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Mar 1, 2015

TS : Untitled ( I will change title later if Possible) (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 193 times)

Part 1:

"Who is this ASR?" asked Arnav's right hand and most trusted employee and best friend - Aman


"Don't know Aman, but this person knows me very well. Whoever it is, I'm so thankful to them. She/he saved my parents' life" Arnav stopped hearing the knock on the door "Come in" he ordered


"Sir, you got a courier" security handed over the packet to Arnav


"To... Chote Malik" seeing this Arnav immediately tore the packet to see the content


There is a memory card and a letter. Arnav opened the letter to see the typed words


"Bade Malik is in danger again. I heard them yesterday night talking about harming him. When he goes to Mumbai for a meeting today evening, they are planning to hurt him. Please... save him. In case if you don't trust me you can hear them by yourself, I recorded their voices. It is your chacha Ji - Dhruv Raizada's voice" he read the message and turned to Aman


"Is Dad going to Mumbai today?"


"Yes ASR, his flight is at 4 PM. What's the matter?"


He opened his mobile and replaced the memory card with old one. He heard them talking about harming his father as mentioned in the letter. Arnav called his dad and told him that he cancelled his flight ticket as the meeting also cancelled. He is in time to stop his father. He sighed relieved and sat on the chair after stopping his father - because of his secret informer.




"To Chote Malik"


He opened to see the images of his sister Anjali with a man showing his back to the camera. He opened the letter and read "This is what I saw when I'm crossing them in metro in the morning at Akshardham station. I couldn't catch his face. But I'm not getting nice feeling seeing that man with Di Malkin. I will find about him. Please be alert" this is the message. He looked at the images and dialed his sister to ask about her whereabouts. He is surprised when she said that she was at Rohini meeting her friend. After talking with his sister, he became alert and followed his sister and to find the man she is meeting. He was successful to prove that man's intentions to his sister and able to save her from that filthy man - because of his secret informer




These are not the situations, his informer saved him. There are so many situations he was informed - his deals, his bids, his employees and his family safety. But still he couldn't find who that person is. He sighed deeply and closed his eyes.


Next day afternoon when he is entering in to his office after finishing his meeting ending with lunch, someone bumped into him and he felt that person pushed something into his coat. He looked at his side to see a girl running with her full strength in a pale yellow color anarkali.


"Hey YOU... stop there" he shouted and stopped in his place looking at the girl who turned her face while running.


"Go INSIDE... NOW..." she shouted back and ran from there before he understands anything.


Arnav looked at the girl and moved to inside before few men cross his office towards the girl. Once after entering his cabin, he pulled the thing that girl kept in his coat pocket


"To Chote Malik


Shyam Manohar Jha. Take care of Di Malkin" it was hand written. It's like someone wrote the note in such a hurry


"I have seen this writing somewhere and Di Malkin?" he thought. He tried to remember but in vain. His mind went back to the girl who ran bumping into him. Is she the secret informer?' he thought. Did I miss her?" the thought disturbed him. The content in the letter is forgotten long back.


Suddenly remembering the letter, he opened the letter and read again.


"To Chote Malik


Shyam Manohar Jha. Take care of Di Malkin"


Who is this Shyam? And what is it to do with this person and Di? And who is that girl and why is she warning me? And how did she know me?' thoughts are running in his mind. His thoughts got disturbed by his phone call. Seeing house number he answered the call almost immediately.


"" he heard his Nani sobbing


"Nani... what's wrong? Why are you crying? Is everything okay? Answer me Nani..." panicked Arnav.


"Cho...tee... Anjali... Anjali..." he heard his mother


"What's wrong with Di..." fear started to grip his heart. He looked at the letter and clutched the letter tightly


"Come home Chote... I can't accept her without your support. I can't see her going against us. Come home Chote..."


"What did she do? Tell me... And where is Dad?" his worry is increasing second by second. Not getting any answer he again said "Okay... fine... I'm coming now. I will be there with in 15 minutes... You don't stress yourself" saying this he rushed out calling Aman to accompany him


"What's wrong ASR?"


Without looking at Aman, Arnav handed over the letter to him and said about Nani's phone call. "I don't know what's going on there. I was just worried. Nobody said anything to me, but asked me to come home immediately"


They drove to Arnav's home in silence. But after entering the hall, what they saw shook them to the core. Arnav felt the land beneath his feet is going away. Aman too was shocked to see the scene in front of him


"Di..." whispered both friends


"Chote..." Arnav's mother rushed to him and hugged him "See Chote... what Anjali did. She got married to a stranger Chote... she didn't even feel to inform us"


"He is not a stranger... he is my husband, my husband Shyam Manohar Jha. I LOVE HIM..." shouted Anjali in frustration.


Both Arnav and Aman stood there shocked by hearing the name. Both looked at each other in utter shock. Arnav's hold on the letter was tightened


"What's wrong with you all? Why are you making this matter a big issue? Why can't you accept my love?" she is angry. She is feeling insulted before her husband. She remembered her husband saying that her family won't accept her choice. She bluntly disagreed with him. She said they will never refuse or reject her choice. She remembered how he said to wait for their permission and how she forced him to marry. She removed the garland from her neck and threw it on the sofa.


"Anjali... watch your tone. Why are you getting irritated? This is not an issue which we can accept with open arms. This is not an issue which we can take it easily" said Nani in high voice


"Why? Why can't you take it easily? When your son eloped with a woman and married her, you accepted it. When your daughter married love of her life you accepted. Then why can't you accept my love, my marriage and my choice?"


"Anjali... those situations are different and this situation is different. Don't compare all or don't mix all. My children never are irresponsible or indiscipline like you. They are perfect and what they did was perfect. I know everything beforehand. Don't dare to show your finger on them. Just answer our questions, why didn't you inform us before?" Nani voice is stern which made Anjali to lose her control


"Who are you to question me? Who gave you the right to show your right on me? First of all why are you staying here? You should be in your son's house, then why are you staying here? I don't give any right to anybody to question me and then who the hell are you?" shouted Anjali, before she says anything more she felt a sharp pain on her cheek. She looked at her side to see her father


"Papa..." whispered Anjali


"Don't dare to call me that. How dare you say all those things to Nani? What do you think of yourself? Do you think, after getting married you will become elder than to all? Do you think you can say whatever you think? How dare you to say all those things to Nani?"




"Shut up... just shut up... if you want to talk with us, then first you have to ask forgiveness from Nani. Go and ask your apology" Mr. Raizada lost his control seeing Anjali not moving her side. He raised his hand to slap her again but was stopped by Arnav


"Dad... Please... Don't..."


Mr. Raizada jerked his hand from Arnav's hold and looked at Anjali with so much anger filled eyes and turned other side from her.




"No Chote... not now... I want to deal things now... I want to clear things now..."


"Di Please..."


"How dare they Chote...? How dare they question me? How dare they?"


"DIII... I SAID STOP IT... just stop..."


"But saale sahib..." Shyam for the first time tried to talk but was bluntly stopped by Arnav


"Can you please maintain your silence for some time? We will talk a little later" said Arnav controlling his anger


Arnav made Anjali sit on the sofa and asked HP to bring water for everyone. He gave water to Anjali and went to his Nani to give water to her. He sat beside her and wiped her tears and nodded his head in no. Nani hugged him and cried her heart out.


"Shh... Nani... you know her. Don't take her words seriously. You have every right on us, like my parents. I'm here with you, please... please Nani... don't... I can't see you like this. Shh..." he tried to sooth her. After making her little calm, Arnav went to Anjali and sat beside her.


"I want to be with my sister for some time, can you all please stay here?" he asked Shyam and others politely for which every one agreed. He took Anjali to her room, made her sit on her bed and sat on couch dragging it near to bed before her


"Di... How are you?"


"Chote..." Anjali burst out


"Shh... Di... Relax... we can talk. Relax..."


"No Chote... see what and how they are talking. Why can't they understand my situation? Why can't they see our love towards each other? Why would they give importance to society more than me? Am I not their daughter? What's wrong I did? Loving someone and marrying him is it a crime? They both also married by loving each other, then why do they pointing out me?"


"Shh... Di... first of all, we are not giving any importance to society. We don't think about other... we think about you Di... everything about your well being is matters to us. We are worry for you. We are worry about your future"


"Are you saying..., Shyam Ji is not a good guy?" whispered Anjali with tears in her eyes


"Did I say that?" Anjali nodded her head in no


"Di... we never met him before. He might be good, but how can we know without knowing him or talking to him? You can say we should trust your choice. We do Di, but still we want to satisfy ourselves knowing he is indeed a good man. We are worried for you Di. Do you understand what I'm saying, right?"


Anjali looked at Arnav with blank expression trying to understand what her Chote want to say. Seeing her expression, Arnav sighed deeply and continued saying "Tell me one thing Di, if I comes home with a stranger and says I'm married to that girl, will you accept her immediately? Don't you doubt her intentions, thinking she might be behind our money? Don't you want to test her before you accept her? I want a genuine answer Di..." asked Arnav looking straight into Anjali's eyes.


"No, I won't accept her. And Yes, I will doubt her intentions and I will test her" said Anjali with low voice, understanding the reality and understanding her family's worry. She looked at Arnav with tearful eyes and said "I'm sorry Chote... now I understood your concern about me. I was just felt insulted when you all questioned my marriage. You know Chote... Shyam Ji is really a good man. He said we should wait till our parents agree for our marriage. But I only forced him thinking you all will agree my decision. When you all questioned, I... I just couldn't take. I'm sorry..." she hugged him and cried her heart out.


"Shh... it's okay Di... I can understand. Now you relax... but Di... it's my request... can you both stay in separate rooms till I make Dad, mom and Nani understand the situation? Please... it's my request... don't take it other way... I want your happiness Di... Please..." Arnav requested with thudding heart. He wants his sister to be safe till he confirms about this Shyam guy. He can't take any risk when his secret informer alerted him. He looked at his sister face with hopeful eyes. He took a deep breath when she nodded her head. "Thank you Di... and Di... don't say Ji... Jijaji, that I asked you to stay separate from him. He may feel insulted. I don't want that to happen. So, just say him that it's your decision to stay separate till things come to normal. Okay? I don't want him to feel bad. You are understand what I'm saying, right Di?"


Seeing his brother's concern about her husband, Anjali felt overwhelmed. She hugged Arnav "Thank you for understanding his value Chote... I will tell him to settle in guest room till things come to normal. Don't worry... he won't feel bad and I trust you in this matter that you will make them understand and agree our marriage. Thank you, Chote."


"You are my responsibility Di... your happiness and safety is more important to me. For now... you take rest, I will leave now. Take care... and don't think about anything. I will make everything okay. Okay? Good Night..." he bid his good night to Anjali and left the room towards his Nani's room






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Mar 4, 2015

TS: ...Yours truely Part 2 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 169 times)

Part 2:

Before he enters inside his Nani's room, Aman stopped Arnav by holding his shoulder

"Arnav... are you okay?"

"No Aman... I'm not... I wish I got the letter at least few hours before. I could have saved Di... I never guess she will take this step"

"I too was shocked Arnav. But, I think there is more what we are seeing"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean... that man... Shyam Manohar Jha. I don't think he is not genuine about this marriage. When you and Di are inside, I observed him pretending talking on phone. I was looking so relaxed and happy, I felt really odd by seeing his expressions"

"Of course he is bad damn it. Otherwise why will I get that letter? Why will that person send me the letter saying take care of Di? He is a bad man indeed with some bad intentions. I have to find out. I wish, I wish I meet that informer" he pulled his hairs in frustration. Before they something they heard their Nani saying

"Shh... Ratna... calm down... Chote went there na, he will make Anjali understand. Don't cry beta... you both have to be strong. Otherwise, Chote won't be able handle this situation. At least for him, you both have to be strong... shh..."

"How can we Ma Ji? Didn't you see how Anjali talking with everyone? How can we be relaxed after hearing her and seeing how she insulted anyone here? I'm disappointed with her behavior. I'm sorry ma Ji... please forgive me behalf her. I'm sorry..." cried Mr. Raizada keeping his head on Nani's lap. He cried like a child. Not able to see them breaking, Arnav was about leave from there, but stopped hearing his mother's voice

"I wish... I wish... chutki is here. I failed to fulfill the promise I gave her. I'm sorry chutki. I'm sorry..." Mrs. Raizada cried holding a photo frame.

"Sh... don't worry betia... Anjali will be fine... relax... and about chutki, we can't do anything now. We lost her... we lost our chutki..."

Both Aman and Arnav looked at each other and entered into the room

Arnav directly went to Nani and hugged her after his father moved aside

"How are you Nani?"

"What will happen to me when my grandson is with me? I'm fine Chote... don't worry..."

"I'm sorry for Di's behavior Nani... I don't know what's wrong with her and why she said all those things. Please Nani... don't take her words to your heart. I need you now Nani... I can't lose you... please..." he is worried for Nani thinking she may fall ill thinking about Anjali's words.

"Sh... Chote... I'm not that weak. I'm strong enough to face this world Chote... I already faced lot... she is just a small cell in this world. I won't leave you or my family because someone said all the rubbish. You will never lose your Nani for someone. Don't worry, I will be here with you" she knew, how much Arnav attached to her. Still, he prefers to sleep with her beside him holding her hand. But with his busy schedule it's not happening. Arnav kept his head on Nani's lap and closed his eyes. He opened his eyes by hearing Aman's voice

"Who is she?"

"chutki..." said Mr. Raizada

"Chutki? Who is chutki?" asked Arnav shocking everyone

"Chote? You didn't remember chu...chutki?" asked Mrs. Raizada, hut is clearly visible in her eyes.

"When I don't know her, how can I remember her? Aman..., give me that photo" he took the photo from Aman and looked at it "Yeh toh... Choti hai... Why are you mentioning her as chutki?"

"So... So... you remember her?" asked Mr. Raizada with so much hope

"Of course Dad... how can I forgot MY Choti? She is mine damn it... don't you know how much I'm missing her? Don't you know how many times I tried to find her? But I never could find her. How much I wish she is here, with me..." a tear rolled from his eyes

"Arnav...!!" Aman was surprised seeing Arnav this state. He knows that Arnav is searching for a girl, but he never thought Arnav is serious about this girl.

"I'm fine Aman..."

"But who is this Choti? What's her name? And what and how her absence would have affected saving Di?" Aman wants the answers. He is desperate to know. He can't he see his best friend and his family in this broken state. If bringing that girl will solve the problems and make this family happy, then he will bring her here at any cost.

"Leave it Aman... Whatever you are thinking, it's not going to happen. Just leave it..."

"No... I want to know..."

Sighing deeply... Arnav looked at his parents. Getting nod from them he asked Aman to sit and started telling about Choti... HIS Choti...

Years back...

"Chote, this is not going to happen. We are sending you out of the city and you are going to study there, not in Lucknow and that's final. You have to complete your studies with much more grades and knowledge before you leave to other country for further studies. And Ratna, I don't want to hear any argument or discussion about this. Keep this in your mind" saying this Arnav's father - Aran Singh Raizada left from that room. 

"Mom... I'm not going to leave you all. I won't go anywhere. I will stay here and study here. I can't leave you, Nani and Choti. How can dad say all these to me? Why can't he understand my feelings mom?" said 13 years old Arnav.

"Shh... Chote... relax... I will talk with your dad, okay? You relax... you go and play. Choti must be waiting for you. Go and play" saying this Ratna send him to the garden.

"Ratna... don't worry... Chote will be fine. He will agree for whatever you and Aran want. But for that you have to take Chutki's help. She will make him agree. He will agree whatever she says, you know that right?" asked Nani

"Yes amma... I think you are right. I will talk with Chutki"

That night

Ratna went to outhouse, where Chutki's family lives.

"I'm here to talk with Chutki. I need her help" said Ratna to Shashi, Choti's father. Chutki's parents looked at Ratna surprisingly

"Call her" she commanded.

After few minutes, Garima - Chutki's mother, brought Chutki from waking her from sleep.

"Chote malik maa? What are you doing here?" asked 5 year old Chukti, rubbing her sleepy eyes

"Chutki how many times I told you to call me only maa? Why are you linking everything with Chote?" asked Ratna faking anger

"Because Chote malik is my friend and I love him" said Chutki giggling.

Garima closed Chutki's mouth to stop her from blabbering

"Don't Garima... I want to hear. That's why I asked her that question. I want to hear that she loves my Chote. I really wanted her to be my bahu" blurted Ratna making Shashi and Garima rooted to the spot.


"Leave it... you people never can understand my feelings. I want to talk with Chutki. Give her to me" she took Chutki and kept her in her lap

"Chutki... I need one help from you. Will you do that for me?"

"Anything for you and my Chote malik, Chote malik maa... tell me what you want from me?" said Chutki raising her chin in pride

"We - I, Nani, and bade malik want Chote to go and study in Delhi, but he is not agreeing for that. So, you have to make him agree for that" said Ratna waiting for the storm to hit


"Will he come back to play with me? Can I go and see him?" after seeing Ratna's nod asked Chutki while tears rolling down from her eyes.

"He will. And I, myself will take you to him whenever you want to meet him. But, Chutki, don't you want him to famous like Salman khan? Don't you want others to respect him like everybody does with bade malik?" Choti nodded her head. "Then you have to make him agree to go there" said Ratna feeling bad for the pure innocent heart sitting in her lap with tears and pain in her eyes.

"If he doesn't want then, why are you sending him away? Why are you forcing him?" asked innocent Chutki unable to control her tears. She is scared of losing her Chote malik

Sighing deeply, Ratna explained everything to Chutki patiently about the studying, how important it is in life and all. Choti listen everything with utmost concentration.

"Will you do this for me Chutki?" asked Ratna

"I'm getting sleep. I will sleep now" said Choti and went from there wiping her tears.

All the elders in the room looked at her retreating figure and looked at each other. Ratna smiled at them and took leave.

Next day

Arnav looked at his Choti, who is coming towards him crying. Getting panic he ran towards her and made her sit on his lap.

"Choti... what's wrong? Why are you crying? Did anyone say anything to you? Don't cry damn it. Tell me why are you crying?"

Hearing his question, Choti cried more loudly.

"Sh... okay... okay... relax... no need to say anything... sh... relax..." he kept her head on his chest and pattered her head. After some time when Choti calmed down, he asked again "Now tell me... why you are crying like this?"

"I want to buy that toy"

"Which toy?"

"That toy... Cheetal (Sheetal) had it na? That one... what's the name she said... some... yeah... barber toy"

"It's not Barber Choti... it's Barbie"

"Ha... Barbie... I asked her to give me once to play, but her mother said I can't play with that as I'm a servant's daughter. I asked Bau Ji to buy that toy. But he said it's really costly one and we don't have that much money. And I pleaded but he scolded me and amma bet meee... waaa" she cried again.

"Sh... Choti... sh... don't cry please Choti... please... I will buy for you. Don't cry meri Choti pleeeaaseee..."

"Will you? But how? Bade malik will scold you if you buy" said Choti with tearful yet hopeful eyes.

"I will buy with my pocket money Choti. There is no need to ask money from dad. Every month he gives me money for my needs, right? With that money I will buy one toy. Okay?"

"Will buy every toy for me that Cheetal has?"

He nodded his head in yes. "But for that we need so much money right? Then how will you get that money? Won't bade malik scold you if you ask more money? Oh no... I don't want you to buy the toy. If Bau Ji knows that you buy toy for me with bade malik's money, he will beat me again. I don't want any toy" she cried again in fear.

"Sh... Choti... don't cry... this money is mine, dad won't ask what I did with that money. Don't worry; I will buy whatever you want okay? Now smile" saying he started tickle her making her laugh loudly. He hugged her sideways with so much affection

"What are you doing Chote malik?"


"Haa... is it true you are going to Delhi to study?"

"Who said? No, I'm not going" declared Arnav

"Why? but, Chote malik ma said, if you go there and study, everybody will respect you as they does with  bade malik. Then, why aren't you going to Delhi?"

Arnav understood what his mother did with his Chote. Everybody knew that he can't cross his Chote's words. Everybody knew that his Choti won't step back when it comes to her Chote malik. Everybody knew that his Choti will do anything to make anyone accept her words when it related to him. So, arguing with her is completely a foolish thing. Sighing deeply he asked "Do you want me to go, Choti? Don't you want me to stay here with you? Don't you want to play with me?"

"Of course I want to play with you. But we can do that when you go to Delhi also, right? Chote malik ma said she will take me to you whenever I want and we can play there." Seeing him nodding his head she asked again "Then why are you not ready to go there? Chote malik ma said if you study there you will become big like Salman Ji... is it?"

Arnav nodded his head in defeat agreeing with her. He knew, he lost the chance to spend his time with his Choti. He sighed deeply knowing what coming next

"Yee... Chote malik will be big like Salman Ji... Yee..." Choti smiled clapping her hands "Then Chote malik, when are you going to Delhi? I want to see you as big boy. I want to see everyone bend before you as they before bade malik. I want you to have so much money to buy so many toys for me and you. If you have so much money then we can buy so many toys,right?"

"But I will miss you..." he said in low voice

"Don't worry Chote malik... I will come there for you. Don't worry... I don't leave you anywhere. I will be with you like a shadow..." Choti giggled.

Seeing her cute Angelic face, Arnav felt an unknown pain in his heart.

"If I go now, it will be difficult for us meet again Choti... I will miss you badly. Please don't ask me to go" he doesn't know why he said those words, but he said what he felt. Before the meaning enter into Choti's mind they heard Ratna calling them for evening snacks. When they entered inside Ratna raised her eyebrows as asking what's going on

"You didn't do good asking Choti to make me agree Mom... you didn't do good" he went from there leaving Ratna shocked and tears rolled her cheeks for unknown reason

"Why are you crying Chote malik Ma? Chote malik will go to Delhi and he will do whatever you want, don't worry... I will ask him to do" Ratna looked at the small girl who is wiping her tears

"Won't you miss Chote, Chutki?"

"I will... but you said if he goes there it will be good for him, right? Then I will do whatever you say" said Chutki looking into Ratna's eyes. Ratna felt unknown fear and pain seeing this cute angel.

Choti went to Arnav's room with springs in her feet. Arnav is sitting on bed looking at his, his sister and his Choti's photo

"Chote malik... I'm going to my house now. After having my snacks, I will come to play with you, okay? You also eat tummyful, okay?" she turned to go but Arnav stopped her by holding her hand. He took her face in his palms and kissed her forehead and said "I will miss you Choti... please don't go..."

"I will come to you again... don't worry... I will come and play with you..." but seeing his tears she started crying "Why are you crying, Chote malik? Are you scared about going to Delhi? Or are you scared about buying barbar doll for me? Then don't, I don't want that doll... you please don't cry... please..." with that she hugged him tightly and cried with him.

Arnav's fear got increased seeing her crying. He controlled himself and wiped her tears

"See, Choti... I'm not crying anymore. You also stop crying, okay? Now go and eat your snacks and come fast... we will play"

Nodding her head Choti went from there.


"Amma, I'm going to Chote malik to play..." said Choti

"What's the new thing here? First eat then go. But you should come fast before it's too late, okay?"

"Okay Amma..." she kissed her mother's cheek and went to her father and kissed his cheeks "Take care betiya... don't run here and there. You will get hurt then. Take care of your Chote malik, don't bother them much, okay?" asked Shashi

"I won't bother them much Bau Ji... I will just play with Chote malik and come to you... now I will go..." saying this she again kissed Shashi and sprinted towards Chote malik's house


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Mar 6, 2015

TS: ...Yours truely Part 3 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 159 times)



Part 3:

When she is entering the house, she heard some noises from store room. Being a curios girl she is, she went there to see what's there. She couldn't understand why and what chachu malik is doing there in store room. She was about to go inside shrugging her shoulders, she heard him saying to another man

"I don't want any wrong to happen. Just finish them tomorrow, when Chote leaves for Delhi. They shouldn't return back to this house. I already arranged the men in the house. All the workers will work for us now. When tomorrow they will return after sending Chote off, just kill everyone. And kill Chote before he reaches Delhi" that's enough; kill Chote' is enough for Choti to get panicked. She doesn't know what to be killed, but she understood that her Chote malik and all are in problem. She silently ran towards her house and called for her parents.

"Chutki... why are you here? Is Chote malik sleeping? Why did you come back?"

"Bau Ji... Bau Ji... chachu malik said..." she said everything she heard making both Garima and Shashi stunned.

"What are you saying betiya? Did you see the person correctly? It's not your play or prank, right?" asked Shashi knowing his daughter's naughtiness

"No Bau Ji... Devi Mayya ki kasam... I heard chachu malik saying all these to other uncle. I don't know what they are talking, but I know my Chote malik and all are in problem. That's why I came here to say you. What's the meaning of kill Bau Ji?"

"Chutki... can you do one thing for me? Can you show me where you saw chachu Malik?" he doesn't want to answer her question. He knows how she will react after knowing the answer. So, he avoided answering

"Ha... come with me..." she took both Garima and Shashi towards storeroom. But they didn't see anyone there. When chutki is about to say something, Shashi signaled her to be silent. They heard someone walking inside. They heard the two man talking about tomorrow's plan of killing everyone. Both Shashi and Garima rooted to the spot hearing them. Tears ran from their eyes. Before she says anything both Garima and Shashi took her outside to their house closing her mouth.

"Shashi Ji... we have to do something. We can't let them do what they are thinking. We can't make them hurt bade malik and all"

"Why can't we say all those things to Chote malik?"

"Chup kar Chutki. We are talking, right? Bau Ji will do something, okay? You don't talk anything to anyone. You just go and play with Chote malik"

But Chutki stood there more stubbornly

"First tell me what you will do now. I don't want Chote malik to be hurt" she is adamant

"Shashi Ji..." Garima looked at her husband helplessly

"Fine... Garima you go and inform to malkin. I will go and arrange something to send them from here. And Chutki can you make chachu malik and others not to come this side? Don't say anything to them that we heard them. Do you understand what I'm saying? If you say then they will hurt your Chote malik"

"No I won't say anything and I will stop chachu malik from coming here. But I want to go to Chote malik..." tears formed in Chutki's eyes

"Ohh... Chutki meri bachi... both Garima and Shashi hugged their child doubting to see her again in their life. They knew hiding and sending Raizadas away may take their lives. But still, they can't stay quite after knowing the danger. After all, Raizadas gave them life. They somewhat make Chutki agree to go Chachu malik.

When Chutki went to Dhruv malik, he took her in his lap with so much happiness. He loved this kid and her bubbliness. He always wanted a kid like this girl with so much attitude, intelligence and power to stop everyone around her. He kissed her on her cheek. He is so happy today, because tomorrow onwards he will be the owner of this property. He always cursed his big brother for his capability of business, for his son-Arnav, for his daughter-Anjali and for his(Aran's) everything. His brother has excellence in him, but he(Dhruv) left with no intelligence and no wealth and last but not least no respect. Everybody treats him(Dhruv) as a waste in this society. So, he decided to end all these and planned everything.

"Chachu Malik..." his thoughts got break with the words of the innocent angel sat in his lap.

"What betiya...?"

"Woh... I... I..." she couldn't understand what to say. She looked here and there to find something to talk. Suddenly her eyes fell on toy which lay on the table. That's it; she forgot everything and ran towards that toy. She held it in her hand and turned back with a big smile warming the stone hearted man seeing the innocent smile.

"Chachu Malik... this toy? What's this doing here?"

"Chutki... I bought it for you. You like it?" he took her into his lap again. Whenever he saw her, he wanted her as his daughter. He even offered Shashi to give her to him to adopt. He knew, she will be an intelligent and clever girl when she grows. He wanted her intelligence to work with his cunning brain. So, he is trying to turn her to his side using her innocence and love towards toys.

"Oh... It's so nice... I so liked it. But I can't take this, Bau Ji will scold me"

"Don't worry dear... I will tell to Shashi... you just play with it. Shashi won't say anything" he successfully made her agree to take that toy.

"You know Chachu Malik... I love this barbar doll..." she said with a grin on her face making all the men in the room laugh out loudly. When Dhruv is talking with Chutki, some men come to say everything for tomorrow is ready. Before they say anything, he asked them to silent and sit. After that almost nearly one hour and half of talking, Chutki slept in Dhruv's lap. He made her sleep on his bed and talked with his men and sends them from there thinking about tomorrow.

Mean while when Chutki enter into Dhruv's room:

Shashi arranged a vehicle to transfer Raizadas to Delhi safely. He rushed towards the mansion, to support his wife to warning Raizadas. He directly went to Aran to see Aran, Ratna, Nani and his wife there.

"Shashi... what's going on? What's Ratna is saying..."

"Is true Malik... we heard them... you are staying here is not good at all. I already arranged a vehicle for you to leave now. The driver is our man; he will take you all there safely. I don't want to use your car as they know every car of yours. Be ready after midnight, you have to leave from here. Now, it's getting late, before they doubt something we better leave to our house. Garima... you go and check with Arnav beta and Anjali betiya and come to our house. I will check with Chutki. Go..."

Nodding her head, Garima left from there.

"Where is Chutki now?" asked worried Aran

"I sent her to be with Dhruv malik. I know, he can't avoid her"

"Are you mad Shashi? How can you sent that innocent girl to that monster?" shouted Nani

"I don't have any option Amma Ji..." tears formed in Shashi's eyes

Nani pattered his head and said "I want to see her before we leave, please take care of her"

"I will bring her before you leave. Now I will leave... I need to check with Chutki" saying he also left from there leaving devastated Raizadas

At the same time, in Arnav's room

"Chote... get up... tomorrow you are going to Delhi, please wake up... I want to spend some time with you... come on... please..."

After Choti went from his room in the evening, Arnav cried his heart out and slept crying. When his mother came and called him for his snacks, he bluntly refused to take anything. Understanding his pain, she left him alone. Now, when Anjali woke him up he woken up reluctantly

"Hhh... Chote... you were crying?"

"I don't want to go anywhere leaving you all" he said in a low voice

"Don't you want to see Choti happy? You wanted to buy her toys with YOUR money right?" she tried to tease her brother

"Di... Please... I'm serious. I don't want to leave you all or Choti... please try to understand. I was worried Di..."

"Don't be Chote... everything will be fine... you have to concentrate on your studies. What will you say to Choti, when she asked about your studies? Do you think she will be happy if you stay back here? Definitely not, she will eat you completely for not going to Delhi. She wants you to be strong and famous like Papa and Salman. That's all she wants. She never asked anything from you, did she? I think you should give her what she asked for. Please Chote... it's just matter of few years... I will take care of Choti till you come back" Anjali make him agree. Their conversation got stopped by knock on the door. "Come in" said both the siblings to see Garima enter the room

"Arnav beta... did you pack your bag? All the things?"

"Where is Choti Garima aunty?

"She is sleeping beta"

"What? Choti sleeping at this time? Is she okay?" asked both the siblings with panic.

"She is perfectly fine. Just tired of playing that's all. I will bring her later. You better pack your things ASAP. You are leaving this night" Garima announced in low voice

"What? Tonight? But why?"

"There is no time to explain all the things now beta... Anjali betiya you also go and pack all your things. Listen to me carefully don't say anything to anyone that you are leaving tonight. You shouldn't talk anything about leaving tonight with your parents too. They will explain everything to you both later. For now... just pack your things and get ready for your journey" she looked at both the siblings. Tears formed in her eyes, why not? After all she brought them up like a second mother. In fact for them only she came into this house as a baby sitter. After coming here only she married their honest employee Shashi and blessed with an Angel - Chutki/Choti

Both the siblings hugged her tightly sensing something wrong

"Shh... I want you both to be strong. Everything will be alright. Go pack your bags. God bless you dears... take care" she kissed their foreheads and rushed Anjali towards her room.

Suddenly the atmosphere of Sheesh Mahal turned into gloomy. They had their dinner in silence being busy in their deep thoughts.


After leaving from Aran's room, Shashi started searching his daughter as he doesn't know where she is. He started to call her loudly to make Dhruv call him

"Hey... Shashi... Chutki is in my room. She is sleeping. Let her sleep here. Once she woke up I will send her" he commanded

"OH I think she didn't bother you much malik. I'm sorry if she did. But Malik, I need to wake her and take her. She didn't even take her snacks or milk in the evening. We need to feed her. So, please allow me to take my daughter"

Dhruv got angry on Shashi for asking about Chutki. He slapped him hard and said "I asked you to give her to me. I said that I will take care of her as my own daughter in a way, you never can see in your wild dreams. But no, you never accept that. Now, you can't even allow her to be in my room. Don't mess me with me Shashi... if I want I can adopt her this moments. Don't irritate me... just take her, make her eat, make her sleep and bring her to me tomorrow morning. I don't want anything happen to her. Do you understand? Now leave from before my eyes"

Shashi left from there thanking his gods for keeping his daughte safer. He slowly went to Dhruv's room and held his daughter who is sleeping peacefully, unaware of the storm going to hit in her life

After taking Chutki to their house both Garima and Shashi hugged her tightly feeling their daughter alive in their arms. Sighing deeply both shared a hug fearing about their future. After that, both Shashi and Garima woke her up and had a family dinner. And settle on their bed, preparing themselves to tell everything to Chutki

"Chutki... I don't want you to shout after listening what I'm going to say, okay?"

Chutki nodded her head in confusion

"See Chutki... as you heard that chachu malik asked some men to hurt your Chote malik and all, I asked them to leave from here. They all are going from here tonight"

"All?" asked Chutki with wide eyes filled with so many questions.  Both Garima and Shashi nodded their heads

"Matlab - bade malik? Chote malik ma? Nani malikin? Di malkin? And... and... Chote malik?" tears rolled down her cheeks

Garima hugged Chutki tightly and said "If they stay here they will get hurt Chutki. Do you want that to happen?" Chutki nodded her head in no and Garima continued "If you want them to be safe, then they have to leave from here"

"Don't worry we will take you to them later. Now you have to be strong like a big girl like your Chote malik, will you beta?"

Chutki looked at her parents and nodded her head trying to understand the things. Shashi kissed her forehead and said "Now, I'm taking you to Nani malkin. She wanted to talk with you before they leave. I want you to be silent or talk low, because I don't want chachu malik to listen to you. Okay? Do you understand?" Chutki nodded her head. After making sure, that Chutki understood what they are saying they took her to Nani's room hiding from Dhruv

After entering the room, they kept Chutki down on the floor and stood at the door. All the three elders - Aran, Ratna and Nani took her in their arms and kissed her. She is their savior.

"Chutki... did Shashi and Garima say that we are leaving tonight?" asked Nani

Chutki looked at them and nodded their head slowly.

"Don't worry Chutki... we will come gain and will take you, Shashi and Garima from here, okay? Don't be sad okay? Do you want to go to Chote?" asked Aran taking Chutki into his arms for what she nodded her head. He made her stood on the floor and pushed her little towards door. Before leaving the room Chutki turned back and asked something which make them overwhelmed with the love for this Angel

"You will take care of Chote malik, right?"

Ratna rushed to her and hugged her tightly and cried her heart out. Chutki broke the hug and wiped her tears and said "Bade malik said you will come and take us with you. Then why are you crying? Don't cry Chote malik ma... Chote malik don't like when we cry" she giggled "Tell me you will take care of Chote malik, right?"

"We will Chutki" answered Nani

"And Di malkin?"

"We will" now it's Aran's turn to answer

"Promise me" Chutki kept her hand ahead. All the three put their hands on hers. She gave them a bright smile and rushed towards her Chote malik's room with springs in her feet.

Arnav and Anjali sat in Arnav's room feeling low. Their thoughts are going in different ways. Suddenly they heard a knock on the door followed by a sweet voice

"Chote malik... it's me Choti... can you hear the knock?"

"Choti..." said both the siblings

"Okay... I think you can hear the knock. Now before opening the door, as you can't see me from that side of the door, you have to identify who I'm. I will knock the door again and you have to say who I'm, okay? If you say correctly then you win. Then I will do whatever you say... if I win you have to do whatever I say, okay?"

Both the siblings looked at each other with tears in their eyes and smiled at her innocence. Controlling his emotions Arnav said

"Okay Choti..."

They heard a knock on the door

"Who is there on the door? Ma, is it you?" said Arnav standing next to the door with Anjali beside her. They can hear Choti's giggles

"No Chote... I think it's Nani..." said Anjali eager to take that Angel into her arms

"No Di... it might be Garima aunty" said Arnav "Better to open the door and see" saying this Arnav opened the door to see their Choti jumping while clapping her hands and smiling broadly.

"I won... I won... Yeee..." Choti jumped on Arnav, who hugged her tightly securing her in his arms not letting her to fall with sudden jump. Anjali hugged them

"Yes... Choti... you won... what you want us to do?" asked Anjali taking her into her arms.

"I want you two to do... Hmm... Hmm... I don't know... I will tell later" said Choti "But why are you both looking so sad?"

"We are leaving this night, right? That's why we are feeling sad" said Anjali

Suddenly Choti started whispering. "But why? You will come back after few days, right? Bade malik said that. So, don't be sad"

"Choti..., why are you whispering?"

"Bau Ji said not to talk loudly" she whispered

"What? Why?" asked Arnav

"Shh... it's a secret. Don't talk loudly. They will hear"

"Who?" asked both Arnav and Anjali without knowing they too started whispering

 "No... I shouldn't say their name out loud. Bau Ji will scold me. You both don't worry, everything will be alright. You will be back after few days or bade malik said he will come here and take me, Bau Ji and Amma with him. Then we all will stay there. Okay? Did you pack your things?" asked Choti in low voice. Both the siblings nodded their heads and looked at each other confusedly

"Good... now come we will play for sometime before Amma comes here." After that they three sat there and played and talked. Both Anjali and Arnav are felt tug in their hearts, seeing their Choti talking animatedly with so much happiness.

I will miss you Choti...," thought both. After talking a lot, Choti fell asleep keeping her head on Anjali's lap keeping her legs on Arnav's lap. Anjali patted her head lovingly while Arnav massaged her legs thinking how much she runs in a day. A small smile kept on their faces


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SS: ...Yours truely Part 4 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 145 times)


I wrote this in little hurry... so, Please spare me with this part... And this TS turned to 4s for now, I can't promise about this story being ended with next part. So, I'm making it as SS. Wink Tongue




"That is the last day we saw her. After when she slept on Di's lap Garima aunty came and took her after blessing us. That night, we left Lucknow forever. We - me and Di shocked to know the truth of our Chachu. If Choti was not there, what would have happened to us, we can't even think. I tried a lot to find her, but I... I just  couldn't. I even went to Lucknow to know about her and her family whereabouts. We were shattered after hearing that Shashi uncle died on the next day of our departure. Then nobody knew about Garima aunty and Choti. When I went to meet our old maids, they said Shashi uncle was killed by... by... our... chachu the next day he helped us to escape. As they didn't say see either Choti or Garima aunty after that, they doubts them to be alive. But I was not ready to hear that. So, I asked you to arrange PI to find about Choti. After that you know everything what's happening with that PI" Arnav finished saying with a deep sigh and tears in his eyes.


"I really wished her here now. She would have saved Anjali like before" cried Ratna


Aman looked at Arnav with questioning glare


"Well, when we were in Lucknow, one family came to see Di for a relation. After seeing Di, they went aside to talk with each other ignoring Choti playing there - not knowing her completely. When they are talking about our money and all, Choti heard them and informed papa about their talks. They are planning to harass our Di after marriage for our money. I don't know how people can act so stupid? When they came to our house for relation with other intentions, who will talk all those things in bride's house itself? Doesn't they have minimum sense of there will be a chance to get caught? Any way... after Choti informed Dad; he called police and handed them over. After that, Choti got really angry on Dad and Ma for thinking of sending Di away from us. She was very upset with that idea. She made a big issue of that. She didn't eat for one day. To make her eat her food, Dad and Ma had accepted her words. She took the promise from Dad and Ma to keep Di and me always safe and not to let us go far from them. She even took the promise asking Di should be here in our house after Di's marriage. She was very stubborn" Arnav smiled little remembering his Choti


"And we are terribly failed in fulfilling that promise. We couldn't keep Anjali safe. We failed... after whatever Choti and her family did for us, we still failed to fulfill the only promise she asked us" Aran was so upset with Anjali's decision. He sat on the couch beside Aman with dejected face.


"BTW, what's this Chutki/Choti's name?" asked Aman looking at the girl in the photo


"Khushi... Khushi Gupta" said all in unison


"Khushi... nice name"


"Nice hearted too" said Aran taking the photo from Aman's hands.


After that everyone sat there silently for long time thinking about the past and the present happenings. When Nani sighed in defeat, everybody looked at each other.


"It's already late now, go and sleep now. We will talk tomorrow. Aman beta... you..."


"He will share my room today dad, guest room is not available" everyone looked at Arnav with questioning eyes. Arnav told them how he asked Anjali to stay away with that man. They felt relaxed after hearing Anjali is safe, at least for now. Both Arnav and Aman took their leave and left to Arnav's room

"Arnav... don't think much we will talk tomorrow. We have to be careful about this issue"


Nodding his head Arnav went to his cupboard and took two pairs of clothes. He went to change after giving one pair to Aman. Everybody slept immediately after they rested their head on the pillow. The day's events took a toll on them.




After finishing the breakfast, Aman asked Arnav and Aran to stay at the house as there are no meetings in the office.  After making sure Aran, Ratna and Nani are fine, Aman left from there asking Arnav to call him if they needed something.




When Aman came out from the car and walking towards the office, someone bumped into him. He turned harshly to see a petite yet beautiful innocent girl panting hardly. He felt something resemble


"Aman sab, ye packet Chote malik ko dedijiyega... Unki Zindagi khatrey mein hai... please tell him to be careful. Other than you I can't trust anyone. Please give this packet to him; it will help him to save Di malkin's life. Please... and go inside now... NOW..." she pushed Aman towards the office and ran from there before Aman could understand what's happened. He looked at the empty place from where that girl ran.


He looked at the packet in his hand and the empty place. He rushed towards the office to call Arnav. His look catches the photo of Arnav's family along with him. He took that photo in his hand How happy we were then, why did you do this Di? Why did you make things difficult for us?' thought Aman. Aman was Arnav's classmate in his college. Seeing his intelligence, his orphanage manager requested the management to sponsor him for his studies. Knowing about Aman from Arnav, Aran and Ratna adopted him as their son. Arnav and Anjali was the happiest person to see Aman in their family. While growing up together, all the three - Anjali, Aman and Arnav shared a strong bond. Aran brought an apartment near their office, to take shelter whenever they had to work late night. Aman generally stays there giving excuses of work. He is very much concerned about his adoptive family. Now, as this danger called Shyam' covered the family as a thick, fat, and black cloud - he decided to take care of this matter helping Arnav to lessen his tensions, after all whatever Arnav did you to him. He sighed seeing the picture in his hand. He kept the photo back in its place and turned back to call Arnav.


Suddenly something hit his mind, he turned back to the photo and looked at that with a thought in his mind. He dialed Arnav's number


"Arnav... I want you in the office in few minutes...come fast..."


"Aman...? Is everything okay there in office?" asked Arnav.


"Yes, come fast damn it. And bring the parcels and letters you got from the informer. There is no time Arnav... come fast" after asking him to bring some more stuff he hanged the phone and started pacing around the cabin.


After like a life time, Arnav arrived into the cabin, followed by the security guard carrying some bags in his hand. Immediately after seeing the stuff in guard's hands, Aman rushed towards him and pulled the bag from his hands


"What the!!! Aman... what's wrong?"


Aman searched the bag and found what he wanted. He immediately rushed to the security block followed by confused Arnav. He heard Aman passing orders to the person who is working on the yesterday night's CCTV footage.


"I want today morning's footage of the camera which is at our parking" asked Aman showing him and Arnav both. Nodding his head the security person opened some folders and particular file in the computer.


"Run the video till 8.30 in the morning" the person did. When Aman saw the girl talking with him in the video, he asked the person to pause it. He asked the person how to zoom it and see.


"Get out..." blurted Aman surprising the person and Arnav, who is standing in that room. "What are you looking at my face? Didn't you hear what I said? I said GET OUT" shouted Aman in frustration.


Arnav steps forward and pattered Aman's shoulder and turned to the employee and signaled him to leave the room.


"Aman..., what's wrong?"


Without answering anything, Aman sits in front the computer and zoom the picture. He looked at the girl on the screen and the photo in his hand.


"Who's that girl Aman?" asked Arnav, concentrating on Aman's face




"Ha... Aman... who is that girl?"


"Can you recognize her?" asked Aman looking straight into Arnav's eyes


"Who is that?" asked Arnav turning his concentration towards the screen. "She is... looking like I saw her somewhere... yeah... I think she was the girl who bumped into me yesterday. I didn't remember her face. She just bumped and before I catch her she left from there. I couldn't even look at her properly. But she is looking so familiar. She is just looking like someone I knew" said Arnav


"I can't believe this Arnav" said Aman looking disappointedly at Arnav


"What?" Arnav asked


Aman gave the photo which is in his hand to Arnav and gestured him to see once again. When Arnav looked at the screen and the photo, his eyes widened with the thought of possibilities of the person on the screen being the person in the photo - Choti, his Choti.


"Aman..., is she?"


Aman nodded his head and said "let's go to cabin Arnav."


"Is she Choti... Choti... my Choti..." Arnav is smiling widely, "But how? When? Why?" he whispered


"Not here..." said Aman with clenched jaw and called the security person inside and asked him to copy the footage in CD and deleted it from the system. The person followed his orders and handed over the CD after copying everything and deleted it from the system. Arnav dragged Aman towards their cabin and closed the door once they are inside. After entering inside the cabin, Aman grabbed the bag which Arnav brought and emptied it on the floor to see all the parcels and letter he got from his informer. He looked at everything to much Arnav's impatience. He looked at every Chote malik, bade malik, Di malkin'. He looked at the packet she give him today morning and found Chote malik. A wide grin appeared on his face, he looked at Arnav who is looking at Aman with hopeful eyes.


"Arnav we are searching for our Choti everywhere in this country, when she is here, around us"


"AMAN..., Are you sure?"


"Of course I'm. How did you fail to notice her acknowledgment? In every letter and parcel she mentioned you Chote Malik' and she even mentioned papa Ji as bade Malik and Di as Di malkin. How can you skip this Arnav?" Aman is really upset with Arnav.


Arnav looked the letters and parcel which are lying on the floor. He looked at Aman with horrified look


"I'm sorry Aman... I... I... I think I missed her too much to concentrate on someone's acknowledgement. I just took this as a warning. I didn't think about these letters, parcels or this particular informer much" Arnav sighed closing his eyes "but what did Choti talk with you this morning? What did she say? And what was that packet she was giving to you?" Arnav is eager to know


Giving the packet which Choti gave, Aman said "She asked me to give this packet to you. I don't know what that was in the packet. She said we can save Di's life. And... OH God... she said, your life is in danger. Arnav you have to be careful. Wait... let me call Ajay and ask him to increase your security" Aman's hands started to shiver. His phone slipped from the hands with the tension. Arnav caught the phone in time and handed over to Aman


"Don't worry Aman... nothing will happen. First tell me, what happened in the morning after she gave you this packet?"


Before answering Arnav's question, Aman called Ajay - security in charge and Pratap - PI agency head. Taking a deep breath to calm his tensed nerves, Aman turned to Arnav and said


"She pushed me towards the office and told me, no... no... in fact ordered me to go inside. Oh god... she is so commanding yaar..."


Arnav smiled at Aman's statement. Suddenly he became serious, remembering something "Aman did you see any men behind her?"


"NO, why?"


"Yesterday when that girl bumped me, she kept the letter in my pocket and ran, just before few men cross our gate. OH God... I think some people are behind her. I need to save her. I need to catch her Aman... she is in danger..." Arnav started to pace in the room.


"Don't worry, I asked Ajay and Pratap to come here. They will be here any moment. You just relax..." Aman gave water to Arnav to calm down.

After waiting for around 40 minutes, they found Ajay entering in the office followed by Pratap. The four sat in conference room and Aman explained everything to them.


"Can I have a look at the girl?" asked Pratap


"Sure..." Aman showed the video. Pratap took the image into his phone and sent to his men around the city. "I sent the image to my men. If they find this girl, they will call me, and then I will inform you. Don't worry; as now we know her face, it's easy to catch her. I will keep in touch with you. Now, I will take your leave" Pratap shook his hand and left from there. Aman turned to Ajay and asked him to increase security around Arnav and the family. After discussing about the security plan, Ajay also left from there.


Both Arnav and Aman sat there, praying for the call which will lead them to Choti. In this tension and discussions, they completely forgot about the packet Choti gave them.




"This is the place, I saw some people dragging that particular girl"


"How many are there in that house?"


"12 are there excluding that girl, another lady and two men"


"Any one from your side is inside the house?"


"Yes, sir... I got all these information from her only. She is inside as a maid"


"Good... Can she come here now?"


"I will try" Pratap's man went aside to call the lady outside.


After waiting for few more minutes, they saw one lady coming out with a bag in her hand. She looked around and left the place towards the shop. After she went, Pratap and his man followed her. Before meeting her, Pratap called Arnav to come to the particular shop, where Arnav reached in time, luckily he was passing near by.


"What did you find inside?" asked Pratap pretending to searching for some product in shop beside the woman


"They brought that girl by dragging. They closed her in a room. They didn't even let her meet her parents"


"Is this the girl you are talking about?" Pratap showed her Choti's picture in his mobile.


"Yes, her name is Khushi" confirmed the woman


"Are you sure?" asked Arnav in a low voice with thudding heart


"Of course I'm, she is the girl inside"




Both Arnav and Pratap along with Pratap's man came out from the shop and hopped their car and left the place. After reaching safe point, Arnav stopped his car and turned towards Pratap, who sat on passenger seat.


"Raizada, I want you to call the police commissioner now. We need their help in this matter. Now, we have some evidence against him, it will help us to file a case. If we can get that girl"


"Khushi" Arnav gritted his teeth


"Sorry..., if we can get Ms. Khushi and if she can help us, then it will be good for us. For that we have to get hold of her. So, its better we take police help"


"Okay..., but I don't think talking in phone is an good idea. We better meet him directly" Arnav called police commissioner and took an appointment in next half an hour. They met commissioner and explained everything to him.


"Give me complaint Arnav. I will ask inspector to get the warrant immediately. Then we can go inside and get hold of them. Don't worry... I will help you in this."


Thanking to commissioner, Arnav gave the complaint. After few hours they got the warrant and all left to the spot. Being a family friend, commissioner, he himself put his feet down to tackle this case ( I don't know whether commissioner will do this or not...Confused but in my stories... for my Arnav...Heart everything will be possible, in fact My Arnav Smile  will make it possible Embarrassed Day Dreaming )


Arnav called Aman and informed everything and asked him to come to the place. All the police, Arnav and Pratap and his team waited for the signal of the lady. Police surrounded the building. When they got the signal from the lady, Arnav entered the house along with the commissioner and Pratap. But what they saw shocked them to the core. Arnav stood rooted to the spot after seeing the scene in front of his eyes.




lesh85 , Rosita , Sa_Arshi , Nadia_Farjana , khushi123 , Arshi_World , sonali , Annathomas , Nano123 , Arshilover15 , Ilvashi , Its_Me_Again , Tanuya , cg , Kalai , Kollideepika , Sravsluarshi : Thank you so much dearies...

jothi : Dear... Arnav was 13 and Khushi was 5. There is a 8 years gap. In the present track Arnav is 28 and Khushi is 20



So, how is it? I hope you like this... Please let me know, if you have any doubts or complaints... Smile

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Mar 14, 2015

SS: ...Yours truely Part 5 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 146 times)


Please spare me with this part again... I don't think I will get good response. Ouch


Part 5:

Inside is completely a mess. There was a lady and man tide to the chairs. The lady is pleading the people to leave her while tears wetting her cheeks. The man sat in the chair doing nothing. He is not even moving his hands to try to get off the ties. He is shedding tears silently. On the other side of the room, a girl is running around the hall trying to escape from the men who are trying to catch her. She even has wooden stick in her hand to attack the men who would reach her to catch.

"Don't dare to come near me... You all know about me and I will dare to do anything. I don't have any fear about anyone. Don't try to mess with me. I don't think much before acting or breaking your parts"

"Bas bahuth hogaya... if you don't surrender to us, then, think that your Chote Malik and parents are dead"

That's all enough for her to lost her control. She jumped on the couch then stood on floor

"What did you say? What did you say? WHAT DID YOU SAY???" she jumped on the men beating them with the wooden stick and throwing the punches with her hands and kicking them with her legs. In few minutes, all the men lied on the floor in fatal positions holding themselves, crying in pain.

"I told you to not to mess with me. You all well know about my reaction, when I hear all the rubbish you say. You very well know about my reaction when you try to harm my people. Still, you did rather say to infuriate me? You used your words to test my patience, to test my anger, to test my control, right? But you will never guess my reaction. Don't dare to mess with me. I'm taking my parents with me, go and inform your damn boss about this. And yeah... tell him... tell him that... I WILL NEVER ALLOW ANYONE...and I mean it ANYONE NEAR CHOTE MALIK. If you want to hurt him, remember, you have to cross ME... so, don't dare..." she said gritting her teeth and left to other side where her parents held.

All the people at the door including Arnav, the Police commissioner, Pratap and his men - stood at the door in shock. They never expected a tiny petite girl can be a tigress. Aman, - who came when men threatening Khushi about Chote Malik and her parents - stood at the door seeing the girl who commanded him yesterday.

"I'm lucky that I moved inside when she commanded me. Otherwise what would have happened to me, only god knows" muttered Aman in Arnav's ear.

Commissioner is the first person to come into action. He asked his constables to take the men on the floor into control. He slowly went to Khushi and called her


Khushi turned back and stood shocked to see the police.

"Yes, sir..."

"Beta... we got a complaint against these persons and we had a search warrant. After seeing the situation we need some answers. You have to help us"

"Sure sir..., Ask me what do you want to know. I will answer you honestly" she smiled lightly. There is no fear in her eyes; there is confidence in her eyes

"Who are they?" he asked looking at Garima and Shashi

"My parents, Shashi Gupta and Garima Gupta"

"What's wrong with you father? And what's happening here?"

"My Bau Ji was paralyzed when he had accident years back"

"I'm sorry about that, but what's happening here? Who are those men? Why are they trying to attack you? And why did they tie your parents?"

"They want to get hold of me, because I leaked their boss's intentions to hurt someone, who are so close and important to my family. They tied my parents to make me weak. But they failed..."

"Who is that someone?"

"What made you think that I will tell that person's name?" she is stubborn.

"Arnav Singh Raizada?" came a voice from the door

Seeing the person before her, her eyes widen in pure shock and surprise. She felt immense happiness in her heart to see... to see the person whom she loves from bottom of her heart.

"Chote Malik...!!!" Whispered Khushi and rushed to Arnav and hugged him tightly. Breaking the hug Khushi looked at Arnav "Aap teekh tho hain na? Kuch nahin hua na? How are others? Oh God... I was so worried about you" she again hugged Arnav. But feeling no response and moment from his side, she looked at him. Seeing blank expression in his face Khushi stepped back and bent her head "Mmmaaf keejiyega, MMalik. I'm Khushi Gupta your employee Shashi Gupta's daughter. Bade Malik I mean your father knows us well" then turned to her parents "Amma, Bau Ji... look here... Chote Malik has come..." she showed her hand towards Arnav who stood there with a layer of wetness in his eyes.

Arnav didn't prepare to feel Khushi's sudden hug or to response to it. He is shocked to see her stepping back. He looked at her parents in a shock. He is shocked seeing their condition. He is shocked seeing Shashi alive.  He slowly came forward to confirm what rather whom he is seeing

"Garima aunty? Shashi uncle?" he whispered

"Chote..." Garima has tears in her eyes. Arnav nodded his head and hugged Garima tightly.

"Shashi uncle!!" he hugged Shashi

"Arnav... we will take things from now on. Do you want to take them with you or do you want us to give shelter to them?"

"No problem sir, I will take care of my parents. Thanks for your concern. After talking with Chote Malik we will leave to our house" said Khushi

The Commissioner looked at shocked Arnav and left nodding his head to Khushi

"Chote Malik, you need to go from here. If media gets any hint then it will not be good for you" said Khushi "I will take Amma Bau Ji from here. You please leave from here. It's not good to stay here"

"Choti..." Arnav whispered looking at Khushi. His eyes are moistened. He is not hearing anything she is saying. He knew, he has to confirm her, confirm her that he is still HER Chote Malik

Hearing him calling her most dearly like before, Khushi ran to him and hugged him tightly.

"Chote Malik..."

"Choti..." this time Arnav hugged Khushi back, tightly, not letting her to move.

Both looked at each other. Arnav caressed her face registering her grown up features.

"Badi ho gayi ho..." Arnav said looking lovingly at his Choti's eyes

"Yeah... you also become large" Khushi said in English

Both Aman and Arnav laughed heartily

"It's not large Choti... it's grown up" said Aman smiling at her

Khushi looked at him deeply making Arnav to understand about her thoughts

"You still feel that?"

"Haa... Aap janthe hai..."

"But Choti..." Arnav had to hold her tight to stop her from bashing Aman "No... Choti... I said no... he doesn't have any idea about that. I will tell him. Just stop..." seeing his face Khushi nodded her head in yes but still giving I-will-not-leave-you look to Aman.

Not knowing what is happening with these friends Aman said "Wooo Bhai... if your reunion finished, we need to move...come on... Choti... you have to come with us, with your parents... okay?" disturbed Aman

"STOP CALLING ME THAT..." Khushi almost pounced on Aman shouting making Aman jump in his place

"What? What's wrong with that?"

Arnav again held Khushi tightly from her waist "Stop it Aman... Don't call her that... she doesn't like anyone calling her Choti other than me. So stop doing that" said Arnav hurriedly

"Oh... okay... sorry... I don't know that... I promise I won't do that again, okay? I want to live more time, I won't take any risk after seeing her karate kicks to them. Fine we really should leave now Arnav... this won't be good if we stay here more time. Commissioner Uncle also wants us to leave, Shall we?" asked Aman looking at Khushi too

She looked at Arnav and then her parents and then Arnav

"We are leaving to my house now, and that's final. I don't want any arguments on this, umm? Okay?" he asked looking into Khushi's face.

"But... bade Malik and Chote Malik Ma?" Arnav chuckled about her mentioning his parents

"You still didn't change them calling that?"

"I will never" she said in no nonsense tone keeping her chin high, making Arnav hug her tightly.

Arnav looked towards Shashi "Shall we leave now? Are you okay coming to our house with me?"

"Ha beta... we will be happy to see bade Malik and Malkin after a long time" said Garima

After that they left from there. Both Aman and Arnav made Shashi sit in the car passenger seat comfortably. Arnav sat in back seat along with Garima and Khushi in the middle of them. After everybody settled, Aman drove them towards Shantivan'


"I will check who is on the door... I hope it's Chote and Aman... Chote left in the morning without any word. I'm worried about him and Aman also not answering my calls" said Ratna to Nani before opening the door after hearing the door bell

Nani nodded her head hoping everything to become alright.

Ratna opened the door and stood rooted at her place to see the beautiful girl before her eyes. Ratna felt her heart skipped a beat by seeing the innocence in her eyes

"Chutki!!??" whispered Ratna. There is a hope, there is a surprise, there is a shock, there is a doubt, there is a fear and there is happiness in Ratna's eyes, voice and heart. She looked at his son, who is standing beside them. He nodded his head with a smile.

"Chote Malik Ma" said Khushi

Both hugged each other tightly and cried their hearts out. Not seeing Ratna coming back and hearing some sounds from the door, both Aran and Nani came to the door to check what's happening. They were surprised to see Ratna hugging a girl and crying her heart out

"Ratna! What's wrong? Who is this girl and why are you both crying?"

Ratna and Khushi broke the hug and turned towards them. Khushi went to Aran touched his feet and went to Nani and touched her feet to take blessings. Though they both blessed her, but couldn't understand who she is.

"Pehchana nahi mujhe?" asked Khushi. Giving some pause she again said "Nani Malkin?" 

Both Aran and Nani looked at Khushi with doubtful wide eyes. Khushi gave her heart warming smile with a bright look in her eyes - that's it... Now they knew who this girl is

"Chutki!!!" Both Nani and Aran almost shouted

Khushi hugged Nani and Aran petted her head.

"Look here too... someone is here too..." said Aman in joyful voice from the door

Everyone looked at the door and saw both Garima and Shashi. They shocked to see them after long years.

"Garima..." Ratna rushed to her and hugged her tightly. Even though they are employer and employee, they shared a beautiful friendship between them. Raizadas never treated Guptas as their employees. They always treated them as family members. They don't know what made them to treat like that. After whatever happened with them years back and whatever these Guptas did, they will/can never, treat them as a mere employees. They know they are their saviors. Aran hugged Shashi kneeling before him.

"Dad... we can talk later. First let them eat something. I called doctor; he will come here to check aunty and uncle. I found them really in a bad condition. They need some rest dad" Arnav said to his family

"HP... HP... I want the guest room next to Nani's to be ready in just 5 minutes. I don't want any excuses. Do you understand that?" commanded Arnav.

"Ji... Arnav baba" HP and OP rushed to the guest room.

Before turning to his family and say anything he heard a small giggle sound from his behind. He looked at his Choti giggling seeing HP and OP running towards the guest room. Feeling content, he went to Khushi and side hugged her.

"Dad... she will stay in the guest room in the first floor"

"But that is not vacant as..." Ratna stopped in between by Khushi's question

"Ahh... Where is Di Malkin? Asked Khushi suddenly with sudden worry in her face.


Sa_Arshi , Mitaarshi , Chamkililaadgoverner , Sreyalovearshi , Annathomas , Arshi_World , khushi123 , Rosita , Nano123 , arshi fathima , Arshilover15 , Tanuya , Ilvashi , Its_Me_Again , Kalai , clau18 , Sravsluarshi : Thank you so much for your response... and sorry for stopping the previous update there. But dear... little waiting tho bantha hiana? Hope you enjoyed the update...



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Mar 23, 2015

SS: ...Yours truely Part 6 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 107 times)


Please spare me with this part again...


Part 6:

"Where is Di Malkin?" Khushi asked Arnav nearing him.


Everybody looked at Khushi with worried expression.


"Chote Malik, where is Di Malkin? Why aren't you answering me? You are scaring me now. Please tell me, where is she?" Khushi's heart beating widely, her mind is thinking so many possibilities about Anjali.


"Choti... Woh... Di..."


"Please don't tell me that what I'm thinking is true. Please don't tell me that my fears came true" she whispered. Seeing the expression in both Arnav and Aman's face, Khushi understood the matter. She couldn't believe this is happening. She looked at Arnav with worried expression. The matter is confirmed when Arnav's nodded his head looking away. She went to Aman and asked in a low voice "I asked you to give the packet to Chote malik, aap ne diya?" Aman nodded


"Then?" she asked in low voice looking at Arnav and Aman


"What's going on there? What are you three talking secretly?" asked Aran suspiciously


"Nothing..." said the trio at once


"Aran, when did Chote and Chutki say about their secrets? Do you really think they will tell now? And I'm sure, now Aman also teamed up with them. What do you say Ratna?" asked Nani with so much happiness. For few minutes she forgot the yesterday's happenings.


Ratna nodded her eyes while smiling brightly seeing her Chote and Chutki together again


"Okay... Now you all take rest, we will talk later" said Aran agreeing with his wife and MIL




"Chutki... First you all take rest. Other things can wait"


"But... Di Malkin...?"


"That's not important anymore Chutki" Aran's voice is stern


Khushi glared at both Arnav and Aman with a I-will-see-you-both-later look. Her angry glare towards the duo got disturbed by Anjali's voice


"Ma... Chote..."


Everyone looked at Anjali.


Khushi looked at Arnav with confusion as asking what Anjali is doing here after her marriage. When Arnav nodded his head blinking his eyes as he will explain later, Khushi ran to Anjali and hugged her tightly not allowing her to breath. "Di Malkin" whispered Khushi


Anjali eyes widened with this particular endearment. Anjali broke the hug and looked at the girl in front of her. The innocence and love in those eyes cleared Anjali's doubts. Anjali smiled looking at Khushi while tears formed in her eyes. Before Anjali hugs Khushi, suddenly a hand pulled Khushi from her back and pushed her little making everyone gasp in shock.


Khushi studied herself and turned back to the person whom she curse and hate most. Seeing his face, her face turned into pure rage surprising Anjali, but immediately a smile appeared on Anjali's face. She looked at Khushi with so much love in her eyes. She didn't even change a bit' thought Anjali.


"How dare you? How dare you to hurt my Rani Saheba? Who are you? Who allowed you here? Get out..." shouted Shyam shocking Anjali and raging others.


Arnav stepped forward to go to Shyam and throw him out, but was stopped by Aman.


"Don't Arnav... she knows how to deal with people. She very well can manage him. She is the only person who can answer him before Di. Let her deal the situation" Aman said in a low voice, stopping Arnav successfully.


Khushi tried to control her anger and hatred towards this person, not to want to hurt Anjali.


"Mind your language Mr., think before talking"


"I don't need to think before talking with people like you. I don't allow anyone near my Rani Saheba. Just get out..."


Unable to control his anger, Arnav rushed to them and said "JIJAJI... I brought her here. She is..."


"Arnav!! Did you lose your mind? How can you bring a middle class girl? How can you allow her inside? Is this your business mind? Or did your business mind take vacation? Are you crazy? I never expected you like this. You are behaving like a fool, idi..." he never completed that word. Before anyone can understand what happened, Shyam was lying on the floor holding his cheek, while his corner of lips bleeding slightly.


Except Shyam and Aman everyone in the room knew about Khushi's possessiveness about Arnav. Aman guessed up to some extent. But what they saw made them surprised, shocked, amazed and content


"What did you say? What did you about to call Chote malik?" asked Khushi slightly bending, keeping her head close to Shyam's head


"What the hell? Rani saheba" shouted Shyam


With that call Anjali came out of the shock and helped Shyam to stand up. "Chutki... relax... he is not any outsider dear... he is your jijaji, Shyam Manohar Jha" she turned to Shyam and said "Shyam Ji... she is Chutki I mean Khushi, Chote and my best friend and our family member. She is very possessive of Chote. She reacts widely whenever anyone say bad words about Chote. So..." Anjali's concentration is more on Khushi than her husband.


"But that doesn't mean she can hurt me like this Rani Saheba. I don't allow her in this house. You and all better stay away with her" Shyam is shocked about Anjali's behavior. He never guessed Anjali will ignore him for this tiny winy girl.


Next second he was caught by his shirt collar.


"Who the hell are you to not to allow me in this house? This is MY Chote malik's house. I have every right to live here. And what are you asking Di, to stay away with me, umm? Let me clear you one thing Mr. Shyam Manohar Jha, whoever relation you have, in fact you think you have in this house, they are related to ME before you. They are MY people. Don't try to interfere in MY life or MY time with MY people. I won't tolerate anyone... don't try to act innocent saying Rani whatever. Be in your limits whenever I'm around. Otherwise it won't do any good to you"


She turned to Anjali and others "I'm sorry if I hurt anyone. Sorry Di, but I don't see any good in him. Your choice is really really bad. But remember one thing Di... there is no particular rule for all good looking people or things to be good in nature. I won't leave him if he tries any such things which may hurt you all. I won't leave him, Take Care Di" with that Khushi hugged Anjali and left from there towards her parents, who settled in hall knowing well what is going on the stairs. They both looked at each other and Garima shook her head while rolling her eyes She and her possessiveness' she said with Shashi in low voice making him chuckle little.


"Are you okay?" asked Garima knowing well about her daughter for which Khushi nodded her head. She settled on the couch and rested her head on the couch and closed her eyes as feeling dizziness


"What's this Rani saheba? Is this the way to respect the SIL of the house?"


"Please Shyam Ji... not now... we will talk about it later. You please go and take rest in room; I will talk with you later. For now, I want to be with Chutki. It's really long time we had a chat. Please Shyam Ji" with that Anjali rushed to Khushi. Shyam left from there fuming in anger. All Raizada-s  looked at each other with a slight smile on their lips and slight naughty glint in their eyes. Both Arnav and Aman shook their hands sharing their happiness with a controlled smile on their faces


Everybody reached to the couch where Gupta-s sat.


"Arnav baba... guest room is ready" HP and OP came there and informed


Nodding his head, Arnav said "thank you... aunty, uncle you should take rest. You freshen up and come, then we will have dinner and we can talk tomorrow with fresh minds. You need rest. Come, I will take you to your room"


"It's okay Chote Malik, just tell me where the room is, I will take my parents" said Khushi


Arnav looked at her for few seconds and went to her. He held her shoulder and said in soft voice "We are same people Choti - your Chote malik, bade malik, Chote malik ma, Di malkin and Nani malkin. We didn't change a bit from that horrible night. So, there is no need for you to act formally, okay? Be yourself, our cute crazy Choti, umm?"


Khushi nodded her head looking at everyone who are smiling at her affectionately.


"Hi... I'm Aman..."


"I know... I'm Khushi"


"You know? How? And why are you introducing yourself as Khushi? You always wanted us to call you as Chutki or Choti, then?" asked Anjali


"Morning I heard Chote Malik calling him. About my name, if I don't' say my name, he will again start calling me Choti Choti... as you know, I don't like that" she pouted with slight irritation and looked at Anjali


Laughing loudly Anjali said "But he can call you Chutki, right?"


After thinking few minutes with finger between her teeth and observing Aman and then getting a nod from smiling Arnav she too nodded her head.


"But where Chutki will stay? There is no other guest room...!!!" suddenly Nani raised the question breaking their talks


"Do you have only one guest room, in this biiig mansion?" Khushi was shocked to know this


"No... we have more. But only two are comfortable to live. As remaining rooms are closed for long time, it will take time to clean them. One we already gave to aunty and uncle and then other one is..." Arnav stopped saying looking at Anjali's face


Smiling at him, she continued "Your jijaji staying" Khushi looked surprised at Arnav and then Anjali "I will explain things later Chutki" said Arnav gesturing her not now


"Then, can I stay in your room?" Khushi asked Anjali taking the chance


"Yes, that's better" said everyone


With that, Khushi comfortably settled in Anjali's room, making things much difficult to Shyam Manohar Jha




Everybody settled in the hall, after having their dinner. Khushi sat on the couch having Anjali, Nani both the sides holding her shoulders and Arnav is in front of her holding her hands. Aran sat beside Shashi where Ratna sat with Garima. Aman looked at everyone and felt little left out. Not want to disturb the reunion of friends; he decided to leave from there. He stood up and started to walk towards Arnav's room, but was stopped by Khushi's voice


"I think you are angry on me; that's why you are leaving from here. I'm sorry for shouting on you this evening. I'm sorry Aman sab. I know you are so close and important to Chote Malik and all, I'm sorry for shouting on you" said Khushi


Aman turned back and sees the innocent eyes looking at him. He looked at everyone and nodded his head smiling as saying that he didn't mind


"So you forgive me?" asked Khushi excitedly


"Yes" said Aman smiling


"Then where is my chocolate?" she demanded keeping her palm in front


Aman looked at both Anjali and Arnav who are looking at Khushi amusingly while smiling.


"One minute..." Aman is about to go to kitchen to bring chocolate, he heard Garima saying


"No beta... don't bring..."


"Amma..." pouted Khushi


"It's okay Garima let her eat" Nani was overwhelmed, she is ready to anything which Khushi asked


"No Ma Ji... Chutki can't have sweets, she is diabetic" Garima said sadly making everyone gasp loudly and look at Khushi, irritating her more


"That doesn't mean I will die with one chocolate Amma" said frustrated Khushi.


"Choti..., Chutki..." shouted everyone.


"I don't want to hear this again. Do you understand? Just listen whatever aunty says, got that?" Arnav warned Khushi in low angry voice.


"But I want chocolate. It's really long time I ate. Please Chote malik..." she pleaded


"Here... eat this" Aman gave the chocolate




"Don't worry Arnav... one chocolate won't do anything. She will be fine. She is healthy, nothing wrong will happen. You can trust me in this. I'm sure, she is taking her medicine on time, right Chutki?" Khushi nodded her head vigorously in agreement making Aman smile "Good, if she is taking her medicines regularly, then nothing will happen. She will be fine. Don't worry Arnav, relax..." he pattered Arnav's shoulder


Khushi looked at Arnav and chocolate then gave that chocolate to Arnav. She went to the couch and sat between Nani and Di. Everyone felt bad for her as they all very well knew how much she loves sweets.


"Fine... here take this and eat. Don't make that face again" Arnav gave the chocolate to Khushi for which she smiled brightly


"My Choti sankadevi... you didn't even change a bit" Arnav smiled and hit his forehead with hers making everyone laugh.


All sat there for few more hours talking. They kept their talks up to something light. As everyone of Raizada-s guessed that Gupta-s might have a horrible life, they took care of not to talk about that for now. As Aman and Arnav guessed about Khushi working for Dhruv, they never allowed anyone to talk about Khushi's work or Gupta-s way of income. Everything can wait till morning. Aman thought there may be more shocking news for them. Aran, when he looked at his sons, he guessed something is wrong. Though every Raizada talking with others, but one question - what happened to Gupta-s that night and after? - kept eating their minds.


"It's too late, we have to take rest. Dad; Uncle, Aunty and Choti needs rest. Let them rest; we will talk tomorrow about everything" said Arnav

Nodding their heads everyone agree with Arnav. Arnav and Aman helped Shashi to lie on the bed, they left from there saying good night and asking to call them if they need anything. Khushi bid good night to her parents and left with Anjali following Arnav and Aman. Anjali hugged Khushi sideways; tears are rolling from her eyes continuously.


"I missed you so much Chutki. I missed you a lot"


"Don't worry Di malkin... I came now, right? Now I won't go anywhere. You relax... I won't let anything happen to you. You are safe now..." said Khushi surprising Anjali and relaxing Arnav and Aman.


"Why did you say that?"


"Nothing... I'm just worried about you. As I already saw about the groom, bade Malik and Chote Malik ma chosen for you long back, I'm not sure about this Shyam Manohar whatever either. I want to know about him. If I found him bad or fraud or cheat, then I won't leave him. I can't allow anyone to harm you or others of this family" said Khushi little serious


"Why do you like us this much Choti?" asked Arnav


"Why do you like us this much Chote Malik?" Khushi returned same question to him with a small smile on her lips


"Because, you all are very nice people" said Anjali


"Really? Then what do you think that why I like you all?"


Understanding her meaning, the trio - Anjali, Aman and Arnav smiled at her.


"Okay, it's late. I badly need to sleep. Di malkin, where is your room? Come; let's go... otherwise, I will sleep here, by standing itself" pouted Khushi.


"Okay fine... let's go" Anjali led Khushi towards her room wishing her brothers good night


"Good Night Chote Malik, good night Aman sab" Khushi wished both


"Good night Choti..." both said


"Opss... sorry... good night Chutki" corrected Aman seeing Khushi's expression.


Smiling at both of them, Khushi followed Anjali towards her room to have a much needed sleep.


Arnav looked at Khushi and Anjali's retreating figures with affection, moved to his room with a content smile and My complete family is with me' thought.



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About this update and Khushi's diabetics, you will get to know the reason in next update. Don't worry; she will be able to eat her jilebies and sweets in future. I'm the writer here, I can write anything. After all it's a fiction. Anything can happen. Hope you like this update.

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Mar 31, 2015

SS : ...Yours Truly Part 7 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 91 times)




Part 7:



It’s morning 5 ‘O’ clock, when Arnav has come down for his jog. He was surprised to see Khushi pacing around the living room talking in her phone in a very low voice. He was surprised to see her talking with so much control when her face is red with anger. Arnav walked towards her and stood behind her and heard her saying in fact shouting in her controlled voice gritting her teeth. Arnav raised his eyebrows seeing his Choti this angry


“One complete night is not enough for you to gather the information about one slum dog? Why am I paying you? Huh, for wasting my time or for trusting you or for not letting me to appoint someone else in your place? Huh?”




“Fine… I’m giving you some more time. I need all information about that slum dog before this evening. Otherwise, get ready to pay the amount I have given you and don’t try to mess with me. You know very well what I can do to you, don’t you?”




“Good for you… don’t make me regret for hurting someone… I…” before she says anything else, Arnav placed his hand on her shoulder making her turn with a jerk and a gasp.


She left a relieved sigh seeing Arnav there. She closed her eyes while keeping her hand on left side of her chest. Her breathing was uneven and short. She held her head with other hand. Arnav looked at her amusingly for her reaction. He couldn’t understand why she was behaving like this and with whom she is talking in fact threatening. He smiled little seeing her condition. After controlling her thudding heart little, she looked at Arnav


"I will call you later" she said in the phone and turned to Arnav  “Chote Malik… you scared me…” her expression is clearly tensed and scared


Arnav felt bad for scaring her


“I’m sorry Choti… I didn’t mean to. But what are you doing here, in this early morning? As of I know, you are not a early riser” there is a tease in his eyes


“Everything will change with the time Chote Malik. Nothing will be same as before. If we want them to be same also, nothing will be” she smiled little.


Arnav looked at her eyes, first time… a very first time sensing new person.


“Are you okay?” he asked


“I’m fine Chote Malik… you carry on with your jog, please be careful” Khushi said with a small smile. Arnav can easily see the tiredness in her face. He made Khushi sit on the couch and held her hands


“Choti… I think you know me very well. I can easily catch you whenever you lie to me. So, don’t try. Tell me, what’s bothering you?”


“The same thing which is bothering me from last 10 years” she said in a low voice while looking at nothing particular. Suddenly she felt weak, her eyes closing and light-headed. Holding her head in her hands she asked Arnav “Chote Malik…, can please bring me some sweet? My sugar level is dropping down. Please…”


“What? Yeah okay…” Arnav whispered before running towards the kitchen. He brought the chocolate and sat beside Khushi who rested her head on the head rest of the couch. He tried to gain her attention which is getting difficult. He made her head rest on his chest and held her tightly by her shoulder with the hand which he is holding chocolate. He breaks a small piece from the bar and kept it near her mouth


“Choti… please open your mouth and have this. Choti…” he said when she opened her eyes little. She opened her mouth little, very little to have. Arnav kept a small portion of chocolate in her mouth. He kept feeding her small pieces till she gains her normal composure. After nearly like a minute, Khushi came to normal state. Arnav hugged her sideways and rubbed her back relaxing her muscles. Khushi stayed there hearing his heart beats, enjoying with closed eyes.


“Are you okay now?” asked Arnav with so much concern and love for his Choti


Nodding her head, Khushi sat properly and rested her head on the head rest.


“Chutki…” they heard Garima calling her and rushing towards them


“Chutki… what’s happened? Is you sugar level came down again? Are you okay betiya?”


“Amma… I’m fine… Chote Malik is here, right? Then no need to worry” Khushi said with low voice.


“Did you have your medicine yesterday night?” asked Garima looking straight into her daughter’s eyes. Khushi avoided the eye contact with her mother which made Garima anger rise. At that same time, both Nani and Arnav’s parents came out from their rooms. They saw Garima holding Khushi’s shoulder in anger. Ratna rushed towards them and held Garima to stop her hurting Khushi


“What’s wrong Garima? Why are you scolding Khushi?”


“What I have to do Malkin? This girl will be death of me one day. She never listens to me” tears rolled down her cheeks


“OH stop it Ma… I will not die if I don’t take medicine for one day. Don’t make such a scene here. You already know that I have more important things in my mind to handle than my health now. I can’t leave them like that, thinking about my health and taking care of bloody myself. So, stop creating scene” Khushi’s breathe is heavy. Her heart is thudding with the happenings. Everyone looked at Khushi; they never expected Khushi to talk like this with her mother. They looked at Khushi with surprised expression. Khushi sat on the couch, trying to control her emotions by holding her head and closed eyes.


Garima sat there dejectedly. She looked at everyone with helpless expression, her look lastly stayed on Arnav pleading him to take care of her Chutki


“What’s wrong Garima, Khushi? Why are both fighting? What’s happening? And what’s more important than your health Chutki? What’s going on?” asked worried Aran.


“Nothing… bade Malik… you don’t worry… I’m fine and Amma will be fine in few minutes. Amma… go and be with Bau Ji...” she tried to divert the topic and send her mother away from them, but whom she is avoiding


“No need to divert the topic. Let her be here and answer the question dad has asked you” Arnav is serious. He is very well aware that something is bothering his Choti and wanted to help her and make her relaxed. He can’t see his Choti like this.


“Not now…”


“Yes now…” Arnav is adamant to know about Khushi and her past life


Khushi looked at Arnav with helpless expression


“Don’t you want to answer if I ask you the same Choti? For me? For your Chote Malik?” Arnav hate to blackmail his Choti, that too with the love she has for him. He felt disgusted about him


Sighing deeply Khushi sat again on the couch and said “I’m working on to reveal Shyam Manohar Jha. I’m trying to find out about his past life”


“What?” that’s all everyone can ask.


Looking at them Khushi sighed one more time and revealed her past to them


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Apr 4, 2015

SS : ...Yours Truly Part 8 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 97 times)



Banner by me LOL Tongue Confused



Part 8:

Before Khushi could say anything Garima started saying "That night, Shashi Ji came to our house and asked me to pack our things saying we are leaving with you all. I started packing our things. Chutki was fast asleep. I left her on the bed after finishing the packing and came to you all to help you. After helping you all and when Shashi asked me get everything ready for our move out I came to my home and saw that Dhruv carrying Chutki in his hands. I couldn't understand what to do. I wanted to alert you all about Chutki but thought you all might have gone off. Before I move from there his men caught me and took me to Dhruv. He asked me about you all threatening to kill Chutki. But I know him well; he never can harm Chutki for anything, because he wanted to use her in his work. So, I thought of make him waste time till Shashi Ji comes. After a long wait Shashi Ji came there" Garima continued saying their horrible experience on that night. Along with Garima, Khushi also shared her past with Raizada-s


"Shashi... you go and bring Garima and Chutki. We will wait" said Aran

"No Malik... You all better go from here as early as possible. If Dhruv finds out about your missing it will be problematic. Don't worry, I will manage things here. I will bring Garima and Chutki in another vehicle as soon you leave from here. This is the address you are going to stay for few days. We will meet you there. Go Malik, it's getting late. Please leave..." Shashi urged them

"But Shashi uncle..., Choti..." both Arnav and Anjali asked with worry about their Choti.

"Don't worry beta... I will take care of her. I will bring her to you later. For now, you should leave from here. Come on... move" he ushered them to hop the car. After they left from there, Shashi ran to his house to get the shock of his life. Choti is in Dhruv's lap sleeping peacefully keeping her head on his chest and Garima is on her knees crying begging for Khushi.

Shashi stood there rooted to the spot

"Oh there he is... Come... come... please come in Mr. Shashi Gupta... come..." Dhruv welcomed Shashi sarcastically.

Shashi stepped inside in baby steps and with thudding heart. His eyes never left his daughter

"Oh don't worry about her Shashi... she is my daughter from now on. Nobody can take her from me. No more arguments on this. Now, I am coming to the point directly. Where are they? Where did you send them?" Dhruv's question is clear

"I... I don't know what you are talking about. And give my daughter back; you don't have right on her. She is MY daughter... you can never take... AAAHHH" Shashi couldn't continue his words as a shooting pain erupted in his leg caused by a bullet. He held his leg and fell on the floor crying in pain. Garima looked at him and his bleeding leg and ran towards him. With all this noises Khushi woken up from the sleep, but before she understand the surroundings and happening with her parents, Dhruv took her out, silently commanding his men to tie Shashi and Garima to the chair and interrogate.

"Where are Amma and Bau Ji Chachu Malik? What are you doing here?"

"Don't worry beta... they went out. You sleep now, and when they will come then you can go with them, okay?" he knew she is completely into her sleep. He knew that she can't ask any more questions because of her dropping eyes. Dhruv made Khushi sleep in another room and came back to the room where Shashi and Garima held, but not before making sure that Khushi won't listen any noises from inside.

"Any answer?" he asked Shashi sitting opposite to him. His man opened the cloth which is tied to Shashi's mouth.

"I don't know what you are talking about Dhruv Malik. AAAHHH..." Dhruv's man bet Shashi with a rod on his knees.

"Tsk... tsk... Shashi... why are you taking so much pain for them? See Garima, at least you tell to your husband. You can't live your life without him, right? Your daughter needs father too. Make him understand and tell him to give me the whereabouts of that family"

"What are you taking about Malik? I can't understand! Shashi Ji... what is it about he is asking?"

Garima's innocent expression made Dhruv anger to rise to next level.

"I'm warning you. If you don't tell me about Aran and his family, then you have to forget about your life" he warned Garima

"I don't know... if I knew also I don't tell, because I don't want to" Garima is adamant.

Seeing her firm expression, Dhruv lost his control and held her by her hair and slapped her hard. Not getting any answer from her, he pushed Garima towards the wall making her head hurt badly. Dhruv turned to Shashi and asked him last time. When he didn't get any information from Shashi too, he ordered his men to make him answer and left from there.

After facing unbearable torture from Dhruv's men, Shashi lost his conscious. Dhruv's men informed Dhruv about Shashi's condition.

"Garima... see your husband's condition. He is almost dead. If you won't tell me about that family then I will surely kill Shashi. Think before talking..." Dhruv threatened

After thinking for some time, decided something, Garima said "What I will get in return if I say? Would you arrange treatment to my husband and leave us along with our Chutki?" Garima don't know how she got that courage to talk before this evil man.

"Hmm... good deal..." smiling cunningly, Dhruv continued "Okay fine... I will agree with you" he turned to his men "Take Shashi to the hospital and ask doctors to treat him well" he again turned to Garima "Now tell me where are they?"

"Mumbai... they are leaving to Mumbai... they left after the dinner. I think they would have gone far from here. Their plan is to reach Mumbai before tomorrow afternoon. Aran Bhai sahib wants to meet his police friend in Mumbai. That is what I heard when Bhai sahib and Shashi Ji talking" Garima said trying to get her breath normal.

"Are you sure...?" asked Dhruv not believing Garima.

"Do you really think I will lie to you when my husband in this condition and my daughter is with you?" Garima answered him with a question

Dhruv looked at Garima for few minutes and nodded his head; he commanded some of his men to take both Garima and Shashi to hospital and some of his men to go to Mumbai.

Garima prayed the God silently for helping her in that horrible situation, giving her strength to make a lie to look like a blunt truth and making Dhruv trust her.

She went to hospital along with Shashi, leaving her daughter with Dhruv not having any further option.

||_Flashback ends_||

"That night was worst night in Amma's life. The doctors said all the harassment, beatings and mental pressure have affected Bau Ji's brain and body badly. His body got paralyzed with the beatings and he can never walk again. His legs, hands and back bone were paralyzed. From then he was glued to the bed. He couldn't use his legs or hands for any of his works. After that day I never heard my Bau Ji saying how much he loves me. I never heared him calling me with so much love. I never knew how my Bau Ji was. I never knew how he dealt with the situations. I never knew how strong he is. I never knew what he feels for me. I never experienced my Bau Ji's warmth" tears rolled on her cheeks. Arnav hugged her sideways when she continued saying "Whenever I want to go to Bau Ji then that Dhruv Singh Raizada made some or some excuses and made me stay with him. But at nights I used to sneak out from the palace to the outhouse to meet my parents"

"Amma asked him about leaving us alone and let us go from there. But he bluntly rejected her saying that his men didn't find you all in Mumbai, because Amma gave him wrong information. She tried to make him agree, but he didn't. He said he should punish Amma and Bau Ji for misleading him. So, he started to create MU and distance between me and Amma, Bau Ji. He managed to spoil my mind telling lies about you all. He said you (She pointed Aran) are the reason for my Bau Ji's situation. He said your family was the reason for our problems. Somewhat I believed him, but still I felt there is something amiss. I was confused about how Chote Malik and his family can become that rude. I'm sorry for believing him for some time and little over you all. I think my heart knows that he is filling all lies. One day, when he went out of Lucknow, I got time to talk with my mother for long. That is the time; Amma told me everything about that heartless monster. I was really fought with her for supporting you all. She explained me and made me understand the things. She even bet for me accusing you" Khushi smiled little and continued

"That day I decided to pay him back for his deeds. He made us suffer a lot; he made me opposite to you all. I think I was 16 years that time when first time I heard him shouting at his men for not able to track you all. That was the first time I felt anger, hate, fear, desperateness and more all together at the same moment. I dared to ask him about his planning. I made him trust me that I hate you all and I believed him in your matter. He explained me and then I showed some loopholes in his plan. He was very much happy knowing that I'm willingly helping him to... to... I'm sorry... to kill you all. That time he asked me to stop going to school and learn about the law. He arranged two teachers for me to teach me both the criminal and civil laws. He never allowed me outside the house, saying the men out there are not good. They can harm the innocent girl like me"

"I knew that he is afraid thinking that I might meet you all and will come to know the truth. He wanted to use my brain. He used to say that I'm too intelligent and he wants my help in his business. I agreed whatever he says and I helped him completely with all his deeds and deals and business. I made him trust me completely. I helped him in finding you all. On the other side, I made a team with the people who suffered because of this man. I asked them to work for me to keep you all safe. I made Dhruv to believe that, those men are working in favor for him. He again trusted me. As I studied both the criminal and civil laws, I got to know how to do and what to do and what not. It helped me a lot. With the help of my team, I managed to inform Chote Malik whenever I got the information about Dhruv's plans which may lead to your loss."

"He started the game by using me and I want to end the game using him. But, things got changed and he got doubt about my intentions, my behavior and my thoughts. So, he arranged few men to follow me wherever I go. I noticed this, but luckily I managed to shift Amma and Bau Ji to the place unknown to them. They followed me wherever I went. All the times except two, I managed to divert them. Those are the two times when I met you both (she said looking at Aman and Arnav) and gave you that information. Yesterday he came to know about my intentions completely. He asked his men to catch me and my family at any cost. So they did. After that you know whatever happened and we are here now..." Khushi stopped there telling about her past life to till day and looked at everyone who is watching her with wide eyes, teary eyes, angered eyes, lovable eyes and concerned eyes.

She smiled at everyone and said "We are fine now... Don't worry..." she assured them. Arnav hugged her tightly sideways

"We are lucky to have you all in our lives Choti. If you are not there I don't know what we would have done" everyone agreed with Arnav.

"Don't say that Chote Malik... you all are good people, nothing will happen to you. God always supports the good"

"What's going on there?" everyone looked at the source of sound. Khushi felt her anger rising every second after seeing the only person she hates - Shyam Manohar Jha. Before anyone can answer him, she herself answered

"What made you think that I will answer your question or I will let others to answer you?" everyone looked at Khushi surprisingly.

Arnav held Khushi when he saw Shyam almost ran to Khushi. But Khushi removed Arnav's hand from hers and stood up to face that Shyam.

Shyam looked at Khushi with so much anger "What did you say?" he gritted his teeth.

But Khushi didn't even flinch a bit. She looked at him in his eyes and said "I think you have an ear problem. It's okay, I will repeat my words. I asked what made you think that I will answer your question or I will let others to answer you. Is the question clear now?"

"How dare you?" Shyam gritted his teeth again

"Don't... don't ask me about my dare, because I won't answer you... actually there is no need to answer you... so, I won't tell you"

"What you won't tell Chutki?"

"Di... Good Morning... I was just asking about you only. But your husband is hell bent to separate us. He is saying he doesn't want me near you and he won't allow me with you" said Khushi pouting cutely making a sad face before Anjali. Everyone in the hall looked at Khushi with surprised eyes

"Don't think about his words Chutki... you know you can come to me whenever you want, right? No one can stop you, not even Chote, okay? Don't worry about anyone. You are my Chutki and you have all the rights to come to me and meet me and talk to me whenever you want. Don't give me that sad expression, I can't see you sad. You are still that innocent 5 year Chutki for me. You have every right on me as my family, may be more than them, umm...? Okay?" Anjali said holding Khushi shoulder and looking at her face

"But... Jeejaji is not allowing me" Khushi said in low voice which sounded as she is on verge of crying.

Hugging Khushi Anjali said "Aww... meri Chutki... meri bachi... Don't worry about jeejaji's words... he don't know how important you are to me, to Chote and to this family"

"But that doesn't mean he can scold me when I want to meet you all" Khushi said again in low voice

Smiling at Khushi Anjali said "I will tell him. From now onwards he won't say anything to you. Okay?" getting a nod from Khushi she continued "Then, you change that expression now. I want to see that beautiful smile on your face always. If you stay sad, my day won't be good. Come on... smile"

Khushi gave a big smile to Anjali and hugged her tightly. Khushi looked at Arnav and winked with a victory smile on her face making Arnav roll his eyes and controlling his smile biting his lower lip. He is a proud man now... because of his Choti

"She is too dangerous. I have to be careful. Otherwise, she will surely make me her slave. I don't want to be a slave to an innocent yet intelligent girl" said Aman in low voice only for Arnav to hear.


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SS : ...Yours Truly Part 9 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 95 times)


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Part 9:

"What the hell is happening here? Why this Anjali is supporting this chit of the girl? Who is this girl? What this girl to this family? Everything is going nicely as I planned. I thought I have to deal with ASR, no one else. But here, this girl is looking more dangerous than this ASR. What to do? I think I need to talk with sir" thought Shyam. His self talking got disturbed by Nani's call for breakfast

"Come on... it's getting late for breakfast. We will talk after having. Come on... Chote, Aman and Chutki you three go and fresh up and come, fast"

Nodding their heads three left to their rooms. After confirming they are out of sight to the family members Khushi stopped both Arnav and Aman.

"I need Shyam's mobile"

"What?" the duo asked

"Yes, I need Shyam mobile at any cost. I don't want him to leak the information about my staying here. And I want him to be inside the house today. And yeah, where is that packet I gave you yesterday? I need that too"

"Choti... what are you saying?"

"What am I saying? I already said that I'm working on how to throw Shyam Manohar Jha out. For that I needed his mobile and that packet"

"His mobile, okay I will manage to bring. But which packet you are talking about?" Aman asked.

"I can't believe this... don't say that you lost that packet. Aman sab yesterday I gave you packet asking to give to Chote Malik, didn't you give?"

"Oh... that one... yeah Aman gave me. But I didn't concentrate on that. I don't know where I kept it"

"WHAT???" Khushi looked at Arnav disbelievingly "You loss that packet???" she whispered

"No Choti... I mean Chutki... I think that packet will be in the office. By the way what's there in that?"

"All the evidence I gathered about Shyam and Dhruv. You lost that... what should I do now?" Khushi sat on the floor thinking about her hard work going on drain.

Arnav and Aman looked at each other and again looked at Khushi with guilt ridden faces.

"Let me check with our staff" Arnav about to call his office but stopped by Khushi

"No Chote Malik, don't. What if your staff sees that packet? What if the person you ask to see the packet is the same person working for Dhruv?" Khushi is tensed about that packet. She collected most of the evidence about Dhruv's life and Shyam being a cheater

"Choti... I'm sorry..." said Arnav kneeling down beside Khushi.

"No no... Chote Malik... there is no need for you to say sorry... mistakes happens. No problem... I will ask my men to collect again... you don't worry... everything will be fine. You just make sure I will get his mobile ASAP" she never allows anyone including Arnav to point out Arnav for any mistakes. Before they continue their discussion more they heard Ratna calling them

"Oyy... Chote Chutki... come fast... you can talk with each other later... we are dying here with hunger. Stop your chitchat and come fast..." 

"I will meet you both at dining hall" saying this Khushi left to her room.

"Sorry Arnav... I should have been more careful..."

"Don't be Aman... I know we were in tension and it just skipped from our minds. I will tell Choti that I will go to office and search for that packet. If I get that packet then Choti will be fine... don't worry..."

"You like her, don't you?"

"Who won't like her? She is such an angel" said Arnav looking at the way Khushi left

"No, I'm didn't mean in that way. I said you like her in other' way" Aman said smiling at Arnav

Understanding Aman's indirect words, Arnav said "She is JUST my childhood friend. Whatever she and her family did to us, I never thank them enough. She is just my best friend. I'm really happy that I got her again. I missed her. But that doesn't mean I will love her and will marry her. Forget about that Aman... Don't try to talk about this in front of the family" Arnav said in a clear threat and left to his room followed by smiling Aman.

Khushi, who stood next to the door of her room, heard the conversation between Arnav and Aman.

If you want me to be only your friend, then I will Chote Malik. I know about my place - your employee's daughter. I won't cross that line, even if I want also. Don't worry; I won't give you any difficulty in our relation. I will remain as your servant's daughter and will leave once Shyam and Dhruv got their punishment' thought Khushi. A small tear rolled down on her cheek.

When she entered into the room, she forgot to close the door before she goes to washroom. So, she came back to close the door and heard the conversation. She sighed deeply and went to freshen up thinking about her incomplete love.


"Di... can you come here once"

"Ha Chote... coming" Anjali reached the living room where both Aman and Arnav stood.

"What Chote...?"

"Di... I want to talk with all, about you and Jeeja Ji after lunch. So, can you ask him to stay at house today? Dad may want to ask some questions to him. So... if you don't feel bad..." Arnav said in a low voice.

"Thank you Chote... I will ask him" Anjali was happy

"Don't thank me Di... I want your happiness nothing else" with that everyone left to dining room


"Chote Malik... can I get your mobile for some time?"

"No... don't give your mobile beta. If you give, then she will not eat or do anything. She will spend her day and night playing games in mobile. It had take lot of effort for me to delete the games from her mobile" complained Garima making Khushi pout

Suddenly Anjali and Aman looked at each other and started laughing loudly

"Why are both laughing? What's there to laugh? Everyone plays games in their mobile, right? Then why are you making fun of me?" Khushi is little hurt with their response

"No... no... Chutki... we are not laughing at you. We are laughing at your Chote Malik" Aman said without thinking

"WHAT? HOW DARE YOU?" Khushi pounced on Aman

"Wov... stop it... I am not insulting him. We are laughing at him, because he never had games in his mobile"

"Don't have games in his mobile?" shock is clear in Khushi's eyes

Anjali and Aman laughed again. Arnav moved uncomfortably in his seat and said

"In fact Aman too doesn't have games in his mobile" he complained

Now, it's Aman's time to move uncomfortably

"Huh... that means nobody has games in anyone's mobile" Khushi sat with her dull face

Suddenly Anjali said making the trio looked at each other

"Don't worry Choti... your jeeja Ji has games in his mobile. You can play with his, here take this" Anjali gave Shyam's mobile to Khushi.

"No Di... it's okay... Jeeja Ji won't like if I take his mobile. I don't want him to get angry on me" Khushi well knew how to behave with whom

"No... he won't do that. Do you Shyam Ji?"

"No... not at all Rani Sahiba. Here, Khushi Ji, take my mobile and play whatever game you want" he said, giving a fake smile to everyone.

"Thank you Jeeja Ji..." this time Khushi smiled genuinely and thanked Shyam. She likes to play games

"But please... when I get the call please give it me back"

"Of course, I will. Don't worry about that, I have sense" said Khushi sarcastically

Khushi left from there signaling Aman and Arnav to come after her. Both Aman and Arnav left from there saying they want to talk with Khushi


"Chote Malik..., tell me one number which is not working now. Any of your friends' number, but it shouldn't work anymore"


"9...5...0...2...0...98557. Finished... now he can't contact that Dhruv" said Khushi with a winning smile on her face

"Why would Shyam contact Dhruv?" Aman asked with confusion

"Because... Shyam is appointed by Dhruv to trap Di malkin" Khushi slowly revealed the truth to both the brother

"What?" they both shouted at once

"Sh... why are you shouting? What's there to get shock? You should have guessed this Chote Malik. How can you neglect the fact that Dhruv is trying to spoil you all? Whatever hints or notes or warning I gave you, still how can you be like this? You should be more alert than this. How many times I warned you? Fine... leave it. Now, I want someone to call this number. Whom I can ask..." Khushi got an idea. She called her team member from her mobile and asked them to call Shyam's number from public phone. When the mobile rang she went downstairs and gave the phone to Shyam saying he got some call.

"Did you answer?" Shyam asked Khushi in a hurry

"Why would I? I have manners Mr. Shyam Manohar Jha. And more than that, I'm not your servant and I have much more important work than answering your worthless calls. Anyway, thanks for the mobile" Khushi left from there leaving fuming Shyam

After Khushi left from there Shyam immediately checked his mobile for answered calls and read messages. But he didn't find any, he breathe in relief knowing Khushi didn't answer any call or message. He went out and dialed Dhruv number which is not reachable at that time. Khushi who is seeing this along with Arnav and Aman from the upstairs smiles at Shyam's worried expression.

"You will never get him Shyam. You can never contact him" her eyes shined with victory.

The trio went to Arnav's room. Once they enter, Aman asked "What if Dhruv calls Shyam?"

Khushi looked at both Arnav and Aman with a smile on her face.

"He can't answer the Dhruv's call, because he won't get any, because I blocked Dhruv's number from Shyam's number" Khushi said in relaxed tone making both brothers surprised at her talent "Still I can't take any risk about this Shyam. I have to work fast and throw him ASAP. Let me call my team and ask them if they can again get those evidence or not" before Khushi make a call, Arnav said

"Choti... I will go to office and check about that packet, okay?"

"Okay... till that time, I will make Bade Malik to talk with that scumbag. And I will interfere in my own way and ask him my questions" Khushi said thinking deeply. Both Arnav and Aman looked at each other and left from there. Khushi too left from there towards Anjali's room which she is staying now. When she entered the room she finds Anjali in a deep thought

"Di malkin... what are you thinking?" Khushi shook Anjali to get her back from her thoughts.

"Huh... oh Choti... nothing dear... I'm just thinking about Shyam Ji. Chote said he wants to talk with all about Shyam Ji. I'm thinking about that. I worried thinking about whether they will accept Shyam Ji or not"

"Why won't they? You already informed them, right?"

"No Choti... I didn't..."

"Means... you ran away with him and... and..." Khushi acted as she don't know anything and surprised to know that now

Anjali nodded her head in agreement

"I'm disappointed Di... you did wrong" Khushi said in low voice

"Choti... you too think Shyam is not good person?"

"I'm not talking about your choice or Shyam Ji or someone else Di. I'm talking about you not informing your family members. Don't you know how much they love you? Don't you know how many dreams Chote Malik Ma has about your wedding? You couldn't tell them before marriage, then they would have done your wedding with the person you likes"

"I'm sorry Choti... I didn't think about this in this way"

"Hmm... what can we do now... in all this one thing is good" Anjali looked at Khushi as asking what is that "At least you asked them forgiveness. I hope they will accept Shyam Ji and forgive you" Khushi said in a happy tone.

Realization has dawn to Anjali. She looked at Khushi with wide eyes and said "No... Choti... I didn't"

"What do you mean?"

"I didn't ask them about forgiveness; in fact I'm not talking with them"

"What? What's wrong? What happened? Why aren't you talking with them?"

"Woh... Um... yesterday when I came home with Shyam Ji..." Anjali told everything about what had happened after she comes after getting married.

This time, Khushi is really shocked to hear whatever happened

"How can do that Di Malkin? You asked Nani Malkin to go out of this house? You shouted at your mother? For whom - the person whom you know from just few months? I can't believe this, I never expected this" Khushi sat on bed with a thud feeling hurt about Anjali's behavior.

"Shyam Ji said no one will accept us, but I fought with him saying that my family will accept my decision. When they didn't accept us, I felt insulted. So, without thinking I behaved like that. But later when Chote made me understand, I understood what I did. I'm sorry Choti..."

Immediately everything came to meaning for Khushi. This is his plan' thought Khushi. "Don't you think I'm not the person to whom you should say sorry, Di Malkin? If you want your family to accept your choice, then you should give a try from yourself too. Think about this Di... I think Nani Malkin deserves some respect from you. They don't know about Shyam Ji before, then how can you expect them to understand him? It's your responsibility to made then understand. If you feel the same, then you better go and talk with them and you should ask their forgiveness. It will help you and Chote Malik to make them accept this marriage. I will leave now, I have some work" with that Khushi came out the room, leaving Anjali in thoughts. She never wants anyone accept Anjali's marriage. But whatever she came to know with Anjali's words, she understood that Anjali is deeply trapped with Shyam's fake love. First she has to pull Anjali out from that trap; then she will work on throwing Shyam out. Sighing she left to Aran's room


That's all for now...


Hope you guys enjoyed the update...


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Apr 20, 2015

SS : ...Yours Truly Part 10 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 109 times)



Banner by me LOL Tongue Confused



Part 10:

"I'm really sorry; because of us you all faced a lot"

"Don't be bade Malik... we are happy that we were able to help you. Please don't be sorry..." Garima refused to accept Aran's sorry

"But we can never thank you for what you did Garima and Shashi... thank you so much"

"When you can thank us completely then say thanks Nani Malkin..." Khushi stood at the door with a smile on her face

"Chutki..., Why are you standing there? Come here my dear..." called Nani

"Please don't separate us from you all, with thank you and sorry-s. Please... we want to be your most trusted people. We want to be your most trusted servants bade Malik... please... don't separate us Nani Malkin" Khushi said being emotional. Arnav's words still echoing in her ears

Everyone looked at Khushi with surprised eyes. They never thought Khushi will think like this about her and her family.

"Chutki...! Why are you saying like this? Who said you are our servant? We never thought like that.  What made you think like that?" Ratna is deeply hurt with Khushi's words

"Chote Malik ma... I'm your girl; still you are feeling hurt with my words. But Chote Malik Ma you all are our life, then how do you expect me to react when I hear your thank you or sorry-s? How can you expect me to feel when you all try to separate me or us with these words? I don't want to be in any relation with any one... I want to be myself who can help my Chote Malik's family. I don't' want anything else" Khushi shouted with frustration. Her face is red with anger, hurt, disappointment and sadness

"Chutki? What's wrong beta? Why are you saying like this?" Garima held Khushi by her shoulder. She is worried for her daughter. She knew what Raizadas are for her daughter. She knew what Chote Malik is for her daughter. She may not ask her daughter, but she can understand the glint in Khushi's eyes when she hear Arnav's name; she can understand the content in Khushi's face when she able to help Arnav even though indirectly. She can understand her daughter.

"Nothing Amma... I was just worried about Di Malkin and all. I am feeling I will fail to save Di Malkin from this Shyam" Khushi very well knew how to divert whose mind. She very well knew how to take the situation under her control. For this she thanked Dhruv mentally for training her well.

"What are you talking about Chutki? Why are you saying like this about Shyam?"

"He is appointed by Dhruv" Khushi silently revealed the truth leaving all the Raizada-s shocked. "Don't worry about Di Malkin, bade Malik. I will never let anything happen to her. But I need your help in this. Just do what I say. I don't want you all to hate or get angry on Di Malkin. I want her to see the truth by herself.  I don't want her to feel like we don't care about her. Just give her time... and do what I say" Khushi explained what they have to do.

Meanwhile in Anjali's room

"Rani Sahiba... whatever you say... I don't like that Choti or Chutki or Khushi whoever it is. I don't like her behavior. She is showing so much right on this family"

"Don't be Shyam Ji... she is our angel. She did so much for us. She saved me and Chote in our childhood. She is really nice girl from her heart. If you spend time with her, then you will get know about her. Don't be angry on her. She is so innocent" said Anjali with an affectionate smile on her face

Shyam felt irritated and frustrated with Anjali supporting that girl and not him. He felt like Anjali is slipping from his hands. He thought of doing something, something which will make that chit of girl out of this house - his future house. Shyam smiled inwardly but kept a face and continued his trails

"Innocent? You are saying that girl is innocent? Then you are the most innocent girl rani sahiba. Didn't you see how that girl is behaving with Saale sahib-s? Didn't you understand what she is trying? She is trying to trap your brothers. She is trying to enter in this house. She is trapping your brother for your money"

Suddenly Anjali felt unknown excitement with Shyam's words. Choti and Chote as wife and husband' this thought itself brought so much happiness to Anjali's heart. But before she says anything, Shyam's words left her shocked

"If she couldn't trap your brothers, I'm sure; she will try to trap me. If not me, I'm sure she will not think before trying for your father. I know this type of girls, rani sahiba..."

"SHYAM JIII" shouted Anjali in shock. She can't tolerate anyone accusing her Choti.

Seeing her anger for the first time, Shyam tried to control the situation "I'm just trying to warn you... I just want to take care of this family - my family. You better throw her outside ASAP. Later it's your wish... I think if you talk about this Arnav, then he will do whatever has to be done. I'm just worry about this house Rani Sahiba...nothing else" Shyam kept an innocent face, which created a doubtful-thought in Anjali's mind. Anjali looked at Shyam with so much confusion in her face.

I think she is thinking about what I said' thought Shyam

Why am I feeling different with this man now? Isn't he the same from inside what he shows outside?' thought Anjali.

Unknowingly Khushi is successful in creating doubt in between Shyam and Anjali. Khushi knew how to behave with Shyam to irritate him. She expected him to react his way. Unknown to her, she is successful

"Rani Sahiba... you understand what I'm saying, right?"

Anjali looked at him with confused eyes and nodded her head. Before their conversation moves ahead, they heard a knock on the door.

"Di... Lunch is ready. I'm going to call everyone"

"Thank you HP. We will come..." Anjali dismissed HP and turned to Shyam "Let's go..." she couldn't talk anything. She felt different. But Shyam took this as in his favor. He followed Anjali with a winning smile, not knowing about Khushi's love towards Arnav and Arnav's family. If he knows that, he would have been little careful.


Dining hall

Anjali and Shyam are waiting for rest of the family. Khushi along with others came to the dining hall after telling Raizada-s about her plan. Khushi looked at Anjali and Shyam's faces and understood that something is happened there. She prayed to god whatever happened should be in her favor. She went to Anjali and hugged her

"Di... you are not looking fine, is everything okay?" asked Khushi looking at Shyam with a doubtful expression.

In that worry too, Anjali couldn't stop smiling seeing Khushi's possessiveness about her.

"I'm fine Choti... don't worry..." Anjali turned to her family and said "Can I have some time after lunch? I want to talk with you all" seeing her tearful eyes, everyone gulped and nodded their heads. Anjali looked at Khushi for assurance which came instantly with a bright smile


After lunch everyone settled in living room. Shyam is curious to hear what Anjali wants to talk. As Khushi didn't inform anyone about her small talk with Anjali, others also didn't have any idea about what will Anjali talk

Seeing everyone in silence, Khushi took the responsibility of initiating the talk

"Tell me Di Malkin... what do you want to talk with us?"

"Not with YOU... She wants to talk with HER FAMILY. Can't you understand that much" Shyam again poked his nose in between Khushi's words, which she never allowed anyone.

"For your kind information, I didn't ask YOU. You better stop poking your nose into MY words. I never allowed or will never allow anyone in that matter, leave about you. You better be in your limits."

"Choti..." Anjali couldn't understand why Khushi is this much opposite with Shyam. Anjali always respected Khushi's sixth sense. Is Choti's sixth sense correct about Shyam?' thought Anjali

"Sorry Di Malkin... but I don't like this person at all..." Khushi's words are straight leaving Anjali and Shyam surprised and shocked

"Chutki... keep quiet for some time, let Anjali betiya talk" Garima scolded Khushi for her always doubtful and possessive nature about Anjali and Arnav

Khushi pouted in irritation and kept quiet. Everyone smiled at her face. Nani patted her back and assured her with a nod

Anjali stood from her place and went to Nani.

"I'm really sorry Nani... I didn't mean to hurt you. I was just... please Nani... please forgive me. Please... I don't know what happened to me. I shouldn't talk with you in that manner. When you all refused to accept Shyam Ji, I was deeply hurt Nani. In that I don't know what I said to you all. I didn't understand what blunder I did with you all until Chote and Choti make me understand. I'm sorry Nani... I'm really sorry..." Anjali fell on Nani's feet while crying her heart out.

Everyone in the room except Khushi, are shocked to see Anjali like this. Nani immediately held Anjali to her heart and cried with her. Ratna also joined the hug and cried. Aran patted Anjali's head with so much affection

Shyam stood there bewildered. He never knew Anjali will ask for forgiveness and the family will accept their family this fast. He is happy. His look went to Khushi, who is looking at Anjali with happy smile on her face. For the first time, Shyam felt unknown fear seeing this girl. His expression changed into an disgusted expression.

Anjali broke the hug and folded her hands asking forgiveness from her father

"I'm sorry Papa. I did a mistake, please forgive me. I will take care it won't happen again. Please Papa... I'm sorry..." she rested her forehead on her folded hands and cried. Not able to see his lovely daughter this broken Aran held her securely in his embrace patting her head. He gulped hard to control his tears, still a lone tear rolled from the corner. Nani patted his shoulder and nodded her head as assuring that their daughter is safe

After this emotional scene, everyone sat in the living room with light weighted hearts. Khushi is the happiest person seeing her favorite people grouping again. Slowly her eyes turned to serious watching Shyam's disgusted expression. Somewhat she gather's Aran's attention and signaled him to carry on their plan

"I'm really happy that Anjali betiya understood what mistake she did. Thanks to Chote and Chutki. Anjali... we were just worried about you beta... we don't know anything about this boy, then how can you expect us to believe him? We were never against your wish dear. We were just worried about you. Please try to understand" Aran again tried to make Anjali clear about their love towards her.

"Now I know papa... I too am so sorry for my behavior. We both are sorry for whatever we did. I wish we would have taken your permission before taking this step" Anjali looked at Shyam's surprised face, expecting him to say something. But seeing him quiet she felt little different and hurt.

"Don't worry beta, we can talk now. We can understand each other now. We too did mistake keeping you both aside these days. We are sorry too..." said Ratna

"Yes... we can talk" said Nani

All the time, Khushi's eyes are on Anjali and mostly on Shyam. She is observing his each and every expression. She can clearly understand what's going on in his mind now. She smiled inwardly seeing him lightly sweating.

"Tell me about you and your family beta... where are you from?" Nani started their cross examining. Khushi alerted her senses to catch the blunder Shyam will do in few minutes

"Um... my name is Shyam. I'm from Lucknow..."

"Lucknow... wow... we too are from there. Where was your house?" asked Ratna pretending to be over excited.

Before Shyam can answer, he got a call. He immediately excused himself to get some time. Seeing her mobile beeping with a message from Arnav Khushi too excused herself and left to her room. Within seconds, Arnav and Aman also came inside. Seeing everyone in hall, they thought something happened.

"Arey Chote... Aman... you both came beta...? You both go fresh and come, I will arrange your food"

"No Amma... you sit..." said Aman and called HP asking him to arrange food for him and Arnav. Both went to Arnav's room to see Khushi pacing up and down in the room.


Khushi ran to Arnav and grabbed the packet from his hands and opened it. She sighed in relief seeing the content in that packet. She closed her eyes and thanked god for his help. Her heart is beating widely. She took deep breaths and turned to the duo

"Chote Malik... can I take this packet with me? Please..." she didn't look at Arnav's eyes

"Why are you asking like that Choti... you never did that before, then why now?"

"Nothing... Please you go down and have your lunch. I will meet you down there" saying this she went out.

"What's wrong with her? Why is she behaving so weird now? Oh god this girl will never change... One day this girl will make me mad" saying this Arnav left to washroom to freshen up

Aman looked at the door where Khushi left from. He too sensed something weird in Khushi today. She never hesitated to talk anything with HER Arnav Ji or anyone else. She never thinks before looking at Arnav, then what happened now? He is confused about Khushi's behavior. Sighing deeply... Oh god... I will become mad with this Choti and Chote' thought Aman smiling little

After few minutes, Khushi went down to join the discussion/conversation or interrogation or whatever it is. She looked at dining table where both Arnav and Aman having their lunch. She sat beside Anjali and asked

"Di Malkin! Where is Jeeja Ji?"

"He didn't come back from his call Choti..." said Anjali with a smile on her face

"Not yet come? Is that phone call more important than the discussion with family?" Khushi said to herself, enough loud to others to hear.

Both Arnav and Aman, who are coming to living room after finishing their lunch looked at each other and looked at Khushi. Anjali also looked at Khushi trying to understand what does Khushi meant. Somewhere in Anjali's mind, this question of Khushi, created a desired doubt.

"I will check with him" said Anjali in low voice and went to the side where Shyam went

"Choti... whatever you are trying to, I can clearly understand. But remember one thing... I will be there with my sister, don't you dare to hurt her" said Arnav without thinking leaving everyone shocking.

"Arnav" Aman said little loudly. Aman can understand what these words of Arnav will do with Khushi. He is disappointed with Arnav.

Khushi is deeply hurt with Arnav's words. She never thought Arnav will accuse her for something after knowing about her. Within few seconds, her hurt turned into anger. She stood up and said in a controlled voice making sure Anjali or Shyam will not be able to listen

"Yeah... I can clearly see that. You are here for her. That's why she is in this situation today. I can clearly see how much careful you are about her. Forgive me Mr. Raizada... for saying all these for you. Mark my words... I will never ever hurt this family. I will prefer to die before thinking about hurting this family. Thanks for your words... I can never forget them in my life. Today afternoon itself I will leave this house with my family. Sorry for troubling you" Khushi started leaving from there but stopped by Aman

"Chutki... please don't. We need you now; Di needs you now... please... you know about Arnav... he is worried about Di..."

"What do you think Aman sab...? Am I not worried about Di Malkin? Am I not worried about this family? Am I not worried about that man (showing Arnav)?  Do you think I'm doing all these risking my family for my happiness?"

Aman nodded his head in no. "I know why you are doing all these Chutki. I know how much you love Arnav..." Khushi jerked her head up and looked at Aman and others with shock and fear. Aman continued saving Khushi "and Di and this family. I can understand... clearly..." Khushi looked at Aman with helpless eyes, tears rolled down from her eyes. Aman cupped her cheeks and nodded his head in no. without thinking Khushi hugged him and cried. All the family members including Arnav remained rooted in their places. Seeing Aman hugging Khushi, Arnav felt some uneasy feeling in his heart. He didn't like Aman hugging his Choti. Yes, she is MY CHOTI... no one has right to console her other than me' thought Arnav. He walked toward Aman and Khushi and separated them with a force making both Aman and Khushi stumbled few steps.

"If you want someone to console you, then you SHOULD come to ME. No one else..., DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" shouted Arnav leaving both Khushi and Aman baffled.

Both Khushi and Aman looked at each other. Aman raised his eye brows with little smile on his lips and naughty look in his eyes.

"Why should I come to you when you are the person who hurts me?" Khushi said composing herself

Before Arnav says anything Anjali came with Shyam. She looked at Arnav and Khushi who are looking like they will kill each other. It's really a shock to everyone. They never guessed both Arnav and Khushi will fight - not even in their rarest of rarest horrible nightmares.

"Chote... Choti... what's going on? YOU BOTH ARE FIGHTING!!!"

"What do you expect me Di? When he is accusing me saying that I'm here for hurting you? He is warning me to don't dare that. How dare him to say like that?" shouted Khushi observing Anjali and Shyam's expressions.

Anjali is angry, but Shyam is way too much happy. Not wanting to continue this fight and not wanting the main discussion to sidetrack, and not wanting to give chance to this Shyam; Khushi signaled Aran to take control of the situation

"Okay leave this now... stop your childish fights. You are not kids anymore. Now come here and sit. We need to talk. I want to know completely about Shyam. I can't get free time again. Chutki you go wash your face and come, and you Chote go and ask HP to bring some juice for all of us. Go..."

Both Arnav and Khushi left from there giving a lost glance towards each other.


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And about Arnav loving Khushi -

Seriously dearies,

How can you expect Arnav to love Khushi? He never saw her before few days and after that horrible night in their childhood. He never thought about HIS choti in that matter. whenever he thinks about her, that small cute 5 year old girl will come in his mind. then how can he love her?


Dearies... whatever condition/situation he saw her for the first time, i think that won't be the proper time to blossom the love. because, he is overwhelmed to see his childhood friend and shocked to see her fighting with some other men LOL Wink


Give sometime for his possessiveness to change into love. Don't worry... I won't separate them and there won't be ANY MISUNDERSTANDINGS. And this update is the starting point for Arnav's love... trust me dearies... You will get what you want... Day Dreaming Smile

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