!! just khushi..!! (By Kriya) (Thanked: 13 times)

The days went by...!!! Slowly and steadily everyone started to warm up to me..!!! But I kept my distance from everyone because I was not able to forget all the things they said and did to me..!!! Nothing has changed between arnavji n i... we never talked... I slept on bed n he slept on sofa...!!! When one night suddenly he gave up n slept on the bed... I realized the next morning when I found his arm hugging me around my waist..!! I woke with a jerk n threw his arm away from me...

n he woke up... got mad n said wot the hell is wrong with u..!!!

It made me angrier... so after a month I replied back... wots wrong with me..?? Me??? Wot the hell is wrong with you??? Why on earth were u hugging me.... I made myself loud and clear that u are not to touch me..!!! Just because u married me doesn't mean that I will let you near me..!!

This made him angry... he said this is my house.. My room... n my bed... I'm done sleeping on sofa... so if u have a problem u go n sleep on the sofa..!!

Khushi: this problem wouldn't have occurred if u didn't marry me... since u married me I am not sleeping on sofa as this room belongs to me as well.. and we glared at each other

ARnav: shut up khushi kumara gupta

Khushi: no u shut up.....!!! M done shutting up on ur commands.. M not ur employee or ur coward family member who r afraid of u... I am ur wife..!! so I have all the rights to talk...

Arnavji just went to the bathroom......!!

I was flabbergasted how dare he..!!! When he came out of the bathroom his expressions were somehow showed triumph n he looked happy... it was confusing what to make of it.. Because one moment he is disgusted by my very presence and the next second he can't keep his eyes off of me...!!! I had learned to ignore him..!! Because whenever we talked he only insulted me..!! He yelled for HP n demanded his coffee n HP gave me a look as if saying should i??? I just nodded...!!! Arnavji saw this exchange and again stared at me..!!! I went to bathroom and got changed and went down for making breakfast..!!! as jiji went to her honeymoon so I had to do all by myself..!! HP was helping me when suddenly naniji sent him out to get groceries.. I turned n saw shyaamji standing at the kitchen door looking at me with all the unwelcomed love n affection and offered to help... I didn't acknowledged his gesture n continued with my work.. And suddenly he grabbed my arm n spun me around....

Shyaamji: khushiji how can u ignore me like I don't even exists... why u don't talk to me or reply to me??? M asking u something??

My skin stung where he touch me... I had a hot spatula in my hand I just touched it at his hand n he whimpered in pain n jumped back..!!! I walked towards him...n said "shyaamji just because we live in the same house.. Doesn't mean that I'm obliged to talk or ever acknowledge u..!! u better stay away from... this time it was just hot spatula next time to come anywhere near me devi maiya ki kasam woh haal karungi ki appna naam pata bhool jaige..!!! Hearing this he opened his mouth to say something n before he could utter a word I said.. " and btw I am ur sister in law just so you know so u better maintain ur distance... because last time I kept my mouth shut because of my jiji and now I have no fear.. Since I have no one to protect.. So think before you come near let alone touch me... u have a wonderful wife. Plus u r going to be dad.. Not that you deserve any of this" as I was about to turn I saw arnavji standing there.. I don't know wot he heard and what he didn't I just continue with my work.. n shyaamji left..!!!

Arnavji came near me and stood behind me.... He called my name "khushi" I turned around he said wot the hell are you doing talking to him... seems like u have forgotten that u r a married women and u need to maintain ur distance from other men..!!! I just looked at him thinking... he just doesn't know me let alone understand... whenever he talked to me... his words always left my heart broken... no matter how hard I tried to look tough n not cry in front of him or anyone... now a days I don't even cry.. Just drag myself and putting up the happy face of happily married women.. This was getting tiring..!!!? It's been only few months... n this place looks nothing more than a jail for me... I feel like a bird trapped in a golden cage..!!!

Nanheji went back and that day I cried because I was all alone again... he promised me that he will me every day... but I know out of sight equals out of mind...!!!! Everyday arnavji would find something insulting to say... or sometimes he would do things to me burn my soul..!! Finally one day we were watching jiji's marriage video which nanheji was recording... since he forgot his camera here.. anjaliji decided to watch all the behind the scenes activities..!!! While we were all watching... arnavji got back from work... n somehow decided to join us..!!!

After the kitchen incident shyaamji stayed away from me...

Feb 24, 2012

Khushi..!!! just khushi..!! (By Kriya) (Thanked: 12 times)

As Shyaamji went out of town for some work(which I doubt.. he was just ashamed I guess)

So we all sat n started watching the video as the video was going on I remembered how arnavji was with me during that time.. So loving.. Always smiling... then suddenly wot went wrong..?? out of nowhere we saw shyaamji standing there with a box in his hand.. he opened the box and looked into it smilimg like a monster.. Everyone was puzzled as to wot was in the box then suddenly he said..

"bass ab kuch hi der mein raani saheba hume chodke hamesha ke liye chali jayengi." Phir hum kissi bhi tarhan khushiji ko appna bannake hi chodenge...hahaha..!! my whole body went cold and stiffened... I felt light headed..!!

Humne itna sab kuch kiya unhe pane ke liye.. unke ghar gaye PG banke rahe.. buaji ko jhanse mein liya... aur khushiji se sagai karli. Par unke babuji ko sachai ka pata chal gaya aur unhone rani saheba ko batane ki koshish ki..unhe bhi thekane lagana pada.. bechare shashiji bebass hoke appni bitiya ki sagai hote hue dekhte reh gaye aur kuch nahi kar sake...

I felt like someone knocked the wind out my lungs.. I was suffocating!!!hamara time kharab tha ki khushiji ko hamari asliat ka pata chal gaya..!! aur unhone hamse sagai todd di.. aur gupta parivar ne hame ghar se nikal diya..!!! par khushiji hum kya kare.. appko bhulna hamre bass mein nahi hai...!!! Aur aapko hasill karna hi hoga hame"..!!

"Hamari kismat acchi thi jo uss din rani saheba ka magalsutra tutt gaya nahi toh khushiji uss din sab sach bata deti...(with a wicket smile)... rani saheba bass app hi hai jo abb hamare aur khushiji ke beech mein aa rahi hai..!! yeh bichhuji aaj raat appka kaam tmam kar denge..hahaha"..!!

With that arnavji put his hand on my shoulder as I was shivering n crying looking at the monster who tried to kill my babuji and now anjaliji... everyone was shocked and anjaliji looked fine..!!! Which was more shocking..!!? Everyone was worried for her.. But she just stood up turned off the tv and said that she knew everything...!!! She knew who khushiji was engaged to... she just didn't wanted to believe that.. She wanted to give shyamji another chance..!! I just looked at her... I was cheated again... I didn't expect that anjaliji will stab me in my back..!! she would do this to me....

Out of all the people in the world ANJALIJI??? How?? I mean?? Who?? What?? I looked here and there in confusion and everyone was just staring at anjaliji...she had tears in her eyes and everyone went to her side to console her... n I was left alone again...!! That was the last and final blow and it shattered me inside out... I just ran from there as I couldn't stand there for more than a minute..!!! arnavji followed and he hugged me..!!! out of all people he came and hugged me??? N was consoling me??? I just pushed him away?? And then he told me why he married me?? And wot he saw...!??

I was devastated after knowing the reason why he forced me to marry him was.. to save his sister's marriage.. who already knew what kind of evil her husband was...!!! It felt like the earth has slipped from beneath my feet..!! I was falling into a dark hole..!! I just started laughing at myself out loud...!!

Khushi Kumari Gupta... hahahaha u are such a big fool... u are so dumb... and nave... that people were taking advantage of u.. using u... and u thought they all love you HAHAHHAHA... wot pitty...!! Hahahaha.. arnavji was shocked at this and he tried to come near me... n I just stopped him by showing my hand...!!! Now the water was over my head..!!!

Feb 24, 2012

Khushi..!!! just khushi..!! (By Kriya) (Thanked: 10 times)

Arnavji: I'm so sorry khushi I didn't knew that wot I saw was a lie.. I didn't knew that u didn't loved him...I was just shocked to see u in his arms.. n heard u say that why doesn't he leave my sister... all I could do was just stared at this pathetic low life..!! He thought that I would love a married man that I will become a reason to break his sister's marriage... me??? Everyone think about themselves and their loved one's no one for ones thought about me???

Khushi: the thought about clearing this misunderstanding never occurred to u??? I pushed him back...?? Asking me if wot u saw was true never came to ur mind.. I shoved him back with all the power I got..!!

Arnavji: khushi..!! I ..! thought?

Khushi: u thought wot arnavji??? U ruined my life...!! But u know it is true that wotever happens it happens for a reason and for good... I guess devi maiya wanted to show me that I'm alone in this cruel world.. And all my relationships are just for names..!!! Well just for my sanity sake stay away from me..!!! as far as u can.. Because u and ur sister and ur entire family disgust me..!!

Payal jiji walked into the room as she heard everything... she had tears in her eyes..!! She tried to hug me but I couldn't bear it.. so I just told her to back off..!! She was shocked at first thn she said "I'm sorry khushi I didn't knew that arnavji blackmailed you" all I could say was huh..!!

Well jiji it doesn't mattered if the positions were switched I wouldn't have hesitated to stand by you.. But u and all ur promises went out the window when u saw that I was on the sinking end of the boat.. So u moved to the safe side and saw me drowning slowly..!! Now please don't show all this love and care..just please leave me alone...

Then came the worst person on earth ANJALIJI...

Anjaliji: khushiji can I talk to u??

I just satred at her..!!

Anjaliji: let me explain..?

Explain wot anjaliji??? I don't want to listen to ur stories?? U played me all along?? U knew everything and here I was dieing and was sad for u..? and u wah clap clap clap ..!!! Amazing..!

Anajliji: khushiji let me say something??

i was confused and couldn't believe at first... i loved him and didn't wanted to lose him..!

i interrupted her as i couldn't look at her..!

U must be joking right??? I listen to u?? Why should I listen to u??? u are the reason my life is ruined.. to save ur sorry marriage arnavji forced me into this contract marriage...

Anjali: shocked..!! as if she saw her parents ghost or something.. wot chote.. Contract marriage..?

I bet u knew about this as well but played dumb to see how much more can y'all break me..?? thn look m all shaken n broken up..!!

U all played with my emotions.... I hate each and every one of u...

naniji came inside she heard everything and she tried to talk to me.. naniji aap humse umar mein badi hai.. hum aapse batmizi nahi karna chahte... to please aap sab hame akela chod de toh badi meherbai hogi..!!!

I locked the door from inside and sat on the floor and cried for a long time...

Shyaamji came back from his trip and was welcomed by police... he was arrested for trying to kill babuji and anjaliji..!!

The days turned to weeks... weeks. Turned to months... n I just stopped reacting to everything and anything... when buaji and amma came to see me... after all that... buaji came and hugged me with tears in her eyes... and apologized... I could only say that kal agar jiji ko koi takleef hogi toh phir hame anath banna denge...

so it's better that u keep away from me...!!! After tht buaji with sad and shocked expressions looked at amma.. amma tried to talk.. I interrupted and said if u are going to say the same thing and apologize then save yourselves time and energy because I don't think I'll ever forgive u for abandoning me when I needed u.. when I was all alone facing the world... then I saw babuji I just went near him put my head on his lap and cried.. And told him everything...

he just put his hand on my head and had tears in his eyes... I told him how arnavji and anjaliji deceived me and played me..!!

Today is the end of all these games and lies... as today is my last day here in this jail..!!

Feb 24, 2012

Khushi..!!! just khushi..!! (By Kriya) (Thanked: 8 times)

Chapter 7

I woke up the next morning.. saw arnavji lying next to me..!! Sleeping peacefully... I think he forgot that out contract marriage ended yesterday... oh well.. I'll remind him..!! I got up went to the bathroom... freshen up changed to my old self.. green salwar kameez..!! I took out my mangalsutra kept it in its box..!! Took out arnavji's mom's kangan and returned them too into its box..!! arnavji was sleeping so I didn't wanted to wake him up and create all the drama..!! Since it was 5:00 am.. I just went to the couch and start writing the letter......


I don't know where to start... so let's see I'll start from the start... falling in ur arms was the worst thing happened to me.. because that fall led to this day in my life and all the pain as well... I'll not give u lecture or anything again... I just wanted to thank u for teaching me a very valuable lesson of life... that love.. Emotions... heart... feelings... these all are waste of time and energy... duniyadari ke chakkar mein fasse toh nuksaan aapna hi hoga..!! Think about urself first.. Put ur own needs first.. This world only understands the language of money and power.... I understood this very well...!!! I'd like to thank you for showing love and care after shyaamji's truth was out...!! Thank you for all the support.. and care..!! just because u were nice to me for one month doesn't mean that I forgot all that happened in the past... I was a always fulfilling my duties as ur wife.. I kept my side of the bargain...

I'm starting a new chapter in my life from today... by leaving u and ur golden cage... I will never ever return to this house and u... so no point in looking for me...! I have returned all the jewelry and clothes that was given to me by ur family... so later on don't blame for stealing anything... I do not need anything from u... I don't want ur money... I just want peace of mind... so don't try to find... even after all the hurt and pain u caused.. I wish for ur wellbeing and happiness..!!! take care..!!


So I just walked out the room and out the house...!!! I took the auto and went to see my babuji for one last time..!! I knocked at the door and buaji opened the door and hugged me I just moved passed her n saw babuji on the bed..!! I just went in the room n asked garimaji can I have few moments alone with babuji.... She went outside... i went near babuji n sat beside him.. n told him that I'm leaving from Delhi forever and might not see him again.. babuji didn't look sad and game me a smile... I put my head on his chest and told him that I will always love him...!! And then I left the house and went to train station..!!!

I had talked to nanheji couple months ago about me leaving this place and my worries about where will I go and live... so nanheji found me a nice job as a hindi school teacher in Mumbai and an apartment...!! i had asked him to never talk about this to anyone ever..!! so I boarded my train and took off from this Delhi where I got pain... tears. And hurt..!! as th train left the station i felt light weighted as if all the weight was lifted from my shoulders... i felt happy after a really long time..

Feb 24, 2012

Khushi..!!! just khushi..!! (By Kriya) (Thanked: 7 times)

thanxx for all the support..!! i'll continue tomorrow..!! its 1:am.. n my hubby dear is tossing n turning n getting jealous with my laptop...!!!! thanxx for liking it

good night for us.. good morning for all those are just loggin in..!! tke cre..!

Feb 25, 2012

Khushi..!!! just khushi..!! (By Kriya) (Thanked: 11 times)

Chapter 8

16th august..!! I reached my destination... I am happy and exciting.. It felt like the little girl in me has finally smiled..!!! I was welcomed by Mr aditiya arora..!! He is nanheji's friend..!! They studied together in Australia... he escorted me to my apartment.. And gave me my new cell phone..!! After reaching the new home. He left me there to settle down..!!! As I entered my new place.. I felt like I belonged there.. It was small but sufficient... small hall..!!! And very beautiful kitchen..!! One bedroom and it was colored light shade of purple..!! It was all empty.. It was my time to build my own nests now..!! Where everything will start and end with me.... I'll be important..!!! I called adi as he preferred that way... and asked him about my school job..?? He said that I'll be starting it in 2 days.. But before that I had to personally go and see the principal..!!

There was a mattress in the bedroom I just laid there... and all the events of the past came rushing towards me... I closed my eyes but all I kept seeing was arnavji's face...!!! I don't know wot must have happened after I left... he must have got mad again..! Why was I worried..??? I tossed and turned around... and finally went to sleep...!!! The Next morning I startled by the door bell... I looked at the time and it was past noon... I have never slept past 9..!!! I rushed towards the door... adi was standing.. And asked me to get ready... as I had to meet the principal... I just looked at him... and said " I don't have any clothes to change" he said "don't worry give me 2 mins I'll be back" I waited and he returned with a green saree..!!! And I thanked him went to bathroom and got ready..!!!

The school was huge...!!! St Xavier's High school...!!! This is where I'll begin my identity..!!! Principal Mr Lal.. was a very kind man..!! He welcomed me.. And asked about where I'm from and all the formal questions... as I was filling up the forms.. He asked me what is ur full name my child... I said it's just khushi sir as I'm an orphan..!! He just looked at me.. And said don't worry beta if u need anything u can call me...!! I have a daughter but she is married now and lives in London.. so u can rely on this old man.,..!! I felt very happy about it..... But I warned myself and reminded myself about the past events..!! Don't trust anyone khushi... no one loves anyone expect themselves..!!! The meeting went really very well... I asked adi where I can get all the necessary stuff for my home...!! So he took me shopping and I told him that I'll repay you ones I get paid... he said don't worry about it...!!! I'm not going to hunt you down for that..!!! So I got my groceries. Toiletries... 2 new sarees.. And salwar kameez..!!

I was exhausted after a long day... so adi brought pav bajji from a hotel and we ate it... I thanked him form the bottom of my heart for all the help and trouble I caused him... he just smiled and said that's wot friends are for right?? I said yes..!! so I made a friend here..!!! the next went by..!!! I was just making a list of things I need to build my nest..!!!

Feb 25, 2012

Khushi..!!! just khushi..!! (By Kriya) (Thanked: 13 times)

I went to bed after making my list..!! I again saw arnavji with tears in his eyes and helpless in my dreams... and then suddenly all the love in his eyes turned into anger and he walking towards me..!! With anjaliji behind him..!!! I woke up sweating and breathless.... I left RM but the nightmares continue..!!! It was beautiful morning but I was still stunned because of my nightmare..!! 20th august..!! My first day as a school teacher..!! It was a boarding school..!!! So kids live here..!! Away from their parents..!! I went a little early may be the nerves..!!! But I went and met Mr Lal.. He introduced me to other teachers and staff members... all the teachers were really nice and welcomed me with love..!!! I was touched by their gestures.... The teacher before me Mrs Naik..!! Had retired and everyone loved her..!! So I already had high expectations to meet..!!!

After the school bell rang.. Mr. Lal introduced me to my class..!!! I love kids...!! They are so innocent... their hearts are so pure... no games.. Lies...cheating. Treachery...!!! They all welcomed with flowers..!! I fell in love with them..!! I was happy whenever I was in school these kids have become part of my life.. I laugh with them ever cry with them when they got hurt..!!! My days would be amazing full of happiness... but as soon as night falls I become restless.. And the nightmares continue..!!

One day when I reached home I saw a small basket outside my apartment..!! I was surprised..!! I opened the basket and saw a small puppy sleeping peacefully inside..!! He was so adorable...!! There was a note inside... it said..!


I don't know much about you..!!! I just know that you are NK's friends..!! And he asked me to take care of u..!!! I don't know wot happened in ur past.. Or wot is bothering u..!! But whenever I see u.. There is so much pain in ur eyes...!! U smile but the smile doesn't reach ur eyes..!!! I know u r all alone..!! That's y I got this friend for u.. He will keep U Company and won't let u feel alone..!! As I travel a lot.. So I can't be there to make sure that u are fine.. n not sad all the time..!! I know you are a strong girl.... But everyone needs someone to love in their life..!! Hope u like my gift..!! As I'm leaving for japan n will return in couple of weeks..!!! See u then..!! byee and please take care of urself.. And be happy..!!


I smiled at this gesture of adi. he doesn't know me and still thought of my loneliness.. everyone in this world are not that mean i guess.!!! I picked up my little pup.. And took him inside..!! He is a black Labrador I named him junior..!! He was a chubby.. Lazy pup..!!! He was still sleeping..!!! n I just sat on the floor holding him close to my heart..!!

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