OS: Holi

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Mar 3, 2015

OS: Holi (By Kattty) (Thanked: 194 times)

It was morning.

The sun had already risen thirty minutes ago. A lady got up yawning and stretching her arms and looked at the man sleeping beside her with his hands under his head. Well, he was none other than her husband, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada urf  her Laad Governor!!!  Khushi looked at the calender and remembered it was HOLI!!! Such an auspicious day for her and her Arnavji!!  For the first time they conveyed their feelings that their heart beat matches.

Kyunki hamare dil ki dhadkane ek ho jaate hai

How can she forget this day?

She slowly got up from bed and sat beside Arnav. He was still sleeping.

Khushi(whispered): Happy holi Arnavji!!!!

Then she went to washroom to take bath and her LG woke up rubbing his eyes.

After half an hour,

Khushi was getting ready sitting in front of the mirror. Door opened. Khushi realised that Arnav already came out after taking bath. She stood up.

Arnav noticed her beauty. She was wearing a plain white salwar, and her hair open. The minimal make up which she had put was making her look adorable.

Arnav went to her and held her waist. Arnav came closer to her and she gulped her throat. And their lips were mm apart. That’s when a mishevious smile arose in Khushi’s lips and she rubbed both his cheeks with pink colour shouting

 “Bura na maano holi hai!!!” (Don’t feel bad its holi)

 and she escaped from his grip.

Damn!!! She ruined the almost kiss.

Arnav touched his cheek  and saw the colour in his hands. Khushi was almost about to open the door but then she felt Arnav holding her wrist and in a fraction of seconds he pulled her to himself.

Arnav had a naughty smile on his face.

Arnav: Ab kaha jaaogi? (Where will you go now?)

Khushi looked into his eyes, trying to escape from his grip. And he tightened his grip. He came closer to her. Khushi’s heart would literally come out. Arnav could feel her heartbeat increasing. He bought his face closer to her and rubbed his cheeks against her. The colour on his face got equally transferred to her face.

Rabba ve~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Khushi closed her eyes.

Arnav(whispered): Happy holi!!!

Khushi’s eyes opened in shock!! Arnav was wishing??? Is she dreaming?

Khushi: Hum sapna toh nahi dekh rahe hai na? (I am not dreaming right?)

Arnav chuckled. And now he really went to kiss her.

Payal (shouting from outside): Khushi…….Khushi…

Khushi immediately pushed him.

Arnav: What the!!!!

Khushi: What the nahi jeeji..matlab jeeji hume bula rahi hai. (Not What the its jeeji…I mean jeeji is calling me)

Damn Payal!! She wants to interrupt in the same time thought Arnav.


In RM garden,

Everyone was excited for Holi. All were applying colour on each other playing pichkaris, and dumping each other in a pool containing coloured water.

Anjali was preparing juice and pouring cold drinks. Whereas, Khushi was preparing bhaang.

Anjali saw Arnav coming to the garden wearing a white sherwani. A smile appeared on her lips. She went to Arnav and applied colour on Arnav and wished him. He too applied colour on her face, saying “happy holi di”. She couldn’t believe that her chotte applied colour on her. This was truly a miracle. And the credit goes to her bhabi. Khushi noticed this from far and smiled looking at the siblings love.

Khushi went to Anjali and kept the bhaang and cold drinks together in a tray. Nk was watching this from far. The silver glasses had bhaang and golden glasses had cold drinks. Khushi started serving bhaang to everyone whereas she didn’t take any. How nicely she tricked Mamiji, mamaji, buaji and Garima to drink bhaang!! Arnav stayed away and Nk denied drinking bhang. Mami started dancing due to the effect of bhaang. Nani was enjoying this holi a lot.

How smart of Khushiji!! thought Nk. Time for some mischief.

Nk went to Anjali.

Nk: Di aap dek rahi hai, Khushiji sab ko bhaang pila rahi hai par khud nahi pee rahi!! (Di look Khushiji is making everyone drink bhaang but she is not drinking)

Anjali: Haan Nk bhai, abhi shararat karne ka waqt aagaya kisi ko toh hamari bhabi ka bhi khyal rahna chahiye. (Yes Nk bhai, its time for some mischief. Someone should look after my bhabi also right?)

They smiled naughtily.

Nk picked up a cold drink glass and mixed bhaang powder. Anjali made sure that Khushi was not around. Nk went to Khushi.

Nk: Khushiji aap thandayi lengi? (Khushiji will you drink Cold drink?)

Khushi looked at him suspicioulsy and then looked at the colour of the glass. It is golden so it is cold drink, thought Khushi.

Khushi smiled at him and took the glass not forgetting to thank him. She drank it at once.

Sorry Khushiji thought Nk.

Khushi burped. The bhang was affecting her. Nk went to play with pichkari.

Khushi’s head was spinning. She looked at Arnav.

Khushi(thinks): Ek Arnavji, Do Arnavji, Teen Arnavji , Chaar Arnavji. Chaar chaar Arnavji!!! (One Arnavji, Two Arnavji, three Arnavji, four Arnavji. Four four Arnavji)

She giggled and clapped. She picked up a silver glass and drank bhaang again.

Arnav was busy talking to some of his guests. And the sudden noise grabbed everyone’s attention. He saw Khushi, holding a mic. She was smiling and giggling mischeviously.

Khushi (shouting): Arrnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaavjiiiii

Arnav wondered what happened to her. Nk and Anjali smiled naughtily. But looking at Arnav’s face, Nk knew that Arnav would kick him.

Khushi(shouting): ChhhooTTTTeee……chhhotttteee….

Arnav was getting confused as well as furious.

Khushi: Mere pyaarre  Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad Govvvvvvernnnnorrrr kahaaa haai aap? (Wheree are you my dear Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaad Govvvvvvernnnnorrrr?)

Now she started singing  and dancing shouting his name. All giggle.

Arnav stood beside Anjali.

Arnav: Di isse kya hua? (Di what happened to her?)

Anjali: Humne aur nk bhai ne unhe bhaang pilaya!! (I and Nk bhai made her drink bhaang!!)

Arnav couldn’t believe this. He remembered last year’s holi, how he was running behind her to stop her from drinking bhaang further. Not again!!!

Arnav: What????

He was about to shout on Nk but he stopped listening to a song from Khushi.

Laaaaaad Govverrnnor….hamare pyaaaaaaaaaare laaaaaaad goverrnooor……..gusseee waaale laaaad goveeerrnnor ……whaaaat thhhhe…whaaat thhee….whaaat thheee…laaad goooveeernnor.  La la laaa la laaaa laaa/ (Laaaaaad Govverrnnor….myyy deeaaar laaaaaaad goverrnooor……..anngrry  laaaad goveeerrnnor ……whaaaat thhhhe…whaaat thhee….whaaat thheee…laaad goooveeernnor. La laa laaa laa la laaaa)

Lol!! She was giving background music for it. All laughed. She didn’t leave any chance to embarrass him. Now Arnav really rushed to Khushi.

Arnav: Khushi tum yeh kya kar rahi ho? (Khushi what are you doing?)

Khushi: Aaaap aaagaye laaaad govvvernnnor? (Yooou caaame Laaaad Govverrnor?)

She smiled. Aww!! It was so cute..but right now it was not any time to adore her.

Arnav kept the mic aside and made her come to a place where there were only family members. As soon as he dropped her down….

Khushi: Arrrnnnaaavji  Aiiiiiiii Loooovvvvveeeeeeeee youuu…Daamm ittt( I love you damn it). She kissed his cheek shamelessly in front of everyone.

Everyone’s eyes popped out, especially Arnav’s. His cheeks turned red.  Everyone cleared their throat. Buaji never thought that her titliya is so bold. Arnav then saw the tray of bhaang. She already drank five. She was about to pick one more but Arnav stopped her.

Arnav: Tum aur nahi peeogi. (you wont drink anymore)

Khushi tried to snatch the glass from him but he wasn’t giving up. Then she fell down while trying to snatch the glass. Aaouch!! She screamed. Arnav got panicked and cupped her face.

Arnav(Worried): Tum theek to hona? Tumhe zyada chot toh nahi aaya na? (You are fine  right? You didn’t get much hurt right?)

All looked at his concern for Khushi.

And….she snatched the glass from him and got up smiling naughtily.


But Arnav was Arnav!! He snatched the glass from her and she cried. Drama again!!!

Khushi: Diiiiiii!!!!! (sniff) Arnaavjji huumee (sniff) bhaaang ppeeene naahi dee rahhe..(Diiiii!!!! (sniff) Arnaavji isss (sniff) nnott aaloowing mee too drinkkk bhaaang)

All the family members looked at her helplessly.

Anjali wiped Khushi’s tears. Well she was the one who was responsible for Khushi’s such condition and now she was regretting. Arnav glared at Nk and Di.

Anjali: Khushiji royiye mat hum hai na..(Khushiji don’t cry I am there right)

All family members nodded in agreement except Arnav.

Nani: Haan bitiya rona band kijiye. (Yes bitiya stop crying)

Khushi: Naaahii. Humm aaaap sabse naaraaz hai. (Noooooo. I aammm anggry with uu all)

Anjali: Kyun?? (Why?)

Khushi: Kyyyyuunkki aaap sab hameesshha beeech mein aaajate hoo!!. Jab bbhii huum aaur Arnaaaaavji aakeele hootee hai aap bbeech mein aaate hoo. (Beecoozz yoou alll comee in betweeen!! Wheeneever I and Arrrnaaavjji aare allone yoou all come inn betwween uss)

All looked at Arnav and giggled. But Arnav was feeling embarassed.

Khushi: Diwwaali kii baaat hai, humm aurr Arnaavji ekk doosrre kee kaareeb thhe PPAR  uss duusshhtt Amaanjiiiii ka phone aagayaaaa. (Itt waas Diwaali, I aannd Arnaavji weree cllosse to eaach othher,BBUT thaat baadd Amaanjii’s phone came)

Dusht Aman!!! Lol.

Anjali: Chotte ne unhe fire nahi kiya? (Chotte didn’t fire him?)

Anjali was teasing them!! All were trying hard to control their giggles. Arnav didn’t know what to do. His crazy wife was blurting out everything.

Khushi: Phhir jaab humm aurr Arrnavji kkaaaaareeeb thhe tooh Haari Prakaashji  beech meinnn aaaaaaagaye. Aurr aaj subahh jeeji bhi!!! (And nexttt time wheen I aand Arnavjji were cloose to eacchh othher Hari Prakaaashji caaame in middleee.Annd todayy mornning even Jeeji!!!)

Khushi was complaining in a childish tone. Arnav didn’t knw how to stop her. And here nobody left a chance to tease him.

Ohhoooo.. said everyone. But now there was a smile on Khushi’s face.

Khushi: Paar baachhellor’s paarty meiin huum.(Buut inn baachellor’s paarty wee..)

Arnav’s eyes popped out. Arnav cut her in middle.

Arnav: Khushi tumhe bhaang peena hai na, chalo mere saath. (Khushi you want drink bhaang right, come with me.)

Akash: Khushiji, aap pehle bataiye toh ki bachelor’s party mein kya hua. (Khushiji, at first you say what happened in bachelor’s party)

Damn Akash!!

Khushi(thinking): phiirr…haaaan…aapki(Akash) aurr..nanhejiii ki dhulaaayi hui thii.!!!

Khushi giggled. Nk and Akash lowered their head. Arnav sighed in relief. Akash remembered how Payal shouted at him. Everybody turned their gaze towards Nk and Akash. Arnav smirked.

Now say Akash that you want to listen more..

Khushi: Phiirr humm aurr Arnaavji (Thenn I andd Arnavjji..)

Damn it!! Arnav pressed his palm against Khushi’s mouth or else she will blurt out everything.

Arnav: Chalo bhang peete hai. (Come lets drink bhaang)

Arnav dragged Khushi from there. All burst out laughing.

Arnav took Khushi to an isolated place and made her sit. He gave her a cold drink and fooled her saying that its bhaang.

Arnav: Khushi hum akele mein kya karte hai tumhe yeh sabko bataane ki zaroorat nahi hai. (Khushi you need not tell everyone about what we do when we are alone)

Khushi: kyuun? (Why?)

Arnav(little angry): Kyunki woh hamare beech ki baat hai (Because its between us)

Khushi held HIS ears and said sorry. Well that’s a new style. Holding Arnav’s ears and saying sorry!!

Arnav couldn’t stop laughing at her childish act.

Khushi: Aaaapne huuume kyuuun daanta? (Whyyy did yooou scoooold me?)

Arnav held HER ears and said sorry. Now both laughed.

Khushi kept her head on his chest.

Khushi: Aii lovee youu.

Arnav: Love you too..


Same day evening,

Khushi was out of the effect of bhaang. And now the whole family was watching holi dvd. Khushi was horrified would be an understatement. Her face was flushed and here cheeks were darker than tomato red. If she would be in her senses she would never blurt out anything like this.

After watching the dvd,

Nani and Anjali passed an envelope to Arnav and Khushi.

Khushi: Naniji, di yeh kya hai? (Naniji, di what is this?)

Nani: Aapke aur chotte ke liye Switzerland ke tickets.

Anjali: Taaki aap dono ko bhi thode din akele rehna ka mauka mile aur koi aap dono ke BEECH mein naa aaye. (So that you both get some time to spend alone and nobody shall come BETWEEN you)

Even now Anjali didn’t stop teasing this couple. Khushi ran to her room unable to be teased anymore. All giggled. Arnav said thankyou to his Di and followed his wife.

His wife was blushing like hell. Arnav went close to her and they kissed. This time no one interrupted them.

They can never forget this holi…

The end.

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