OS - Khushi… Will you forgive me…..

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Feb 22, 2015

OS - Khushi… Will you forgive me….. (By Kalai) (Thanked: 146 times)


Arnav held Khushi’s hand and looked at her angelic face which is in peaceful sleep. His heart weighed so heavy as he’s is the one responsible for her current state. He looked at the surrounding where his Khushi is lying calmly with drips and other hospital stuffs.


He closed his eyes as her tears… longing words…. Constantly rang in his ears. He opened his teary eyes and kissed her hand gently. “Khushi…. Please don’t leave me alone…. Am really very sorry….” Saying this the great mighty ASR…. Arnav Singh Raizada started to pour his tears.


His thoughts went back six months….


Arnav Singh Raizada…. a young dynamic rude handsome tycoon… Who never wanted to get marry… fell for Khushi…. Instantly when his family showed her snap…. He didn’t know the very new feel which emerged on watching her innocent beauty. Khushi is no less there. She too fell for him… like love at first sight….


Both the families were very happy for them. Arnav and Khushi met couple of times before their marriage. They talked. Arnav told her clearly that he’s a very busy person. Khushi liked his honest without knowing what’s waiting for her. She just like other girls started to dream with him. She eagerly waited for their marriage with a heavy blush.


Their marriage went grandly. Their night was the most memorable one for her. She was in the cloud 9 seeing her hubby’s love for her. She felt that she’s the luckiest girl in the whole universe. When Arnav hugged her and told that they couldn’t go for a honeymoon coz of his busy schedule… she as a very good wife understood and supported him. Everything went smoothly and romantically for a month…


Then Nani decided to go for temple trip which she has prayed if her grandson agrees for his marriage. Arnav’s parents died in an accident and his only sister Anjali is married and settled in abroad. Nani thought to stay for a month after their marriage so that Khushi settles well in RM. So now she left for her trip.


Initially Khushi was happy but later on she felt loneliness. As she is a very lively person… this loneliness started to kill her… though she had servants to talk… but even then she missed Arnav… who used to start earlier and come late due to his work….


She started to miss small small things which she dreamt with him. When she fell ill… she informed him to take her to hospital… Arnav was in an important meeting… he came in a hurry along with the doctor… she got her medicines… Arnav asked her to take rest and told the maid to take good care of her… then he left to his work… Khushi felt very sad…


She composed herself thinking that he’s busy. But when he returned, he totally forgot to ask abot her health. She waited so much that at last she exploded. Arnav replied her coolly that what’s there to ask as she has got her medicines… obviously she will get well… this reply really broke Khushi into pieces… What happened to her hubby… she questioned herself….


He hugged her after lying on the bed. All her anger went in air with his touch. She didn’t stop him as she thought that it’s his care. His slow hot touches ended in love making session. She just moved on but couldn’t forget abot his harsh reply.


Then came her birthday. He simply wished her and went to work. She was again upset thinking what all other hubby’s doing for their loving wives. Later in the night he hugged her lovingly. She blushed thinking that maybe he’s going to surprise her. But nothing of that sort happened other than love.


Days rolled. Khushi felt difficult to be normal. She tried to watch TV… engage herself in online. But she couldn’t. Nothing worked. Later when Arnav came to home… he hugged her from behind. She freed herself and turned to him. “Arnav… can I ask you something…” she slowly started. “Ummmm…” he leaned and started to kiss her neck by holding her waist tightly. “Am getting bored here… can I come to office with you…” instantly Arnav came to sense and looked her. “Are you kidding…” he asked calmly with a smirk. “Am serious…” she sounded clearly. “What’s the need for job Khushi… What is not here for you… just enjoy it…” saying this he went on with his kisses. She knew that there’s no use to ask him anything now.


Now came his birthday. She has made so much arrangement to impress him… to make him happy. But he simply cut the cake and fed her. She felt sad as he didn’t even say a word abot her arrangements. Just everything ended in as usual love making.


Khushi felt restless. Her mind started to raise many more questions inside her. Slowly she felt that maybe he’s using her just for love making. She brushed that thought but deep inside her told maybe that’s the truth. She couldn’t share anything with her mom as she felt they would worry for her life. She didn’t want them to worry.


One day she composed herself to ask him directly. She started as she thought. She poured her heart out to him hoping that he will realize how much he has hurted her feelings. But instead he became furious and held her shoulders rudely. “Khushi… never ever try to put such silly questions to me… am like this only… I cleared you this when we met…. Now what’s wrong with you… no one dared to question me like this… this was the reason I hated marriages… if you are not happy… then you can leave…” saying this with gritted teeth he marched outside. Khushi’s eyes welled up when her whole body became numb. She wiped her tears and decided not to share her feelings with him. For a second she thought to leave… but her poor heart… which is in so much love… didn’t allowed her to do that.


She just prayed that his anger should reduce when there is no mistake of her. She thought that maybe with time he will understand her. He came and hugged her. She didn’t say a word and allowed him as usual to possess his property.


She thought at least Nani will return. But to her bad luck Nani visited their close relatives as Nani felt her job was over. Khushi started to pretend being happy in front of him. But when he’s not there she felt so difficult. Slowly she started to listen music and gradually got addicted to it. She spent her time in dreaming even in day. Once she even asked Arnav to dance with her for which he laughed at her.


Khushi was totally lost in her dream world coz of her loneliness. She even lost her interest in love making but thinking abot Arnav’s anger she kept quite. Arnav didn’t even notice her change. She started to laugh and talk lonely. Then one day Arnav was working in his lap when she as usual talked and laughed herself.


Arnav went to her and shook her. She just stared him blankly and became unconscious. Arnav got scared and their family doctor came to check her. When she got conscious, doctor tried to talk with her. But due to her hesitation… doctor asked Arnav to wait out. When doctor came out… she didn’t talked with Arnav. He ran behind her.


“ASR… I didn’t expect this from you…” she started so disappointedly. Then she told whatever Khushi shared with her. Arnav stood froze realizing the seriousness now. “Am sorry doctor…. I failed to notice this…” he felt ashamed. “Bring her to the hospital tomorrow… she’s sleeping now…” saying this she went.


He came to reality when he sensed movement in his hand. He looked at her who is staring him. “Khushi… am sorry… I never tried to understand your feelings…. Will you forgive me…” he said with teary eyes. Khushi smiled slowly with tears rolling out.


It was not easy for him to bring his old Khushi back. But he tried hard. They went to a beach house where she dreamt spending time with him. Now his only aim was to make true of her each and every dream. He asked for her hand when she looked him amused. He held her hand and started to dance with her with her favorite song “Hum tere bin ab…” playing in the background. She blushed and rested her head on his chest thanking god for making him to change….


So guys… how is it…. After so long am writing…  so felt difficult in flow…. Hope I didn’t disappointed you guys…. Love u always…


I wrote one OS in Yourstoryclub.com…. if you guys want then am posting the link in comment section….


Thank you guys…. For always supporting me….

Mar 1, 2015

Thank you note…. (By Kalai) (Thanked: 40 times)

Guys… thank u so much for ur constant support… your love keeps me okay to write more… luv u guys… this os… I got this idea from savdhaan India…. 


@ nano123... thanks a lot dear...


@ manisha... yup... haha... no she is completely alright at the end.... thanks dear... always welcome...


@ hihi... thank u so much dear....


@ krithika_rshi... thanks dear... yup... its totally a different one...


@ valli jenny... oh so sweet of u dear... thank u...


@ renee... oh sorry for the confusion dear... khushi gone crazy coz of her loneliness... but when arnav heard from dr... who told him hw he had hurted her feelings.. he realizes... then slowly gets our khushi back.. now she's alright.. thanks dear..


@ chamkililaadgoverner... oh thank u dear...


@ priya97... thanks loads dear..


@ hemakalai...hey dear... thank u.... do u changed ur username.. am feeling like i knew u well... sorry for my poor memory....


@ sravv... yup u r rite dear.. got this idea from savdhaan india... hehe... thank u dear...


@ mit0905... oh thank u very much dear...


@ sa_arshi... yes dear... he did... oh thank u dear... another story... i dont know dear.. whether i can give regular updates r not... thats y trying to give os's... will surely try if i got a nice plot... thank u so much sweetheart...

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