TS : I'm Missing You

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Feb 21, 2015

TS : I'm Missing You (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 74 times)

Part 1:


“Khushi, why did you do this to me?”


He asked looking at her smiling photo. But he didn’t get any response from her. She is still smiling, killing him from inside. Tears rolled on his cheeks.

“Arnav Ji…” he heard her calling him from the pool side. He rushed there to see no one. He looked around to remember their lovely, peaceful, intimate and adorable moments together.


Their almost kiss on Diwali night


She throwing hot coffee on his face


She was crying on his shoulder, for being cheated by her fiancé.


Their horrible marriage


Their serious fights


He couldn’t believe that she left him. He never thought she will leave him. It’s been months she left him. Even though they fought but still he knows that they both loved each other. He loved her to the core, he loves her from bottom of his heart, and he will love her till his last breath. He sat there at the poolside on the recliner seeing at the stars in the clear sky.




Next morning he entered his cabin calling for Aman.


“Aman, arrange my travel and stay at London. You are accompanying me. We need to go there to finalize our deal. Make it sure we leave ASAP”


“Yes, ASR”


Whenever he needs to go London, he remembers her pleads to not to go. He remembers her pleads to trust her, he remembers her pleads to give her a chance to prove her innocence.


Arnav tried to finish his work as much as he can. He managed to finish his work and closed his laptop and stood up to move. When he is turning towards the door, his eyes caught something in rack shining little. He tried to move from there, but something stuck in his mind and he rushed towards the rack. He took the thing in his hand to feel it when tears rolled down on his cheeks.


“Khushi…” a whisper came from his lips. He closed his palm holding the ‘Pearls’ in his fist. He looked at the rack to find a note. He took the note and read


“I want you to feel me whenever you saw the Pearls – our first meet (PTO)”


He closed his eyes, tightening his fist. He didn’t know from how many days it is there, but because of his strict orders and rude behavior, nobody entered his cabin and that helped the pearl to stay at the place. He cursed himself for not noticing it before. He turned the note seeing PTO


“Check the parking, the pole”


Arnav ran to the parking startling the staff. He rushed to the pole and looked at it to find a note in a zip bag securing it with so many transparent tapes holding it tightly to the pole. He pulled it and opened the bag to see the note


“I want you to feel me whenever you saw the rain – our first hug in rain (PTO)”


He can imagine the blush on her cheeks when she wrote the note. He saw the images of parking, their hug and rain. He closed his eyes remembering touch of her body. He called security and asked him from when this note was there.


‘From when did this is here?” Arnav asked


“Sir… woh… Khushi madam kept this here before you went to London, I mean before she… di… left… she asked me to not to remove it and not to tell you. She wanted you to see by yourself.”


Arnav once again cursed himself for not seeing the note in his cabin before. He turned the note to see the next instructions – check the CD rack in car. He again rushed to his car and opened the door and almost jumped on his seat, opened the CD rack to find another zip bag containing a note


“I want you to feel me whenever you tie the seat belt, whenever you speed up your car (PTO)”


He closed his eyes to see Khushi’s face when he tied her seat belt in search of his Di. A small smile appeared on his face going away in a fraction of second. He turned the note to see next place and drove to RM and rushed to his room. He opened the poolside door and rushed towards the corner where they almost kissed on Diwali night


“I want you to feel me whenever you enter poolside – our first almost ki… (PTO)”


He rushed to kitchen and searched for the next note in the rack where tea cup sets were kept. He took out the note and read


“I want you to feel me whenever you saw the hot tea or coffee – my first attack (PTO)”


Then he rushed to his bedroom, bathroom, and hall to find different notes about their beautiful moments – their silly and serious fights before and after marriage; Khushi calling him ****roach; and so many memories in their hall.


Now he went to pooja room and took the note from the feet of Devi Mayya


“I want you to feel me whenever you saw Devi Mayya statue – my friend; I want you to feel me whenever you saw the Diyas(lamps) – our missed Diwali moments (PTO)”


Then he rushed to the last place – again pool side he took the note from under his recliner. He cursed himself for missing these notes from long. He opened the note


“This place is very special to me. It gave ma all excited, tensed, worried, happy and sad moments. I want you to feel me whenever you saw the stars. Arnav Ji… they are our parents, talk with them it will help you in relaxing. They will help you in every second of your life. They will give you all the happiness of your life you deserve (PTO)”


He remembered her letter when she tried to suicide, thinking he will kill her to get marry to Lavanya


Lekin Aapke kaam ke to ye sirf taare hai. kyonki hamari tarah aapne bhi apne amma babuji ko khoya hai. Aur aap maane ya na maane, wo bhi hamare amma babuji ki tarah taare hi ban gaye hain. samajhiye hum bhi ek taara ban gaye hain. daaye se teesra, jo sabse jyada chamak raha hai wo hum hain


He looked at the sky and whispered ‘Khushi’ tears are running continuously on his cheeks. He also remembered her words in their Heer and Ranja act.

‘No Khushi… that was not my happy day… please come back. Please…” he knelt down under the sky near the poolside and cried his heart out. He turned the note to see the next place “Last place – study table drawer in Bua Ji’s house” he rushed towards the house. By startling Bua Ji and Garima he entered to the room and took out the note


“Arnav Ji…


Thanks for coming here. I hope you all get my notes, and sorry for my crazy notes and sorry for irritating you. What to do arnav ji... I can't stay in peace without teasing you. I feel immense peace and secure whenever I see you shouting at me for my crazy pranks and antics. I feel secure whenever I am with you. And once again thanks for coming here. I never expected that you will reach here following my notes. Thank you for that.


I know you are angry on me. I know you won’t trust me anymore. But still, I will tell everything, because it’s my responsibility to tell you the truth. Arnav Ji… whatever I told you days before, it’s all true. I never cheated you Arnav Ji. I never tried to harm Di. I will prefer to kill myself than living with that man. Whatever I said is true, if you still can’t trust me then ask Bua Ji or any of our neighbors in Lakshmi Nagar. They will tell you the truth.


Arnav Ji… I was never wanted to marry that man. I was forced to get engage with him. I wanted to tell you everything on the pooja day before jiji’s marriage. But I thought you can’t bear the pain of being cheated by your jijaji. I always wanted your happiness Arnav Ji. I loved you all time, I love you now… and I will love you till my last breath. This life is yours Arnav Ji. Nobody have any right on me. Please Arnav Ji… at least for once try to understand my feelings, at least for once think about me being just Arnav not ASR, at least for once think with your heart, you will get your answers. Please Arnav Ji… trust me, at least before I die. Please… please…


I’m writing these notes now, after listening to your confession. I’m still has doubt that do you really love me or saying things just like that. But I wanted to prove myself. So, here are the notes. I don’t know after you come from London we will be together or not. So, I’m saying all the things I want to. I don’t know you saw all notes or only this one. No problem, you can here that’s what I need. And finally one last word…I always loved YOU Arnav Ji, not that man. I Loved you, I Love you… and I will Love till my last breath” he can see the tear stains on the letter. He held the letter to his heart and cried his heart out making Bua Ji and Garima cried in silence. Bua Ji went inside and made Arnav sit on the bed and made him drink water. She forced him to lie on the bed and stroked his hair helping him to feel the motherly love. Slowly Arnav drifted into sleep.


In the middle of the night Arnav woke up with a jerk sweating


It’s been months from Khushi left him. He never knew they will see this day in their lives losing their dearest Khushi. When they returned to RM after Khushi’s confession, he didn’t talk with her for almost one week. He left to airport without informing her to be kidnapped from where she rescued him not thinking about her life. When he found her in the bushes and saw the blood at the back of her head, he rushed her to hospital. He breathed in relief for handing her over to doctors’ hands. But his relief didn’t stay for long, the wing where Khushi was kept caught fire and… and…


He lost her.


He lost his Khushi in that fire.


He lost his life in that hospital.


The police investigated the case and found it’s not accidental but it’s intentional. And declared Shyam’s the culprit. From that time, they are searching for him but couldn’t find him.


Arnav felt at loss, loss of breath, loss of happiness, loss of love, loss of hope, loss of peace and finally loss of life. He couldn’t forget the images of burning hospital with Khushi inside. He tried his best to get inside but he couldn’t as people around him held him tight.


He cried for his Khushi that day and he is crying for his Khushi today. He asked her to come back to him. Still he couldn’t believe that his Khushi left him.

He forgot to smile, he forgot to love and finally he forgot to live


He missed his love…


He missed his life…


He missed her…


He missed his Khushi…


“Please Khushi… come back to me… I need you… I want you… I miss you… I love you… please come back” he said after knowing it’s not going to happen, looking at her photo, which decorated with the garland and with a lighting lamp in front of it.


“I miss you…” he whispered “Please come back” he broke into silent cries





Hope it's readable. :P


IF you want you can throw whatever you want on my face.


I wrote this TS for "Arshi contract marriage anniversary" celebrations in IF. I know it's a waste of time update. But I couldn't stop myself. Awaiting your comments and opinions. Please let me know... I'm thinking to write second part for this, but only after seeing the response. If I don't get enough response then this the end.


Thank you


Hope you enjoy this update



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Feb 22, 2015

TS : I'm Missing You Part 2(LAST) (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 76 times)


His thoughts got disturbed by his mobile ringing sound. He checked his pockets to find the mobile. He moved inside with irritation hearing his mobile ringing from there


“Hello…” he shouted with frustration


“Sir… we found Shyam Manohar Jha, he is in Vishakhapatnam. Few hours back our men saw him entering in the pub with a lady. After confirming, just now they informed me. What do you want us to do sir?” the person asked from the other side


After hearing the matter, Arnav’s anger has no limits. His face and eyes turned into red


“Tie him up. Don’t give any food and don’t tell him anything. I will come there after finishing my work here. I need him alive. Forward the address to me. Remember, he should not escape or nobody should know about is whereabouts. I will be there in one or two days, till that time starve him. And don’t forget to give water to him. I want him to be alive still I come there” he gave his orders to his man and cut the call


“Shyam Manohar Jha… nobody can save you now” he gritted his teeth.


When he is about to call Aman to cancel their London trip, he got the call from Aman. After talking with Aman for some time, Arnav rushed downstairs towards his Nani’s room.




“Come in Chote…”


“Nani… our men found him”




“Yes, Nani… just now I received a call confirming about him. I’m leaving there day after tomorrow. Bless me Nani to give him the punishment he deserves, his punishment for torturing our Khushi, his punishment for betraying us, his punishment for being reason for Di’s condition. Bless me Nani”

“All the best beta… can I ask you one thing Chote?”


“Of course Nani… ask me whatever you want”


“Please don’t spoil your hands Chote. Let your men give the punishment you want to give him”




“Please Chote… I can’t take it anymore. I faced much loss in my life. I lost my daughter, SIL, grand DIL and granddaughter. I can’t lose you Chote. I need you at this age. Please Chote… don’t leave me. Don’t make your hands spoilt by punishing him directly. My heart can’t take any loss Chote… forget about you. If something happens to you, then that will be my last breath. Please Chote… promise me…”


Arnav hugged Nani tightly


“I promise Nani… you won’t lose me at all. I will surely come back to you, without spoiling my hands. You will have your grandson with you. Don’t worry Nani, trust me… I will surely come back” he assured her and kissed her forehead before leaving from there.


Nani looked at his retreating figure and prayed Devi Mayya to give him all the happiness he deserves. She pleaded the goddess to forgive him for his deeds




“Sir… relax… he can’t go away now. Don’t worry, he will pay for his deeds. We will make him experience the hell. He can’t escape now sir… relax…” said Aman


Arnav nodded his head and held his hand


“Not sir Aman… it’s Arnav for you”




“Yes, Aman… till now I always buried my feelings. That is the main reason I lost my Khushi. I don’t want to lose you. I never saw you as an employee Aman, you are always my friend. Khushi used to ask ‘Lad Governor… why can’t you accept the truth that Aman Ji your friend more than employee?’ I don’t know how she was able to understand me this clear. Now, if I lose you she won’t be happy there. So, just call me Arnav if can accept me as your friend”


Aman looked at Arnav shockingly and hugged him tightly overwhelming with the offer. Who can reject Arnav?


They both discussed about the things they would do. After 2 hours and half, they both landed in Vishakhapatnam, and hopped the car waiting for them. They directly went to the place where Shyam was tied up.


While entering the place, Arnav had a satisfactory smile on his face hearing Shyam’s cries. He looked at Aman and smiled showing his happiness


“Our men are very capable. Don’t worry…” Aman smirked back


Smiling, both went inside to see Shyam who is fully drenched in his own blood.


“Saale sahib… you are here? Thank god… please save me from this people. They are trying to kill me without my mistake. Please Saale sahib… please save me” cried Shyam pretending his innocence


Arnav showed his hand to men and went to Shyam. Leaning on his face with anger in his eyes, said in dangerously low voice in Shyam’s ears, “Don’t dare to call me that again. What do you think? Whatever you say, I will believe you? I know what you did Shyam Manohar Jha. You are not going to escape from here now. I will make sure of that.”


“What are you talking about?” Shyam was surprised and shocked but from inside terrified


Without answering anything to Shyam, Arnav signaled his men to continue their work. He sat on the couch along with Aman and observed Shyam’s each and every expression and painful cries with a satisfactory smile. He can see Khushi’s appreciating eyes looking at him. It made him smile more. But Shyam’s next words stopped everyone in the hall


“Stop… Stop… Arnav… if your men don’t stop killing me now… you will regret badly”


“Why are you stopping your work? Don’t give any importance to his words. He will say anything to escape. Just continue your work” shouted Aman.


“STOP… KHUSHI Ji ALIVE… KHUSHI Ji ALIVE… SHE IS ALIVE…” shouted Shyam in hurry not able to bear the pain and making everyone jump from their places


“What did you say?” asked Arnav’s man


“Yes, she is alive. She didn’t die in that fire. I kidnapped her. Please… if you leave me I will take you to her. Please Arnav… believe me she is alive and I will take you to her. I will give her to…” Shyam stopped talking seeing Arnav’s angered face. A chill ran through his spine seeing Arnav this much angry for the first time


“What did you say? Khushi is alive? Where is she now?” asked Arnav controlling his anger and urge to go to Khushi… his Khushi…


“Yes, she is alive. But she is very weak. If you want I will take you to her, bur for that you have to leave me” everyone in that room amused to see his guts. They are surprised by hearing Arnav’s words


“Fine… I will leave you now. But if you don’t show me my Khushi then you will be a dead meat” warned Arnav. He commanded his men to take him in car while they are following in another.


After travelling for almost around 45 minutes, Shyam guided them into a shed in out skirts of the city. The place is deserted. They all entered inside the room. It is completed filled with garbage and old furniture. Khushi staying there, the thought itself pained both Arnav and Aman. They looked at Shyam to know about Khushi’s whereabouts. Shyam led them to another room which is filled darkness without any windows or ventilation. Shyam switched on the lights to let them see the tiny figure winced in pain causing by the light.


“Khushi…” whispered Arnav


Khushi, who came out from her coma recently, recognized his voice and tried to open her eyes hurriedly.


“Arnav Ji…” a small low cry came out from her mouth after failing to open her eyes. Next second she felt the familiar warmth and safety around her. “Arnav Ji…” now her voice is little audible.


“Shh… Khushi… you are safe now… I’m here… I got you… shh…. Khushi… OMG Khushi… Khushi…” Arnav hugged Khushi tightly yet not giving her pain. Khushi opened her eyes with great difficulty to see her Arnav Ji. Tears ran from her eyes in happiness after seeing him. She smiled in her cries and looked around hearing Shyam’s voice


“As I said… I gave Khushi Ji to you. Now, let me go from here. Our deal will finish. You have your Khushi, now I will live my life”


Arnav looked at Khushi as asking her what she wanted. She nodded her head in no and said “He was the reason for your kidnap. He was the reason for our separation. He was the reason for every bad happened and happening in our lives. I don’t want him to go away. I don’t want him to live happily. In fact I don’t want him to live at all. I don’t want any other girl to face his humiliation. Please Arnav Ji… Punish him. Please…” she said looking into Arnav’s eyes


Nodding his head and turned to Shyam and said “See… you being my enemy, still I thought of giving what you asked for. Then how can I deny my life’s desire? I can’t disappoint her Shyam”


“This is not fair… you said, you will leave me when I give Khushi to you” Shyam shouted when fear gripping his heart


Making Khushi lay on bed carefully, Arnav went to Shyam. Holding his collar he said “Khushi is mine. Who are you to give her to me? Do you really think I will leave you after whatever you did to me, my Di and mainly to my Khushi?” Arnav gritted his teeth making Shyam shiver


“You can’t back from your promise Arnav” Shyam was desperate to make Arnav agree to leave him


“Why can’t I? When you backed off from your promises you gave to my Di and my family, why can’t I back off from a promise which I gave to a cheater like you?”


They both stopped argue hearing Khushi’s weak voice


“Please Arnav Ji… don’t irritate yourself for this snake. He doesn’t deserve your attention. Just give the punishment” she looked at Shyam with so much hatred in her eyes.


The trio – Arnav, Aman and Shyam looked at her surprisingly but understandingly. Arnav rushed to her side and held her tightly.


For the first time, Shyam felt guilt for making Khushi hate him. As being I-will-forgive-you-whatever-you-do girl Khushi is, she want Shyam to die, she is asking to KILL one person where she never wanted to give a slight pain to anyone. The trio understood what Khushi went through. Shyam regretted for the first time, ‘but no use now’ he thought. He closed his eyes in pain and helplessness and opened to Arnav and Khushi “I’m sorry for whatever I did. Now I came to know, what I did. I’m sorry Arnav… I’m sorry Khushi Ji. Please forgive me if you can” saying this, Shyam took the revolver from Arnav’s man and shoot himself making everyone gasp in shock. Arnav’s hold on Khushi tightened and Khushi hide her face in Arnav’s chest crying not able to see the sight before her


“Shh… Khushi it’s nothing… relax… don’t excite yourself… its okay… relax… see I’m here… shh… shh…” Arnav tried to calm her down. After few moments he felt Khushi’s weight on him. Arnav tightened his hold more and ordered his men to take care the things there and said Aman to take car out. Aman drove the car the hospital.


They left from there to Delhi, when Khushi got her conscious and threatened to not to allow doctor to treat her, if he won’t take her to their home.


“You are so stubborn Khushi” said Arnav little irritated and worried for Khushi


“I just want to be at house between our family members. I’m scared Arnav Ji. I want to be with you at a safe place. I need you only for me. Please…” tears rolled on her cheeks. Arnav hugged Khushi tightly and cried his heart out


“Khushi… Khushi… Oh god Khushi… I missed you… I love you… I love you…”




Everyone stood there like statues. Nobody can understand what they are seeing. Nobody could believe what they are seeing.


“Nani Ji…” whispered Khushi


Forgetting her age, Nani ran to Khushi and touched her face frantically “Khushi betiya… Khushi betiya… Chote… Khushi betiya… Khushi betiya…”


“Nani…” they both hugged each other and cried. Everybody of the family rushed to them and hugged both Nani and Khushi and vented out their held up emotions. After spending lot time in hugging and crying, Arnav explained everything to them how he found Khushi and all. After that he took Khushi to their room and made her lay down on bed and tucked in the blanket.


“Khushi… you take rest… I will be back okay?”


“Please Arnav Ji… stay here. I need you…”


Seeing her scared face, Arnav couldn’t leave her and go. He silently moved into the blanket and hugged Khushi tightly. He took his mobile and called Akash and asked him to come inside. When Akash came, he asked him to call doctor, explain Khushi’s condition and come here to treat her.


“Shh… Khushi… everything is fine now, okay? I’m here with you. Don’t worry, you are safe here, trust me. Relax… sleep now… doctor will come in sometime then you will be completely fine”, saying this he kissed her on her forehead and pattered her back to sooth her fears


Khushi held him tightly by his waist and looked at him.


“Arnav Ji…”


“Shh… Khushi we will talk later… Now please you need to take rest… sleep now”


“Please Arnav Ji… let me…” seeing him sighing deeply and nodding his head, she continued “I was so scared Arnav Ji. Actually I was awake when that fire caught the room. He came there and held me tightly and asked me to leave you and marry him. When I refused him, he got angry and lighted the room curtains and came to me. He said, if he can’t get me then he won’t allow anyone to get me. He said I should die with him” Arnav hold tightened “But I refused. As that room was sound proofed nobody listened to my shouts. I called you so many times Arnav Ji. But he closed my mouth. When I tried to wriggle in his hands, he had hit me on back side of my head. I lost my conscious feeling someone lifting me. When just few days back I gained my conscious, he said I was in coma, but Arnav Ji… I didn’t want to be with him. I wanted you all the time. I want you then and now. Please trust me. I never ever was with him. I hate him Arnav Ji… I never had any relationship with me… Please trust…” she couldn’t complete her words. She couldn’t understand what’s happening, but slowly she understood by hearing Arnav’s groan and his lips danced on her lips. Her eyes widened in shock and she opened her mouth to call him. But he used that chance and entered into her mouth to taste her fully.


After kissing Khushi for a few long moments, he broke the kiss and rested his forehead on her. He gave her sometime to gather herself and get her breath normal.


“Arnav Ji…!!!”


“I don’t want you to think about our past. I love you Khushi… I missed you so much. I can’t do that anymore. I can’t live without you. Please… I’m sorry… I’m sorry Khushi… please forgive me… But please don’t punish me by leaving me alone. I will die Khushi… please… I love you Khushi… I love you… I will die without you Khushi… I can’t live without you… please Khushi… Please…” he cupped her face. Fear is clearly visible in his face and tears rolled down from his eyes. Khushi looked at him shockingly.


“Khushi…” called Arnav with a thudding heart while fear gripping his heart


Khushi hugged him tightly “I Love you too Arnav Ji… I won’t leave you… I love you”


Both hugged each other tightly and stayed some more time and let out their fears. He broke the hug and held her face in his palms. He looked at her eyes and then lips and again at her eyes as asking for permission


“You already kissed me Arnav Ji… then what’s the need to ask permission now?” smiled Khushi looking at Arnav’s slightly turned into pink face.

He kissed her with his heart content. Both shared the kiss letting each other to know how much they missed each other, how much they wanted each other, how much they love each other.


Arnav – Khushi … the inseparable souls. They fight with each other, they scold each other, they hate each other, they can’t see each other, they can’t bear each other, but still… they can’t live without each other, because more than anything… they LOVE EACH OTHER…


Arnav – Khushi … forever… for eternity…



Lily30 : Thank you...

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Aliya : Thank you and sorry too... for making you sad...

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Annathomas : Thank you... Dear... I'm positive about my life and as I promised I'm not going to give sad endings to my  Arshi stories. Don't worry... But dear... to feel happiness completely we have to face hardships in life. Sorry if my this attitude bothers you. Thanks for your comment and suggestion.

Priyanjali : Thank you... Hope you like the second part

Chamkililaadgoverner : Thank you... I don't want to write about Others in RM dear. If I write that, it will be SS Tongue Wink LOL So, I left them there to rest.

Renee : Thank you... and sorry too for making you sad. I think I'm not that much clear about notes. Let me clear that now, Khushi left those notes after two or three days ( I mentioned in Last not) after her confession about Shyam's betrayal. Then, when Arnav got kidnapped she forgot about those and got busy in saving arnav. But when she rescued Arnav lost her. I hope your confusion is clear now. Sorry if I'm still unable to clear your doubts. Anyway thank you so much for your resopnse.



I know there are so many silly things in this part. Please don’t think about logic… it’s just a fiction. Hope you guys enjoyed. Thanks for your wonderful response…



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