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Apr 25, 2015

SS : ...Yours Truly Part 11 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 135 times)

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Part 11:


"How dare she? How dare she concentrate on others when I'm around her? Doesn't she know that I want her to be with me, ME - ALWAYS? How dare she?" he was hell irritated. "HP... HP... where the hell are you?" Arnav shouted.


HP ran out from the kitchen.


"Where the hell are you? Can't you hear when I'm calling you?"


"Arnav bhayya... woh..."


"Shut up... just shut up... bring juices to everyone... do you hear me? I want you to bring juices to everyone in 5 minutes... now GO..." Arnav shouted again


All the Raizadas shook their heads seeing his irritated soul.


Same time in Anjali's room - washroom


"How dare he? How dare he say that to me? Can't he understand that I'm trying to save Di Malkin's life? If I'm taking care of Di Malkin, doesn't mean I'm ignoring him or avoiding him. How can I do that? Why can't he understand that I can't ignore or avoid him not even in my wildest dreams?" tears rolled down from her eyes. "Why can't you understand my love Chote Malik?"


Khushi felt dejected. She stayed there for some more time. Then washed her face and went down after making some important calls. She looked at everyone, who is silently drinking their juices. Khushi looked to find one particular person who is watching her intently. She narrowed her eyes at him and looked away making faces. He raised his eyebrows seeing her antics. Khushi again looked at him and looked away again. When third time she looked at him, he showed her the place behind him as asking her sitting next to him. She seriously went to him and pushing him aside little more sat beside him. Smiling at her antics Arnav hugged Khushi sideways


"My Choti... only MY Choti..." he touched his forehead with her with so much affection. Both smiled at each other. Seeing Shyam looking at Khushi with so much anger, Aman went other side of Khushi and sat beside her signaling Arnav towards Shyam. Noticing all these Khushi looked at Aran to start their interrogation.


Before Aran start asking questions, Nani asked her question


"So... Shyam... you said you are from Lucknow. Where is your house? Who are your parents?"


"Woh... My house is at Market Street near DM temple. My parents are no more" he didn't give any details of his parents.


"Oh... near DM temple? Our house is also there. But I never see you there. I know everyone there, can you tell me which your house is exactly?" asked Khushi looking at him intently


"Wohh... I mean... we left Lucknow long back. I think you wouldn't have born that time" Shyam stuttered


"I think you are right" Khushi left the issue there making Shyam breathe in relief but still hell tensed being a center of whole family's questions.


"Chutki... leave him... why are you worrying him? See how tensed he is?" Garima scolded Khushi with fake anger making Khushi pout. She pretended to be busy with Aman's phone along with Aman


"Leave her Shyam. She is innocent. Just tell me about you and your work..." asked Aran making situation light


Smiling a little Shyam continued saying "I completed my Law degree in Allahabad in 2010. Then after that immediately I came here in Delhi and started working as an assistant and now on my own self" he quickly made a story not wanting to lose any slip of tongue. But he didn't know he already lost a slip


"What? But you said, you worked in Mumbai?" asked Anjali. Shock is clear in her eyes. Her heart is thudding


"Ah... Um... I mean rani sahiba first I worked in Mumbai and then came here for you" he tried his buttering


"But when you are working in Mumbai, How can you come here for Di Malikin? Did you see her before? Or Di, did you go to Mumbai at that time?" Khushi don't want to leave this chance. She has enough of this man.


"No, Di never went to Mumbai" said Arnav


"In fact she never went to anywhere other than Lucknow and Delhi" completed Aman


"Yeah... that's what I'm saying... I saw her in Lucknow for the first time..."


"What? You said you saw her in Mumbai and now saying in Lucknow?" Arnav pushed Shyam little more.


"Oho Chote Malik... I think you are getting confused... May be Jeeja Ji saw Di malkin in Lucknow, when he went there on a court work. Then he might have shifted here, right Jeeja Ji?" Said Khushi with so much innocent face


Shyam, who is really worried and tensed about the questions from Anjali and her family agreed to what Khushi said without thinking. He nodded his head vigorously


"But jeeja Ji?" Khushi paused for a minute pretending thinking something... literally showing Shyam the hell. "What's your qualification Jeeja Ji?"


"OY crazy girl... can't you understand when he said he completed his BLLB? BLLB mean it's a bachelor's degree of Law. Don't you know that much?" asked Arnav, clearly knowing Khushi's knowledge about laws. He just pretended. He clearly knows what will happen if he won't ask her these questions. He doesn't want to go in bad books of his Choti. He will never want that happen.


"O hello... I know that... but as per I know; BLLB is the next course which should be completed after 12th. Or else, after completing some other degree, as a hobby course with interest they will study. And as per my knowledge and thinking jeeja Ji is around 32 now. And he said he completed his BLLB in 2010. Then he must be 27. Then what should I think? After completing his 12th he wasted his time till 27 years means almost 10 years and did his BLLB? I don't think that. So, I asked him about his qualification. Did I do any wrong Di malkin?" Khushi looked at Anjali with those innocent eyes, making Anjali worried with the happening more. She knows it will hurt her, but she also knows that it's needed.


Everyone in room except Anjali and Shyam felt proud of this girl's ability of dealing with the situation. Arnav felt his heart swelled with pride towards this girl, his best friend, his Choti. He looked at Aman who is looking at Khushi with so much admiration in his eyes. Arnav felt sudden urge of possessiveness towards Khushi. He held Khushi by her shoulder and pulled her towards him, looking at Aman with cold eyes making Aman smile inwardly.


"Why are you sitting silently? Answer me Jeeja Ji... what's your qualification?" now Khushi is serious. Seeing her look everyone in the room felt little uneasiness in their hearts. Arnav pressed Khushi's shoulder try to relaxing her. Khushi looked at Arnav, smiled little gesturing towards Anjali as asking him to go to her. She also looked at Aman and silently asked to him to do the same. Then turned to Shyam and continued her questions "Answer me... what's your qualification? Where did you work exactly? Who was the lawyer where you worked as assistant? Where did you see Di malkin?"


"Chote... what's going on? Why did Choti asking these questions?"


"Don't know Di... as we all know about her possessiveness, we have to wait till the end. Other than that we can't do anything or she won't let us do anything. You know her right? I think it's best if we let her know by herself about jeeja Ji" Arnav said with a smile trying to lighten Anjali's worry. Anjali smiled a little with thudding heart well knowing about Khushi's way of dealing people. When she was 5 only, she literally pounced on the people who tried to hurt her. Anjali don't want Khushi doubts to be proved as positive. Then she can't see Shyam in that beaten to hell situation, after all she loves him.


"I already said my answers" Shyam too pretended to be strong


"Acha... you are saying the truth! Then tell me what did you do these 10 years of your life?" Khushi became straight


"What the hell is this? How dare you to ask me these types of questions? Who the hell are you? Who gave you the right?"


"I don't need any one giving rights to me. I take my rights. I feel this family as mine, and I don't give any damn to them and their feelings. I don't give any damn thinking whether they like my intrusion or not. If I feel responsible towards them, then nobody can stop me. If they like it or not, I will do whatever I want to" Khushi said last words looking at Arnav.


"Okay... do whatever you want with this family. But don't dare to come to me... I know about the girls like you"


"Oh you know... then tell me what type of girl I'm"


"You will do anything for money. You will never think before trapping anyone for money. You will never think before doing any wrong to grow in your life. YOU are the most important person to you in your life. There is no value for love in your life. You are so selfish, shameless, heartless, money minded person. I very well know about you... you are cheater... betrayer..."


"So... you think whoever does all these, you should call them as cheater and betrayer?" Khushi asked not before signaling both Aman and Arnav to control their anger




"Good... now tell me what you did in those 10 years of your life" Khushi again asked the same question


Shyam looked at Khushi surprised "What are you? Can't you understand when I said don't poke your nose? There is no need for me to say anything to you. I don't say anything" Shyam almost shouted leaving everyone shocked and surprised and scared except Khushi and Garima


"No need, I will tell what you did in those 10 years of your life. Give me a few minutes bade Malik" she said Aran and left to her room


In few minutes Khushi came with a packet and sat across Shyam. Shyam looked around to see all questioning faces and gulped hard


Khushi opened the packet and kept the content on the center table one by one mentioning the importance of those items


"First of all these are your salary slips from bank which are clearly showing that you are working for Dhruv Raizada and clearly showing about your residential address" Anjali was shocked to the core but Arnav and Aman held her tightly


"Secondly these all are your bills of the hospital charges which is clearly saying that Dhruv Raizada paying you and YOUR FAMILY; and your phone bills, gas bills and electricity bill which are showing clearly that you are in LUCKNOW from years with YOUR FAMILY" Khushi looked at Anjali while saying family. Anjali looked at Khushi unbelievingly. Khushi nodded her head in positive. Anjali leaned to Arnav feeling weak


"Thirdly these are your phone conversations with Dhruv Malik about hurting bade Malik, Chote Malik and Di malkin. And this is your face to face meeting with Dhruv's right hand Prasad about trapping Di malkin and entering into Raizada Mansion. And this is your conversations with Dhruv's group of lawyers EXCEPT ONE about how to torture Di Malkin's family using her to get all the property" Khushi gritted her teeth


"THESE ARE ALL LIES" shouted Shyam sweating severely


"Wait little more. This is... this is your first wife's photo which you married for money, and this is your second wife's, whom you married for money. And lastly these are your kids' photos with whom you are playing so happily in LUCKNOW"


"No these all are lies. You just wanted me to go out"


"If you are a nice person then why would I want to you to go out?"


"Because you want to marry Arnav, because you want to have this total money, because you want to control this family" Shyam shouted.


"In that case, why would I blame you? I would have added fuel to bade Malik's anger towards Di malkin and would have asked him to throw you both out. Then she won't be any hurdle for me to gain this property. And do you real think Chote Malik is a person who can easily get influence by a mere girl like me? Do you really think that he is that much weak person?"


"If it is not ASR, then it would have Aman. If it is not Aman then it would have me. IF IT'S NOT ME THEN IT WOULD HAVE MR. RAIZA..." he couldn't complete his word with a hard kick in his stomach. Shyam sat on his knees holding his stomach crying out loudly


"What did you say? Say that again" asked Khushi


"Oh god... what the hell is wrong with you girl..." Shyam cried with pain "What did I say wrong? Girls like you do anything for money. You will never think before trapping anyone, not even old..." after that he couldn't utter a word as a hard punch landed on his cheek leaving his lips bleed


Khushi held him by his collar and made his stand up. Shyam couldn't stand properly, with the pain in his stomach. He still acted his best to be innocent


"Showing some pictures, creating some bills, recording some audio clips and shouting and beating can never prove that I'm guilty here" he talked with difficulty


Looking at him with deadly glare Khushi called the HP to bring the persons who are waiting at the door. HP went out and brought them.

Seeing them Shyam felt like the earth beneath his feet is going away.


"Now tell me whatever you are saying" Khushi is hell bent on making Shyam accept his word


"What? Why do you want to know?"


"I want you to prove your innocence. I accused you for something, remember? Now tell me your answers" no one in the hall moved an inch seeing Khushi anger filled face. Even Garima felt scared seeing her daughter like that.


Aman signaled Arnav to go to Khushi to give her support. Arnav about to get up from beside Anjali, but stopped by Khushi's shaking head.


"I'm fine..." she said in a low determined voice to Arnav.


"Now don't waste my time, tell me" Khushi again turned to Shyam.


"I don't know what you are asking about? And who are these people?"


"Don't do that Shyam. It won't do any good to us. We already caught, now it's your turn. You don't even know with whom you are talking. She was more than right hand to Dhruv sir. She even managed to trick Dhruv sir. Its better you accept it" said one man who is standing behind Khushi with some other people. His face is covered with all the injuries. They are getting cured now.


"What? Can't you understand that I didn't do anything that you are accusing me. I NEVER MET DHRUV RAIZADA BEFORE, NOT EVEN PRASAD, KIRAN. IN FACT BEING IN LUCKNOW I NEVER SAW HIM" Shyam shouted in frustration.


"Then how can these salary slip came? Then how could your bank account was credited with the salary from Dhruv's finance manager? Do you work with the financial manage or do you entered inside without others' knowledge?" asked Khushi


Shyam had enough of this questionnaire. He continued without thinking what he is saying "I didn't even meet his personal lawyer. No one can work with him without meeting her. Her word is the final permission to anyone to work in Sheesh Mahal. When I didn't meet her then how can I enter in sheesh Mahal forget about work with Dhruv Malik?"


Khushi smiled her winning smile and sat on the couch looking intently towards Shyam. Few of the people behind Khushi shook their heads remembering them in the place of Shyam.


"So, you accept you were in Lucknow" Khushi is calm now


"What? When did I say that?"


Khushi stood from the couch and moved towards Shyam and said "Remember one thing Mr. Shyam Manohar Jha. If you are going to do any mistake or crime; changing your name is most important thing. You should never continue living with your original name. Secondly, when you caught you shouldn't be tensed. And next, when you are dealing with your enemy you shouldn't show your weakness to others. And next, when you are planning to or appointed to do something against some people, you should know whether they have any strong back ground, strong support or strong people behind them or not. And at the same time you should be careful about knowing about your employer and you should know that after appointing you to do that crime, they definitely keep track of you. You should know they will turn the tables at any time. You should know they won't think before using or blaming or destroying you for their best. So..." she raised her eyebrows with a smile.


Shyam couldn't understand what Khushi is saying. He looked at the men who were supposed to work with him in destroying Arnav's family


"She was the personal lawyer to Dhruv Malik and she was the person who appointed us indirectly for this work" one of the men revealed Khushi's identity


Shyam still tried to test his luck "Did you hear that Mr. Raizada? Rani Sahiba? Arnav? Did you all hear that? She is the personal lawyer to Dhruv Malik and she is accusing me... ME... THE SIL of this house, for working for Dhruv... how dare she?"


Everyone looked at Shyam and Khushi and then Shyam. "I'm sure... she was the person to try to kill Mr. Raizada. I'm sure she is the person who planned to spoil Arnav"


"But nobody said about that. How did you know?" asked Aman


Shyam looked at him horrified


"Aman sab one minute..." she turned to Shyam "Shyam... do you know, the plan was made to kill Mr. Raizada, but he cancelled his journey just few hours before, do you have any idea how?" asked Khushi


Shyam looked at Khushi with confused face


"When the plan was made to grab the deals of AR, when the plan was made to get the AR shares, when the plan was made to grab the bids of AR, when the plans to kill Chote Malik - all were cancelled or modified or changed just few minutes or hours before, do you have... any idea... how?" Khushi asked Shyam raising her eyebrows.


Everything is fitted in the puzzle like the missing piece of puzzle. Everything is clear now. Suddenly Shyam's anger rose to peak. He remembered all the hardships he faced while working for all these. He remembered all the insults he faced by Dhruv. He remembered all the struggles he faced in his life back then. Knowing Khushi is the reason for all their efforts to go in drain, his anger rose to its peak. He immediately grabbed Khushi's neck making everyone gasp in shock. When Aman, Arnav and Khushi's team try to come front towards Khushi, she stopped them by her hand. She wanted Shyam to say everything with his own mouth


"So... you are the person... you are the damn person who spoiled our plans to kill this family. You are the person who made us suffer and face Dhruv sir's wrath. I won't leave you. I will inform sir about you. I'm right about you; you are a betrayer, cheater. How much sir trusted you. How can you do this to him? For whom you did this, for this family, for this people? For this bloody people? You are such a bit..."


Shyam was stopped by a loud slap on his cheek.


"Don't ever try to say that word for my Choti..." it's Anjali


"How dare you to slap me? I won't leave you and your brother... I feel disgusted seeing you both. You both are really such a characterless and disgust..." that is the last word for Shyam. After that he didn't say any word. Actually Khushi didn't give any chance to him to speak. Actually she made sure that he won't speak any word. Before anyone can understand what's happening there, Shyam fell on the floor unconscious. Aman is the first man to run to Khushi to save Shyam from her anger.


"Chutki... come on... leave him now. Chutki look at him... he is almost dead. Look at his kids, they are crying. You are scaring them. What's their fault in this? Calm down..." Aman held Khushi's both hands behind her and said all these words. When Aman mentioned about Shyam's kids, Khushi came out of her anger and looked at the kids who stood behind their mothers and crying looking at her with so much fear in their eyes.


"Suraj... take this person away and make sure that he won't come out of the jail in this life. I want him to die there. Take him to Mr. Ram; hand over this Shyam to him. I will call Mr. Ram and talk with him. And make sure all these people are safe. Keep them in a safe place till the case ends. I don't want any bad to happen to these, do you understand?"


Nodding his head Suraj moved Shyam out of the house with the help of his colleagues.


"Di... will they kill my father?"


Shyam's kid asked Khushi


"No dear... but police will keep him with them for his life. Don't cry for him. He had hurt your mother and that aunty and tried to hurt that aunty too" she showed Shyam's second wife and Anjali "You shouldn't support the bad. He is really very bad boy. He has to be punished. I want you to be strong for your Amma and sister. I want you to be hero like Salman Ji. Okay?" by now Khushi came out from her anger. Seeing the kid nodding his head she kissed him on his forehead and gave him to his mother


Shyam's second wife went to Anjali and folded her hands "Please forgive us. If we are strong then we would have stopped him by doing that. But we were scared of him. You are really lucky that you are saved from that monster. Please take care of yourself. We will take your leave now" she turned to Khushi and said "Thank you so much for releasing us from that monster's clutches. God Bless you... we will come to court and give our witness there. You never can know how much we are feeling relieved and safe. Thank you..." she held Khushi's hands and touched her forehead to back side of Khushi's palms


"No Di... Don't say that... I did all these for my Di malkin. Sorry if I hurt you in the process, and don't worry, you will never see that monster again. I will make sure of that. And if you want any help you can meet me. I will let you know about my future whereabouts. Be in touch with Suraj and any one of my team. Take care of yourself and your family. Go, Suraj will take you to safe place" with that Khushi sent them from there.  



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I know it's over dramatic... but I felt like this. I wanted to beat Shyam whenever I read about his cunningness and I want Khushi to beat him whenever he tried to hurt her. but it never happened. So, Pheww... here it is. My Khushi bet Shyam to the pulp... OMG... I'm so so sooo happy now...

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NOTE of Apologies... (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 57 times)

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Even though the accident is small with very small injuries, It brought my completely cured Back pain back. Doctor suggested 5 days complete bed rest.

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SS : ...Yours Truly Part 12 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 102 times)

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Part 12:


Everybody sat on the couches thinking about the happenings. Ratna sat with Anjali, who is crying thinking about the betrayal she faced.


"If Choti is not here, then what will be my position? I never knew I'm this blind in trusting people" Anjali went to Nani and knelt down before her and held her feet "I'm sorry Nani... I did a grave mistake. I shouldn't have talked with you like that. Please forgive me. I was blinded with that man's words. Sorry Nani... I am really sorry" Anjali cried her heart out. Nani hugged her tight and patted her back.


"You should learn to understand people's behavior Anjali. You shouldn't be stubborn when we say something. When we take life turning decision, we should consult our elders. And you have to think before accusing others. You shouldn't have talk..." Aran was stopped by Khushi


"Oho... bade Malik... why are you saying all those again? Di Malkin is already regretting what she did and what she said. Then what's the need for all these? The evil left from our lives, we can relax now. Don't worry Bade Malik, everything will be fine now. Now leave all the bad and move on" Khushi sat before Nani and wiped her tears "Oho Nani Malkin, aap bhi na. You shouldn't cry like this. You knew about Di malkin's stubbornness. Then why all these?" Khushi turned Anjali "Di malkin, I hope now you know how careful you should be. You better start take care of yourself; otherwise some people like me may try to intrude in your life and try to hurt you. I think your family members won't be able take that" everyone in that room knew to whom those words were directed.


Khushi is not the person who will sit and cry for the words others said to her. She never allowed anyone to hurt. If it was not Arnav, then she would have retorted immediately and strangle that person. But fortunately or unfortunately that person became Arnav and as Khushi can't say or talk or behave or do anything opposite to Arnav, she said nothing that time. But the hurt Arnav gave her is unbearable. She wants Arnav to know how badly he had hurt her, so she said those words. Everyone in the room sat silently looking at both Khushi and Arnav.


Arnav looked surprised at Khushi, understanding Khushi's meaning. He felt bad and irritated saying those words to his Choti. But, he can't do anything now, can he? The damage is already done. I need to woo her' he thought. His thoughts got disturbed with Khushi's next words which shocked everyone in the room including both Arnav and Aman


"And... I decided to move out from here, tomorrow evening. I already asked Suraj to arrange one house for us and he already did that. So, I decided that tomorrow evening me, along with Amma and Bau Ji moving out. For what I came here, that work was finished. And here are the proofs to prove Dhruv as guilty and these are the documents your Lawyer has to submit in court when it will be needed against both Dhruv and Shyam. And here are the all the property documents which are related to Bade Malik. I just created duplicate ones which are stating that all those property belongs to Dhruv. But those properties are always belongs to you. And here are the Sheesh Mahal documents and keys. Nothing is against you all. If you want you can check all these documents with your MOST TRUSTED LAWYER. I don't have any problem" saying all these Khushi kept all the documents and keys on the center table and looked at everyone.


"What the hell are you saying Chutki?" Aman is the first one to come out from the shock.


"What is best for me and others" Khushi is clear


"Don't you want to be with us Chutki?" Nani is broken


"I want to, but that is not important Nani Malkin"


"Then what about us? We want to be with you Chutki. We don't want to lose you again" Ratna tried her luck looking at Arnav


"You will never lose me Cho... Chote Malik Ma. I will meet you somewhere, whenever you want to see me"


"If you stay here then there is no need to meet somewhere else, right?" asked Anjali


"If I stay here also I can't be at home as I needed a job to take care of my family, right? Then what difference will be there if I move out? We can meet at Sunday at some place" everyone clearly understanding that Khushi don't want to stay here any more


"NO ONE IS MOVING ANYWHERE" Arnav shouted with much frustration


"I don't know about any others bade Malik. But we are moving out" Khushi didn't look at Arnav which made Arnav more vulnerable


"WHO GAVE YOU THE PERMISSION TO MOVE OUT?" Arnav pounced on Khushi, but she didn't budge a little


"I'm not a child who needs to take permission to go. I can take care of myself and my family well enough. I came here to throw that Shyam out. When that work has finished, I don't think I should stay here. I don't want to face any humiliation staying here" tears rolled down from her cheeks. She looked at Arnav straight into his eyes


Arnav gulped seeing the pain and tears in her eyes. He immediately hugged Khushi tightly


"I'm sorry Choti... I didn't mean to hurt you. Please don't leave me... I had enough. I don't want to lose you again. I missed you enough for life time. Please Choti..."


Khushi burst into loud cries pushing herself into Arnav. She buried her face into Arnav's chest and cried her heart out. Arnav rubbed her back trying to sooth her pain. He hated his self for making her cry. He never wanted that. He didn't mean what he said, but when she was concentrating on Di more than him, he felt jealous. So, without knowing he blurted out. Arnav closed his eyes feeling her pain and trying to sooth her. Suddenly Khushi broke the hug and started to hit him on his chest little hard


"Whoa... Choti... it hurts... stop it... why are you hitting me? You are not normal girl damn it. You are trained in martial arts for god sake... Stop hitting, it hurts..." Arnav tried to stop her but he couldn't. Everybody stood there looking at Khushi. When Aman tried to interfere, Garima stopped him saying Khushi won't stop still she wants and in between he also may get some beatings. Raising his hands in air as surrendering Aman stepped back enjoying the great mighty ASR's situation


After beating him for her heart content while herself crying badly, she sat on the floor holding Arnav's legs and continued crying making everyone confused, stunned and shocked. Garima rushed to her daughter and held Khushi to her heart and consoled


"Shh... Chutki... shh... chup beta... everything will be fine... Anjali betiya is fine now. Dhruv also will go behind bars. Arnav beta is also fine. Look, he is here, in front of you - safe and sound. Stop crying my dear... everyone fine now. You saved everyone my darling. Shh... don't cry mera bacha..."

Forgetting his pain and knelt before Khushi


"Choti... what's wrong?" Arnav asked


Khushi hugged him tightly "I thought we will lose Di malkin... I was scared about that Shyam. He is not at all a good man. He is a monster... he is..." she burst out again. Arnav looked Garima to know what Khushi meant


"Shyam is a beast. When Chutki found out about Dhruv sending Shyam to Anjali, she asked her men to gather information about that man. He used to use girls for his physical needs and throw them out or kill them. That news shook Chutki to the core. That is the reason she decided to break her act with Dhruv. She couldn't think that Shyam hurting Anjali betiya. Chutki was hell scared about all of your safety. First she gathered all the evidence and sent it to you. After that you all knew what happened here. Chutki didn't even eat for days till she finalized everything. Now, she is getting out her fears now" Garima pattered her daughter's head with much love


Arnav closed his eyes remembering his words. He hugged Khushi more tightly. Everyone in the room felt lucky to have this angel in their lives. Aman slowly came to Khushi and sat beside them


"Chutki... calm down... see, Arnav and Anjali Di are fine now, nothing will happen to them, calm down dear... relax..." Aman asked HP to bring water and gave it to Khushi making Arnav to burn in anger. Arnav snatched the glass from Aman and gave it Khushi by his self. Aman smiled inwardly.


"I'm sorry Chutki... if I was little bit careful, you wouldn't have seen this day. I'm really sorry..." said Anjali holding Khushi hand


"No Di... it's your innocence that beast used. Don't worry, nothing will happen"


Their emotional scene was disturbed by HP


"Arnav baba... someone came for Khushi Di"


Nodding his head Arnav asked HP to bring that person.  Arnav wiped Khushi's tears and make her stand to see the person. They were surprised to see Mr. Ram, Police Commissioner, there. Khushi composed herself immediately and welcomed him


"Please come Mr. Ram... have a seat" she turned to HP and said "HP, please bring some juice" and then again said to Mr. Ram "What made you come here Mr. Commissioner? Is everything fine?"


"Please betiya... don't be formal. Just call me as you used to call me"


"But you are in uniform?!"


"So what? I'm in uniform that doesn't mean you should be formal. You are always my Khushi betiya"


Smiling at him, Khushi touched his feet and sat beside him "I'm going to call you in the evening uncle. I think Suraj met you with that ****. So I wanted to meet you to give the evidence about that beast and Dhruv Raizada"


"Yeah I met Suraj... when I asked him about your whereabouts; he told me whatever happened here. So I wanted to see how you are doing and came here. I hope I am not bothering you all" said Mr. Ram looking at Arnav, Aran and Aman.


"No no... not at all Mr. Ram, it's nice meeting you" Aran introduced his self to the commissioner.


"Thanks for that. Nice meeting you too" they shook their hands


Arnav came front and introduced his self saying "I'm Arnav..."


"Oh come on... Who don't know the great mighty ASR?" Ram patted Arnav's shoulder and said "I'm proud of you boy. You are doing well" he turned to Aman and said "OH here you are... Mr. Aman Mathur... nice to meet you too"


Aman also shook his hands and said "Nice to meet you too sir... but its Aman Raizada, not Mathur"


"Is it?"


"Bade Malik is adopted him long back. But he forgot to change his surname in certifiacates" Khushi gave the information.


"That's great"


"Khushi... I want Anjali's statement too"


"I know uncle... I prepared everything. I just need Di Malkin's signature on them. Before that I have show that statement to bade Malik and Chote Malik"


"No need to show anything to anyone... just give me, I will sign them" said Anjali


Khushi smiled and left for her room to get all the papers.


"You all are really lucky to have that girl in your lives. She is an angel, don't lose her" said Ram


"But how did you know her?" asked Aran smiling little


"She saved my granddaughter from that man's clutches. When he kidnapped my Granddaughter, Khushi only saved her and sent her to me with her men. I really debited to her" the trio and Anjali felt proud about their Choti/Chutki 


In few minutes Khushi back there with so many files in her hand. Arnav rushed to her to help her in carrying. Everyone amazed seeing her background work. Khushi sat on the floor near the center table and kept all the files and folders on that. They are nearly 10 to 12 files and folders. She has a frown on her face, tugging out her tongue little in the corner of her lips; nose is red due to all the weight she carried from her room. She presented a very cute picture to everyone, especially to Arnav. She took one folder out and gave to Anjali to sign. After that she gave that folder to Ram along with some other folders and said "These are the evidence for his betrayal of Di Malkin. It has his previous wives statements too for betraying them"


"What about cheating case evidence, Khushi beta?"


"OH didn't I give that? Wait let me check where I kept in these" saying this Khushi searched all the files and folders "Yeah here it is. Here take it" she gave that folder to Ram.


He checked the folder and said "What about kidnapping?"


"Oh God... did I forget that too? Hmm..." she again searched and found the file and gave it to Ram.


"What are all these files and folders Choti?" asked Arnav unable to control his curiousness


"All these are the evidences I collected against Shyam and Dhruv Raizada. I have to submit all these in court" she turned to Ram and said "Uncle, Can you please find one best lawyer?"


"What's the need Chutki? You can take over the case, right?" said Aran


"No bade Malik... as I don't have degree, I can't take the case. I'm not a lawyer" she smiled at him


"Fine... Khushi betiya, what other evidence you have with you?"


"These... this is for Dhruv and this is for Shyam. We can keep all the cases which are there in IPC (Indian Penal Code) sections 300(Murder), 319(Hurting), 351(Assault), 359(kidnapping), 362(abduction), 375(Rape)" [[[ A/N : I'm not sure about the sections. They may have subsections and the punishment will be decided with the complete evidence and severity of the case. I just took help from internet and I'M NOT A LAWYER LOL Wink Tongue Big smile  ]]] Khushi kept saying all the sections which are possible in both Dhruv and Shyam's cases. All the Raizada-s sat there with wide open eyes and mouths. "Total in 15 cases can be filed on that devil and Dhruv. I will not leave them for hurting my people. Please uncle... make sure, he will get his deserved punishment. If you need any more evidence let me know, I will work on that"


"Sure beta... I will not leave that man. He tortured you and my Granddaughter a lot. Don't worry, he will get his punishment. But please take care of yourself. Dhruv is not a man whom we can ignore. He is a wounded lion; he will attack at any time. Take care, I will go now. I need to take care of formalities. And don't worry about the lawyer, I have so many friends" he turned to others and said "I will take your leave now" he shook his hands with all the men and kept his hands together wishing Namaste to all the ladies.


After Ram left from there Khushi sat on the couch with a thud sighing deeply, closing her eyes, resting her head on head rest of the couch and massaging her forehead. Nani came to Khushi and sat beside her. Keeping Khushi's head on her lap, she started to massage.


"How much you will do beta? What we could have done without you? Enough of all these works for now; for now, you go to your room and take rest. You are looking very tired. I will ask HP to keep all these in your room" saying Nani about to call HP, but stopped with sudden shout from Khushi


"NAHIII... I will keep all these by myself"


"It's okay Chutki, you can trust him"


"Sorry bade Malik, but I will keep these by myself"


"Fine... me and Aman will keep all these, you just take rest" said Arnav and Aman about to take the files and folders


"I SAID I WILL KEEP THEM BY MYSELF... I can trust anyone, but not you both" shouted Khushi showing her finger at both Arnav and Aman. Everyone remained with open mouths


"What the!!! What did you say?" Arnav and Aman both are shocked


"I said I can't trust you both"


"How dare you for not trusting me, ME?"


"Ha... then what I will do? When I gave the evidence to him *showing Aman* he kept it on your table just telling you to see. Not caring or thinking about what it can be. And you... you Mr. Raizada, when he gave the file, you didn't even see the content and left it in your office. Do you know how hard I worked to gain this evidence? You both are simply useless... irresponsible kids..." saying this she called HP for the help. With keeping one eye on HP, she left to her room. After HP went from there she kept all the files and folders in one suitcase and locked it with a password - My Chote Malik My Arnav Ji'


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May 22, 2015

SS : ...Yours Truly Part 13 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 96 times)

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Part 13:

"What the hell did just happen?"


"Nothing particular Chote... Chutki said, you both are irresponsible KIDS..." with that everyone burst into laughter


"How dare she?" muttered Arnav. Before he goes to her, Aran stopped him


"Enough Chote..., enough of your anger and all. Why can't you just shut your mouth and let her be in peace? Why are you shouting at her from the morning? Didn't you know how much she is doing for us? We are lucky to have her in our lives. We should worship her for what she and her family did to us"


"It's only my right be the lucky not all of you" muttered Arnav


"What did you say?"


"Nothing, I'm going to my room" Arnav left from there to his room with a sulking face. He is muttering something under his breath and left to his room. After that when Nani got up to leave to her room, everybody followed her, but nobody know why they followed her.


"I never know Chutki has this effect on my son. See, only two days back she came home and here my arrogant son is muttering like Chutki. Ratna did your remember Chutki used to curse us under her breath when we do something to Anjali or Arnav?" Aran felt an unknown happiness seeing Arnav like this - like their Chutki


"How can I forget? I still remember each and every detail of my Chutki. I still remember how she wants to be with Arnav for her life. I still remember how much I craved for her to be my DIL" Ratna sighed deeply when few tears rolled down her cheeks. Nani pattered her back and tried to console her


"What are you saying Ratna? You wanted Chutki to be our... our DIL?" Aran asked shockingly. Anjali is also shocked hearing this along with Aran and Aman. Anjali looked at Nani, Garima and Shashi who sat with their head hung low


"Nani, Garima aunty, uncle you three knew about this?" Anjali is more than shocked for not knowing this information


"Yes, they knew. But Garima and Shashi, they never accepted it. Garima and Shashi feel they can't be equal to our status. Damn this status, where can I get a girl like Chutki for my son? Where can I get a girl like Chutki, who control my arrogant and angry son within seconds with a mere touch? Where can I get a girl like Chutki, who will love my son more than her own life? Where can I get a girl like Chutki, who will get ready to do anything to save my Chote and his family? Where can I get a girl like Chutki, who don't think before giving her life for my family? Where can I get an angel like Chutki for my family? Tell me Garima, where can I get?" with that Ratna cried her heart out. Many years of sorrow is coming out from her heart.


Everyone around her sat there as they glued to their places. They are more than shocked to see pleasant and calm Ratna's outburst. Aran felt bad seeing his wife breaking down like this. He felt bad for not knowing her wish and not able to understand her wish. Anjali had tears in her eyes for not able to understand her mother's pain. She is exhausted with the happenings of the day. It is really a shocking and tiring day for Anjali. Aman supported her hugging her sideways.


"Aman..." Anjali whispered


"Sh... it's okay Di... everything will be alright... don't worry... shh" he whispered back.


Ratna thought she lost Khushi for sure. She thought she will never see Khushi in her life. Every day when she does prayers, Khushi's well being and Khushi's return is the first thing she used to ask. Then she asked for her family's well being. When she saw Chutki - her Chutki in front of her eyes in her door, she couldn't believe her eyes. She couldn't believe her luck. She couldn't believe that her god will grant her wish. She couldn't believe that her god gave her son's life back. So, she decided whatever happens and whoever supports or not, she will make sure that she will get her Chutki as her DIL. She determined, if no one agrees with her, then she will take Arnav and Chutki to the temple and make them married, she decided




When Arnav about to enter into his room, he saw Khushi coming from her room. Forgetting everything Arnav smiled at her. But in return she turned her face along with her shoulder like a little innocent child in angry and went forward leaving amused Arnav. She is still my innocent Choti' thought Arnav with a smile


"Choti... won't you talk with me?" he know, about his Choti... she can never stay away from her Chote Malik, after all their relation is not that which anyone can forget easily


Khushi stopped in her place, but didn't turn back


"Meri Choti never stops talking with her Chote Malik. So, Choti..., won't you talk with me? Won't you come to your Chote Malik? Won't you play with me?" Arnav said turning her by holding her shoulder. He looked at Khushi with a slight layer of tears in his eyes. He can see his little Choti


Khushi looked at him and hugged him tightly. Arnav too hugged her.


"I missed you Chote Malik... I missed you... I missed you..."


Arnav broke the hug and took her face in his palms. He kept his forehead on her and closed his eyes. Khushi held Arnav's hands on her cheeks and she too closed her eyes. Tears rolled from their eyes. Arnav is shedding his tears silently not wanting to make his Choti sad. Khushi too shed silent tears not wanting to show her weak side to her Chote Malik as he never liked her weak side. Arnav slowly opened his eyes and kissed her forehead letting his lips linger and said "I too missed you Choti... please don't go..." tears rolled down from his eyes. He still remembered the day when he asked her to not to go to her home the day before the night they left Lucknow.


Seeing his tears she couldn't control her cry. So, she too started crying "Why are you crying, Chote Malik? I said I will come to you again, right? I'm here now... Please don't cry... please..." with that she hugged him tightly and cried with him. She needs him, to vent out all these years' pain, suffer, loneliness and longing


He controlled himself, wiped his tears. He broke the hug


"See, Choti... I'm not crying anymore. You also stop crying, okay?" he wiped her tears. "You didn't change at all. I really missed you Choti. Why didn't you come to me, when you knew where I was? Why didn't you call me? Why didn't you inform me about your whereabouts? Do you have any idea how much I searched for you? Do you have any idea how much I needed you every time I signed a deal?"


"It was needed Chote Malik. I needed to be with that man to save my Chote Malik. Other than that I didn't have any option. To defeat him I need to be there with that man. I don't want my Chote Malik's family to be defeated. I never can do that. I never can allow anyone to harm you. In fact I never allowed anyone to hurt you. That's why I was there when you quote your bid. I was there when you jog; I was there whenever you signed deals outside your office. I never left you Chote Malik. I said to that man that I will observe your moves and will make a plan to attack. He believed me with you. That's how I know everything about you Chote Malik, each and every detail"


Arnav looked at Khushi with so much love in his eyes, but that love is not for this matured Khushi. That love is for Choti, Chote Malik's Choti. He cupped her face and kissed her forehead again "What would I have done without you Choti? Thanks for coming back. Now, stop this crying and give me my Choti's full smile" he wiped her tears.


Then Khushi gave a bright smile - Chote Malik's Choti's smile with tear filled eyes. Arnav held her tightly in his embrace. When she ran her hands on his back, he felt unknown sensation in his heart. He felt his heart beating fast. He frowned his eye brows with this new feeling. He broke the hug and looked at Khushi with confused look in his eyes


"What's wrong Chote Malik?"


He again hugged her and again felt his heart beat rising up. He again looked at her and again hugged her, but the result is same... rising heart beat.

"What's wrong Chote Malik? Are you okay?" Khushi asked him cupping his cheeks


"I'm fine... you go I will freshen up and will come down"


Nodding her head Khushi left from there. Not seeing anyone in hall, she walked towards Nani's room and heard her name from Ratna. She stopped at the door to hear the conversation. She heard Ratna asking Garima "Where can I get an angel like Chutki for my family? Tell me Garima, where can I get?"


She understood the whole conversation with those last two questions her mother faced. Khushi knew her mother never reveals Khushi's love towards Chote Malik. So, she stood there quietly. She again heard


"I can't lose her again. Whoever agree with me about this relation or not, I don't care. But I'm going to make Chutki as my DIL, no one can stop me. I will never let her go from here. She belongs here, she belongs to Chote, and she belongs to this family. She is my Chutki; nobody has any right to take her away from me. Do you all understand that?" Ratna is in rage.


"Chote Malik Ma" Khushi entered into the room


"Chutki... mera bacha..." Ratna rushed to Khushi and hugged her tight. After hugging Khushi for her heart content, she broke the hug and kissed Khushi on her all over face. She never felt Khushi as others' daughter, she always felt Khushi as her own.


"Chote Malik Ma..."


"Chutki mera bacha... we are talking about you only dear. I want to..." Ratna stopped by Khushi


"I heard everything Chote Malik Ma... but that is not going to happen, I'm sorry" said Khushi low voice


"What?" Ratna looked at Khushi with so much shock. She never thought Khushi will say this. In that room two others - Garima and Aman also looked at Khushi with shock evident in their faces.


"Yes, Chote Malik Ma, whatever you are thinking or planning, it will not happen"


"Why Chutki, don't you love Chote?"


"Of course I love him, but not the way you are thinking Chote Malik Ma"


"Why Khushi? Why are you saying lies? I know you love Chote" Ratna knew about her Chutki's heart


Khushi gulped hard controlling her sobs, she battered her eyes to stop tears "NO... Chote Malik Ma, he my Chote Malik, my friend. I don't want this relation to get disturbed. Me, Amma and Bau Ji, we all respect you all a lot. But this is not going to happen, Chote Malik Ma, please... forget about this. It will not happen"


"But Chutki don't you want your Chote Malik to be happy?"


"Of course I want him to be happy and I will make sure he will be happy" Khushi smiled little


"I don't think he will be happy without you Chutki"


"No Chote Malik Ma, he will be happy. Don't worry, I will find the girl, who loves Chote Malik from bottom of her heart. I will make sure, he lives his life happily. You first relax..." she made Ratna sit on the bed next to Nani and gave her water to drink.


"Don't you want to be with Chote, Chutki?"


"I want and I will. The way which you are thinking is not the only way to stay with Chote Malik. I can stay with him as his friend too"


"What if Arnav's wife doesn't agree or accept your relation?" Aran, who is silent till now asked Khushi


After remained silent for few minutes, Khushi said "I will stay away from Chote Malik. Other than his happiness I never wanted anything. If staying away from him will make his life happy, then I will do that. But that doesn't mean I don't take care of him. I will do anything and everything to make him happy and safe in his life" she is decided. She will never force Arnav into any relationship, when she knew about his feelings towards her.


"But Chutki, what if that girl marries Chote for his money? What if that girl will torture Chote?"


"Then that will be her last day on this planet" everyone shocked to see Khushi red with anger face


"Please Chutki... think about this. I don't want to lose you again"


Khushi sat before Ratna's legs and held her hands "Chote Malik Ma... you won't lose me. I'm not going anywhere. I stay here, with all of you. If I go to other house too, I will meet you all every day. Don't worry... you won't lose me" Ratna hugged Khushi and cried her heart out. Their emotional hug was disturbed by Khushi's mobile ring.


"Hello" controlling her feelings Khushi said


"Hello Khushi beta, it's me Ram uncle"


"Hello uncle Namaste, tell me uncle"


"I found a lawyer. He wants to meet you and Raizada-s this Sunday, is it okay with you?"


"Of course uncle, we will be free this Sunday. I will make sure bade Malik I mean to say, Aran Singh Raizada along with his son and daughter stays at home on this Sunday" Khushi said looking at Aran. He nodded his head in approving.


"Then good I will bring him to RM on Sunday. See you then, bye, god blesses you..."


"Sure, uncle... thank you, bye"


"Bade Malik please make sure you and Chote Malik won't have any meetings or plans on this coming Sunday, Ram uncle said he will bring the lawyer"


"Sure beta..."


Nodding her head Khushi left from the door. Before she steps out of the room, suddenly everything went black before her eyes. But she didn't hit the floor as Arnav and Aman caught her in time. They both made her lie on the couch, Aman shouted for HP to bring water. Arnav sprinkled water on her face, with that Khushi opened her eyes slowly and muttered something


Before anyone can understand, Garima rushed to kitchen and brought sweet for daughter.


She slowly fed Khushi. After having the sweet Khushi gained her conscious and took long breath.


"I am calling doctor" said Aman


"No need, I'm fine. it's just my diabetes. I just need food" Khushi said breathing hard


"HP... Keep the food ready" Aran shouted


"Ji... bade Malik" HP replied from kitchen


"Bade Malik... don't get tensed I'm fine" all the Raizada-s for the first time felt awkward hearing Khushi calling him bade Malik.


"Don't use that" said Arnav gritting his teeth


"That is where I belong" replied Khushi, shocking everyone.


Before Arnav pounce on Khushi, Aman stopped Arnav "Not now Arnav, she is not in a state to understand what we say. She needs rest. We will see tomorrow" Arnav agreed to Aman and controlled himself.


Garima and Anjali helped Khushi to dining table, when Khushi rejected Arnav and Aman's help


She closed her eyes in weakness. She felt drained from the day event and crying. She couldn't hold back her weakness. When Garima noticed her daughter's difficulty in having food, she took the plate and started feeding her. Khushi accepted her mother's help and slowly and calmly had her dinner. After finishing her food, Garima made her rest on couch till she finishes her food. When Khushi hit the couch, immediately she fell into a sleep


Garima sat on table silently and started eating her food. Arnav is beside her. Understanding her pain, he touched her shoulder making her to cry out.


"Sh... aunty, she will be fine... sh..." Arnav hugged her sideways and tried to console her. after crying little more time, Garima composed herself and started having her food after saying sorry


"But Garima, how did she get this? I don't think it's hereditary" asked Aran


"Nahi Bhai sahib... it's not hereditary, it's her tensions. That's all" nothing more is needed to know the reason for Khushi's illness. Everyone felt bad for being the reason for Khushi's health.


Arnav left his food in between went to his room not able to see his Choti in that condition, after being the reason for her state. He closed the door and sat on the couch. Closing his eyes, he remembered their childhood days. She was always there for him whenever he needed someone. She was there whenever he was in tension. She was the one always who forced him to take food when he neglected with his studies. She was... no she IS always with him - for him and his family... but in return what he did? He left her to suffer, he left her to fight with that morons... he left her struggle in her life, he left her to become ill. He felt immense pain in his heart. He closed his eyes feeling Khushi pain and said "Khushi"


He opened his eyes and looked at his reflection in the pool side glass door. He felt his heartbeat gaining speed by mentioning her name.


"Khushi? Where did it come from? I used to call her Choti, right? Then what's wrong with me? What's wrong with my heart? What's happening with me? Why can't I see her with others? Why didn't feel awkward when I hugged her? Why I felt completed when I hug her? Why didn't I think before kissing her? It may be on her forehead and it may be a friendly gesture, but I didn't do that with any other girl, did I? Then why with only Choti I'm feeling everything is right and I'm doing nothing wrong? Why am I  needing her full attention? Why I want her to be with me all the time? Why do I need her in every second? am I..."


That's all for now...

 Hope you guys enjoyed the update...

Thanks for your wonderful response... Hug

Love you all...



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May 30, 2015

SS : ...Yours Truly Part 14 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 95 times)

Spare me with typos



Part 14:

Arnav became restless with his thought of Khushi. He felt suffocated in the room. So, he decided to go to terrace for some fresh air and to sort the thoughts. He liked to watch the garden from terrace. That was his and his Choti's favorite view then. Even they used to play on the terrace looking at garden when they were in Raizada Mahal, Lucknow. But today the view didn't give him much needed relaxation. His anger went wild seeing the scene in front of him. There in the garden, sat both his best friends, side by side, Aman's hands holding Khushi's. This irked Arnav to the core. He strode towards the downstairs like a raging bull.


Downstairs, in the garden


Few minutes before, where Arnav is in his confused state with Khushi's thoughts; Khushi also felt disturbed from the happenings. So, for relaxing she thought of walk little in garden. She so wished to go to terrace to have their favorite view of garden. Even if its night, anyone can see the garden clearly with the bright lights. But having the way to terrace next to Arnav's room, she decided to walk in garden. After few minutes of walk, she sat on the garden bench. Her thoughts went to the man of her heart. She always wanted to be with Arnav throughout her life. But when Khushi heard Arnav saying to Aman about her being his FRIEND, she felt shattered and betrayed. But then she realized, putting herself in Arnav's shoes. But how much she tried controlling and assuring her heart, she still felt the pain in her heart. Her thoughts got break with a tap on her shoulder. She looked at the person


"Aman saab?"


"No... BHAI... Aman Bhai"


"Aman Bhai?"


"Yes... for you, exclusively" Aman gave an ear to ear smile to Khushi making her smile little with the moist in her eyes.


"What are you doing here Chutki?"


"Nothing saab."




"Maaf kijiyega... Bhai... oh god... I'm sounding so weird" she smiled embarrassed "Nothing Bhai... I'm just sitting for fresh air"


"Hmm... I will come to the point straightly. Why did you reject Amma's proposal? I know you love Arnav, Chutki. Then what's wrong? Why aren't you

ready to get married to him?"




"Chutki? Look, this is not the matter to be silent. I know you can't live without him. I can see your love towards him in your eyes, in your words, in your every gesture and in your every action. He is really a stupid to not to understand your love"


"Bhai... let me tell you one thing. I'm talking with you so calmly, because, you are CHOTE MALIK'S friend. But that doesn't mean I will allow you to say anything to him. Please, don't make me wild with Chote Malik's family" Khushi's warning always straight


"Um... I'm sorry for that. Bahut saalon se aadath hogaye (it became habit from so many years). I will try to control my tongue before you. Please give me some time" seeing Khushi's serious node, he breathed in relief "Now tell me, why did you reject the proposal from Mom?"


"I don't want to force Chote Malik"




"I heard him saying to you that I'm his best friend, nothing else"


"But Chutki, if you tell him about your feelings, then he may..."


Khushi stopped him saying further "I don't want that. I know if I say about my feelings, then he will definitely marry me. I don't want that to happen. If he doesn't have any feelings for me, then let it be. But I don't want to force him. He may not be happy with me in future" while saying this tears rolled from Khushi's eyes


"What? If he won't be happy with YOU, then he can never be happy with anyone Chutki"


"Please don't say that. I want him to be happy in his life. I will do anything for that, if it costs my life too, I'm ready for that"


Aman, who sat beside this amazing girl, looked at her with surprise in his eyes.


"But, what about you and your happiness?"


"If he is happy, I'm sure, I will be happy too" Khushi smiled at Aman. Admiring her love towards Arnav, Aman pattered her head lovingly


"God Bless you Chutki. I wish you will get all your happiness in your life. But what if he has feelings for you?"


"No he doesn't have any and I don't blame him for that"


"How can you say that?"


"He is still seeing me as that same 5 year Choti. I can see that love, which I saw years back in his eyes. I can never forget that love in my life. And how can I expect him to love me? He never saw me? It's almost 15 years we got separated. Seeing suddenly, that too in a weird situation - I'm beating goons - I don't think he will love me at first sight" both Aman and Khushi smiled little. Khushi continued "I knew him from long. I mean I'm watching from long time, I knew every step of his life. I knew about his each and every success, hard work, love towards people and his every achievement. All these led me towards the love and admiration. I couldn't stop myself from feeling like this about him. But he didn't get any chance to even look at me. When I said about my feelings with Amma, she said it's not wrong to feel. But it's wrong to say to Chote Malik, because they are our Maliks and it may hurt them. So, I stopped myself from confessing. I can never do anything which hurts Chote Malik. I decided to be same Chote, who did everything for HIS happiness. Amma and Bau Ji are happy with my decision; they never forced me for anything. They are happy with me for helping Raizada-s. Now their happiness is most important for us, nothing else"


"You know I really think that he have some feelings for you. Didn't you see how jealous he was today morning? Oh god, I never saw him in that situation. He is behaving weird with you." Both laughed their heart out. Aman took Khushi's hands in his and said "But one thing is true, I'm so lucky to meet you Chutki. I'm so glad to have you as my sister. If I found that rascal, sorry for that... if I found that he has feelings for you, then I will do whatever it takes to make him realize his love. You don't worry, you have a big brother with you" Aman patted Khushi's head with one hand while holding her hand in another. Khushi kept her head on his shoulder, feeling brotherly love for the first time.


That is how Arnav saw them. He didn't hear their conversation, because they finished talking before he comes. Arnav felt like volcano is building in his heart. He took long strides towards them and pulled Khushi up towards him, by holding her elbow making both Khushi and Aman flabbergasted.


"Chote Malik?"


"JUST SHUT UP" this is the first time Arnav shouted on Khushi in his full angry, making Khushi eyes tear up.




"Arnav... relax... why are you shouting at her?" Aman tried to calm the tiger


"Not you Aman... I'm asking this crazy girl" Arnav turned to Khushi and asked again "I'm asking you what are you doing at this hour" he gritted his teeth


"I'm sitting here to get some fresh air" Khushi said in a low voice


"Don't you know this is not good for a girl to sit outside late at night?"


"She is not alone Arnav, I'm here with her" Aman again tried


"ANSWER ME DAMN IT!!! Don't you know how dangerous it can be to stay ALONE?" he looked straight into Khushi's eyes.


Understanding his meaning, Khushi removed his hand from her elbow and looked at him with hurt in her eyes "Before you say anything, it will be good if you think Chote Malik. I never expected YOU from all the people will say this. I never expected YOU from all the people will think like this about me"


After hearing Khushi, Aman to understand the meaning of Arnav's words "Have you lost your mind Arnav?"


"Aman stay out of this" Arnav gritted his teeth


"NO he won't... you indirectly blamed us, then how can he stay out" Khushi raised her voice on Arnav


Arnav looked at Khushi then moved to Aman "She is raising her voice on me because of YOU. I won't accept it" he turned back and dragged Khushi inside the building. Aman followed them. Arnav pushed Khushi inside the guest room, which is emptied by Shyam's departure and locked the door.


"Arnav... stop doing that"


Arnav took Aman's hand and dragged him too towards his room


When they enter inside Aman pushed Arnav hard making him fell on the floor and locked the door


"What the!!! HOW DARE YOU AMAN..." Arnav shouted


"NOT ONE MORE WORD Mr. RAIZADA... Otherwise, I will kill you right now" Aman is not less


"What the!!! How dare you?"


"Oh not again... you already asked that" Aman mocked Arnav "And you very well know how much dare I can. Now answer me, what the hell are you thinking about yourself when you said those words to Khushi? How dare YOU?" Aman couldn't control his anger after seeing the pure innocent love being insulted. He is really mad at Arnav for not understanding Khushi's feelings.


"It's none of anyone's business. I will say whatever I want to her" Arnav is arrogant


"Oh really? Do you really think we will stay calm whenever you use harsh words towards her? Not anymore Mr. Raizada, you might be her Chote Malik, but I'm her Aman b..."


Arnav as usual didn't listen completely and shouted back at Aman "DON'T DARE TO UTTER A WORD. SHE IS MINE, SHE IS MY CHOTI. By the way, what right do you have to utter her name? Who are you to her?"


"Oh... then answer me... who are YOU to her? What right do YOU have to utter her name?"


"I'm her Chote Malik. I'm her best friend damn it..." Arnav felt he is losing the argument.


"How funny... do you really think this is the way best friends behave? If being her friend gives you the right to utter her name and then I have much more rights to do much more to her" Aman is determined to teach a lesson to this arrogant Raizada for insulting Khushi.


"We are best friends, what happens in between us is none of your business"


"Tsk... Tsk... not anymore Arnav... whatever it related to her is my concern and my business from now on. She is such a pure heart; I don't want to lose her. And one more thing Arnav, you are failed as a best friend. You failed to understand your best friend's feelings towards her love. I pity you. You are not fit to be her friend, let alone best friend. She did so much for you, only for YOU. But what did you gave her in return, hurt? Pain? I never expected you like this. You are unfit for a pure friendship. I'm feeling really disgusted for being your friend. Sorry for saying this... but I can't stop myself after seeing your treatment towards Khushi" Aman let out his anger and turn to leave the room


"I don't want to lose her" Arnav said in a low voice making Aman stop at the door. Arnav continued "I can't see her with anyone else, not even her parents. I want her full attention to me. I don't want to share her with anyone. When I see her concentrating on others, I don't know why, but I'm losing my control and I'm bashing her with my anger. But trust me Aman, I didn't mean to. She is my Choti, Aman. How can I hurt her?" Aman eyes moisten; hearing the pain in Arnav's tone got you Raizada' thought Aman. He didn't turn back. "Please Aman, I'm sorry for saying those words to you and Khushi. I'm sorry... I didn't' mean to. When I saw her with you, I... I..."


"But that doesn't give you right to say anything to us Arnav, especially to Khushi. This is not right. I'm seeing you from when she came here. From that time, you are only giving pain to her. What will you do when she decides to go from here, because of your words? What will you do when she thinks that you said those words intentionally? What will you do when she thinks that you don't like her presence here?"


"No... she will never think like that. I know my Choti" Arnav is not ready to agree with Aman. But a tiny doubt and fear entered in his heart


"Do you really think...? Let it be... you can never understand her. If you did, you would have understood her love. I never thought you will do this to her and... forget it... good night" Aman left the room leaving the conversation in between with a naughty smile on his face. Arnav stood there in his place shocked hearing Aman's words.


Aman and Choti...??? No... no... NO DAMN IT... she is mine... MINE... I won't let her go. She is mine... I will talk with her and everyone tomorrow morning"




Next day morning - breakfast table everyone is present there.


"Woh... I want to say something" Garima said hesitantly


"Ha... tell us Garima. What's the matter?" asked Nani


"Um... Malkin, I thought... as Khushi's work here has finished, so... I want to... to..."


"What you want aunty?" asked Arnav sensing something bad


"Beta... I want us to leave. Khushi's friend already settled the house, so..."


"But what's the need aunty? We all can stay here, right?" asked Anjali


"No beta... I can't work anymore as well as Shashi Ji. And I can't ask Khushi to become maid like me where she wanted to do something. So, I thought it will be better if we go. Khushi can work anywhere as she liked and I can take care of both of my Khushi and Shashi Ji" Garima is clear in her thought

Everyone sat there with shocked faces. They couldn't believe what they are hearing.


"But aunty, Khushi can study staying here too, right?" Anjali tried her best


"No betiya, Khushi wants to be independent. I can't force her to be a house maid"


"But why are you thinking like this? Who told you that Khushi will be a maid in this house?" Ratna was hurt


"That's what we were and we remain the same, bade Malik"


"Leave all this. Chote Malik Ma, please let us move from here" requested Khushi


Arnav rushed to Khushi and held her hand tightly "I already said you, nobody is going anywhere from here. Keep that in your mind Choti"


"I want to... I can't stay here anymore" Khushi looked at the table. She couldn't meet anyone's eyes. Tears rolled down from her eyes. Garima came beside her and hugged her, understanding her pain


"Sh... beta... aisa nahi rothe... hush..." nobody ever seen Khushi this vulnerable


"At least tell us what's wrong? Chutki, if you say then only we can solve the problem. If you don't want to say us, at least tell to your Chote Malik, he will see to it" Aran said looking at his son


Khushi looked at Arnav, the next moment he understood her pain. He closed his regretting saying those words. He looked at Aman who is looking back at him so much anger. Their silent argument got disturbed with Garima's voice


"And that too, I want Khushi to get married ASAP"


"WHAT?", shouted both Arnav and Anjali. Both looked at each other. Garima looked at them surprisingly and said "Why you both are surprised? Arnav... she is not your Choti anymore. She is all grown up girl. She can't stay with us all the time. She has to get marry one day, right?"


"Ha... but..." Arnav couldn't say any word. Khushi leaving him forever doesn't sit well with him.


"No but beta... as uncle is not well, I want to marry Khushi as soon as possible. And if she stays here, it won't look good. What can I tell the groom's family about our stay here? We always wanted your family to be our strength; we can't insult this family with our helplessness. Sorry, if we hurt you all. But please allow us to go from here" Garima finished saying.


From all the people, Arnav and Ratna are the most affected people. Arnav never moved his glare from Khushi's face. He couldn't believe that his Choti is ready to leave him and get marry to some other man. He never thought Khushi going against his word, let alone leaving him and getting married.


"Choti... what do you want?" Ratna asked Khushi


Khushi looked at Ratna, who have an accusing look in her eyes. Khushi understood her unsaid accusations.


"What do you want Choti? Do you want to get married as Garima said? Or do you want something else? Can you go away from us? Don't you want to be with us?"


"How can I stay with you all Chote Malik Ma?"


"Don't call her that and just tell, what do YOU want" Arnav gritted his teeth


"Amma never did any wrong for me. So, I trust her. If she and Bau Ji wants me to get marry, then I will do that"


Suddenly Arnav felt his world crashing down. He looked at Khushi's bent face. He can see her red cheeks - is she shying? - He thought. He couldn't take this news easily. He turned back to leave to his room. He has to control his feelings to think normally. When he is about to turn in the corridor of first floor, he heard his mother saying


"When I asked about marriage, you said stupid reasons. You even said..." but Aman stopped her before she blurts out something which shouldn't be done.


"Amma... what happened is happened. There is no use of going back. You please relax..."


"But Aman... she is not ready to..."


"It's okay Amma... I will talk with her and try to convince her. Please you relax..."


Arnav couldn't understand what they are talking about. He entered his room thinking about the words rolled between his mother and Aman. Before he thought something else he heard Anjali calling him from the door




"Chote I want to talk with you. It's really important, about... about Choti"


"What's about her Di? She wanted to go, right? Then let her" Arnav was hurt. He was hurt because, the thought of Choti taking decision without discussing with him. I'm her best friend damn it, her Chote Malik' thought Arnav. His thoughts got disturbed by Anjali's touch on his shoulder. He looked at her; she seemed like waiting for some answers


"What Di?"


"Chote... I'm asking what you want."




"About Choti going from here, what do you want?"


Arnav looked at her without any expression. Sighing loudly Anjali said "Chote... We are alive now only because of her and her family. We almost lost her long back. Life is giving us a chance to get our Choti back again. I don't want to lose her again Chote. She is an Angel to us. Please do something."


"I know Di... I too really don't want her to go from here. I too don't want to lose her again. But she is adamant; she is not ready to hear my words"


"Only you can make her agree Chote. She hears only to you. Please try once in a cool manner. And Chote... I mean... why can't you marry Choti?"


"Di!!! What?"


"I don't know whether you have feelings for her or not, but Chote... Hmm... I don't know how to tell"




"I wish you marry her, then we won't lose her again. Leave it Chote... Without having feelings, it's not correct" Anjali is about to leave when she heard Arnav


"Di... actually I'm confused..." he looked at Anjali and told her everything about his yesterday's self thoughts on the terrace. Anjali is overwhelmed hearing this. She hugged him and said "This love Chote... you are in love"


"Di..." Arnav whispered


"Yes Chote... you are in love"


"Are you sure Di?" getting a nod from happy Anjali, Arnav was relieved confirming his love. He had a doubt that he may be in love with her. But now, he is sure, he is in love with his Choti... his Khushi. A small smile adorned his lips, which grew in to wider and wider by each second.


"My Choti... my Khushi..."


"But what if she won't agree to marry her?" Anjali asked remembering Khushi's refusal for her mother's proposal.


"I don't give damn. She is mine and she should be with me here wherever I stay, she is my Choti. I can't let anyone take her away from me. I will make her understand, she should. She doesn't have any other choice other than marrying me. I didn't allow her to leave when I saw her as my best friend. And now, when I realized my love towards her, nobody can take her away from me"


"Then, shall we go down and tell this to everyone?" Anjali is over excited


"Let's go Di... I need to talk with that adamant tigress first" Arnav said having a beautiful smile on his face


When they reached down, they saw everyone sat there with dull faces. Before Arnav says something, they heard Nani saying "I have a solution for this" everyone looked at her with hopeful eyes.


"Why can't we marry both Aman and Chutki?"


There is a pin drop silence in the hall. Everyone stayed in their places in shock.




I hope it's good. I tried my best in making Arnav realize his feelings. Hope you all will like this. And also hope that your doubt got cleared about khushi's rejection.

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Love you all...



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Jun 15, 2015

SS : ...Yours Truly Part 15 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 81 times)

A big sorry for late update. And after reading this part, if any one of you feel like killing me or shouting at me or do anything like throwing tomatoes, onions or eggs whatever, you can do. But please mention in comment section what you want to do. Because I don't know what I wrote. this is completely a mess... :(

 here is the update

If anyone of you are interested and wanted to read my other works,  here is my Index:


Spare me wit typos


Part 15:

Except Khushi, Aman, Garima and Nani, everyone remained shocked


“What are you talking Amma?” Ratna asked little disappointed with her mother.


“The same thing what you heard” Nani is clear


“But… Aman and Chutki?” Aran asked in surprise


“Yes, I know Ratna wanted Chutki to be DIL of this house by marrying Chote. But seeing Chote’s behaviour and reaction around Chutki, I don’t feel he likes that idea. I don’t want Chutki or Chote to be unhappy with this marriage. And, yesterday night when I saw both Chutki and Aman in the garden, I felt like they both can adjust to each other well” Nani said, looking at both Khushi and Aman affectionately for which they both smiled back. They both looked at each other and smiled understandingly


Arnav and Anjali looked at each other. Anjali felt disappointed with this news as her brother – Chote – didn’t get the chance to marry Khushi. But she felt guilty for thinking like that after hearing Nani’s words


“As Aman too is the son of this house and doesn’t have any difference between Chote and Aman” Nani looked at Anjali with a stern look as she understood what’s going on in her granddaughter’s head and continued saying “Chutki will be the DIL of this house. What do you say Aran beta? Do you have any problem with that? Garima and Ratna what about you both?”


“If they both don't have any problem then I don’t have any problem too” Aran is happy


“All I want is my Khushi’s happiness Malkin” said Garima, looking at Khushi with love


“Oh… stop calling us that. Now we are going to be a family. You and your daughter should start calling us with relations” smiled Nani. She looked at Arnav and said “Oh Chote… why are you looking shocked? Look here, this is the happiest moment. Your both best friends are getting married to each other, they will remain with you till the end. Come on, congratulate them, what are you waiting for?”


Arnav looked at Nani and looked at his so called best friends. He is like a volcano inside. He couldn’t believe that both Aman and Khushi agreed for this marriage. He wants to kill that smile on their face. Aman and Khushi looked at Arnav and smiled brightly at him making him boil with rage


“Why are standing there? Come on, wish us” said Aman with a smile. But next second his smile vanished and he winced in pain sitting on the couch

Everyone gasped. Arnav grabbed Aman’s collar and said, gritting his teeth “How dare you? How dare you to accept this?”




"Arnav beta"


"Chote Malik"


"Answer me Aman, how dare you to accept this?"


"Why, what's wrong in that? He liked Chutki and Chutki liked him. Then what's wrong in there accepting?" Nani shouted


"Yes, ASR, what's wrong? Amma wants Chutki to be DIL of this house and we both are ready to fulfil that wish, then what's wrong?" Aman asked, but another punch landed on his face tearing his lips




There was a pin drop silence in the hall. Everyone has a look of shock. Tears rolled from Aman's eyes


"Ar...nav..." Aman couldn't believe what he heard, that too from his best friend - Arnav. 'May be I'm wrong in judging him' thought Aman




The next second Arnav stumbled to his feet, holding his cheek. He looked at his side to see Khushi completely reddened in anger


"Choti" Arnav never expected this. The pain in his cheeks is unbearable.




Garima closed her eyes in disappointment knowing well about her daughter's anger. She knows how much Khushi can be worse in her anger. Everyone in the hall looked shocked at the happenings.




“I SAID IT’S KHUSHI… I never expect this from you Chote Malik, I never expected this. How can you say those words to Aman Ji? Do you really think he doesn’t belong to this house? How can you say those words Chote Malik?” Khushi is upset with Arnav’s behaviour


“Choti…” Arnav looked at Khushi with mixed emotions


“I don’t want to talk with you”  before Khushi could say anything, Garima interrupted Khushi by calling her


“Khushi, mera bacha”


Turning to her mother, Khushi said “Amma… we are leaving in few minutes. Make Bau Ji ready. I will pack everything. For what we came, that work is finished” sadness is clear in her voice


“Choti… you can’t go like that leaving us” Arnav said


“Why can’t I Chote Malik?”


“Because you belong here Choti”


“No… I won’t”


“Yes…, you are damn it. You are the member of this family”


“I don’t want to face any insults being the member of this family”


“Why will you face insults?”


“Then what Aman Ji faced now? Didn’t he the member for almost 10 years? Then what respect he got from his so called family, from his so called brother? I don’t want to be in his place. Amma chalo…” Khushi moved to their room, to pack things.


Arnav followed her towards the room, but stood outside of the room as Khushi closed the door on his face. He waited there till she opened the door. Ignoring him, Khushi walked towards the hall with their luggage


“Chutki… listen to us. Please we will sort this by talking, listen to us Chutki” Aran asked


“Forgive me bade Malik. I decided, I can’t live here anymore”


“But… please Chote… think once” Anjali requested


“Bade Malik… clearly strongly I don’t want to live here. You don’t know what Aman sir did for this family’s happiness. I know and your son too. Aman sir, he deserves much respect you all are showing to him. But here he is facing lot and lot of insult from this arrogant Raizada. I can’t live in the place like this. Forgive me bade Malik”


“But Chutki… please…”


“No… Chote Malik Ma, not any more. I really tired of these accusations and all. I came here for my Chote Malik, but here I’m seeing only ASR. There is much difference between my Chote Malik and this ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA… He never can my Chote Malik. My Chote Malik always understood me without my word. But he, the great, mighty ASR, he insulted me he doubted my character he accused me. I can’t take that. I think, my Chote Malik didn’t come here from Lucknow, I think I should go there and search for him. I missed him… my Chote Malik” with that Khushi sat on the floor crying bitterly


Seeing her daughter in a lot of pain, Garima too sat beside her shedding tears and hugged her tightly


Everybody stood there seeing Khushi in that condition. From childhood onwards, she never allowed anyone to point out Arnav if he was in mistake also. She did everything to prove him right. But today, she herself is pointing him. She was really a strong child. She never cried if it is not for Arnav. She used to cry to save Arnav from elders scoldings. She cried for Arnav to save him from his deeds. She was the crime partner for Arnav. She cried for Arnav, but now, she is crying because of Arnav.


Arnav silently sat before Khushi on his knees and called “Choti…”


“MARGAYI O Choti…, SHE IS DEAD…, ONLY KHUSHI IS ALIVE..., NO CHOTI… SHE IS DEAD” shouted Khushi to the top of her voice leaving everyone winced in pain


“Choti…” Arnav whispered, shaking his head as no.


Shaking her head, Khushi stood and ran outside the house following by Arnav, who was stopped by Aran.




“Stop it Arnav… whatever damage you did, that’s enough. Let her live in peace at least now”


Garima along with Shashi followed Khushi silently.


Aman came in front of Nani and folded his hands.


“Whatever you did to me, I can never forget. Thank you so much for everything” he touched Nani’s feet. Ratna went to Aran and hugged him not able to see her son leaving the house.


“Amm… I’m sorry… Thanks for everything, sir and ma’am” not able to stand there Aman turned to leave, but stopped by Anjali “I can never snatch anything from Arnav Di… sorry Anjali ma’am. He is my brother, till my end. I’m sorry for troubling you these years and thank you so much for everything” Anjali felt guilty hearing Aman’s words


Aman moved to Arnav, who stood with a shocked expression. His eyes are following his friend, who is leaving the house. His heart beat rose hearing Aman’s words


“Here, Car keys, flat keys, my cabin keys and my mobile. I think there is no need for me to tell you about the documents in the office and your flat. I didn’t change anything or it’s place. You can check everything. If you find anything missing, I will leave my new contact number with your security. You can ask your PA to call me. I will meet you with my answer. Thank you so much ASR, thank you so much for being support for this orphan, thank you so much for everything. I… I will miss you…” with that Aman strode outside.




 “Khushi betiya… I want to go inside for one last time” Garima asked when they are outside


“Amma” Khushi is worried


“I won’t say anything. I know betiya… you want him to love you back. I know, I can understand that. Don’t worry, I’m not going to say anything about your love” patting her cheek Garima went inside


“Arnav beta”


“Aunty” Arnav rushed towards Garima and held her hands “I didn’t mean to hurt Choti. I was just” he stopped saying, seeing Garima showing her hand to stop


“I didn’t come back to hear any explanations beta. I came back to say something to you. As I know you as a kid and I never saw you or Anjali differently from Chutki, I wanted to say something. Beta, may be Chutki is Khushi to the world, but trust me she is still same Choti. She can take anything, but not her Chote Malik’s taunts. She will do anything for him, including giving her life if needed. If you can and if you want to understand her as Chote Malik, then think about her. Or else, please… please leave her alone, don’t disturb her.” saying this Garima burst out in crying. She folded her hands in saying Namaste and left from there.


Arnav stood there seeing Garima’s retreating figure not knowing what to do. his thought got disturbed with Nani’s voice


“Oh god… she went, my Chutki went. I again lost her. Oh, I lost her” with that, Nani sat on the sofa and cried. Ratna rushed to her and held her tightly

“What to do Amma, we don’t deserve her. She is such an angel. We are not lucky to have her”


Aran left from there not knowing how to deal with this situation. Anjali stood there in her place, trying to understand what had happened few minutes back. She looked at her brother who stood near the door looking outside. She slowly went near him and touched his shoulder



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Jun 23, 2015

SS : ...Yours Truly Part 16 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 95 times)


 Spare me with typos



Part 16:


Arnav looked at her and whispered “Di, Choti…”


“Sh… Chote… she will come, relax…” both the siblings turned to their back, hearing their grandmother saying


“This is all my fault. Chutki left the home because of me. I can never forgive myself. Oh… Chutki, mera bacha…” Nani cried her heart out


“Amma… what are you talking? How can you be the reason for Chutki leaving this house?” Ratna asked confusingly.


Aran, who is leaving from there, stood at his spot and turned to look at his MIL. He also looked at  Arnav, Anjali and stepped down.


“What are you talking Ma Ji?” asked Aran, sitting beside Nani


“Yes, I was the reason for all this mess, because of me, Aman and Chutki left the house”


“Amma, can you tell us clearly?” Ratna is getting irritated with this indirect talk.


Nani looked at everyone and said “Yesterday night, I came out to drink the water, I saw Garima walking out. I couldn’t understand where she was going that late. So I followed her outside. But what I heard there made me overwhelmed with happiness. I saw Chutki and Aman talking about Chutki’s love towards Chote”


“WHATTTT???” everyone shouted. All the four looked at each other.


“Yes, Chutki loves Chote, that’s what I heard yesterday. After hearing this confession, I saw Garima shedding her silent tears. I took Garima to my room and confronted her. She said everything about Chutki’s feelings about Chote. She is such a wonderful soul Ratna, if Chote can’t marry her then he will be the unluckiest man in this world”


“That’s okay, if you know that Choti loves Chote, then, what all this mess Nani? I mean, why did you propose marriage for Aman and Choti?” Anjali is confused and angry


“That is the mistake I did” with that Nani said what happened yesterday night




When Khushi was being dragged by Arnav towards guest room, both Garima and Nani stood there in shock. They saw Aman trying to stop Arnav from doing any blunder. But as usual Arnav didn’t listen to his words or Khushi’s pleas. He locked Khushi in the guest room and dragged Aman with him. When Arnav is out of their sight, both Nani and Garima ran to the guest room. When they opened the door, they saw Khushi crying on her bed. Both rushed towards her and sat beside her


“Ammaaa…” Khushi cried her heart seeing her mother. She stopped before saying anything, seeing Nani there


“What happened Chutki?” Nani asked


“Nothing Nani Malkin, just had a nightmare” Khushi wiped her tears and said trying to smile


Nani’s heart swelled with happiness seeing Khushi’s love towards Chote. She knew, Chutki will never keep her Chote Malik in mistake


“Oh, okay. By the way, why did the door is locked? And why did Chote drag you here and locked?” Nani asked straight.


Khushi looked at Nani with wide eyed. Her heart started beating fast


“Nahi tho…” Khushi tried to say something


“We saw everything Chutki, don’t try to sidetrack the topic and don’t dare to support him now” Nani is serious now


“Then there is no discussion Nani Malkin” Khushi too serious.


Nani and Garima looked at her surprised.


“You both can go and take rest now”


“You can’t say that to me Chutki, I’m your grandmother, you have to answer my questions. I know, that you know Chote don’t like you to be rude at elders” Nani used her main weapon.


Sighing deeply Khushi said “Fine, I will say normally then. You and Amma can go from here”


“But not before you answer my questions. I swear on Chote”


Khushi jerked her head up and looked at Nani “You shouldn’t have said that Nani Malkin” Khushi said with tears in her eyes. “You know that I don’t like when something harm Chote Malik. You used Chote Malik. I can never forgive you for this Nani Malkin, I never expected this. Fine, Ask me what do you want to know?” Khushi started with pain in her voice, but ended with anger in her voice


“What has happened between you three? Why did Chote drag you here and locked you? And why aren’t you saying Chote that you love him?”


This is really a big shock to Khushi. Khushi expected some other questions like why you fight with Chote and all. But this? She immediately looked at her mother with confusing eyes.


“Don’t look at Garima like that. I forced her to say after hearing your confession of your love for Chote to Aman in the garden”


Khushi couldn’t understand what to say. She sat silently thinking what to tell to Nani. Before she could say they heard Aman telling


“Choti in love with Arnav from long Nani. But she doesn’t want to reveal this as she doesn’t want to force Arnav” Aman is angry on Khushi




“Don’t talk with me Khushi. I’m really angry at you. This is not the way to deal the things. You know about Arnav and his anger, didn’t you see what has he said? Why are you making things difficult Khushi?” Aman is really angry on Khushi


“I can’t do that. I can’t push him for anything. He is my weakness” with that Khushi sat on her bed controlling her emotions


“If she can do that, she would have done that long back Aman beta. She loves him more than herself. She is ready to take any pain instead of forcing him. Please, don’t force her. She already faced a lot in her life” Garima took her daughter’s side.


“I’m not forcing her aunty. I’m asking her to clear the things with Arnav”


“I don’t want to spoil my friendship with him. What if he doesn’t feel the same about me? What if he sees me like his childhood friend? I don’t want to take any risk in our relation. He is important to me. Whether he loves me or not, is not at all important. He is my Chote Malik that’s all matters”


“But Khushi… what if he doesn’t want you to go?”


“Of course he doesn’t want me to go. Here that is not the issue you are saying. If he is happy being a friend of mine, then what’s the need to tell him that I love him? I need him in my life, when I will get his support as a friend, then what the need to tell him about my bloody love for him?” Khushi is getting anxious


“Stop it you both. I know what to do,” said Nani


The trio looked at her in question. “Let’s make him confess his feelings”


“How Nani?” asked Aman


“Simple, I will propose marriage to you both. If he doesn’t like your marriage, then he will stop that. If he doesn’t have any problem then he won’t say anything about this marriage and he will be happy for you both”


“Do you really think this will work Nani Malkin? No, it won’t. You may not know your grandson well, but I know my Chote Malik well. He will kill both of us for this proposal. You can never guess how much this will hurt him, Nani Malkin. Don’t do this. It won’t work for sure”


“Oh come on Khushi, what’s there to try? If he doesn’t like this marriage, we will catch him red handed”


“What if he likes this relation? What if he won’t have any problem with our marriage? What will we do?” Khushi asked straightly.


“NO way… he likes you, I know, he told me that. He said he doesn’t want to lose you. He said that he wants you here, with us. He said he can’t lose you” Aman tried his best to make Khushi agree with this plan


“Let me clear one thing for you all, if Chote Malik wants me here, he knew, with his one word I will stay. If he wants that, then he will come to me and orders me same like before. I am not in this. And I don’t want to hurt Chote Malik. And Aman sab don’t you think after his confession to you, it will hurt him more? Don’t you think he may feel that you are betraying him?” Khushi is stubborn and clear


“Why are you behaving this stubborn Chutki? We are doing all these for you and Chote. Why can’t you understand this?”


“If you are doing this for Chote Malik’s happiness, then I will ready to give my life Nani Malkin. But whatever you are planning will hurt Chote Malik to the extent. Don’t expect him to behave normally after hearing this. Don’t expect him to be cool after hearing this so called marriage proposal. I know, how bad he will get hurt by this. I know him well, he can’t take this news. Please Nani Malkin, I beg you, don’t do this to him, please…” Khushi sat on her knees folding her hands before Nani. “Please Nani Malkin, he can’t take this. Please don’t force him for anything. We can’t”


Nani, Aman and Garima looked at Khushi with tears in their eyes. Garima closed her eyes, feeling her daughter’s pain. But both Nani and Aman stood there seeing the immense pure love. They both looked at each other with determination in their eyes to give this pure soul what she deserves.

“As his grandmother, I know what to do and what not. I know how he reacts to what. I know him well”


“NO, YOU DON’T KNOW HIM” shouted frustrated Khushi.


“Aman, you along with Chutki are doing this. And Garima, you too are a part in this. I don’t want anything to go out of the plan”


“I’m not doing this. I am not going to hurt Chote Malik” with that Khushi started leaving the room, but stood rooted in her place hearing Nani’s words


“I swear on Chote again. If you don’t do this I swear on Chote…” Nani doesn’t want to slip this chance. She knew and she understands how much Khushi loves her Chote Malik. She will do anything for making Khushi agree for this, for bringing them together.


“You could have asked me to give my life than this Nani Malkin; this was the last time I’m talking with you for using Chote Malik. You didn’t do right. And Aman Bhai, don’t make this mistake, you will regret it. You are waking the worst of him. Don’t do this…” Aman looked at Khushi’s eyes, for the first time he felt they shouldn’t do that. Now, he completely understood how much Khushi loves Arnav.


“I know what I’m doing and I know what I’m asking you to do” said Nani.


“Nani, maybe we should drop this idea. Look at Khushi; she is not ready to do this. Then what’s the need to force her or Arnav? May be Khushi is right, it will hurt Arnav badly”


“I don’t want to hear anything. We four are going to do this and its final”


“What if he reacts wildly? Can you even guess how much wild he can be? Are you sure you can control him when he goes wild?” Khushi tried her last time


“NO, we can’t control him. You will do that”, said Nani looks at Khushi an intense look


“Why would I?”


“Because I swear on Chote”




“Chutki…” Garima held Khushi’s shoulder to control her anger


Both Nani and Aman stood there looking at angry Khushi. They gulped seeing her red face from near.


Nani composed herself gulping the unknown fear and said “But you have to do this, if you want him safe” Nani knew that she is playing with lion and lioness


Khushi looked at both Nani and Aman “You are going to regret it badly. You will never get forgiveness from me for doing this. I will never forgive you. And you, Mr. Aman Mathur Raizada, you will regret it in your life for doing this. You can never face your brother in your life. YOU WILL REGRET IT”, saying this Khushi strode outside the room, leaving the three members in her room


“Garima, what’s this?”  Nani asked with shock


“Chote Malik’s Choti” Garima closed her eyes, shaking her head. She folded her hands “Devi Mayya, meri bachi ko raksha karna ( please save my child)” She sat on the floor, leaning on the wall “You didn’t do right, Malkin. You don’t know about my Chutki. You never can guess what she will do after this. You did wrong… you did wrong…” Garima burst into cries making Aman’s heart beat in worry




“Whatever Chutki and Aman did today, that’s all because of me. I forced Chutki to do that. I forced her to do that swearing on Choti knowing Chutki can’t back off from that. There is no fault in her. This is all my fault. She guessed correctly, she guessed Chote’s reaction. She never wanted to do this. She knew it would hurt Chote and he will react like this. She warned us not to do this. But I was adamant. This is all my fault. Her slap for Chote too… I only asked her to control him if he will get out of control with his wild reaction.”


“So, stopping him from regretting of throwing Aman out of the house by his hands; she slapped him” Aran thought out loud


Nani nodded her head, crying on Ratna’s shoulder.


Arnav sat there, holding his head with his hands while resting his elbows on his knees. He doesn’t know what to do now, where to go, whom to meet and how to face them or what to talk. He closed his eyes to see tears filled Khushi’s face and hurt filled Aman’s face. He is regretting now, but he knew there was no use of this. He now understood what his Choti meant, when she said ‘his anger will make him lose his precious’. He knew what blunder he did with Aman. He knew what his Choti meant when she slapped him and he can understand her pain for being in that situation. He now understands how much his Choti and his brother were upset and hurt by his behaviour. After sitting for more than an hour thinking about the happenings, he stood from his place and marched towards the door




“Don’t worry dad, I know what I did and I know what I have to do. I was the reason for all this mess. I will clear everything, I will bring Choti and  Aman back home. Or else, I won’t come back. After all, I can’t lose either of them. I need them in my life. Don’t worry dad, I will be back with them”

Before Arnav leaves the house, the landline rang with its high volume. HP answered the phone and gave it to Arnav


“Hello…” Arnav said controlling his anxiety and controlling the urge to bash the person, whoever it is for wasting his time. But the next second, when the person called him, his senses became alert


“Arnav beta…”


“Aunty…? What’s wrong?” asked Arnav with thudding heart


“Chutki… please come fast, please save her…”




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Jun 25, 2015

SS : ...Yours Truly Part 17 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 109 times)

Spare me with typos


Meanwhile: approximately when Nani finished telling about previous nights arguments

In Khushi’s house

“I never expected this from you, Aman sab. I already said that you are doing wrong and it will bring the worst of him. But you never listened to me. I also asked you to prepare for worst. And you know about him and his anger. He never meant what he says in his anger. When he is in anger, he will say completely opposite to what he actually feels. You know that, right? Then? Then why did you come here? Why did you leave your house? You feel like you are his elder brother, right? Then is this the way elder brothers behave? I think you too feel the same as Chote Malik said about you. I think you too don’t feel him like your own brother”

“No… he is my brother”

“Then, how can leave your brother when he is in mistake? Don’t you have any responsibility to correct him? Don’t you have any interest in correcting him? Don’t you want your so called brother to learn how to deal with anger? Don’t you want to help him in his hard times?”

“I do… I do… I DO…” Aman shouted


“Then what can you expect me to do in this situation? After whatever he says or does, should I close my mouth and follow him? Accept him? Then how can he know that whatever he says will hurt others? How can he know that his anger won’t do any good to him or his family or his friends? Tell me Khushi, what do you expect? IF you do something correctly that doesn’t mean you will be right in all situations, Khushi”

“I will never give any damn to right or wrong, Aman sab. All I care is Chote Malik and his happiness. That’s all. After whatever happened today morning, do you really think Chote Malik will forgive us? If you come out like this, do you really think he will know the impact of his anger? If he can learn like this, then he would have learnt long back; when he lost the biggest deal because of his anger. He would have learnt long back when he ended up in a hospital bed after fighting with goons just for you. He would have learnt long back when he almost tasted the death because of your so called lover. I don’t mean to hurt you or I don’t want to talk about your personal things Aman sab, I just want to say that, this is not the way to teach him. Leaving him will make him more vulnerable. He needs you Aman sab, please don’t leave him like this. He can’t handle his anger alone. He is so vulnerable”

“Then why did you come here Khushi? Don’t you think he needs you too?” asked Aman.

“I know. But I can’t face him after what I have done. I can’t face him after hurting him to the core”

“But that is not your mistake. You did all these to bring his heart out”

“That doesn’t mean I can hurt him. We could have asked him calmly. We could have tried in a better way to make him say his opinion. This was not the correct way” Khushi closed her eyes remembering whatever happened. Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked at her hand, with which he slapped Arnav. She silently stood up and went to the kitchen.

After a few minutes, in need of water, Garima went to the kitchen. But what she saw left her horrified

“KHUSHIIII…” Garima rushed to her daughter and took her hand out of the flame of the stove. But Khushi pushed her mother and kept her hand in the flame with angry tears in her eyes. Aman, who sat in the hall, heard Garima shout Khushi’s name and rushed to the kitchen. When he saw Khushi’s hand on the flame, he couldn’t understand. But seeing Khushi’s angry face and disgusted look at her hand, he understood everything. He stepped back a few steps in horror, seeing Khushi like this.

‘What did we do this girl?’ thought Aman gulping hard. He tried hard to control his tears when heard Khushi murmuring “This hand had hurt Chote Malik. I won’t leave this hand like that” closing his mouth, he left from there, unable to see Khushi like this. Now completely he understood what mistake they did. Now he completely understood the meaning of Garima’s words – ‘You didn’t do right, Malkin. You don’t know about my Chutki. You never can guess what she will do after this. You did wrong… you did wrong’ – he sat on the floor, trying to understand the things. He sat there getting scared thinking what will happen next, if Arnav don’t forgive them. Suddenly he heard Garima, banging on the door and calling Khushi aloud

Preparing for the worst, getting ready for the worst, he rushed towards Khushi’s room.

“Aunty, what happened?” he heard his voice shivering, he heard his heart beating aloud

“Chutki, she went inside and closed the door, cursing herself for hurting Arnav. She is not responding, she locked the door” Garima said

“NO… no… oh god…; Please… Khushi… open the door… please… Khushi… open the door…” Aman tried calling her. But there is nothing happened. He heard Garima saying

“Arnav… Arnav… only Arnav can stop her. Only Arnav can save her. Arnav… Arnav… Khushi’s phone…” she searched for Khushi’s mobile but couldn’t find.

Hearing Garima’s words, Aman took out his phone and dialed Arnav’s number. But Arnav switched off his phone. Aman gritted his teeth in frustration “switch on the phone Arnav”

Garima looked at him and said “call landline number”

Nodding his head, he dialed the number and said “it’s ringing”

The next second Garima took the phone and said “give the phone to Arnav beta”


Garima heard Arnav’s irritated voice. But she didn’t give a thought to that. So she said “Arnav beta…”

“Aunty…? What’s wrong?”

Garima thanked God for letting Arnav hear her voice “Chutki… please come fast, please save her…” That’s all she could say

“Choti? What’s wrong with her? Is she fine? Answer me aunty” Arnav shouted into the phone alerting everyone around him.

“No… she is not fine… she is not opening the door. She locked herself in the room”

“Where is Aman?” Arnav asked, thinking fast

“He is trying to open the door, but she won’t open. Please Arnav; come fast, only you can save her. Please…” Garima lost her control and burst into cries.

“I’m coming aunty, don’t worry, nothing will happen to Choti. Give the phone to Aman now… I will be there in few minutes”

Nodding her head Garima gave the phone to Aman

“Aman… what’s happening there?” Arnav asked

“I don’t know, please come fast, save Khushi, save your Choti Arnav…” Aman too cried his heart out.

“Don’t cry damn it… at least give me the damn address of her house.” Arnav is scared hearing Aman’s cries. He carefully noted the address and kept the call. Not hearing any one’s words, he left out towards his car ordering the driver to hop down the car. Luckily, the driver is enough fast to get the back seat. Arnav hoped the driver seat and rushed out towards his Choti’s house. Aran and all followed him in another car.

After exactly 14 minutes 35 seconds

Crossing so many signals, missing so many accidents and scaring the driver to the core; Arnav reached Khushi’s house. Not evening bothering to stop the ignition of the car, Arnav got out of the car and rushed inside the house. The driver took the control immediately and stopped the car.

“CHOTIII” shouting Arnav entered the house. He is not ready to take any chances. If his voice can stop her from doing foolish things, then let it be.

“Arnav… Chutki” Garima showed the door, which Khushi closed and locked from inside

Arnav said, banging the door “Choti… it’s me Arnav… your Chote Malik. Open the door. Choti, I’m warning you… open the damn door NOW…” Arnav shouted, but Khushi didn’t open the door. Arnav looked around to find something to open the door. Finding nothing, he started to hit the door with his shoulder. He closed his eyes, feeling the pain in his shoulder. Aman too joined him. Both tried their best to open the door. At last, with a hard hit the door got opened, making them stumble to their feet. They settled themselves and looked around to find Khushi, but they couldn’t.

“Khushi… mera bacha…” Garima called her

“Where did she go?” Aman voiced out his worry

Thinking fast, suddenly Arnav said “Cupboard” and rushed to the cupboard and opened the door. To their horror Khushi sat there, breathing hardly due to the polythene which is covering her head. Both Arnav and Aman looked at her in horror. Their trance broke with Garima’s call

Arnav bent down and tried to open the cover from her face. But Khushi moved her head sideways rapidly not allowing him to open. Arnav is never ready for defeat, now no way he is ready to take defeat. He held Khushi’s face tightly in his one hand and removed the cover with another. His heart pained seeing her reddened face. Tears rolled down from his cheeks. He sat there looking at her face. Slowly anger raising his mind.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Arnav said in a low voice. But Khushi didn’t respond or didn’t open her eyes

“CHOTII” Arnav shouted her name, but still she didn’t respond. Then only he noticed that Khushi isn’t breathing. He took her in his arms and laid her on the bed. When he patted her cheeks, he found that she isn’t unconscious, but she is holding her breathing to kill herself.

“Breath damn it…” Arnav said, shaking her. Khushi nodded her head in no while tears rolling from her closed eyes. “What’s wrong with you? Breath…” Arnav said again.

Suddenly Khushi pushed him and ran out of the room. Arnav is taken aback with sudden push. Before they understood what has happened, Khushi ran out of the house, but collapsed in the hall due to disturbance in her breath and severe pain in her burnt palm. Arnav rushed to her, but couldn’t grab her before her collapse. He kept her head in his lap and patted her cheeks to gain her conscious. Aman brought the glass of water and gave Arnav to sprinkle on Khushi’s face. But nothing happened. Arnav observed Khushi’s conditions – she is breathing, but not in her conscious. He lifted her in his arms and moved to outside shouting for his driver to start the car. He sat in the back seat with Khushi.

“Aunty, I will send the driver back. Please stay with uncle. Aman will accompany you. Driver, go fast, go to the hospital”, he didn’t wait for Garima or Aman’s words.


When Aman, Garima along with Shashi and all Raizada-s entered the hospital, they saw Arnav pacing before ICU. Garima rushed to him

“How is Chutki Arnav? Is she fine?”

“They took her inside long back aunty. Nobody came outside”, said Arnav with a worried voice

“Devi Mayya, raksha karna” Garima prayed to God

After a long wait, the doctor came out and announced that Khushi’s safe now. But he asked Arnav to inform people as it is attempt of suicide. Nodding his head, Arnav went inside the room to see Khushi looking at the ceiling with blank eyes. He stood beside the bed

“How could you do this Choti?”

With his voice in her ears, Khushi turned other side, unable to show her face to Arnav.

“Choti… I’m talking with you damn it. Look at me” Arnav voice shivered with pain, but Khushi didn’t turn back

“I said look at me damn it” Arnav raised his voice little and made her turn, holding her upper right hand. That’s when he saw her right palm, which is bandaged fully. Panic took the control over him “What’s wrong? What happened to your hand? What did you do with this?”

But Khushi didn’t look at him or didn’t answer me. Tears are still rolling from her eyes.

“Sir, patient need rest, can you wait outside for some more time, please” requested the nurse.

Looking at Khushi for the last time Arnav left the room. When he saw Garima, he asked about the happenings

Garima said everything, including Aman and Khushi’s argument, then Khushi burning her palm and then her locking herself inside. Everyone gasped in horror hearing Khushi’s attempt of suicide.

“That’s why I asked you not to force her for anything against Arnav, but… I know she will do anything as her punishment for hurting Arnav. But I never expected her to do this, to take her life away” Garima said while crying.

Arnav stood there like a statue, not knowing what to do. He looked around him to see the fallen faces of his family. He couldn’t understand where it started exactly. His Nani and other family members are apologizing to Garima, but nothing is going inside his mind. Only one thing is mind kept repeating ‘Khushi tried to take her life as the punishment for hurting him’. He looked at Aman, who stood in the corner and looking at him. Aman moved his eyes from Arnav.

Arnav slowly walked towards Aman and stood in front of him. Everyone looked at them with a confused look

“I’m not that much courageous as much Choti. I can’t do what Choti did, to tell how guilty I’m feeling. I can’t do what Choti did to her palm for slapping me. I’m not that much courageous Aman. I’m a manner less, arrogant, rude, worthless person in this world. I know a single sorry never can erase the pain I caused you in these years. So, I’m not going to ask your forgiveness. I don’t want you to talk with me. In fact, I don’t want anyone to talk with me. Just leave me to struggle in my life alone. Just don’t care about me. Just remove your supportive hand from my back and let me fall in my life. I won’t deserve your support, care or love Aman. All I say is, I’m sorry… I’m sorry for everything.  Please DON’T forgive me. Let me die in guilt. I’m sorry Aman” with that Arnav fell on his knees before Aman, folding his hands while crying. He is feeling exhausted with the things

Unable to control his pain, unable to see Arnav in that condition; Aman left the corridor and went out. Arnav sat there crying for his deeds. He remembered how many times Aman warned him about his anger. But he didn’t change a bit, at least he didn’t’ even try to control his anger. Now, he is paying for his anger. His loved ones are suffering because of his anger.

“Chote…” Aran patted Arnav’s head

“I lost them Dad… I lost Aman… I lost Choti. We shouldn’t have done that. Nani shouldn’t have done that; she should have asked me about my opinion. It’s my feelings about Choti. She should have asked me then I would have told her that I love Khushi. But she didn’t ask. She should have listened to Choti. And I should have controlled my anger. But I didn’t, I’m paying for my mistake. I lost them dad…”, Arnav leaned on his father’s leg and closed his eyes thinking about his best friends.

“Don’t worry Arnav beta, you will never lose them. They love you more than you can guess. They can’t leave you; just give some time to Aman. He will come back”, said Garima caressing his hair.


“Have trust in them. Everything will be fine. Whatever happens, you stay in control”, she said with so much love towards Arnav. Their talks were disturbed by the nurse’s words

“We shifted patient to the ward. Who is Garima here?”

“I’m Garima”

“The patient wants to talk to you” nodding her head Garima along with Arnav started to go towards the room, but stopped by the nurse “Sorry sir, but the patient wants only her mother”

Controlling his emotions, he nodded his head

“Don’t enter inside, stay outside. Come…” Garima took Arnav with her. She knew that Arnav needed assurance about Khushi, he need to know Khushi’s feelings. ‘Whatever happened till now, that’s enough. I shouldn’t say anything from my mouth; that is the promise Chutki took from me. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t make her confess her feelings or I shouldn’t make Arnav listen to her. I can’t see them like this. If Devi Mayya wants these two together, then no one can separate them. I will do what I feel correct” thought Garima. She entered the room to see Khushi standing and searching something on the side table


“Amma, where is my mobile?”

“It’s at home, why?”

Khushi wrote something on paper and gave it to Garima

“This is Suraj’s number, call him and ask him to pay the hospital bills. We are leaving now”

“What? Chutki? How can you do this? You can’t escape the situation like this dear”

“I know Amma… but I don’t have any other chance or choice”

“Talk with Arnav once, he will understand”

“I know he will understand and he will forgive me, here he is not the problem Amma. Here I was the problem. I can’t face him; I can’t show him my face”


“Amma… till today, I left no one, who irritated him. Today, me – myself had hurt him, then how can I allow myself to live? And this hand, I slapped Chote Malik with this bloody hand” saying that Khushi punched the wall really hard, making it bleed again

“CHUTKII” shouted Garima and ran towards Khushi.

“I can’t do this Amma. I can’t face him, please Amma, please take me from here. Please take me away from him. If I see him, then I can’t go away. I can’t avoid him or I can’t face him. Please take me from here” Khushi leaned on the wall feeling weak

“No, you have to face him; you have to tell him about what happened and why you behaved like that”

“NO… I CAN’T DO THAT. He loves his family; I can’t hurt him saying about this bloody argument. If you don’t want to come then you can stay with Bau Ji here. But I’m going from here” Khushi is feeling dejected

“No, I won’t allow you. Enough Chutki, how many years you will escape from him? Don’t’ you want to be happy in your life? How many years I have to see you suffering? No, you are not going anywhere”

“Who can stop me?” saying this, Khushi tried to move away, but Garima held her tightly not allowing her to go. “Amma, don’t try to stop me, I need to go away from here. Then only Chote Malik stays happy. Let me go…”

Garima knows, that her words hurts his daughter

“No Khushi, I’m not allowing you to go. If you really want to go then go, but not before I’m saying everything to Arnav”

“Oh, now you are doing this, threatening me with the name of Chote Malik. Why can’t you people stop using him every time for every damn work? Why can’t you people let him live in peace? Why are you all hell bent on irritate me or push me to something which hurts Chote Malik? Why can’t you people understand my feelings? Why can’t you people understand my pain? Why can’t you UNDERSTAND MY LOVE TOWARDS CHOTE MALIK…? GO AWAY FROM HERE… I DON’T WANT TO SEE ANYONE… GO… GO… AWAY… LEAVE ME ALONE… GO… GO…” with that Khushi became frantic and started to throw everything in the hospital room. The nurse and the ward boy tried their best to control her. She beat everyone she threw everything, she became uncontrollable. Suddenly she calmed, feeling warm hands around her. She knew that touch. She knew that smell, she knew that warmth. Unable to fight more, she collapsed in that warmth and let out her all fears and pains

When Arnav heard her shouts and throwing things, he entered the room to see vulnerable Khushi. Seeing her like that and getting panicky, he ran towards her and sat on the bed along with her on his lap while hugging her tightly.

“Choti… “Sh… relax… I’m here now… relax… sh…

Hearing his soothing voice, Khushi cried louder.

“Sh… okay... okay… relax… no need to say anything… sh… relax…” he kept her head on his chest and caressed her hair. After some time when Khushi calmed down, he asked again “Now tell me… why you are crying like this? Why are you behaving like this?” even though he knew the answer, he still asked her

“I want to go away” Khushi said in a low voice

“Do you think I will allow you to go?” asked Arnav and Khushi shook her head in no. “Then”

“That’s why I want to go before you come”

“But I already came now, what will you do?”

Khushi looked down, shaking her head in no, keeping her lower lip forward.

Smiling at her childishness with tears in his eyes, Arnav said “Do you really think I will leave you and I won’t search for you?”

Khushi again shook her head, pouting

 “Will you be happy if you go from here, away from ME – YOUR CHOTE MALIK?”

Khushi shook her head in no, biting her lower lip to control her sob

“Do you really think, if you go I will stay happy?”

Khushi nodded her head in yes

 “Do you really think I will allow my love to go away from me?”

Khushi shook her head a little, but stopped suddenly

“Tell me KHUSHI… Do you really I will allow my love to go away from me? Am I that stupid?”

Khushi didn’t move from her place, she didn’t move her eyes. She sat on Arnav’s lap like a statue

“Before Nani proposed marriage to you both, I along with Di came down, only to confess my love to you. But when I heard Nani, I lost my cool and… and…”

Before Arnav could say sorry, Khushi hugged him tightly “I’m sorry for hurting you. I’m sorry for standing against you. I’m sorry for insulting you. I’m sorry for everything; I’m sorry Chote Malik… I’m sorry”

“Sh… look at me, look at me…” Arnav made her look at his face and continued saying in a serious tone and expression “No more Chote Malik… I know, for controlling your feelings, emotions and for diverting your mind from your love you are still calling us with these stupid names. But not anymore KHUSHI… from now on, I’m Arnav… only Arnav for you. Not Chote Malik. Do you understand?”

Khushi looked at him, shocked, her expression is blank.

“I know I did wrong and I had hurt you and I accused you, but trust me Khushi, I did all those out of jealousy. I know whatever I say that doesn’t justify my actions. Please, Khushi… will you give me a chance to rectify my mistakes? Will you give me a chance to pamper you as Chote Malik and love you as Arnav? Will you give me a chance to change myself as a perfect man? Will you be with me all my life? Will you help me in getting my friend Aman back? Will you help me in controlling my anger? Will you help me in protecting our families? Will you accept my love? Will you marry me, my love?”

Khushi looked at Arnav with wide eyes and open mouth. She sat seeing him for long good minutes, making Arnav restless. Garima also looked at Arnav with shock, surprise and happiness. She sent a silent gratitude for the god.

“Why aren’t you saying anything now? Answer me Khushi, will you marry me?” Arnav asked once again

“Do you really think she will reject your proposal Arnav beta? You are her life,” said Garima wiping a lone happy tear

Arnav looked at Khushi, who is grinning at him

“What?” Arnav asked with a smile

Khushi hugged him tightly with a bright smile, leaving all her tensions and pains behind her. She got her love, she got her Chote Malik, she got her Arnav Ji… at last, she got her live…

“Will you Khushi…?” asked Arnav for final confirmation with a content smile

“Of course, Yes. I will… I will… I will… I will… I WILL” Khushi shouted in Arnav’s ear making him roar into a loud laughter.


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Jun 30, 2015

SS : ...Yours Truly Part 18(LAST) (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 87 times)

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Part 18 (LAST):


After Arnav’s confession, Arnav life is blissful. If being Choti’s Chote Malik is safe and happy; being Khushi’s Arnav Ji, life is happy, content, peaceful, exciting and much more. After Khushi getting discharged from hospital, Arnav took her directly to RM. He never wanted Khushi to leave him or his wife. After Khushi came back to RM, the life in RM completely changed, the members in RM got their peace back, their happiness back.


Nani tried to apologise to Khushi for not listening to her words. Khushi, for the family around them and for courtesy she faked a smile towards Nani and said ‘okay’. But everyone knew that it’s not easy to Khushi’s forgiveness when it concerned about Arnav. When she can’t forgive herself, how can anyone expect her to forgive others. So, they hoped that she will forgive Nani soon.


After coming back to RM, Khushi never looked back for anything. She showered all her love on Arnav and made him wet in her unconditional love. Garima and Shashi felt very happy seeing their daughter happy with her love. They thanked the God for giving her daughter what she wants.

Ratna is the happiest person. She pampered Khushi how she wanted all these years. She saw Khushi how she wanted all these years – the owner of the house, ordering everyone, including her, Aran, Arnav and everyone. She felt bad only for Nani. But she knows about her Chutki – pure golden hearted girl. Ratna knows that one day, her mother will get forgiveness from Khushi for hurting Arnav along with Khushi and Aman. Now, she is content and happy after all


Anjali is also happy for seeing her Choti and Chutki together in their life. She prayed the God for keeping them happy. Even though she is a little sad about her personal life, she is happy that being saved from that beast. She thanked Khushi from her heart for helping her and saving her which Khushi never accepted saying Anjali is her sister too, and she can never allow anyone to hurt her family. Anjali is glad to have Khushi in her life. ‘Without Chutki, how can I survive in this life? She saved me many times’ thought Anjali with happy tears in her eyes, seeing everyone laughed out loud with Khushi’s antics and talks.


Aran, is content of having Khushi in their lives. He felt lucky to have her in his life, seeing her love towards his family. He thanked both Garima and Shashi for giving them such an Angel and making her grow up with wonderful values and unconditional love. When he about to thank Khushi for her support, she warned him saying ‘Don’t you dare to thank me and making me an outsider’ she hugged Aran and said ‘There is no need for that Bade Malik… oopss… papa. We are fine at last, that’s important’ she become 5 year old Chutki that time. Aran smiled and patted her head affectionately and thanked God for sending this Angel into their lives.


Aman… the most important person in everyone’s life of RM – has kept himself away from the Raizada-s. Aran and Ratna went to him, pleaded him to come back for which he politely rejected. He felt upset and hurt when Khushi or Arnav came to him and ask him to come back. He expected them to ask him. He never wanted special treatment or attention from them, he wanted their love. When he heard Khushi and Arnav confess their love, he was on cloud 9. He wanted to hug both of them and congratulate. But when he remembered Arnav’s words, he couldn’t do that.  When he remembered Khushi’s words, before her attempt of suicide, about Arnav’s anger and Arnav’s love towards him, he felt like go and hug, kick, slap and strangle her younger brother – Arnav for his anger. But he couldn’t do that too… he felt at a loss.




Khushi, who is coming to the dining table from the kitchen; Arnav, who is coming to the dining table from his room; both heard Aran saying “We requested him a lot, but he denied politely. I wish Arnav didn’t say those words to him that day. They had hurt him more. Arnav’s words hurt him more”


“Not only his word papa. But also your behaviour, in fact everyone’s behaviour. What do you expect when one of your family members is fighting with you? Don’t you expect others to support you? Don’t you expect others to take your side? This is what happened with Aman Bhai. When Arnav Ji said all those horrible things, when didn’t you stop him? Why didn’t you support Aman Bhai? Are you seeing them with different eye? Aren’t they both equal to you? Aren’t they both your sons? Aren’t responsible to save your son from hardships? Aren’t you supposed to be his strength when he needed and when he get insulted? Will you leave Arnav Ji like this, if he is in Aman Bhai’s place? No, right? Then it’s clear that Arnav Ji and Aman Bhai are NOT equal for all of you. I pity him. Every time when your company is working to get a deal, he was the person who worked hard like hell along with Arnav Ji to get that deal to YOUR company. He did whatever you all asked him to do. He never questioned you for anything”, she turned towards Arnav and continued “He always stood beside you, when you needed support. He always did whatever you ask him to do. He worked for you in every damn way – peon, assistant, manager, friend, brother and whatnot”, she turned to everyone and continued “But what did you give him in return? An insult, soul killing insult, a heart breaking insult. What do you expect him to do now? You just go there and ask him to come home back then he will come like a shameless fellow?”


“But Chutki, Aman know how much we love him” Anjali tried to defend herself.


“That you know Di… but he doesn’t. After whatever happened, how can we expect him to trust our love? How can we expect him to feel what we think when we don’t show him? He is not a mind reader Di, to understand what we think and feel about him. Di… we, humans need the assurance, we need words and we need support. If we can’t talk and try to clear Misunderstandings then shouldn’t expect others to react”


Arnav who is listening everything his family talking, stood suddenly and held Khushi’s hand and led her towards outside, not giving any importance to his family’s questions.


“Aman Bhai may not be at home this hour” Khushi said after hopping the car


Arnav looked at her surprised


“I know my Arnav Ji. I know how he reacts to what”


“So, that means you are saying everything there to make me realize?”




“You should have said directly to me Khushi”


“You know that I can’t do that. I can’t point out. And in fact, whatever I said to all, is completely correct. I didn’t insult anyone or I didn’t accuse anyone without their mistake”


“Hmm… if he may not be at home, then where can we find him now?” Arnav asked


“Wait…” she took out her mobile from her pant pocket and dialed one number. “Suraj... Aman Bhai”




“Thank you…” she turned to Arnav and said “He is at France consulate, applying for France Visa”


“What? How dare him to leave us? I can’t leave him or I won’t let him leave us” with that Arnav drove his car, very fast




Aman, who is sitting in consulate waiting for his turn of interview, jumped in his seat when someone snatches his file. He reacted fast and held his file, but stopped seeing the person.




Arnav held Aman’s upper arm and dragged him outside the office towards his car. He threw Aman inside the back seat of the car and drove the car after hopping the driver seat.


Aman looked at the passenger seat to see Khushi looking at him with a blank expression


“What the hell? What are you both doing here?” Aman shouted


But, he didn’t get any answer from either Arnav or Khushi


Knowing their stubbornness well, Aman kept quiet till Arnav stops the car in a secluded area. Arnav along with Khushi and Aman stepped out the car. Aman was furious now, today he got the appointment to get the France Visa, with the help of his friend and Arnav from nowhere come and spoilt that, just like that. He marched towards Arnav in anger and held him by his collar


“How dare you? What do you think of yourself Mr. Raizada?” Aman shouted


But Arnav didn’t say anything.


“Today I got an appointment for the interview to get a visa with most difficulty and you come suddenly and spoiled everything? Just like that? What do you think?”


Arnav stood there not answering anything.


Irritated with Arnav’s behaviour and recklessness, Aman pushed Arnav little and ran his hand in his hair. He turned back feeling defeated


“What did I do? What mistake I did? Why are you doing this to me ASR? I am trying to do what you asked me. I am trying to get lost from your lives, then why are you doing all these? What did I do?” Aman is frustrated. He banged on the car’s bonnet in frustration. “I never wanted to hurt you ASR, I can never do that. I just wanted to… I just wanted to… forget it. No use now, I won’t disturb you or your family anymore. Please don’t disturb mine too. Just forget that we met. Good bye” saying this Aman started walk from there. Suddenly he felt someone held his hand. Feeling the delicate hold he thought it’s Khushi.


“Please Khushi, let me go… I can’t stand here anymore”


“I can’t Aman… I can’t let you go” Arnav’s voice shivered with pain.


Before Aman could turn, he was hugged by Arnav tightly from his back. Aman closed his eyes in pain. He can’t accept his brother like friend’s hug nor he can stay calm seeing the pain in Arnav’s eyes. He looked at Khushi, who stood at the other side of the car. He was surprised to see her shaking her head as asking him not to forgive Arnav. But he understood her intentions when he saw her smiling affectionately at both of them.


Aman pulled himself from the hug and turned his back


“Stop it Mr. Raizada, is it joke for you, Whenever you want, you can throw people and whenever you want you can take them back with you? Do you think people are some toys with whom you can play and later throw them out of your life? Do you think you can play with our emotions? Then you are wrong Mr. Raizada, you are totally wrong. I know what I did was wrong, but the way you reacted… sorry, I can’t tolerate that.” saying this Aman tried to leave from there, but Arnav stopped him, getting a nod from Khushi.


“I’m sorry… I couldn’t control my anger and I will say the things which I don’t mean, you know that right? Please Aman, don’t do this to me. I need you in my life. You know how much I was addicted to you. You know how much I used to you. You know I can’t do anything without you beside me, then how can you leave me like this Aman? Please don’t go… please… don’t leave me. I need you… please…” with that Arnav knelt before Aman controlling his tears.


Khushi looked at Arnav with a small smile and then looked at shocked Aman. She slowly moved to Arnav and held him and made him  stand up.




“Choti… Aman…”


“Sh… I know… relax…”


“Please ask him to talk with me. Please ask him to not to leave me. Please Khushi. Look, if he wants to take his anger out, then ask him to hit me, punch me and kick me, but please after all ask him to talk with me. Please Khushi… please…”


Before Khushi can say anything, Arnav was thrown and fell on the muddy floor. Both Khushi and Arnav looked at Aman, who punched Arnav very hardly. Before Arnav says anything Arnav grabbed his collar and made him stand and punched him again. But this time little less hard. He also kicked in Arnav’s stomach not hurting him much. He caught Arnav’s neck and pressed his hands little, making Arnav cough less


“AMAN BHAIII…” Khushi shouted gritting her teeth with lots of anger in her eyes


Hearing Khushi’s shout Aman jumped Arnav’s backside and held him tightly by the shoulders.


“Khushi, stop right there. You couldn’t come near me and  beat me. He only said I can hit him or punch him or kick him, if I want to. Yes, I wanted to kick him hardly. And I also want to strangle him for saying those words to me. You don’t dare to come near me” Aman shouted, making both Khushi and Arnav surprised seeing him like that


“What?” whispered Khushi utterly confused


“I know, you will beat me for punching him and hurt him. But, he only said I can punch him or hurt him. You can’t beat me now, you respect his words right? He only gave me the permission or chance or whatever hell it is. So,  you can’t beat me” tension is clear in Aman’s face and tone.


“What?” Khushi looked at Aman and Arnav unbelievingly


Seeing Aman and Khushi’s faces Arnav burst into loud laughter.


“Here, I’m tensed like hell seeing your guard and you are laughing?” with that Aman punched Arnav again. Unintentionally the effect is hard making Arnav’s lips tear up and stumble.


The trio stood there shocked with the sudden HARD punch. Khushi started to breath rapidly looking at Aman and Arnav. Aman looked at Khushi with tension clearly visible in his eyes. He ducked when he saw Khushi pouncing on him. But he didn’t feel her. He looked above to see Arnav is holding Khushi by her waist and stopping her. He thanked Arnav from his heart


“Khushi stop… he didn’t hurt me. It is not intentional. Stop it… relax…”


“How dare you? How dare you…” Arnav’s words didn’t enter her mind. Her only target is Aman, who had hurt Arnav.


“CHOTIIIII” shouted Arnav making Khushi come to her senses. She is  breathing really hard, her face is red with anger. Arnav held her tightly not allowing her to pounce on Aman. Aman gulped hard seeing her angry face again from so near. He slowly went to the car and brought the water bottle and forwarded towards her. Khushi looked at him and took the water bottle and emptied it. She felt her head is spinning. She held Arnav tightly bending her head down


Both Aman and Arnav got alerted seeing her like that.


“Khushi are you okay? What’s wrong?” Aman held her shoulder and asked


“I’m fine… it’s just… I didn’t’ take my food today. It’s my sugar levels, don’t worry, I will be fine…” she said panting. Both Aman and Arnav took her to the car and made her sit in the back seat. When they closed the door, they both came face to face with each other. Arnav looked at Aman with guilt in his face.


“Aman…” before he continues his words, Aman hugged Arnav and patted his back


“Chup… this face won’t suit the image of THE ASR”


Arnav also hugged him tight and apologized again “I’m sorry Aman, I didn’t mean what I said. I’m really sorry… please don’t leave, come back to OUR home. Please… I need you… I need you in all situations. You are my best friend Aman. I know a simple sorry never enough for what I have said. Please… Aman… punish me, but please don’t leave me”


“Shh… relax… from when Arnav Singh Raizada became a senti?” Aman tried to lighten the situation. Arnav looked at him “relax ASR… I’m fine… don’t worry, I will come with you”






“It’s not ASR, it’s Arnav… please…”


“Hahahah… okay, okay… Arnav… come, let’s go, I think Khushi need food now”


When they both looked at Khushi, she already dozed off with her low sugar levels. Both Aman and Arnav hopped the car and zoomed off towards RM




People in RM are more than happy seeing their sons in the house together. Khushi woke up when they reached RM, she entered the house with the help of Aman and Arnav. They both led her towards the dining table and made her eat. After having food, Khushi went to her room to take rest, leaving everyone in the hall letting them to enjoy their emotional family time.


After that day, everyone lived their life happily. Arnav started attending anger management classes along with Khushi. Aran made a will dividing his wealth in four parts and sharing them between Anjali, Arnav, Aman and Khushi. He doesn’t what anyone to feel left out. After whatever happened between Arnav and Aman, he don’t want that to happen again. But he didn’t reveal this to his family.


Arnav arranged an admission for Khushi, in a best law college and helped her to complete her degree. After their confession in the hospital, they filed a case on Dhruv Raizada with the help of Mr. Ram, the police commissioner. The lawyer, who was suggested by Mr. Ram, dragged the case till Khushi finished her degree. As Khushi knew all the sections and all, the management of the college allowed her to write the final exams in special consideration.


After completing her graduation, Khushi worked as assistant to the Lawyer who arguing the Dhruv and  Shyam’s case.


And today is the final hearing of the case. Everyone sat in the court hall. Silence is ruling the people. Khushi looked at Arnav and gave him a confident smile. Seeing that smile, Arnav and family got relaxed. She may not be an experienced lawyer in academic terms, but she is more experienced than the academic ones and enough experienced to get the victory. She looked at Dhruv Raizada and Shyam Manohar Jha, who stood in the witness box. She looked at the judge who is writing something in his records


“So… as per the FIR submitted to me and some evidence given to me, it shows the accused persons are guilty. Any arguments from defence side for the last time?” commanded the judge


“Yes, your honour. I would like to question the first person, the lawyer herself Ms. Khushi Gupta” said defence lawyer, who is arguing for Shyam and Dhruv


“Finished… this damn defence lawyer ended this case, calling Chutki” murmured Dhruv Raizada with Shyam


‘That’s all I want, bad move Mr. defence’ thought Khushi with a bright smile and looked at worried Arnav and then Garima


When Khushi stood in the witness box, the attender took oath from her to say the truth. She wished the judge and then the defence lawyer and remaining lawyers as a formality




“Namaste Ms. Khushi Gupta, I want to ask you some questions about your past life and present life”


“I promise, I will cooperate with this case and will answer every question of yours”


“Thank you… Can you tell, how do you know my clients?”


“I worked for Dhruv Raizada for 13 years”


“What’s your age now?”




“That means you are working for him when you are at 7?”


“Yes, Act 1986 – child labour”


“So, he tortured you?”


“NO, he didn’t. But he made me work with goons”


“Why didn’t you go to then police when he made you work with goons?”


“I’m SEVEN years old that time”


“Oh, okay…, May be being a kid you are scared that time. But why didn’t you go when you became big, I mean when you were 15 years or when you became major?”


“He didn’t allow me to see the world” with that Khushi told everything how Dhruv made her stay closed. How he made her learn the law to help his lawyers. How he tried to hurt Raizada family, how he send Shyam to trap Raizada’s daughter and how he tried to hurt Mr. Raizada and Mr. ASR. She said everything and the prosecutor (the Lawyer, who is working against Dhruv and Shyam and the lawyer who was appointed by the commissioner) gave all the evidence, which Khushi collected when she is working with Dhruv.  Dhruv closed his eyes in defeat. He knew about his Chutki, if she works on something that will be perfect, there won’t be any loopholes in that. He sighed. He looked at Khushi, who looked at him with blank eyes. He thought he can use her brains showering some fatherly love on her. But he failed to notice her respect and unconditional love towards Arnav and his family. If he would have noticed, he wouldn’t try to use her. He looked at Khushi, who is still looking at him. Unable to meet her eyes, he looked away.


After hearing the arguments from the day one, and noticing the evidence, the judge announced his judgement


“After hearing the arguments and counting on the given evidence, this court is believing that Mr. Dhruv Raizada and Shyam Manohar Jha are guilty. So, considering their deeds, they should be punished for lifetime imprisonment under IPC (Indian Penal Code) sections 300 (Murder), 319 (Hurting), 351 (Assault), 359 (kidnapping), 362 (abduction), 375 (Rape). Here is the court order” Judge gave the stamp on the judgement papers.

After the judgement announced, Raizada-s along with Khushi’s family left the court after thanking the prosecuting lawyer and Mr. Ram – police commissioner. When they came to the parking lot, both Aman and Arnav hugged Khushi for her victory, making her laugh out loud. After that small celebration, they directly went to the temple to thank god for their victory.




“What next?” asked Aran


“What else?” asked Ratna


“The marriage of Choti and Chote” Anjali shouted along with Aman.


Everyone cheered up with the news. Both Khushi and Arnav looked at each other with a smile on their faces and longing in their eyes. Arnav held Khushi’s hand in his and whispered to Khushi making her blush “Get ready for the future Ms. Khushi, you escaped a lot till now, not anymore. I’m not going to leave you for anything or I’m not letting you to escape from ANYTHING” Khushi blushed hard and ran from there making everyone laugh out loud. Arnav followed Khushi without giving any heed to others


When he entered into Khushi’s room, he couldn’t find her. But he knew, where she will be. So, he ran towards the terrace and climbed the ladder to the rooftop and looked around to find Khushi sitting next to the water tank. He slowly walked towards her and sat next to her


“Blushing and escaping, are we?” Arnav teased


Khushi couldn’t look at him, so she hid her face in her palms. Arnav held her waist and pulled her on his lap as he does every night when they meet after everyone slept.


“Look at me”, he whispered


Khushi shook her head. Smiling at her shyness, Arnav held her palms and removed from her face. But Khushi hid her face in his crook of neck.

Arnav hugged Khushi tightly, feeling her warmth.


He slowly lifts her face with his finger under her chin and looked into her eyes. His eyes travelled from Khushi’s eyes to lips, letting her know what he wants. She closed her eyes in accordance and bent her head backwards in the process of making easy for Arnav.


Seeing her acceptance, Arnav’s heart swelled with love and happiness. He sealed their future with a passionate kiss. The kiss was understanding, relaxing, promising and passionate. Both kissed each other for long good minutes. They broke the kiss in the need of the air. Arnav rested his forehead on her and whispered


“I love you…”


“I love you too…” Khushi whispered back


“Always…” Arnav said


“Yours…” Khushi closed her eyes


“Yours…” Arnav repeated


“Truly…” Khushi completed.










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Arshi_Shreya : Thank you dear... that's what my KHushi is. and hope you enjoyed this actual end

Its_Me_Again : Thank you...

leelu : Thank you...

Anusha1 : Thank you...

Nakshu_Haya : Hope you liked the end... Thank you...

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